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Gorgeous Brick House {If I Lived Here}

by | Jul 30, 2015 | If I lived here...

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Gorgeous Brick House {If I Lived Here}

Gorgeous Brick House {If I Lived Here}

If I lived here, I would love driving down that driveway everyday. Isn’t the house pretty? It is so stately and gorgeous, without being overly pretentious. It’s like a grand family home. I really love all the details and craftsmanship. Take a look and see what you think!

Gorgeous Brick House {If I Lived Here}

Gorgeous Brick House {If I Lived Here}

Gorgeous Brick House {If I Lived Here}

Gorgeous Brick House {If I Lived Here}

Gorgeous Brick House {If I Lived Here}

Gorgeous Brick House {If I Lived Here}

Gorgeous Brick House {If I Lived Here}Lovely? Yes. I could definitely see myself here. Could you?

Of course since this is just for fun, there would be no house cleaning, yard work or maintenance bills with this house. SOLD.

See more at Atlanta Magazine (Designed by Frank Neely, Photographed by Emily Followill)

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  1. Stacey

    What a beauty! I love that it’s new but looks old. It also looks family friendly. :)

  2. Bomi

    Oh my goodness. Absolutely beautiful! I’m in love. lol.

  3. Nicole Q-Schmitz

    Love it! I think I’ll be using some of those ideas in our future house build :) Buckhead was a nice area to visit – too bad I didn’t get the chance to explore the residential neighbourhoods!

  4. Adrienne

    That BRICK! So beautiful! You’re right, you’d need a maid for that size of house though! I guess maybe if I didn’t have a job I could handle it…but then i’d never be able to afford it! :)

    • Ana Maria

      Of course you’d have a maid! People who live in houses like that have a different lifestyle. They don’t spend their days cleaning and carpooling.

  5. Kari

    What a stunning home! I’d love to have something like that!

  6. Jo

    I love this home. Tho it is very large, it has a coziness factor. Love the owners style. Had been recently shopping for a chandelier similar to the one shown in this home over their dining table. Yes, I could easily move in there and feel,like I was home. ?

  7. Kate Read

    Love your posts! That brick house is certainly gorgeous. Super elegant but inviting too. Love the dark wood beams and the brick patio out the back. Really lovely!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  8. Alexis Duffy

    I love how they chose different styles of wood, and used it in different ways throughout the house. Sometimes I get bogged down by a need for consistency, but there are ways to mix it up while still being cohesive. Great feature!

  9. Debby

    I love this house, but especially the lovely bathroom with its watery blue-green walls. I sure would love to know the paint brand and color! That leaded glass window! That tub! Those beautiful arched doorways. Sigh.

  10. Joanne

    What a gorgeous house! I had to laugh when I read your post. I love the transom above the interior door and the mouldings are incredible!

  11. Jennifer

    I love the limestone detailing around the windows. We’re almost done building our brick and stone home and had asked for limestone trim. Well, it was quite pricey through the builder so we decided against it. I’m hoping one day we can make it happen!

  12. Teri Sieving

    do you know the name of the brick and where it is made


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