Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}

Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}

Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}

If I lived here, I would have a hard time deciding where to sit down with my morning coffee. The comfy white couches? The cheery red window seat? The glorious settee overlooking the ocean? Decisions, decisions. I think I’d try them all.

Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}

Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}

Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}

Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}
Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}

Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}

Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}

See more of this lovely featured home (including the kitchen and fun red family room!) via
Terrat Elms – Marblehead Residence.

Massachusetts Beach House Tour {If I Lived Here}

What would life be like if you lived here? Dream with me!

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  1. I LOVE the wall paneling and you cannot help but jaw drop at that view!

    I like the wallpaper in the bathroom and I’ve been thinking about re doing my own similar but I can’t decide on just one pattern or texture…

  2. This house is really rocking the horizontal paneling, isn’t it? Interesting window treatments going on, too. The color block drapes are pastel pink-tastic, while those old-school shutters are my faves. I don’t think I’ve seen them with relaxed Roman shades before, + is that ball fringe at their hem? Just wondering.

  3. If I lived here I would take a nap on that settee with an ocean view. I would open the doors and let the sound of the waves lull me to sleep. Ahhhhh…..

  4. If I lived here, I think I would have my tea outside, with my toes buried in the sand!

  5. I HAVE lived there.. not in this house but I grew up in Marblehead, MA. We live in next door Salem now but Marblehead is our home. There are some fabulous places over there, lots of high priced places, especially if you want an ocean view.

    I love the little bathroom with red/white wallpaper and the boarding on the lower walls (? name escapes my geriatric brain at the moment). I also love those two rocker chairs in the living room, wonder where those came from?

  6. You know…I routinely do the “If I lived here” dreaming in my head about YOUR house… :)



  7. Christine says

    Having a house on the beach is lovely. One photo, though, gave the impression that the house is REALLY close to the water. My first thought was having the ocean on my doorstep, literally, during a hurricane. I lived near Fire Island when my kids were little. We lived on a canal in Shirley, NY and when a hurricane came crashing through, we had to evacuate. Luckily, the house was still standing when we returned the next day but the sliding glass doors and the windows facing the canal had green seaweed sediment on them. =:-O

    • Oh how scary!! My parents live on the ocean and it such a powerful force, you do want to be a safe distance away! Prior to living on the ocean my parents lived on a river and it flooded once right into the house. What a mess it can make not to mention being so scary!

      Perhaps the photo is deceiving and they are actually further and higher than it appears! That’s my guess.

  8. And right on the beach too? I would have just as hard of a time as well. It looks very comfortable with all of the slip covers and pillows. I love that built-in bench area with the box cushions.

  9. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    What a beautiful and relaxing home. If I lived there I’d never get a thing done because I would be too busy lounging around soaking in the beauty of the home itself and the location.

    Seeing that red makes me want to reinvent my home….again! That red checkered fabric on that kitchen bench is charming…and what a clever design that seat is.

  10. would love to know the wallpaper pattern in the bathroom. I live near the ocean, had 3 feet of it in my house due to Sandy. I love your website and Jack & Lilly. I look for new posts every day.

  11. Kim Wilson says

    I absolutely love this beach house. I love most beach houses. I have always dreamed of living on the water. I think I’ll have to win the lottery to do it, but I’m still hopeful! I dream about waking up with all that sunshine pouring in through those huge windows. I especially love that little portal window that makes it look like you’re on a boat. I think the only thing I’d have to add to this house is some of that beach style wallpaper. I think they call it nautical. I just read an article about it here called “Have You Checked Out Nautical Wallpaper?

  12. If I lived here, I would add more color, and spend my days on the water or in that bedroom watching the changing sea!

  13. Great plays of light all over this home! Love the railings too.

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