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{Weekend Dreaming} Nantucket

by | Apr 6, 2013 | exteriors, If I lived here...

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{Weekend Dreaming} Nantucket

{Weekend Dreaming} Nantucket via Dujardin Design

…I’d be living the dream in Nantucket. Not sure why, but I’ve always felt I belong in a place like Nantucket, even though I’ve never been there. But if I was so fortunate to live here in this amazing house, I’d probably feel so relaxed and content every evening. I’d have a weekend tradition: I would wander outside every Friday afternoon to pick a bouquet for the entry table and then I’d watch the sunset from my porch.

Now it’s your turn. And remember, this is all just for fun so dream away!


  1. tara

    I’ve got that same house tagged as a favorite dream location….so I might just be your next door neighbor. :)

    Andy and I have always dreamed of living in a few places for just a year…for the experience.

    New York
    San Fransisco
    Washington, DC
    Wrightsville Beach area (Outer Banks, NC)

    …just to name a few. :)

  2. Nicki

    I would be sitting out on that deck with a nice cup of hot tea and watching the sun rise or set. I would also be taking daily walks along the beach, collecting sea shells and sea glass, or whatever treasures I could find.

  3. Kelly - Talk of the House

    Oh I have loved this Trudy Dujardin house for a verrrrrry long time! And yes, Nantucket would be a wonderful place to live. I would be in that white kitchen cooking all sorts of lobster dishes and walking on the beach and biking all over the island and shopping for antiques in their cute shops..sigh. Nice and dreamy!

  4. Greta

    Husband and I fell in love with Charleston when we were there. A place on the ocean…. AHHH! I would love to live in NYC for a year, but now that we have babies that is not likely. Just have to to do more weekend getaways for shopping and shows!!

  5. Faith

    I would get up very early, brew a big pot of coffee, put on a warm, soft wool sweater, and go out on that upper balcony to watch the sunrise and sip my steaming cup o’ joe.

  6. MarieRoxanne

    I would like to live in a cottage in the forest. Like Snow White, minus the dwarfs… I would have a garden in the “back” so as not to mar the front yard’s aesthetically pleasing look, I would have flower boxes on each of the two front windows, and a row of low bushes underneath. A stone path to the door and inside, a one room kitchen/dining/livingroom area, with the bedroom upstairs in an open loft kind of space. The bathrrom? A outhouse!
    But like you said… it’s a DREAM!

  7. kim

    I would stroll the cobblestone streets and pop in the shops since when we were in the area back in October it was too foggy and messy to take the boat over and we missed it.

  8. Eleanor ~ Ballyhoo & Bedbugs

    I would love a home on Mount Desert Island in Maine. It would be perched high on a cliff and have one of those long sweeping staircases down to the water. We’d throw clambakes and ride our bikes through Acadia all summer long, watch the foliage burn in majestic colors during autumn, enjoy the quiet and isolation throughout winter as we eagerly anticipate the rebirth in spring.
    Yes – that’s the life for me!

  9. Carol

    I would love to host the girls getaways and have luncheons outside! If it’s not this- it’s a nest in Napa!

  10. Jobeard

    I’d be living on some acreage
    and the place would look like it belonged in
    Country Garden magazine. I’d step out to
    the Potager for fresh vegatables and eggs.
    I’d sit in the yard sipping tea. Oh yeah, and
    I wouldn’t be getting up early to leave for
    work daily. A person can dream right?

  11. Shari

    I would spend my summer days roaming around that beautiful front garden and playing tag with my kids in it. Then we would have a picnic lunch on the lawn overlooking the ocean. Probably followed by an afternoon bike ride. Then for a little relaxation with a good book on the deck. *sigh*

  12. Jenn Wolfenbarger

    I always love these posts! I too have always felt I am meant to live in Nantucket or Vermont or New Hampshire or Maine. Not that I have ever been to those places. They are always presented as communities that I think I would enjoy!

  13. Jo Ann

    What a great post! I am so glad to read that I am not the only one who dreams about living other places! I am a small town girl, but have always dreamed of living in a big city. I tell my husband all the time- I would love to live in a city for just a year so we can walk to shops and restaurants, hang out in little local coffee shops, etc. Have a nice apartment instead of a house in the suburbs for something different. If I dream really big, I would pick London. We went there once on vacation and fell in love with that city!


    Any where by the ocean is in my dreams and I love the style of Nantuckett when it comes to exteriors and interiors. My dream would be to have a Natuckett style home in Carmel California. I am dreaming big. Morning coffee looking out on the ocean, morning walks on the beach collecting beach finds. Evening walk on the beach and watch the sunset and then back to a roaring fire in the fireplace in my perfectly designed and comfy home.
    Ahhhh!! I love a good dream.

  15. Stacey

    I have had the same exact thought. I also have had that thought about Hawaii though and really the two couldn’t be more different.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Christine

    Oh yeah! Nantucket. I’ve been there twice, once with my son, David, when he was 14 and once on my honeymoon. I love that island. We stayed at an old sea captain’s house and all the rooms were named after flowers. I remember eating at The Den of Thieves which you had to go downstairs into a basement to get to the restaurant. This was aback in 1989. I loved all the quaint shops and the cobblestone streets, the flower and vegetable vendors that would park right by the curb and have beautiful flowers and luscious vegetables for sale. I don’t know if any of this still goes on. What wonderful memories.

  17. Fiona's Mosaic

    So interesting that you would post this Melissa!!! I have always felt a “connection” to Nantucket. SO much so, that I even painted the outside of my house these same colors in the photo because they seem to be sort of “Nantuckety” colors. And of course the connection I have to the beach only adds to the feeling.

    I would take a run on the beach every evening at twilight with the pup. Oh yes I would.

  18. Scott D. Jensen

    Such a beautiful house – only problem is 5 months out of the year it’s raining and snowing :) that’s why I moved out of NY down to NC

  19. AnnaM

    I would sit on that porch facing the ocean with a blanket wrapped around me and drink coffee all morning. Then I would go for a walk along the ocean with Cooper, my doodle.

  20. Amy Cornwell

    I LOVE Nantucket…we took a day and biked the island – it was so worth it. Such a pretty, laid back and quiet place.

  21. karen on bainbridge

    If I lived in that classic gray shingled cottage in Nantucket, I am sure I would be in heaven. I would never need to leave it to be content. I would have sea glass all over the house in jars and bowls and baskets.

    We visited Nantucket and it truly is a magical and amazing place. This home says is all.

  22. Elaine

    I wouldn’t mind living in Nantucket . It is so beautiful and quaint there. But I think I would prefer the Vineyard. There’s just more to do on Martha’s Vineyard but there’s quiet places too. I love that both islands are only a daytrip from where I live.

  23. Bette

    Nantucket looks like a beautiful place to live. If I had a choice I would like on the West Coast of Portugal on the beach where I was born and where my parents now live again. It’s beautiful! Unfortunately, it would be hard to make a living there with the state of the economy, but it’s nice to dream sometimes! :)

  24. Debbiecz

    The Grey Island calls us still. We celebrated our honeymoon on Nantucket ( I don’t understand the tropical thing) at a B&B on Children’s Beach. It’s beautiful…I wanted to honor the memories of the island by planting blue hydrangeas and roses. But I live in Chicago, wrong soil. We thought we could do the B&B thing on Nantucket until the kindly owners described the desolate winters, cut off from the mainland. They have a daffodil festival I’ve always wanted to see.


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