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Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, My Seattle House

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Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}Luxe Magazine

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}

I‘ve been thinking a lot about this little house and dreaming about what she might want to be, in time. She’s a girl, by the way. :) Lately the house has been letting me know she doesn’t want to be stifled. She’s got personality, and has been just waiting to burst out of her shell. I believe it. I sense it. She’s ready to evolve like a butterfly.

In her heart, she has a charming personality and doesn’t want to be stuck in a time warp or limited by how she might have been perceived. I can understand that. You can feel pigeonholed and it’s hard to break out of what was…to what is.

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}

Like a butterfly she’s ready to burst out of the cocoon where she has been so safe and snug to show off her full pretty personality and spread her colorful wings to evolve to a more modern and charming 1950s cottage.

Same girl, more spunk.

The previous owner emailed me to let me know this little street the house lives on once had 54 kids on it, back in the day. It sounds like it was a real bustling family friendly neighborhood street, when it was fresh and new. Kids could roam around freely in safe, wide open spaces. Neighbors gathered out in the street for block parties.

I can imagine she would’ve have loved to have a Dutch door, even then, a friendly door. Dutch doors had a surge of popularity in the 1950s, and I can see why she might have wanted one right here in the kitchen looking over the side porch.

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}Coastal Living // Photographer: Dominique Vorillon

Can you picture it?

Can you picture this puppy face being Jack looking in the Dutch door to tell me he’s ready to come in? Yes….yes, me too. It’s meant to be. Lily might prefer to keep the kitty door :).

Dutch doors are perfect for opening wide and letting the breeze from the sea air flow through to cool the house and to more easily connect with the outside areas. They are a charming way to call the kids in for dinner or even to pass a cup of sugar to a neighbor without risk of letting the dogs run out. Jack loves to cause a commotion, so I think a Dutch door is perfect for keeping him safely inside.

I cannot wait to share inspiration for updating our kitchen and show you the rest of the “before photos” soon. So much potential in a little compact space. But today I just couldn’t stop thinking about Dutch doors and believing one belongs in this space.

Sometimes you just have to start somewhere, leap out with one giant step in the direction of what is to come. Then let the other design layers unfold, to evolve the entire personality of the home over time.

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}
Molly Wood Garden Garden Design

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}
Dearborn Builders / Tory Haynes Interiors LLC – Photography by Max Kim-Bee, Styling by Erin Swift

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}Melanie Turner Interiors / Harris Trail

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}
My 5 Take Away Tips from this Farmhouse Country Kitchen // Friday Kitchen

The little area just outside of the kitchen door is already evolving! It will be a perfect space to access from a Dutch door. I’ll share that vision and project soon.

I’m quite tickled with the vision that is coming together for this little house.

Thanks for letting me share this house with you and for your encouragement and kindness in allowing her to evolve and spread her wings. Is your home needing to or starting to evolve in some way? Tell me about it in the comments, or share on Home Love Stories!

If you’re catching up on my move, click here to see all my posts about the new house, as well as the video tour here!

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  1. Barb

    I’ve had two houses with Dutch doors, one came with our former house and our second we installed in our new house. I LOVE my Dutch door! It’s perfect to corral dogs and children while answering for packages etc., giving out treats on Halloween and all around adding the special oomph to a home. Go for it!

  2. Rebecca Turner

    Love that idea! I would also take down the cabinet box between the door and the window over the sink to open things up. Shelves would look nice there. ?

  3. Denise

    I was just telling my hubby the other day that I would love to replace our back door with a dutch door! You are right – they are just friendly, and awesome!!

  4. Deanna

    Oh, yes to the Dutch door!

    We’ve lived in our home since 2001 and as our home reaches nearly 30 years old, she (ours is a girl too!) is longing for some fresh charm! I love taking care of her and planning new things for her!

  5. Erin H

    Dutch doors are so pretty! I have always thought that they didn’t seem practical, though…..what about mosquitoes and other flying creatures?
    :) Erin

    • Julie

      In the South we have bugs, but maybe you are spared in the NW? The Dearborn Builders picture seems to show a screened door, too.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Not too many buggy type critters here very often, thank goodness! But a screen maybe is a possibility if that became a concern.

  6. Susan

    I want one of these doors too – in our next house!! So fun and practical too.

  7. Maryann

    The 1776 Pennsylvania farmhouse I lived in had a Dutch door. I now live in a 1870 Pennsylvania farmhouse. No Dutch door but lots of built ins.

  8. Christie

    Old girl, new spunk! Love it! The dutch door fits your needs, fits the house, and fits your climate. The Dearborn Builders photo with the light green glass subway backsplash shows a good combo of 1950s & cottage. Not kitschy or time warpy at all, but does seem to fit the era of your house with the glass and stainless steel, while still a cottage warmed up with some wood and farmhouse sink. :)

  9. Adrienne

    I love dutch doors! I’ll be excited to see what this looks like in your new home! :)

  10. Mary Alvarez

    Hey Melissa,
    Love the Dutch Door idea can’t wait to see it implemented!

  11. Debbie from MountainMamaOnline

    I have already marked my calendar for tomorrow’s sale – can’t wait to get your new book! I also can’t wait to see what you do with that fabulous house!!

  12. Jo

    How charming, a Dutch door! Very practical too! Good design never does out of style. Form follows function. I can’t wait to see how ‘she’ will be renewed by you and your love for creating a home from a house. ❤️

  13. Missy

    Dreaming of dutch door…all I can say is “me, too. me, too.” *sigh*. Lovely inspiration pictures and I am excited about the Dearborn builders pic that included a screen door! In dairy country, flies are terrible but the fall and spring breezes are amazing. I’ve been trying to figure out logistics on how to get a dutch door AND a screen door all in one and that picture nailed it! Thanks!

  14. Corinne

    Absolute yes to the Dutch door! I’d love to have one for a back door one day. Friendly, inviting and lacking pretension! You have the perfect climate for one. “Same girl, more spunk” Love! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the old gal!


  15. Maggie

    Almost had a Dutch door.. Almost.. However our house did not sell and we lost the Dutch door house.. Well I can remember it anyway.. Maybe someday.. Excited to see what you have planned. Congrats on your daughters honorable mention at House Beautiful..

  16. tracey@waterintowine

    And your just the person to help her come out of her shell and find her feet. I know she’ll be a lady with style, personality and a big heart ready to welcome and embrace. That dutch door looks like it was made for Jack. Looking forward to seeing how it all progresses. Thank you for your constant inspiration.

  17. Linda Chechar | Homeagination

    I think Dutch doors convey such a friendly vibe and remind us of simpler times. Your kitchen definitely needs one! I just looked online and you can find them at a variety of price points. I hate to be a downer, but my practical side wonders about security. Something to research for sure.

  18. darlene weir @fieldstonehill

    Yes! I think a Dutch Door is the perfect place to start! We have one in our boys room, just for fun, and that little spark of personality adds so much to the room!

  19. Kay

    Yumm-O for the Dutch door! I snagged one at an antiques shop for only $35, and my plans include it being in our new (to us) kitchen, a.s.a.p.


    Melissa, what a lovely thought to think of your new home with a Dutch door, that will be sooooo perfect and the fun thing a door like that makes memories of it’s own. I am so glad that you and I both are going along on the same journey, both with new houses. Mine is a she as well. I totally believe houses have personalities. I joke and tell people I am a house whisperer, but I truly listen to the home and the homeowner and they both will tell you what they need to feel complete and pretty. Soooo exciting, love hearing about your plans along the way!! Thank you for you sweet comments and wishes on our new home, I really appreciate them, xo Kathysue

  21. Tanya Peshovich

    I’ve been covering a Dutch door I my kitchen as well. I imagine that you may buy a new door, but that is not in my budget. I’d love some ideas of how to create a DIY Dutch door that is beautiful, but also insulated well. Any ideas? Thanks, Tanya

  22. Jenna

    Swoon. I’m dreaming of a door like this now to open up during this beautiful fall weather.

  23. Sue

    All of a sudden I had a flash back to The Mr Ed Show!! Mr. Ed(the horse of course!) would visit Wilbur over the Dutch door when he wasn’t in the stable. So very 50’s!!

  24. Loran | Old World Living

    I love this post and I LOVE dutch doors, but I’ve never known what they were called. I am so excited to see what your girl turns into over the next year :-) Watching you work your miracles with a home is so inspiring to me. xoxo

  25. Val

    LOVE Dutch doors – I recognized one of your pics, as one I’d pinned for future reference! I agree, they’re perfect way to let the air in and keep the dog in or out as wel as for entries that are often used as pass throughs. My friend used this idea to separate her mudroom (also dog kennel area) from her kitchen – brilliant!

  26. Jean |

    I remember visiting my aunt in the 70s and being intrigued by her Dutch door. She was entertaining a very large group in her backyard, and it was so easy for those working in the kitchen to hand out platters and bowls through the Dutch door. Perfection!

  27. Orianne

    A dutch door is a wonderful starting point for taking that inspirational leap in redesigning your kitchen; its got it all – character, warmth, charm and a just the right bit of retro to honor that ‘gal’. If it weren’t for the Alpine climate I live in, I know my century old home would love a dutch door; it would suit her so well. I look forward to reading all about what your new home is letting you discover about her and the direction she would like to evolve towards. This is going to be such fun! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Christine

    All of your inspiration pictures are stunning and I can definitely see you having one in your new space.

  29. Emilia

    You make the Dutch door sound so perfect! It will be lovely in your space. I don’t think we could make it work because our indoor cats would take that opportunity to become outdoor cats! The idea of opening only half a door for deliveries is intriguing however.

  30. heather

    I had to think for a minute, “what’s a Dutch door?”. Then the penny dropped and I realised it’s what we call a “stable” door! Ha ha! Love the idea for your back door – can’t wait to see it installed. Hx

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh ha! That’s funny. That totally makes more sense, I’m not sure why it’s called a Dutch door here!

  31. Gabrielle Mader

    Hi Melissa, I love my dutch door I picked up on craigs list for 100 bucks and in there are two houses for sale on my block that have a dutch door and I would like to score another for my front entrance, mine is on my side on the driveway like yours will be. Can’t wait to see your transformation. I didn’t know you moved, Love your kitchen in the old house.

  32. allison

    I’m in the market for a dutch doors and came across your beautiful post. Thank you for the inspiration. Did you end up installing the dutch door? I’m having trouble finding one with a screen (a must have here in Texas)… did you have yours custom made?

  33. Kristen Stahl

    Hi- Where are these doors from? I am looking for that Dutch door exactly!


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