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5 Ways To Add More Cozy to Your Home

Whether you are already decorating for Christmas or still just looking forward to Thanksgiving and savoring the last lingering days of fall, it’s that time of year when we really want to be inside nesting and getting cozy around the house.

Here are five simple ways to bring some cozy into your home right now and through the winter! Even if it is still 90 degrees where you are, I hope these ideas might give you a little bit of inspiration to do a little nesting this week.

5 Ways To Add More Cozy to Your Home

Cozy Up the Entry

Take a look at your entry and front door. What could you add (or remove!) to make it more welcoming and cozy for the season? I love my hanging basket on the front door because it’s the perfect size for gathering fresh greenery (or a mix of fresh and faux!). A furry blanket warms up the staircase or furniture, too!

5 Ways To Add More Cozy to Your Home

Set up a Winter Baking Center

Do you do a lot of cooking or baking around the holidays? I don’t bake a lot these days, but I do love a good meal and seasonal treats. I always find having a baking station set up ready to go helps inspire me! When I’m surrounded by my winter cookbooks and baking essentials, I’m much more likely to get in the mood to bake an old favorite or try something new. We set up a special baking station in each of our old kitchens and it is always one of my favorite spots in the house.

 You don’t have to have a big or remodeled kitchen to enjoy a baking center, you can designate any cabinet or even a free standing piece as your baking center. I’m hosting Thanksgiving for our family in our new house and even though our kitchen isn’t remodeled, I cannot wait to cook and bake some holiday favorites. It’s just a cozy tradition to be in the kitchen baking and cooking together.

5 Ways To Add More Cozy to Your Home

Layer Up Your Table!

Last year I fell in love with using these velvet table runners or fur blankets to add a really warm texture to our dining room. Dining rooms can feel kind of cold in the winter, so dress up your table with some extra layers. You can add appropriately scaled pillows and throws to your chairs, too, for a little extra cozy. (I got my velvet table runners at HomeGoods last year!)

5 Ways To Add More Cozy to Your Home

Evening Candlelight

Simply lighting candles (or using battery-operated candles) throughout the house makes a home feel magical this time of year! We have battery operated candles that are on a timer so we can enjoy the glow of candles every evening.

5 Ways To Add More Cozy to Your Home

Gather blankets

I started collecting cute cozy blankets a couple of years ago and I’m so glad I did! It’s been so chilly around here I’ve been layering my beds and sofa with extra blankets so there is always one or two handy. I love to curl up in bed or on our couch and easily grab a blanket to keep warm in the evenings.

How are you adding cozy to your house?


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5 Ways To Add More Cozy to Your Home

5 Ways To Add More Cozy to Your Home


  1. Monica Sethi

    Love the blue IKAT print curtains int his post. Could you tell me where I can find similar look.

  2. Kari

    I love adding little holiday touches where they would least expect it, like in the bathroom. I always put out red towels and pick up holiday soaps from Williams Sonoma.

  3. Debbie from MountainMama

    Well it is about 16 degrees here at the moment so this post is incredibly appropriate right now!! I have throws everywhere in my house, in easy reach of every comfy chair. And candles galore! Of course my fire is cranking tonight….that certainly helps a ton in my house. And I am always a big fan of greenery in the home – I think plants make any space feel warm and cozy. By the way, I am loving your book – I am about halfway through and it’s such a treat to have some quiet time to sit down with a cozy blanket and just absorb every page!!

  4. sharon /

    “Even if it still 90 degrees where you are …” –I mean, you aren’t kiddin’!! But that doesn’t mean we don’t need ‘cozy.’ Every home needs that!
    My picture ‘pic’ this post are the added decor greens, and the velvet runner. Right on, girl!

  5. cathy scullino

    I would love a cosy christmas I love your ideas but living in Australia we are looking for ideas to stay cool , it must be lovely to have a cold christmas….thanks for the inspiration love your blog

  6. Diane and Dean DIY

    I have found the tiny LED wire and battery operated lights add warmth and coziness when placed in several different areas in a room. I have some placed in a hurricane lamp, lightly laying over a handmade holiday sign and in a truffle dish filled with pine cones.

  7. Ms. Maggie the Elder

    Bring on the cozy blankets in various textures and colors to go with present colors… I get new ones all the time too and you have collected so many nice ones. And it has been a bit more chilly than the hot summer we had in the PNW so hug self with blankets right now!!!!

  8. Maria M.

    I love your idea of having a winter baking station. I am definitely going to do that — ’tis the season of treats, after all! I am really drawn to anything with texture this time of year. The more organic, the better!


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