Cozy Decorating {Orange & Red}

Cozy Decorating {Orange & Red}


Are you a fan of cozy decorating with more traditional fall colors like orange and red?  Do you love a cozy room, especially this time of year? I happen to love the traditional autumn colors, so this post is for me too! I love to be inspired by color and new ways to use it.

Cozy Decorating {Orange & Red}


You could somehow deduct from looking through some neighborhoods of blogland or Pinterest that most everyone now MUST decorate with whites and light colors. Right? Well, not every one does and certainly not everyone should. I’ve discovered that what I see online and think I really like in photos and what I decide FEELS best in my own home are quite often different things.

Cozy Decorating {Orange & Red}


Every home is unique. The lighting, the style, the part of the country or world and the type of furnishings and accessories all impact how a home responds to the use of color. And of course, we all respond to color in different ways because we are all unique. If our homes end up all looking the same, then we’ve missed out on an opportunity to have a truly authentic home and express ourselves in unique ways.

Cozy Decorating {Orange & Red}


I happen to have a wide range of styles and colors I like, so I can truly appreciate so many different ways of decorating and color schemes. I just love decorating so if a room is pretty and put together nicely, I’m going to like it no matter what colors are used.

Yesterday we talked about that I’m using blue and warm grays as my foundational colors now, but I’m still very much drawn to the warm oranges and reds as well, so I’m finding ways to bring those colors in as accents. It is inspiring to be surrounded by colors that you love and ones that bring out the best in your own home!

Cozy Decorating {Orange & Red}


I think you can have a cozy home no matter what color scheme you have! Do you agree? There are so many ways to create warm and cozy spaces. But I have to admit there is something about red and orange that always give me that warm and cozy vibe!

What makes a home cozy to YOU? Is it the colors or the fabrics or the textures? Or a combination of things?

Here is another post where we talked about traditional and fresh color schemes for Fall! 


  1. I do decorate with a lot of light colours (and did so before the current trend – I tell my family that I was just away ahead of the game :) ) But I don’t like all white without colour. Colour plus texture equals cozy to me. Although many of my accents are in the cool tones, the wooden furniture and textiles add to the cozy factor. Lighting, too.

  2. There is something about that first photo that I just LOVE! I actually just pinned it before come here. I think it’s a sign!

    I just ordered a new dining table and I’ve been struggling with the decision on chairs. I adore this eclectic take on a traditional dining room set. Who says you need 6 or 8 of the same chairs!?

    Thanks for sharing! Have a fab weekend.

  3. As I go through Pinterest I am drawn to rooms with blues and browns and greens…and those are the colours I have in my own home…orange is always lovely and warm and might be a good addition to my current colour scheme…I have just painted all the trim on my first floor white to lighten things up, but the hubs is painting the kitchen “smoked turquoise” as I type this…a dark sultry colour that really is warm

  4. I love color in a room as long as I can change things up along with the seasons. I’m learning much about what makes my home cozy (since now living in temporary housing)- beautiful rugs, pillows, window treatments, candles, and personal pictures and decor items. Making it my own makes it feel cozy, and of course, a sweet labradoodle!

  5. I’m a tactile person so textural materials are important to me. It seems that I pin a lot of calm, light colored rooms and yet I have a lot of color and darker wood throughout my home. ?? Now I’m wondering if I am secretly drawn to the monochromatic look? These rooms also seem to be very sparse and have few accessories where my actual rooms are the opposite! Is it the opposites attract syndrome? Would I be happier with creamy, sparsely decorated interiors? Should I PITCH OUT EVERYTHING and start over? Whatever…my home feels comfortable to me the way it is and I guess that’s what’s important.

  6. I love color and I don’t care if it’s not following the current trend. Colors set a mood but texture and layers create coziness. Layers of color and layers of light. Wood mixed with glass mixed with metals mixed with fabric and natural materials. The smell of a cinnamon candle mixed with the smell of cookies in the oven. Personal items scattered through the room. Family photos, your kids artwork, books. That’s why you can visit the most modest of homes and feel like you’ve been embraced in the most wonderful hug. And clean… But not sterile. That’s my version of cozy. Great Post!


  7. Can I hear an “amen”?! Super duper post! I love color…especially reds and yellows. So cozy is my goal in all of my rooms. Like Michael, I love that first picture…those red chairs are gorgeous. And like Karen, I think you need the layers of texture and a mix of colors – oh and accessories that are meaningful and accumulated over time – not just bought in one truckload to “do” a room. Can’t wait to see how you bring in other colors with your blue!

  8. I love using just a bit of an intense color so it is sure to draw attention- like in the fabric on the chair in the last photo. Perfect!

  9. I am so thrilled to see “color”! I do love the peaceful look of “no color” look but I seem to be more jazzed with pops of color. It just is much more interesting in my humble opinion.
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  10. Thanks for sharing. Love, love the colours and some of the combinations. Stunning :-)

  11. Aren’t BHG photos just the best! That first one…the rug…oh, my! franki

  12. My go to color is gold. In my living room/dining room it is mixed with orange. In the master bath it is an accent color with sage. Even in my kitchen a goldish brown is mixed with cream, green and dark brown.

  13. My favorite is absolutely the brown walls, white sofa and the ceramic orange tables in front of them. And the mirrors. So chic, yet really warm. The pillows as well. This room is so decorated but still very inviting. I truly think it is the orange.

  14. Oh my! Red is my all time favorite color! I am loving this!!!

  15. Kimberley Moore says

    What makes cozy cozy? I think it’s layers. Throws, pillows, rugs. Texture too. Nubby, Wooly, and Soft. I’ve always used red but am now using more of that acid yellow and yellow greens for that warmer look.

  16. Oh, how I love that first photo!! I always have so much trouble with decorating my home. I know the sort of feel I want it to have, but can’t seem to put it together. I can’t afford to just buy everything all at once, yet I am not really able to buy things piecemeal and be sure they will all fit together. I have awful color memory! Plus am just a bit insecure about what might or might not look nice… Any ideas?

  17. I’m so glad you wrote about this. I’m decorating my office in orange and gray. It’s way out of my comfort zone since I have so many blues and grays in my home as well, but I really like the way it’s turning out.

  18. I am much more of a blues and greens person, but have always loved orange as an accent (ever since my college days and orange was a school color!).

  19. Things feel cozy to me when the space is used well … especially the corners. Also it has to have meaningful favorite things. And have layers. And a pretty lamp … oh my … I should stop.

  20. I love the more warmer colors for my house, however, I also love all the white, gray, blue, and bright colors too. When it comes to decorating my house though, I always stay true to my love of autumn colors.

  21. what a fun surprise to see these pictures with warm colors! I love the clean, white look, but these pictures are like seeing an old friend. In my own home I tend to use yellows, golds, and oranges quite a bit so these examples were fun to see.

  22. It’s both color and texture for me….when I love a color… it just doesn’t feel like home until I add a pillow, throw, rug etc.
    I’m lucky to be able to live in both cool and warm color homes…..warm for the CV home and cool for the mill house.
    Thanks for your ideas

  23. I absolutely ADORE warm colors together, especially oranges and reds (picked them for my wedding too…could it be the start to the color scape of a lifetime?) So refreshing to see, especially at a time of year when I’m always on the lookout for something cozy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Hi Melissa, how funny that you posted this. We have just remodeled our home and have used warmer colors. Vibrant and warm reds, rusts, browns, blacks. And I’m loving it. I love fall….so I thought why not use those colors year round! It makes me so happy too. Have a blessed week.

  25. Red schemes always look fantastic at Christmas. For me cosy = texture & clutter.

  26. I absolutely love the pictures in this post but my favourite is the last. It’s very close to the colours I have in my living room. I’m sorry to say but personally, I’m not a fan of any room done in whites with cool blues and greys. I’m just drawn to warm colours.But that being said,colours aside, I love the way you add interest through texture and interesting articles. Sometimes it’s just the way a little vignette is put together that brightens a corner or mantelpiece . And just like this blog today, the photos you share which show different styles, that bring me to your blog repeatedly. I’m very curious to see what you do in your new home! It’s got great bones and some great features.

  27. Ms. Maggie the Elder says

    My Christmas colors this year are shades of red, with pink and gold. Oh the shimmer~~~ it contrast against the green that PNW is always wrapped up in…

  28. Gorgeous photos. I love these color schemes! I found your post from Pinterest! Thx for sharing!

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