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Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

by | May 31, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, Gardens & Outdoor Rooms, My Seattle House, My Side Yard

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Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

This post is sponsored by Aquascape®.
Patio design and opinions are my own.

You guys, I can hardly contain my excitement. We have a new patio pond and bamboo pouring fountain ON OUR SIDE PATIO (and don’t miss the giveaway for an Aquascape Patio Pond, below)!

Oh wait. Do you even remember our side patio? It’s the area just outside our kitchen, beyond the Dutch door. I’ll eventually do a follow up post with before and after images in one place, but just for frame of reference as you look at the rest of this post, go see where we started. I can hardly recognize this space!

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

door to the patio from our kitchen

Most of you have probably forgotten about this outdoor space or given up hope of ever seeing it again. It’s fine. I totally understand. I almost gave up on it, too. It was not the smoothest of projects we’ve had done, so there were far too many hiccups along the way to continue talking about it.

It’s still not finished, but, we were able to make it look a lot better than it did even a few weeks ago. And a patio pond could make any space better than it was, don’t you think?

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

We’ve lived in this house now for not quite two years. Even though this space is just outside our kitchen door, we weren’t able to really use it that entire time. When the sun came out a couple of weeks ago, we knew we were over dealing with an incomplete project and we didn’t want to miss out on another season out here.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

I’ll explain more about the issues with the patio, what’s left to do and I promise to show you more of the space and everything else (plus the before and progress) down the road another post, but incomplete and imperfect can still be beautiful enough to enjoy, right?

So that’s exactly what we had the chance to do this past week. Seattle has had some glorious weather, y’all. While we had a pretty bleak gray winter even by Seattle standards, a week of sun made up for it all. It reminded us of one of the reasons we live here! The outdoors here can actually be nearly perfect. No bugs (well, an occasional bug) and no humidity around these parts.

We actually had sun longer than a week, so it was gratefully enough time to set up the space and really enjoy it for the very first time. Yes, we had to just avert our eyes from the undone and do a few quick creative concealments, but once we got past those inconveniences, we were determined to make this space prettier and more inviting.

I’ve decided in this house that “progress” is going to have to be the new “after.”

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

I’ve always wanted a patio pond and fountain, so the visual of sitting outside by the sound of water became my inspiration to press forward and get this patio into shape.

Even though we live in a big city, we are in a very peaceful part of Seattle and on a really quiet neighborhood street. No traffic, no city sounds. Just the sound of seagulls making their way to the Puget Sound (which is in view beyond our backyard) and the birds chirping in the trees. It’s really wonderful and we feel grateful to live here.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

But we do have neighbors and one right on the other side of our fence. Because this is in the small space in between our two homes, I thought it would be nice to play up the private peaceful oasis ambience as much as possible.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

Plus, Jack (our six year old Goldendoodle) still has some social anxieties. Ha. He’s always on the lookout for funny business. When other dogs walk by or start barking (even on T.V.) he loses is ever-lovin’ mind, so I really wanted this to feel as soothing as I could for everyone’s state of mind.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

An Outdoor Room

My first plan of attack out here last week (after the concealments and clean up) was to set up the space like a real room! An outdoor room has similar elements to an indoor room. This will be a space we can use through the summer and fall, so unless it’s going to rain a lot, we’ll leave it set up as much as we can. If it rains I just try to bring in cushions. I’ve forgotten to bring them in (at our old house) before and they were fine.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

We started with a rug (find it here) to define our conversation area. Then we pulled together our sectional (the same one from our old house, it’s still in great shape other than we lost a couple of cushions somehow in the move). You can find this sectional here and other new versions here.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

The pillows are a mix of old and new outdoor cushions. The blue star looking ones (above) from here aren’t actually outdoor pillows (they could be, but I’m not sure), so we won’t leave them out in case they fade. They are on the shadier side of the patio, though, so they are probably fine, too.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

An umbrella brought some shade to the sectional and more privacy from neighboring houses, as well as acting as a “ceiling” to our space. I think a “ceiling” always makes an outdoor space feel more comfortable, so it could be an umbrella or a nearby tree, awning or pergola. Someday maybe we’ll add a pergola, but for now, the umbrella works great. The umbrella also added personality because STRIPES!

Plants add flowers, greenery and texture (they are not all actually planted and will need to mature to get the full impact, but they make a big difference already!). Garden stools add function (where else would I put my coffee in the morning?).

You can shop all of the sources from this outdoor space here.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

Patio Pond

But even more than all of these elements, I was looking forward to setting up the patio pond. It is really a beautiful focal point in this space! I can hear the bamboo pouring fountain from the kitchen, too, so it really invites people to come outside and sit awhile.

You can watch and listen to a short video clip to hear the sounds below (if you don’t see the video embedded, you can watch it here).

This pond/fountain was so easy to put together. We’re not skilled DIY’ers, so if we can do it, anyone can. Aquascape provides instructions with the patio pond and even a video for how to install it here, but it’s basically a basin and a separate pump and spout that you just set in the basin. It’s simple!

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

Decorate Your Pond

We actually have two similar but unique bamboo spouts with pumps we can choose from (you can see both in this post). I actually bought one long before we moved, before this side yard project ever got started. Yes, indeed, I’ve been dreaming about this fountain for a long time! You can put a spout at an angle or set it across the back, it’s up to you.

The floating water plants came from our local garden store. You can add a variety of plants (the pond even has a shelf for plants, I can’t wait to add more!). You can also add lights or even fish (follow the instructions for exactly what you’ll need and how to prepare your water). Here is a video with helpful instructions! A patio pond really is a pretty cool feature in an outdoor space!

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

Don’t let those innocent faces fool you. I don’t think we can trust Jack (or Lily for that matter) with fish in a pond, so, enough said.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)

I know I will be out here all summer working or chatting or relaxing by the pond. This space is perfect for a morning quiet time space or for ambience during evening dinner, too.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)
We’re so happy to have this space ready to use this summer. It’s a dream come true for our whole family. I’ll share more details about the patio in a future post.


Be sure to enter the Aquascape Patio Pond giveaway in my blog comments, below! You do NOT have to have a website or blog to enter (Winners can be from U.S. and Canada only). One winner will be selected June 15, 2017. 

How to Order a Patio Pond:

If you want to set up a patio pond and fountain of your own this summer, you can find details and ordering information from Aquascape (check out everything else they offer, too, including other types of fountains and ponds!). You can also find the pond on Amazon here (mine is the 27 inch in gray slate). 

Other outdoor sources from this post can be found below.

Our Side Patio Makeover (+ Patio Pond giveaway!)


You can shop all of the outdoor furniture/decor sources from this space HERE.


The house paint color is Reserved White Glidden and the Dutch Door is Blue Note by Benjamin Moore.

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P.S. I will share in much more detail on our patio project in an upcoming post, including the dyed concrete. Basically it was supposed to be dyed before it was poured, but in an unfortunate series of mishaps, only half of our patio was poured with dark concrete! The other half was white and had to be dyed afterwards, so YES, you can dye an existing patio! I’ll explain how and what and the pros and cons when I get the next post ready!


  1. Darlene

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  5. Anne Marie

    This is beautiful – love the pond.

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    I’ve been looking for a simple, elegant water feature that incorporates natural materials. Yours seems to fit that bill! (The only water features I’ve found locally are over-the-top gaudy upon gaudy fountains.) I love yours!

  7. Joy

    Melissa you have such beautiful taste and such an eye for design. I love everything you put together! I love the sound of water. It is so relaxing. Something my husband would benefit from after a long, stressful day at work. Your patio is sooo tranquil. Enjoy!

  8. Taste of France

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    I love your bougainvillea.

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  22. Pattie Tierney

    Your blog post is incredibly timely. As I write this, I hear the sound of nail guns outside as my new enclosed deck, and open side area for grilling, is currently being constructed. I have been looking for decorating inspiration, and you have certainly provided it here, your area is beautiful! That bamboo fountain would be perfect in my new space. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    So having grey days is not fun especially for my husband, because I go shopping. hahaha

    Enjoy your space it’s perfect.
    Much love,

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    I wonder how you handke all the cushions and oillows when the weather is not sunny and warm? I have always wanted to do patio furniture like you have but hate havint to take out and then put away everytime you use it. Yiu have done a gorgeous job and I am sure you will love it. I can see Jack does already!!

  31. Debbie

    I have been dreaming of a fountain for quite a while but between having limited funds and trying to find just the right one for our space, nothing has happened! Yours is just beautiful and also looks easy to maintain, which is also a must for us because I’m the one who will have to do it. I love DIY projects but I also know my limits! I don’t think any outdoor feature is more relaxing or appealing than a pond or fountain. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space and looking forward to more posts….and also on your updated painted brick!

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    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      They are outdoor rugs, designed to be outside so they aren’t as likely to absorb the water! I use them in more protected areas where they are less inclined to get muddy, but they wipe right off so it’s not a problem!

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    So lovely and welcoming! Love the smaller scale of the fountain…gives all the ambiance needed without the work and maintenance of a larger pond.

  127. Ivy

    Lovely private space you have created. Having a water feature is not only pulls everything together, it has an incredible effect on calming the space and everyone in it. Thank you for your sharing your ideas.

  128. Joeyfromsc

    It is very beautiful and seems so tranquil lol
    Do we just leave a comment to enter the giveaway? Thanks so much for the chance :)


  129. Meg S

    This looks so lovely! Can’t wait to see the next patio post.

  130. Marisa

    I am not very good with decorating outdoors and have been struggling to find the pieces to create an inviting space in our new yard. I use blues as my accent color too as it is my favorite color and I absolutely LOVE what you have done with your outdoor space by adding the fountain and lovely greenery! I will definitely be looking to you for inspiration once again!

  131. D

    So pretty! My lab leaves the fish alone, but the birds are always looking for a meal. We used a flexible netting to cover the top of our pond to keep them out. Works great.

  132. Darren S.

    Lovely patio pictures. Very inspiring!

  133. Christi

    Absolutely beautiful!

  134. Lavana Church

    This is THE most perfect pond that I’ve seen for a small space! Is hard to find one that isn’t “overdone” it seems at our local garden centers. This one is definitely on my list of “to-do”. You did an amazing job with this space !My patio cushions are waiting to be recovered for summer. Would love to do white on them and add pops of color (coral and navy and lime green). We have lots of spiders here in east TN mountains so I have to have a light color that they are easily spotted on, for they wreak terror on us, even tho our terminex guy has become our warrior out there. I also have two fur babies and wonder how easily cleaned are the white outdoor cushions with pets?

  135. Joetta Witkowski

    What an absolutely lovely outdoor room! I would love to have this in my backyard. And we love ponds! Thanks for the inspiration!

  136. Karen

    So beautiful and relaxing! You have inspired me to work on our patio!

  137. Trish Barnett

    I love what you’ve done! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  138. Beth

    Gorgeous! I would love one of these! I love the privacy features, and of course, the pup!

  139. Becca P

    Beautiful! I have just the spot for one of these!

  140. kel

    Amazing job! You’re willingness to dive in and be “in progress” is what we can all benefit from! Lovely pond!

  141. Mary

    A lovely pond to relax by after a long day! Thank you for the inspiration.

  142. Cathy

    I grew up 1 block from Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes, and feel asleep all summer long listening to the waves. I now live in northern Mississippi with no sound of water nearby and I miss it terribly. I would LOVE an Aquaspace fountain to listen to every day! Melissa, your blog fills me with joy ❤️

  143. Wendy Dewar Hughes

    The water feature is perfect for small spaces and wee gardens—like mine. You’ve done such lovely things with your space. Very inspiring.

  144. Roz

    The pictures don’t show a good comparison via before vs after. Nice job on the renovation.

  145. carol clark

    i love the decor if you dont mind me asking what kind of plant is in your little pond so cute i might add

  146. Natalie V

    Must go find a rug asap! Mine looks so old compared to yours! I have a patio of similar size here in Vancouver and you have my dream patio – saving this for inspiration! And an Aquaspace fountain – my patio is on the alleyway so I do get lots of noise from cars and binners!

  147. Linda F.

    It looks gorgeous! And the water feature makes it such a soothing space!

  148. Marla

    Oh, Melissa, what a lovely spot for afternoon tea and conversation!
    And don’t forget a little nap afterward – with the sound of the water – ahhhhh…

    An outdoor water feature placed near a window, open at night, soothing the family off to their beds.:)

  149. jan

    We’re in the process of designing our backyard and the pond fountain would be the perfect addition. Nothing like the sound of a fountain to relax everyone after a long day.

  150. Pam Cates

    The Patio Pond would make a lovely addition to our patio! Your patio escape is BEAUTIFUL as well as your new home. Love seeing what all you do in decorating!

  151. Carol

    A bit of Heaven on earth. ? No fish to eat but perhaps Jack and Lilly will take a refreshing sip every now and then. ?

  152. Maura

    I would love to have a water feature in my back yard! The size is perfect and adds tranquil ambiance without being overwhelming.

  153. Lynn Wallrath

    LOVE this post! LOVE the pond/fountain! … and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one! (please oh please — crossing fingers). Your posts, like your books, are inspirational treasures. xo.

  154. Lorrie Langdon

    So beautiful and serene, great job! And now I know what to get my husband for our 34th anniversary next month, he will love that patio pond!

  155. Peggy

    What a beautiful space you’ve created! I’ve often thought we need a fountain on our back porch. We live in a noisy neighborhood, so it would feel more like an oasis with the sound of water muffling the leaf blowers and barking dogs! ?

  156. Tracey

    What a beautiful space you have created–I would love to hang out there!

  157. franki

    Honestly….that IS patio perfection!! What a marvelous use of easy to find products…but the pond is the highlight!! Ponds and…pillows are my weakness. KUDOS!!! franki

  158. Monica

    Love it! Must be wonderful to have it right out the kitchen door!

  159. Mandy M.

    I have been interested in ponds and fountains as decorative elements since my grandfather built an indoor fountain for their house way back in the 1970s. My grandmother made him take it out because she didn’t find the trickling water relaxing…she said it constantly reminded her of needing to use the bathroom! ? A pond like this would be perfect on our deck and might help drown out the noise of the busy street behind our house. Looks beautiful!

  160. Mikayl Raber

    Beautiful! We just poured a patio and are bulding a pergola so would love a patio pond!!

  161. Penny Huck

    Melissa, I love your little side patio! We have a big patio under a nice pergola that I’ve always wanted to decorate a little. You’ve inspired me to pull out the fabrics I had forever to make pillows for the Adirondack furniture my husband made. We’re waiting for the begonia bulbs he potted to sprout, but I’m thinking I may just have to go get plants to replace them. I love all the extra little shots of color around. Thank you for all you share. I’m making my way through “The Inspired Room” then plan to purchase another of your books. Love your style.

  162. Penny Huck

    Oh, and I forgot to say I would love to be entered into the pond giveaway. It would be perfect on our patio,

  163. Elizabeth

    Your patio looks great! My outdoor area is my side porch and i bought a carpet to put out this year and we are adding a bead board ceiling and a ceiling fan this year! A patio pond is exactly the touch to finally be finished!

  164. Nancy T

    What a beautiful place to relax. The water feature looks so peaceful and inviting. You have a knack for creating a beautifully finished space. My new deck are could use a water feature for that final wow.

  165. Suzanne Croft

    You are so creative with small spaces. How wonderful to find a small fountain that fits your space.


    I’d love to win one of those patio ponds!

  167. Jessica Gipson

    I love your patio, so relaxing. I would love to have a setup like yours along with a good book, this would be awesome. LOVE IT!!!

  168. Anne P

    It’s looking so lovely. The patio pond is a winner. And I’d like to be a winner of it!

  169. Marie

    Beautiful patio! I love everything about it! Now I need to go outside to work on mine!

  170. Debbie - MountainMama

    What an incredible job you’ve done with that space, Melissa!! Just in time for the nice weather, no doubt you will get a lot of enjoyment out there this summer!

  171. Sandra Heerschap

    I love everything you have done with your space. It is an ideal space for a quiet morning coffee.

  172. Carmel Welch

    Your side yard looks so inviting and the fountain really adds to the ambiance of a private serene space…love it!

  173. HeatherB

    So beautiful! Love the potted plants, and water plants, too.

  174. Colleen

    I can almost hear that fountain! Lovely.

  175. Cathy

    As is the norm, an AMAZING job! So cozy and chic – gives me inspiration for my deck!

  176. Elizabeth S

    So gorgeous!!! One of the prettiest patios I’ve seen in a while – love everything about it!!!

  177. Jamee Tobias

    Gorgeous! Love everything about it!

  178. Christine Y

    Your space is very inviting and cozy. Makes me want to curl up with a good book and an iced latte! I agree the sound of water is so relaxing. An added benefit is the noise reduction. Thanks for sharing your home.

  179. Diane

    Your side patio looks very peaceful-especially enhanced with the soothing sounds of water from the pond.

  180. Sandy

    Beautiful side patio, love it all. Nothing better than a pond with the sound of water to make you want to sit and relax!

  181. Jennifer Taylor

    It is wonderful! Sooo pretty and relaxing. I adore your new fountain too!! I’ll be looking into an Aquascape for my patio now. :-)

  182. Jill

    Oh so pretty. Nothing better than a porch for relaxing and re-centering yourself.

  183. Meghan

    Wow, this is so beautiful, would love to have one!

  184. Linda Grubbs

    Oh my, Melissa it’s beautiful. The side yard looks incredible! I remember when you first posted about it…. so I have kinda been waiting for the reveal. That being said, we ALL know how projects can become derailed and not finish when we’d like them to. This was worth the wait! It looks nothing like way back when! I also loved seeing the pups….with Jack being “on guard”. Too sweet. You have made a huge amount of progress in 2 years….HUGE.. I love your vision and love following you and your projects. Enjoy your new space and have a wonderful summer. Hugs from KS…(where we do have so darned many bugs sometimes we can’t go outdoors in the evenings!!) ha!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      You’re so thoughtful, Linda! Thank you for your kindness and for following along all this time, I sure appreciate your kindness (and understanding about how these projects go sometimes!).

  185. Krissy

    I love it! What a relaxing, peaceful feature!

  186. Denise James

    Such an elegant fountain! Just the right size too.

  187. Lisa

    My daughter has been asking for a fountain for our patio; the sound is so soothing! For the first time ever, we are using a mosquito spraying service, so we are outside all the time! Love summer ?

  188. Crystal

    I love progress as the new after :) With a long list and unseen projects taking priority, I’ve told myself that every bit adds up, and I’ve been loving the little changes. We’ve also determined to welcome people into the life we’re actually living, mess and all, and it’s been wonderful — currently, the kitchen is half-painted, and a leak rendered our sink and dishwasher unusable Memorial Day weekend, but we still enjoyed the time with friends :)

  189. Liz Bateman


  190. Eileen

    Beautiful. I am starting to redesign our backyard and patio since wild rabbits have eaten every blade of grass but left me weeds they don’t like.

  191. Manette Gutterman

    Gorgeous patio and the pond sounds so relaxing!

  192. Phyllis

    Kudos to you and the lovely outdoor space you have created. I’d love to have that pond, especially with the restful sounds it produces. Can you tell me the name of the tall plant with the small reddish flowers? Love that accent color!

  193. Julianne

    We are just starting work on a new porch/patio and I’d love to include a patio pond!!!!!

  194. Sarah

    I have been dreaming of an outdoor water feature for our covered deck and this would be perfect! I love your style and the patio turned out wonderfully. Now you get to enjoy that beautiful space all summer long. Thanks for sharing!

  195. BarbV

    Looks fabulous! I especially love the rug. Target just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? I would like to know how you like your Dutch door now that you have lived with it for a while. Don’t you have flies and bugs in Seattle? I know here in Milwaukee we could never have a door open like that. Most people have a screen door along with their front door, which make painting the front door sort of useless, since it’s covered up by the screen door. Makes me sad as I really want to paint my front door a “wow” color!

  196. Susan Hatcher

    How peaceful and relaxing. Love the outdoor space and pond. Thanks for a chance to win. Is this all we need to do to enter?

  197. BevF

    This is a very inspiring space. Thank you so much for showing it. It has given me ideas for one of our lacklustre decks.

  198. Deb

    Would love to add a patio pond! Cannot decide if on my front porch or back patio. Maybe both!

  199. Susan Freeman

    Just love your side area. The fountain is wonderful, would make my new deck perfect. Took years to fix it up.

  200. Meredith Ross

    What a gorgeous space! I would love this fountain in my backyard.

  201. Karly Shelton

    Wow! I have the perfect spot for something like this. I have a small veggie garden and this would be a great addition!

  202. Lorri

    So relaxing and peaceful!

  203. Sue

    I’m loving your side yard and fountain. Perfect size for most outdoor areas.

  204. Pam

    This is a beautiful outdoor space! It looks like a wonderful sheltered area for relaxation, to the soothing sound of the bamboo fountain.

  205. Gail Ebeling

    That pond is just so peaceful. I love the navy touches because it doesn’t scream summer but peaceful for all seasons.

  206. Cydnee Valente

    Love this so much and I would love a pond. Nice work!!!

  207. Deb Pudenz

    What a peaceful space! I miss our water feature at our old home.

  208. Susan

    The water fountain is such a nice addition to the outdoor space. Everything looks so relaxing!

  209. Martie

    The transformation of your porch is incredible and the pond is perfection!! This is really inspiring me to spruce up our small porch!

  210. Leslie H.

    I would love to enter your Patio Pond giveaway! I just love the look of your patio pond…….I know I would love the sound of it, both with my morning coffee and with dinner on the patio or later in the evening with friends/family relaxing after a long day! I love the style you bring into your side patio!

  211. carol g

    What a gorgeous space. I love the sound of water.

  212. Mitzi Bates

    I love everything on your patio! It’s hard to believe this space isn’t complete. It looks fantastic. Enjoy!

  213. Lisa Bittner

    This is all so stunning, Melissa! We are currently putting together our “loggia” (we live in Scottsdale, Arizona), and a pond would be such a refreshing sound!

  214. Rene

    Beautiful, would love a pond of my own.

  215. Madeleine Ward

    I dream of having a fountain in the city, love what you did with your yard, even pinned it

  216. Debby

    We’ve been looking for a new “bird bathtub”-slash-fountain since we moved into our house three years ago. The old fountain we brought with us broke in transit, but we sort of stuck it in the ground here “temporarily” and then a chipmunk made it his private lookout tower, so we can’t get rid of it. Now that I see your beautiful patio pond, I realize what I have been looking for! We have enough space on our deck for it, and we, too, would enjoy the sound of water as we sit and watch the birds on a summer morning. Your side patio is wonderful, even better than the nearly perfect one at your previous house! Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen and now the side patio–I am particularly jealous of the “no bugs” environment. Not so here in northeast Ohio!

  217. Jenn

    Your patio looks pretty perfect to me! I would love to add a pond to my back deck. We entertain there a lot but do have some traffic noise. I have always thought a water feature would be a nice distraction.

  218. Lynn Paape

    I love your side yard! I can see sipping coffee in the morning by the pond. Enjoy it!

  219. Cindy A.

    We had a large in ground pond at our old house and I miss it so much. I don’t want the responsibility of such a large pond again, but I would LOVE to have a smaller version for our patio. Thank you for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. *fingers crossed*

  220. Ellie

    Love your patio! Would love to style my blank patio space. You are an inspiration!

  221. Deanna W. Titzler

    My husband has been wanting a patio pond and fountain for a while and this one would be perfect! I love the colors and arrangement of your side patio. Can’t wait to see the before and afters. I’ve been wondering how things looked outside the dutch door. LOVE IT! (and thanks for entering me into the giveaway!)

  222. Janae

    I love this! And seeing how you transformed this space is inspiring me to create a outdoor place for us to relax. Thank you for the inspiration!

  223. Janae

    Once again…SO lovely!! Your patio transportation photos are so inspiring to me to create a outdoor space for us that we can relax and shut out the world. Thank you for the inspiration!

  224. Laura McGrew

    Just lovely! Would love to win that pond!

  225. Laura Léger

    Wonderful, Melissa!

  226. Barbara

    I love your new side patio, Melissa. I could imagine parking myself out there with a good book….and forgetting about everything else! Love the water feature, too. What a relaxing sound, I’m sure. Enjoy your new pretty space!

  227. Erin Rizzo

    Oh my gosh, I so love the one you have. There is something about the bamboo. I keep thinking how great it would be to sit outside and just listen to it. Like you we have two pups and that would be the challenge, but I am more than willing to take it on. lol. You have totally made your new home incredibly awesome. It does make me miss living up in Washington, well, at least in the summer and fall. ;)
    Thanks for this chance to win.

  228. Susan Malizia

    Love how you placed everything…fits perfect in your space for maximum seating. Everything is coordinated so lovely!

  229. Annette

    This is a nice size pond that would easily fit on my small patio.

  230. Erin P

    As always you did an amazing job! I just recently purchased the same umbrella from WM, which makes me feel good because if you have it I know I’m doing something right! :) We’ve been in our home for 2 years and after many indoor projects I’m starting to share the love outdoors. The home we moved from had a creek that ran through the back of our lot and it was the most peaceful sound, we miss it. What a great way to add that personal touch to out new home with the fountain. You’ve got my wheels spinning! ?Thanks for the opportunity!

  231. Pat

    I dream of an outdoor space like yours. Could you just transport it me

  232. Barb l.

    What a beautiful relaxing space you have created! Love the outdoor room, I’m trying to create something similar and would love a water feature to be part of it!

  233. Vineta @ The Handyman's Daughter

    It’s so nice to have an early Seattle summer after that horrible winter! We’ve been spending as much time as possible outside to restore our vitamin D levels! Your patio looks lovely and that fountain is exactly what we need for our deck!

  234. Sue

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for awhile now, started when I was stuck trying to decorate for Christmas in our new home. Thank you for all the great ideas and now the patio! so beautiful!

  235. Christina dempsey

    I’d like to enter the contest :) I guess this is what I’m supposed to do?

  236. angie

    I struggle with my outdoor space – messy trees, evil squirrels, and old concrete. A fountain could bring peace to the area.

  237. Heidi

    I love water features. Your patio is so beautiful, and I love how you’ve decorated it!

  238. Shannon Chamberlain

    Love this patio pond. I would love to win.

  239. Chris Jones

    Your patio is so serene, and I love the privacy! I can see you out there in your jimmies having a cup of morning Joe.

  240. Chris Jones

    Love the patio pond! Do your dogs ‘lap’ up the water? I know my lab would, if not try to jump into it!
    Beautiful setting.

  241. Jennifer Blair

    I would love a chance to win the pond!! Lovely!

  242. Layne

    What a wonderful space! And it’s so relaxing to listen to water flowing.
    I always love seeing your dogs, they are adorable!

  243. Karen Q

    Until this year, my deck went unattended. I have gleaned so many ideas from this post… what a beautiful space. Thank you for the inspiration. Until now I never even considered a patio pond! I have just the spot for it.

  244. Lora

    Perfect timing for a giveaway! My 11 year old son (who put his little engineer brain to work & drew out a new plan for our living room after taking the Christmas tree down) just told me this week we NEED to get a fountain for outisde our door! His mind is always working and he loves to create spaces.

  245. Arl

    What a neat idea…a patio pond would look great on our deck. I really like your cozy outdoor space!

  246. Amy Bellar

    The patio pond is fantastic. And I really love the outdoor rugs in your space. Blessings.

  247. Silvia Fugate

    This is stunning! I could hang out on your patio all day

  248. Peg

    Peaceful sounds of a flowing fountain– divine!

  249. Mary Dexter

    Woke up this morning from a dream that I’d won a patio giveaway! Love the pond and all you’ve done. It’s like a getaway to an exotic place outside the kitchen door. Wonderful job!

  250. Lee-Anne

    I’ve been wanting to add water sounds to our front entry porch, where street noise is an issue. A patio pond looks like a lovely option!

  251. Tim

    That would be a great addition to any patio. We have a fire pit on our patio that sits dormant for most of the year, so this could be our summer focal point.

  252. Karen Jeanne

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love patio living!

  253. Robin Y

    I was just telling my husband this weekend that I wanted to replace an overgrown tree in our flowerbed with a water feature. Very excited for you that you’ve (nearly) marked a big project off your list!

  254. Kristina

    Your space looks amazing! I loved hearing the water on your video. I would love to have one on my patio.

  255. Cathy Sloan

    Beautiful! I love the look and sound of the pond, and I have a new covered patio that it would be perfect for :)

  256. Sara H.

    My husband has talked about a pond or fountain for our patio for years. This would solve both those desires and be the ultimate Father’s Day present! Your patio looks like a cozy, fun place to hang out!

  257. Jo Jo

    I’m drooling over your newly done side porch! So inviting & relaxing looking and that Patio Pond! I want one! We’d been looking into soar water features, reestanding, but your patio pond seems perfect for us and our small patio space! Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy your beautiful weather and your gorgeous side patio!, ???

  258. Simply Megan Joy

    That patio fountain looks amazingly peaceful! It’s so summery and would be so much fun to hear!

  259. Rita Williams

    Love that area! It looks so peaceful and inviting. Please enter me in the pond give away. I have the perfect place for it.

  260. Kate

    Beautiful job! Very inviting space and it works so well transitioning from your kitchen to this space. I love the fountain and it’s Zen-like features and sound and a summer afternoon nap would be in order. Your story about the color of the patio floor was interesting as I did not know cement could be dyed, very good to know!

  261. Allison M

    I could never afford to buy something like this. Pick me! I Love it!!!

  262. Bridget

    It’s lovely, I hope Jack is enjoying this special space.

  263. Lisa

    That is just beautiful, as always! Would love to win a fountain!

  264. Haley Hopperstad

    Just bought our first house, we close June 15 and would love this for our outdoor area :)

  265. Debbie

    This is just so lovely! Everything about it — the colors, textures, plants, and yes, the water feature. Love it all! You really do have impeccable taste. :) Thank you for sharing this with us.

  266. Dixie

    Such a beautiful patio area!!! We are in process of building a screened deck and open deck and a water feature would be perfect!!

  267. Kelly

    Really lovely!!

  268. Valerie Sparks

    Absolutely beautiful! It’s amazing what you did to make that space cozy and inviting.

  269. Kate Horrell

    It turned out AWESOME. I’m sure listening to the sound of the water is just icing on the cake. Enjoy

  270. Angie morrison

    Beautiful space!

  271. Patti

    So peaceful!

  272. Tina S.

    Your side yard looks so inviting, relaxing and refreshing. I always enjoy the way you decorate so inspiring.

  273. Melanie

    Your side yard is beautiful and my husband and I love seeing all of your home improvements. The fountain makes this area so inviting.

  274. Ashley C

    We’ve been looking at different water features for our back porch, I love this idea!

  275. Alice Garcia

    Love your beautiful hide-away!

  276. Merrily Cassina

    Terrific use of limited space with pops of color all while keeping it soothing and serene. Wonderful!

  277. Marilyn Holeman

    Hi Melissa, I’d love to have a pond. Your space looks lovely. Thanks for the give away.

  278. Debra Bartels

    Beautiful and looks so relaxing. I had to leave my fountain behind when we moved ten years ago. I do miss it so. Thanks for the chance to win.

  279. Amy

    I’ve already picked out a space in our yard!

  280. Chelsea amanda

    This looks so beautiful and everything goes together so well. Thanks for the chance to win

  281. Peggy

    So pretty and peaceful!

  282. Amy Frahm

    Would love to design something like this on property we just bought out in the boonies in Iowa!! We have 3 acres of possibilities. Thank you for not only a give-a-way option but your incredible talents with knowing simplicity is elegance!!

  283. Amy Grey

    Looks soooo relaxing! Love the color on the door!

  284. Maura


  285. laura burghorn

    Love, love, love your room! Does the fence right around the seating area cause an air movement issue? I’m not sure what your summertime temps are, but here (Ft Worth, Tx) we would swelter without air MOVING!!!

  286. Maureen

    Jack! Bestill my heart! Just love your golden doodles! We actually have quite a large yard, but I have been looking for inspiration for carving out a smaller, more intimate area on our deck. As always, you have created something that completely speaks to me!

  287. Sue Tackes

    I’m not sure how to enter the Aquaspace patio pond! I have become Guiterez the gardener lately but something is missing! I truest believe this wwould enhance my garden! Thank you for the opportunity to enter! I appreciate it!

  288. Brenda

    Love your new patio space! It looks great! A patio pond would be sooo fun!

  289. Vanessa

    Love your beautiful new patio – looks cozy and comfortable! The pond is especially appealing!

  290. Christina P

    Love your patio area. It looks so peaceful. I think that I would be outside all the time. Thank you for an opportunity to win a patio pond.

  291. Susan

    Such a beautiful space! I have such an ugly porch, but this has definitely given me some really great ideas and inspiration. Especially the patio pond, the sound of trickling water is so relaxing.

  292. Joanne

    Beautiful patio. I’m sure the pond makes it sound so peaceful.

  293. Rana Durham

    wow a patio is bautiful thing to have in their home. i love the information that you shared about patios.

  294. Sharece Cox

    Wow your side yard is beautiful! Love the fountain!

  295. Natalie

    Your blog is so breathtaking. I love your aesthetic and your style is truly amazing. I have been looking for a fountain like this for years now. It is so beautiful and tranquil and it would be such a blessing to wake up to the sound of running water. You are truly inspiring.

  296. Ben

    Melissa! Your blog and books are sooo good. I love looking at your style. It’s truly inspiring! My wife and I would love to unwind to a fountain all summer. -Ben

  297. Timothy

    My wife and I began to completely redo our patio last summer and we are now finishing up the last details. It was touch and go for a while financially but thanks to your blog we got the best deals on the best styles. Lots of our house is based of your book’s recommendations. We just ordered our patio couch and it looks good. All that we need now to wrap up our project is a quiet fountain. I’d love to surprise my kids and wife with this.

  298. Debbi

    It’s beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win…we have been working on making our deck more inviting and a water fountain would be a great addition!

  299. Diane Beeck

    Love the pond ?

  300. Cori

    Would love a patio pond!! And that beautiful red vine is to die for!

  301. Michele

    What a peaceful looking place of rest!

  302. Julie L.

    I love that water feature! I’ve been looking for something “natural” looking for some time. Everything I’ve seen is so plastic looking. The whole patio is gorgeous. Love the blue and white!

  303. Missy Birkhead

    Oh how inviting and the pond looks simple.

  304. Sue E

    Getting ready to replace our wood deck with composite decking. How soothing to have a fountain on the ” new” deck.

  305. Elaine

    Melissa, You’ve given me hope for small outdoor spaces. I try not to even go out there because I’ve never found a way to make it interesting. Well I for one am truly inspired. Thanks

  306. Patty L'Heureux

    What a peaceful space you have achieved! Loving the patio pond!

  307. Heather S

    That turned out FABULOUS, so fresh and relaxing! Crossing my fingers (and toes) for the giveaway! Cheers! xx

  308. Lisa

    I LOVE the patio pond! I hope I win it!!! My patio needs some serious help in the ambiance department and this would be just the jump start in need.


  309. Eileen

    Love you side patio and pond! I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be getting much work done in the summer–I think you would find me there with a book and an iced coffee! Good job

  310. Jessica Moser

    The patio looks so peaceful! I would love to win a fountain. I’m a country girl but live in a house in town with very close neighbors and I would love to sit and listen to the fountain rather than noise from the street.

  311. Kristy B

    This would be a lovely addition/start to a perplexing back patio area!

  312. Lolla Chimitris

    I also would love a patio pond-we have two patio areas and one is coming along nicely (the on behind our house has a table and chairs, plants and decorative stone lanterns)-the other one-on the side-has nothing except flagstones and an ugly utility meter-its been on my hit list and is moving to the top. A fountain would make an awesome start.

  313. Melinda

    I love the water feature – and your patio is such a gorgeous space!

  314. Jennifer Baker

    This is so lovely! What a great addition – thank you for hosting this giveaway. ?

  315. Fonda

    So pretty! My back yard needs a lot of work to bring it up to standards.

  316. Susan L.

    Love the bamboo spout, which gives it such a serene look and sound. Would LOVE one of those to drown out the traffic noise that sometimes reaches my patio space. No Puget Sound in Indiana, I’m afraid. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  317. Sharon

    Your creation is beautiful and relaxing. This pond would make a great addition to our yard!

  318. Debbie

    Just beautiful! My husband would love the pond – he loves the sound of water!

  319. Lynn Fowler

    Such a lovely, relaxing space!

  320. Carrie

    Soothing water sounds~ is there any better addition to a patio??? We are lucky enough to hear neighborhood kids laughing as they play on their trampoline and swing set, listen to the birds and hummingbirds flying around us, and the other neighborhood sounds you hear~ a patio pond would be the absolute ‘topper’, in my opinion!! It’s all about “happy summer sounds!” Your side patio, and sweet fur companions are absolutely beautiful!

  321. Kelly wetherholt

    Oh how much joy a patio pond would bring my porch-in-progress in Georgia!!! The blue and white is perfect too!!! Love all your designs Melissa!

  322. JennyA

    What a wonderful space to relax…LUV the pond!

  323. Lisa Worley

    We had a beautiful week of sunny weather too which inspired us to get out our planters and start filling them with an array of colorful flowers and plants. A water feature would add a peaceful element to our patio. Your outdoor space is looking so nice. Love all the plants!

  324. Lisa Worley

    Beautiful patio. Love the pond!

  325. Sara longatti

    This is my first time viewing your blog, lots of great inspiration! The side yard and pond are beautiful!

  326. Kathy w.

    Your patio is beautiful and has inspired me to get my patio liveable. What a great way to start, with a lovely water feature. Thanks for the chance to win.

  327. Renee

    We just moved to our first home and I’m looking for ideas to decorate our outdoors. Lots of wonderful ideas in your post!

  328. Julianne Simpson

    We had to replace our deck a few years ago and the pond thst we loved had to be sacrificed. I miss the sounds of the water and the fun of watching the fish grow. It would be a dream come true to have another pond.

  329. Katie Gavigan

    The pond and fountain are dreamy! Would be a very welcome addition to our urban deck (which isn’t quite as quiet as yours! :)) Lovely space!

  330. Amy

    Beautiful! I love it!!

  331. Debbie carr

    I live for the sound of water. So peaceful. Would love to win!!!

  332. Heather

    A patio pond would be a lovely addition to our outdoor seating area that I’m working on sprucing up! Thanks for the chance to win!

  333. carol clark

    such a lovely place i love all the colors put together

  334. Alisha

    I love it you did a wonderful job. The colors blend well together and it looks classy and comfortable and hearing the pond water makes it even more relaxing! The umbrella is really nice too!

  335. Kari Clarke

    I absolutely love this! I’ve always wanted a relaxing oasis in the backyard w/a trickling water feature (maybe even some wind chimes. . . ahhhh! cue masseuse!) This water feature may actually be do-able for Hubs and I. Anyway. . . you always inspire me to look at colors and design elements that I wouldn’t normally put into my LOVE category, but here comes Navy/Royal Blue family all over again. I really loved the blues & whites with the fuchsia of the flowers – so beautiful. My only cringe-worthy moment was seeing your inviting bowl of bing cherries so very close to your WHITE cushions. I just worked like a mad man getting those stains out of white t-shirts.

    Not sure if I’m too late to enter the Give-a-Way, but I just wanted to let you know again, how much I love looking through all your gorgeous photos and updates to your beautiful way of designing and living. Thanks!

  336. ElaineDavis

    Dreaming…thanks for the opportunity!

  337. Trena Cable

    Just finding your blog. I love this space, so perfect. Love the pond especially. What a great added water feature for your space. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

  338. Courtney

    I would love to hear that tranquility here beautiful! Also please come and help me decorate my house ? Everything you do! Peace to you & yours!

  339. beverly e

    This is such a beautiful space! Please enter me in the drawing for a Patio Pond. Thank you!

  340. Rebecca Cousineau

    Wow what a transformation, I especially love the pond! Would love one for my patio, my dog would like it too!

  341. Jennifer

    Wow! This transformation is amazing. I would love to win the pond.

  342. Katrina

    We have been wanting to do more with our backyard set up and would like to be entered in the drawing for the fountain. Hopefully, fish free our pup would leave it peacefully running! Been reading your blog for a few years and have been so inspired and learned some valuable tips. Even asked, (and received), one of your books for Christmas last year.

  343. Becca

    Love this space! It’s like a little Zen-zone!! My dog would think this was the greatest thing ever!

  344. Michelle

    Love it! You have truly created an oasis. And as always I love seeing those cute puppy faces!

  345. Katie

    Really lovely! So peaceful and inviting.

  346. Rebecca

    we are gearing up for a patio makeover and a pond would be awesome!!!

  347. Kim

    Your space is beautiful. The fountain is such a great idea…I would love to have one on my patio!

  348. Yvette

    Gorgeous space! You did an amazing job transforming it into this lovely oasis. Jack and Lily are lucky pups! ?

  349. Jennifer

    Love the outdoor space!

  350. Jody

    Love it! Great ideas & love fountain.

  351. Carrie Bruffey

    The little pond is an excellent way to bring water to a small area without a huge commitment! LOVE it! And I am loving the way everything is coming together in your new home!

  352. Jill Prince

    Love the fountain, so pretty and peaceful. Would love to have one like it on my patio.

  353. Carol Tripp

    This looks so beautiful and peaceful. I feel inspired to try to create something like this.

  354. Heather

    Your side patio is absolutely stunning! Gives me inspiration to tackle my side yard… A water feature would do a lot to improve the feel of the space and block out a bit of the traffic noises (I live on a particularly busy street). Thank you for the ideas :-)

  355. Anita

    My husband just completed a pergola and privacy fence for our backyard. A water feature is next – to help mask the sound of neighbors and cars. Yours is lovely!

  356. Diane

    Wow. That is an amazing outdoor room.

  357. Nancy

    I LOVE what you’ve done with the space! So inviting and relaxing and classy!!! The patio pond is PERFECT for my suburban patio! I’ll definitely be adding one to my patio!

  358. Linda

    I read your post yet again this morning; I’ve lost track of how many times read it! Each time I think “is that really a bougainvillea?” How will it winter? What are your plans for it?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Linda! It really is a bougainvillea. I plan to cut it back and bring it inside like a houseplant over the winter (assuming I can keep it alive that long!).

  359. JuliaW

    What a peaceful, beautiful space! I think drinking coffee here in the morning would guarantee a lovely day.

  360. Ashley Cunningham

    Love the patio pond! Great inspiration for my patio! Thanks!!

  361. amanda whitley

    such a pretty outdoor space. i grew up having a koi pond at my parents and i miss the sound of running water

  362. Jennifer A W

    That pond is the perfect idea for our patio. Thanks for sharing.

  363. Wendy Ziola

    Love your outdoor space! I will be using this as my inspiration for my patio. Water is a very relaxing sound. What a great way to incorporate that into your space!

  364. Jessica F.

    Everything is so pretty! Really like the pond ?

  365. Leigh Gotwals

    What a great use of space!

  366. Monique Lynn

    This is such a beautiful space! What a wonderful way to help make someone else’s backyard a tranquil oasis!

  367. Rebecca

    I’ve been obsessed with setting up a bubble pond at my front porch the last few weeks! I love the sound of water. So calming & relaxing.

  368. Alia Swartz

    So relaxing ☺️

  369. Holly Ross

    This is such a stunning space! I would love to spruce up our backyard with more foliage, adding a patio pond for some soothing ombiance. I love what you’ve done with this space. I’d love to modify the look with my favorite black, white and wood accents.

  370. Jess

    What a beautiful outdoor area. How fun to have a water feature. Lovely.

  371. andrea d Ellis

    What I love about that Inspired Room and the pond…is that it’s not a competition. Everyone’s home is unique and can express who they are …

  372. Bobby

    Can I please get the details on the dutch door? I feel like I’m in the rabbit hole of supplier and trying to find the perfect fit without spending an absurd amount. Thanks!!

  373. Alice Crissy

    Beautiful patio!

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