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One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Rhythm + Routine

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One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

One thing I do every day to feel happier is to incorporate more senses into my daily activities.

For years I’ve shared my belief that our senses can play a key role in how we feel at home. They don’t solve everything, but being mindful of them can add more enjoyment to everyday life, they can help keep us safe, they can impact our memories in positive ways, they take in information and process it, and help us to be more aware and in tune with the good in the world around us.

One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

I have always enjoyed visiting Anthropologie stores. Why do I love their store so much? I love the ambience of it. Somehow when I walk in, I feel inspired to walk slowly, ponder and stay awhile (OK, they have to throw me out at closing time) — I want to take in all the happy details.

Isn’t that what we all want for our homes? Don’t we want to walk in and just feel happier for being there?

One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

Incorporating more of our senses into our home and every day activities can make a difference in how much joy we experience in our surroundings.

The more we use and engage our senses, the more we are going to love how we feel to be at home.

Try these five healthy sense-boosting experiences:

1. Have fun with interesting textures. 

Discover the joy in textures, tassels and trims!

2. Delight in pretty colors and patterns.

Inspire your creative side here!

3. Surround yourself with soothing (or energizing!) moods.

My kids got me an Amazon Echo Show for Christmas and I just love it! We set it up on our kitchen counter so we can turn on the tunes while we clean or cook, but you could also use a phone or stereo. Set up a playlist that will inspire you!

4. Use organic and non-toxic scents to make every day activities more enjoyable.

Instead of potentially toxic candles and room sprays, try our Vanilla Mint Room spray recipe! 

5. Be mindful of your words. 

Decorating can make a home pretty, of course, but the words we choose to surround ourselves with can change, motivate and inspire us. Find meaningful word art for your home here.

 Find more inspiration and encouragement for a happier, healthier home in my new book, Dwelling!

One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

Order my new book, Dwelling!

To learn more about the natural products we use to scent and clean our home, click here!

One Thing I Do Every Day to Be Happy

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  1. Ivory

    I love your post, and I agree 100%

  2. ludivine

    you are a true inspiration…and when I am a bit down your site makes my day better..

  3. Tammy

    A great post! I love diffusing Joy and Orange essential oils together. One of my favorite combinations.

  4. Darlene Weir

    Ooohhh YUMMM! Thank you!!

  5. Sallie

    Oh yes – I love to tantalize all my senses at home, with smell and sound being the prominent ones. I already have a starter kit, so no “Inspired” for me (sad face), but I bet it smells WONDERFUL!! Which reminds me, I still need to concoct my scent for today….

  6. Sandy

    I always new I liked color around me and I love my essential oils diffusing, but I never knew how much music made such a difference. I just got so sick of the news and I just simply can not watch daytime TV…not for me. When I retired I floundered for awhile, but now I play music periodically throughout the day. The choice based on what I am doing. Love it.

  7. Sandy @ Reluctant Entertainer

    The senses are everything. The feel of our home is like giving ourselves a big hug. We feel safe, warm, content, and happy! Love you, my dear Melissa! xo

  8. Francesca Gunn

    I love to tough EVERYTHING. I prefer shopping at the store rather than online for this reason. Plants and blankets and beautiful paper goods and a smooth mug with something warm in it. I use another brand of oils but I am with you in concocting scents with those instead of candles.

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