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Delighting in Decorating + Spring Mug Rack

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration

Delighting in Decorating + Spring Mug Rack


When I put away the clean dishes after our brunch last weekend, I hung some of our new blue coffee cups on our mug rack. It made me so happy to see how springy the rack looked with this particular mix of mugs!

It’s such a small thing, but isn’t finding a bit of delight in your home what spring decorating is all about?

Delighting in Decorating + Spring Mug Rack

It’s the little delights like enjoying a mix of organic elements, seeing a green plant here or there, the joy of a refreshed color palette (whatever your favorites are), a room after some spring cleaning, lightening up all the winter layers, but it all adds up to US feeling refreshed and ready to head out into the SUNSHINE!

Delighting in Decorating + Spring Mug Rack

How are you bringing spring to your house?

PS. Thank you all for the sweet comments on our dining room and dishes! I know know about you, but after a season where I’ve been been exceptionally busy, I find it’s just so refreshing be able to do something simple like set a pretty table and sit down to enjoy it!


Textured blue and white mugs

Striped Mugs

Black Mug Rack

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  1. Amy

    In your pictures I am peeking outside your kitchen window and really would like to see a picture of the back of your house from the far side of your yard. There is a wooden ceiling with recessed lights – is that a porch? I don’t think you have ever shown us full shots of the back of the house and it would be nice to see for orienting us when looking outside. I’d/We’d love an updated post about the side yard/back yard now that spring is here and things are blooming in your neck of the woods. We are getting ready for some temp’s in the high 70’s next week and I cannot wait to feel the warmth as I take my twice daily stroll around the gardens to see what’s growing.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Amy! What you see in that window is actually our neighbors back deck, it’s super nice with a wood ceiling. I love that they built such a lovely one as it feels like our own through our view ha.

      But, we do have projects going on in our side yard (still finishing it, ha) so there will be lots of new posts showing what’s been happening. Plus, YES! we have a new project in the back of our house so for sure I’ll have before and ‘progress’ from the full back of the house to post over the next two months. :) I’m very excited to finally have an update for the blog soon!!! Thanks for asking. We’ve had lovely weather this week, today feels like summer here! Enjoy your strolls, those are my favorite!

  2. Wrapped In Rust

    I am in love with all the those mugs! They are stunning! They remind of Greek pottery, it really is so beautiful, this is wonderful inspiration, thank you for posting this!

  3. sandyc

    Melissa, your coffee mugs are so precious and your pre-Mother’s Day Brunch setup was beautiful and luscious – I get hungry all over again ever time I look at the photos. But I especially like the rearrangement of your dining room. Although the banquette under the window looked lovely, walking into the room and seeing it on the solid wall, I immediately wanted to slide in so I could not only delight my taste buds with the delicious food but also delight my eyes with the delightful view out the window. Didn’t get that opportunity at all when the back of the banquette was against the window. True, anyone sitting in the chairs now has their back to the window but you are not always going to have someone in the chairs and they will always be surrounded by the light. The room seems much more airy and wider, and the window and banquette are no longer canceling one another out but rather showcasing each other. So glad you were able to activate your vision – it’s beautiful. Eager to see your dreams come true in the living room.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you so much, Sandy! I’m so glad you like this arrangement! I do, too. I agree with all that you said, having the banquette on this side just feels right for so many reasons. I’m always so pleased when pieces finally find their way to their proper “homes” :) and little by little, rooms start to come together! I can’t wait to work on the living room, too.

  4. Debbie - MountainMama

    You are making me kind of miss my mug rack, Melissa – I moved it in order to make room for my Kitchen Aid mixer that was never getting used as it was tucked into a cabinet downstairs! The mugs got a new home but I miss seeing their happy colors on my counter.

  5. Brenda

    I love your variety of blue mugs! Something so simple, yet it really makes a big splash of color! Isn’t spring wonderful and you’ve got me inspired to start my spring cleaning and invite some friends over for coffee! You have a lovely home!

  6. John Donovan

    This mug rack is absolutely perfect for spring! The fresh, clean colors accentuate the sunny weather and it is also a good choice for the warmer months ahead.

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