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Seabrook Dream House

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Coastal, Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens

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Seabrook Dream House

Want to go on a Seabrook Dream house tour with me? My family and I feel so blessed to have been able spend a few days in a literal dream house in Seabrook on the Washington coast. It belongs to my friend Susan (Confident Mom). She has been a blog reader for years, so she knows my heart and love for charming homes!

Susan and her husband had their beautiful home custom built. You might remember seeing it in a post I wrote about it last fall (here), right before they moved in. Susan had been inspired by elements in our kitchen and other homes I’ve shared on the blog, so it was a real treat to be able see it all come to life through her photos!

Seabrook Dream House

I never imagined that I would get to tour it in person, let alone have the opportunity to stay at her home! And not only did we get to go stay at her home, but Susan and her husband actually let our family have their home all to ourselves to relax and enjoy for several days.

It’s hard to find words to express what a gift her generosity and hospitality was to our family! This is their home, not a rental, so it was extremely special to get to stay here!

In a surprising life twist, they actually just decided to put their home up for sale. I know! My heart can hardly take it, but their family has decided to seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel the country in an RV. If there’s one thing 2020 has taught many of us, it’s that LIFE IS FOR LIVING! So while I’m sad they are selling their home, I”m inspired by their spirit of adventure.

Seabrook Dream House

Of course, I am so grateful that I had the chance to experience this house while they still own it! And yes….you know I’d buy their home in a heartbeat if it was meant to be. Not only do I love this house but the Seabrook community feels about as charming as I imagine Nantucket would be.

I have to say, I felt completely at home this weekend!

The view, the setting, the charm, the neighborhood, the coziness, it’s definitely my dream house in every way!

I took so many photos of this special place and the surrounding Seabrook neighborhood. So many thoughtful details, charming architecture, remodeling ideas, lots of design take aways and lovely homes to inspire…I’ll share them all here on the blog!

But in the meantime, would you like to take a live tour of this home and the neighborhood with me? Follow me on Instagram and you’ll be able to see the tour in my Insta stories (you’ll find it in the Seabrook highlight, which is located in the small circles under my bio/profile photo).

UPDATE: come take the two part tour on the blog HERE!

There is SO MUCH MORE to come, both on Instagram and here on the blog!

Happy day, friend!

Click here for the listing information for the house in a fun magazine format. If you buy this house (or any other dream house for that matter! HA!), please know that I’ll happily house sit for you anytime. :)


  1. Kim

    Such a beautiful home and how nice you and your family were able to stay there! Love looking at pics of pretty beach homes.

  2. Seana Turner

    I love this whole space, especially the colors. I think I want to redo my house to look like this. Now if I could just get it nestled up against a beach, that would be a bonus. Maybe not today, since a hurricane is barreling up the east coast, but another day:)

  3. Lynn Mosher

    Beautiful! I must have missed the earlier post about Susan’s gorgeous house. And your kitchen is one of my favorites! I have a question: do you know what Susan’s island countertop is? I love it. Thank you for all your lovely posts! :D

    • Susan

      Hi Lynn,

      Our island counter is reclaimed FIR from the University Washington Boat House… it was such a gift to get some of that wood! We sanded and then stained it. It’s a highlight and so glorious!!!

  4. Leslie

    Hi Melissa
    I have loved your blog for many years and todays post is another example of what you love and what speaks to your heart is also near and dear to my mine!
    I Love love the home you posted today and am happy that you and your family were able to stay there!!
    I have question I hope you can help with!
    Since I too would like to have a part of what this home has, could you find out the exact exterior paint color for the gray base and white trim? Along with the door color?
    It would be a Hugh gift to have my home painted with those colors!!
    Thanks for all you do!! A joy to read your blog!!

  5. Jenna

    What a beautiful home! Such thoughtful attention to detail, and the colors look so calm and yet fresh. I have been looking for a cheerful & colorful quilt similar to the one in the master bedroom. Any chance that you could share the source? Thanks!😊

    • Carmen

      Lovely! May I have a source for those corner shelves in the kitchen? I NEED them! 🥰

      • Susan

        The corner shelves were made by our finish carpenter, so not a ready made purchased product.

  6. Brenda Taft

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you so much for sharing your pictures of this beautiful home – it is the house of my dreams too, I love everything about it, my one big wish is to live by the coast!

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