Organizing Craft Rooms & Wrapping Supplies

gift wrap storage over the doorHGTV

We did a major clean out of our craft and wrapping supplies last week at my house. In our old house, we had a craft ROOM. That was fabulous for keeping things contained and organized. In this house, we have one freestanding craft shelving unit. Not nearly as fancy or large as a room, but it is what we’ve got for now (and it is not at all nice enough to take photos of quite yet, ha, it will be awhile!).

We had to seriously pare down what we had — or someone {cough} was going to have a breakdown.

Disclaimer:  this is unfortunately not me or my craft room.

In looking for craft room and wrapping station organization ideas to share with you today, I came across a video on You Tube I thought I’d feature  it was fun to see how this cute blogger named Kelli organizes her craft and scrapbook supplies. And of course I love being able to snoop around in other people’s houses, don’t you? I actually got overwhelmed at the thought of so many supplies to organize, but if I had a fabulous room like that, crafting would be a lot more fun!

christmas-wrapping-stationvia Country Living

I love this little peg board area for wrapping! So so cute. I love that it is fairly small in size but yet looks so function. Just goes to show you don’t have to have a huge room to pack in function!

Gift Wrapping Table and Organization - Fold UpBHG

This drop leaf table from Ikea is the perfect small-space solution for a gift wrapping station, isn’t it?

Country Living:: Wrapping Station Ideas

I love this easy “use what you have” idea to keep ribbon organized!

Gift Wrap Storage - Bucket for Small SpaceBHG

Washi Tape Organization on Pants HangerLe Rose Et Le Noir

Check out more craft room organization here!

And now, here is a great round up of LOTS of ideas for craft rooms! You are going to LOVE these!

Craft room & organization inspirational round up!

So, do you have a craft room, a craft closet, a craft shelf or — a craft explosion?

Gift Wrapping Storage and Organization for Small Space Craft Rooms

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  1. I love seeing such meticulously organised rooms… though I pretty much suck at it myself :o
    Miss Stovetop recently posted..AITH – Alphabet BookshelvesMy Profile

  2. For some unknown reason I am not receiving your blog in my e-mail anymore. It isn’t in my spam folder either. I tried to re-subscribe but it said I was already subscribed. What to do from here? I really enjoy receiving your blog.

  3. loving kelli’s craft room!!! but LOVE the fact that she opens drawers with her toes even more! ;)

    thanks for the share this morning!
    tracie recently posted..handmade christmasMy Profile

  4. Hi Melissa, The inspiration is bursting out of my computer screen, thank you for all those links and ideas. I need to get control of my craft explosion (aka Mom Cave). I have a few awful pictures I’m way too embarassed to share but someday hope to do a post about. I have added your post to my favorites for that Mom Cave makeover day. Thank you.
    Jaime recently posted..H is for High ChairMy Profile

  5. Unfortunately, I don;t have a craft space of my own. However, I just received the latest catalog from Home Decorators ( and they are featuring several pieces of furniture by Martha Stewart that are designed for creating your own custom craft space. The prices seem reasonable for new furniture but they also may inspire you to re-purpose furniture you already have.
    Jill recently posted..Newly completed design project for Baltimore area clientMy Profile

  6. Have always had a craft room or closet in my home because I have to be able to create or I get grumpy…lol Now that we have downsized and live in the Love Shack I’ve had to actually incorporate my studio in my actual living areas and so my studio is my dining/living room. But it works great and I was lucky enough to be featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors STUDIOS for this year’s Winter edition. They acutally featured my studio and it’s the largest spread in the magazine. Needless to say, I was tickled pink!!
    Roberta recently posted..Seasons GreetingsOne and All!My Profile

  7. I do have my own room now – aka “the living room”. See what we did to it this year here:
    Dawn-Hydrangea Home recently posted..2010 Projects – A Year in ReviewMy Profile

  8. It is amazing to think we have to have rooms for crafts…lol! My “stuff” is stuffed in drawers and closets and scattered throughout my home on a daily basis…also need some ideas for all my “paper trails”!
    Tiffini recently posted..Cleaning HouseMy Profile

  9. Wow! I love those mason jars! They have always been a fav of mine. My little corner is starting to come together. Well, actually it got kind of out of hand over the holiday season. Time to clean it up!
    Bonnie Jackson recently posted..A New YearMy Profile

  10. I love your craft room organization ideas! I especially love how you organize the ribbon! Genius! Hope you have a happy new year!

    <3 Ashley

  11. I used to have an actual craft space before we moved to our new house and we got into the depths of homeschooling. Our house only has 2 bedrooms, so I lost my dedicated space. I tried having it out in the open in our den, but I started to feel claustrophobic after my youngest son was born. Now most of my supplies are relegated to a table in the attic where I dig through boxes when I need something. My long term plan is to get things organized up there when we finish part of the attic to add another bedroom.
    Crystal recently posted..Pantry Inspiration- SeriouslyMy Profile

  12. I love looking at how other people organize!! SO fun!
    I did a post a post about mine over a year ago, so it has changed a little here and there. Here it is if you want to check it out:)

  13. Melissa,
    I don’t have a gift wrap room but I could sure use the great idea at the beginning of this post—the paper towel holder holding spools of ribbon, what a great idea! I keep my gift wrap, ribbon, tags etc. in the guest room closet…I try to keep a couple of drawers open for guests but the rest is filled with gift wrap.
    Karen recently posted..New Years Eve party assignment…easy recipeMy Profile

  14. What a great post. I’m just organizing a craft space in our finished basement and this will give my some useful ideas.

    Lots of creative ways to store things- love that.
    Jessica recently posted..Oh What a Year!My Profile

  15. I have a craft cabinet in the garage that is so in need of a good make over…..I keep buying things I already have because I didn’t know I had it =)
    Thanks for all the great ideas….just the kick I needed.
    Happy Day
    teresa recently posted..I Believe-My Profile

  16. So cute! Wonderful ideas. I pray you had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a beautiful New Year’s Eve celebration with your family!

    Traci recently posted..Stay In Your Pajamas Today!My Profile

  17. Organizing and simplifying my life and home is just one of the reasons that I love the month of January.

    Glenda Childers recently posted..The Oscar for best Christmas Wrap goes to DAVEMy Profile

  18. We have a room in our unfinished basement that we use for crafts. It has evolved over time…used to house finger paints and play doh! It is the one room that is on my project list for this year…it is getting a “grown up” makeover!!
    SimplyLKJ recently posted..Unexpected Christmas PresentMy Profile

  19. Very nice! I’m inspired to post my crafting space sometime…but it’s covered in quilt sqares now, so maybe next month. :)
    Kris recently posted..A trip down memory laneMy Profile

  20. I am now jealous, but motivated. Starting with my mb closet and working my way to the laundry/school supply/craft room. Thanks for the kick in the pants…I needed it!

  21. Love Kelli’s craft room. That amount of space and supplies would make me seriously dizzy though!

    I definitely have a craft explosion!!! I reorganised the office to become my studio earlier in the spring (blogged about it here) but the room needs a complete overhaul so that’s my long term project for 2011. So maybe this time next year you’ll get referred to a post of a pretty room instead of such a utalitarian one (oh I can dream!).
    Carin recently posted..Slowing downMy Profile

  22. you stinker!!!

    i’ve been m.i.a. from blogland for a little bit, and then to my surprise you have featured my craft room yet again. thank you so much.

    yesterday, i was trying to *clean up* my craft room from all the wrapping & i was just admiring my blue jars for organization. the color alone along with organization is perfect in my opinion.

    hope you had a wonderful christmas.
    happy new year!

    looking forward to giving you a hug at blissdom!

  23. We are going to be setting up a craft area for me in Jim’s office. I’m going to start making bridal accessories to sell, and I need some space where I can work on them other than the living room floor. However, our house is sooooo small, we need to figure out a way to share the small bedroom, and be able to keep my supplies safe from a curious cat!
    Loribeth recently posted..Our Wedding- The CeremonyMy Profile

  24. Thank you for all of this glorious inspiration. Your post really got me in the mood to purge and organize. Thanks to you, I organized my gift wrap AND my pantry today. Feels so good! Tomorrow I tackle the junk drawer.

    As for the craft room, I have a small space in our guest room for sewing / crafting. I crave a large room like the one in the you tube video…. someday! For now, I’m happy with my little corner. It’s small but it’s my paradise. :-)
    Erin – The Smallest Sparrow recently posted..Kanzashi Flower Party FavorsMy Profile

  25. I absolutely LOVE the blue mason jars for storage! I wish I could find those ANYWHERE, because I am just obsessed with them in general. I love the cupboard that they’re in as well, what a great idea!

    My project for this weekend is to get my craft room/office put together, and now I’m obsessively checking out others blogs for ideas. Thanks for all the great resources!!

  26. I have a “workshop” that doubles as craft/sewing room and I really need to organize it somehow. I’ll be reading these links for ideas. Thank you!

    Jody recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

  27. I saw the most drool worthly craft closet in a magazine awhile ago and tried to come up w/ a more affordable way to do it on my blog:

  28. For my gift wrapping center, right now I have what many have – the spare bed room. Isn’t it the way?

    If you happen to catch a peek (on the way to the rest room or some such, not that I peek – OK, I do!) most of my friend’s spare guest rooms look like wrapping stations.

    I’m happy with a Container Store wrapping paper tub and a second container filled with assorted tissue paper (from a dollar store)and gift bags. Scissors, tape and ribbon are there, too. All in one place.

    Works for me :)
    danamc recently posted..The Un-Extreme Couponing WayMy Profile

  29. Thanks so much for sharing these! I just finished painting my craft room and have been looking everywhere for inspiration for organizing and decorating.

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