Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

Last week I showed you the wee bit of progress I made in our living room along with our Christmas decor. If you missed it, we got a new rug (a real deal at only $150!) and rearranged the furniture! Pretty affordable and easy makeover, right? I so appreciated all the nice comments on the room, especially since it was such a simple update. I received several questions on the room so I thought today I’d offer some answers and a bit more detail on the decisions we’ve made and plans for the space.

In a Pinterest and Instagram dominated world, I think it can be so nice to see how easy it can be to transform a blank room to one you really love right now with just a few simple changes, even if you have grander dreams for a future makeover.

Why wait for some future time or big makeover when you can love the home you have RIGHT NOW? That was my goal with this space.

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

A first step in transforming your space on a budget of time and money is to consider how to arrange your furniture and then bring together the elements every room needs to feel cozy and inviting.

For more detail on how a room can be transformed using what you have and can gather over time, you’ll find lots of information in The Inspired Room book. As I was working on this room I definitely incorporated those same principles. You’ll find helpful tips on furniture selection and arrangement, too, plus how to use colors and patterns in a room and much more.

You can get the book (or Love The Home You Have) for an EXTRA 25% off today only on Amazon, use the code “25OFFBOOK” at checkout under the “gift cards and promotional codes” section to receive an extra 25% off!

For this room, I knew the white backdrop of the walls would work just fine for now. In fact, I’ll probably keep the room white long term since this room gets lots of natural light (in a darker room white isn’t always the best choice), but we will be using the white we picked out for this house, Swan White by Glidden. The white currently this room is a bit vanilla/yellowy on the walls and pinky on the ceiling so I definitely plan to repaint at some point. But for the time being, it will do!

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

We also have the asymmetrical windows and fireplace to consider as we work on this room. The stone of the fireplace is pretty nice, but the design and coloring is not my favorite so it is something I can likely address at a future point. Meanwhile, I can work with it. Every room is going to have its challenges, limitations or stand out features so it helps to consider how you might be able to play up, incorporate, or minimize the various elements.

At our house, this first step before the holidays wasn’t going to involve paint or any changes to the fireplace, windows or floors or anything else significant at this point, so I simply needed to focus on the arrangement of the furniture and a rug to make the biggest impact with the least amount of effort.

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

We have a beautiful view out our windows as I’ve mentioned, so I knew I wanted to take advantage of that but also make the space itself inviting. This is our living room so while of course we want to incorporate and enjoy the view, we also want to feel cozy in this space in the evening when it is pitch black out there (there are no city lights to look at across from us) as well as being comfortable for lounging, working or having conversation during the day. The view is a great feature, but looking at the view isn’t the only purpose or use of this space.

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

Originally when we moved in, we put the sofa facing the fireplace (see above). That’s a cozy arrangement in many rooms, and was one of the arrangements we enjoyed in our old family room. I do love facing a fireplace. But here it just felt a bit like that arrangement closed off the room from rest of the house. Since this room offers the big windows with the view, I wanted the arrangement to invite people to wander in and enjoy it, not feel like it was a place set up for a private party by the fire. And of course when the furniture arrangement focused around the fireplace none of our furniture even looked directly out at the view, so it made sense to turn things around a bit.

Since we don’t have plans to buy new furniture for this room, especially right now, using what we have was our main goal.Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

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We didn’t want to move our cabinet to a different wall as it is too tall to fit under the windows and too long for any other wall. Plus it anchors the space nicely, provides needed storage and allows us a place for lamps! This room has no overhead lighting so we rely on lamps for evenings and ambience.

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

So with the fireplace at the end of the room, the cabinet placement on one side and the location of the windows on the opposite wall as our starting point, we had an obvious location in which to center the conversation area. The window placement on the wall makes the area to the left with the gold cabinet (right as you enter into the room) not as desirable to be part of a main conversation area as it wouldn’t take advantage of the view (but its perfect for cabinets and extra seating!).

We angled our bigger wingback on one side of the glass cabinet and another side chair on the other with the sofa across from it, providing a perfect conversation area nestled between the fireplace, cabinet and windows. This arrangement allows for seating with a view during the day and is cozy and comfortable near the fireplace, too.

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

I was pleased that the leather love seat fits quite nicely in front of the windows as it isn’t too tall and doesn’t block the view like the wing backs would have. Our sofa table (that previously had no home) suddenly found a nice open spot next to the sofa and fireplace, creating a perfect little niche for plants and a place where we can sit with our laptop or coffee and gaze out the window!

Once the furniture was in place, I realized all I would need to make this room feel more complete for the time being would be a rug. My furniture is very neutral and solid with the exception of the beautiful color of the ottoman. So without any other significant pattern, bold color or favorite architectural feature to carry the room, I knew the right rug would transform the space.

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

I wanted to keep this room pretty simple, but a neutral rug like a natural brown or even gray would not have had enough drama or personality for my liking in this particular room. I definitely wanted it to have more punch! As far as how I chose this particular color, partly it was a happy accident because the color online didn’t quite look like what it is in real life. Ha! At first when I saw how blue it was I panicked, but only for a moment. As soon as we laid the rug down we knew it was meant to be.

The other thing I liked about this rug was that the shade of blue is distinct from my gray and brown furniture so it really livens up the color palette. Shades of blues, grays and teals all look so pretty together, I think, without feeling jarring. I also loved the bold but natural white pattern on this rug, plus the brown mixed into the the blue background gives it more of an antiqued look.

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

When I got home from the HGTV Dream Home (see the tour, here) I laid out the Glidden paint color palette chips from the house on my ottoman and instantly noticed that all the shades of blues and teals they used looked great my living room! I really love when several colors flow through the house and blend nicely together in a room, but I don’t want them all match. I think a nice mix of pretty colors throughout the house with an occasional color surprise here and there makes for a visually pleasing home!

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

At first I was convinced I would want a second wingback to exactly match my other gray one (or get two new matching chairs, the brown trellis wingback will be used elsewhere in the house) but when I grabbed a dining room chair to test out the arrangement, I realized I could make that one work for now.

Someday we still may add the window seat built in I talked about in my vision post, but we are surprisingly happy with the current arrangement for the time being. I love to curl up on the sofa and enjoy the ambience of the fireplace. Often during the day it is just me sitting in this room so I will sit in a chair and work and just enjoy the view.

Right now the fireplace works visually with this arrangement, but of course we have a Christmas tree in the corner right now that won’t always be there. I may rearrange a bit after Christmas and by then who knows what ideas might pop into my head! I am guessing I’ll probably try a little makeover to the fireplace after the holidays. I may at least just flip the two gray chairs after the tree is gone.

Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*

So that’s where we are at right now! For sure I’ll be adding blinds to the windows after Christmas (I’ll share more about our choices in January!). I am looking forward to making this space even cozier! It already feels so comfortable, I love spending time in this room.


To help inspire you to add some pretty new paint colors or do a little nesting in your home this winter, Glidden is offering a lucky reader of The Inspired Room a $100 gift card to Home Depot! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below :).

Winner will be selected on Thursday 10PM PST.



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Living Room Progress Details {and $100 Giveaway} *NOW CLOSED*


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  184. Kathryn Carpenter says:


  185. I just ordered the new book for myself for Christmas. I cannot wait to read it and help put my new place in to order. Thank you for sharing your Seattle views. Having grown up in Seattle, I miss them very much.

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  191. My fiance and I just bought and moved into a midcentury house that hasn’t been touched since it was built. I am using what we have from both of our households that we are merging and bringing the houses forward in time in baby steps just as you did. The biggest challenge is going from orange and browns to cleaner softer blues and greens. Agreed that nothing major can happen before the holidays as there isn’t time to do it right, but just you wait New Years here we come…

  192. I love the decision to move your sofa in front of the window. It makes the space much more inviting.

  193. Kathleen Harris says:

    I think that you are so much loved because you are like most of us in having to use what you have and slowly transition as budget allow some~AND you so wonderfully help us all think through how we might accomplish our own transitions to beautiful spaces for ourselves and family. I know that I love how you literally walk us through each design thought and process and it’s incredibly inspirational. It’s no wonder you are experiencing such success with your blog and book(s)! Thank you for all of it! Winning $100 gift cert. would be wonderful, too! ;-D

  194. Toria Smith says:

    It is amazing what can be done with the items you already have. It takes a little patience to see everything in and the potential that it has to pull a space together rather than running out and buying all new furniture…as much as we want to :)

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    I love the way you moved the furniture around, it opens up the space so much more and it is just inviting people to come gather and be cozy!

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  217. I’ve had [ambitious] paint swatches up in our master bedroom for about a year. Let’s finish that project off!

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    PS The gift card would be a big help to my home updating budget too. Merry Christmas!

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    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I could do a lot with this ~ :)


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    I’d love the chance to win the gift card! We’re hoping to list our condo in the spring, and the gift card would help us make those last minute changes and new neutral colors.

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  243. Ms. Maggie the Elder says:

    I am learning to love the tonals too- shades that play off each other as you have. Blues are a great way to start. Now this is coming from someone raised with matching shoes and purse as well as twin sweater and skirt sets (oh my). I was at first jarred by the color of your rug but then I settled down and remembered my mind stretch and then it was okay. I ams doing it throughout both houses, going the extra mile to gain those shades to add depth and warm as you said. On to re-loving brass again tooooooooooooo

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    Love the rug – thanks for sharing the link. My style is so similar to yours that I love gathering inspiration from your posts! Already has my wheels churning!

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  251. The living room looks so nice. I liked the first arrangement, I like this arrangement… Could you please list the Glidden paint color palette chips from the HGTV house for us (me). I see a green there that may be similar to a color we have in our family room and I’m looking for other colors that will blend nicely together. That would be very helpful, thank you.

  252. I just replaced all the floors in my house so the gift card would be wonderful for updating some other things to go with the new flooring!

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    It is always interesting not only seeing but understanding the choices people make. I could use a gift card and some paint for my poor panelled walls …lol

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    Your living room is beautiful and definitely inspiring. Also thanks for sharing about the choice of Glidden white paint you are going use. I know what colors I like but so many times they don’t work on my walls. I will be trying the Swan White by Glidden soon!

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    I like the way you used what you had and worked around your room. Your fireplace is great–so quirky and interesting!

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    I’m so happy I found you!!! I’ve been inspired ever since!

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    Merry Christmas!

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  276. I love how a rug makes such a difference in your room! We just moved in April, and are first time homeowner’s. It’s hard to not let all of your grand ideas get the best of you, so when I found your blog the timing couldn’t be better. I am definitely already benefiting from the idea of using what you have to create a space that you love. Just ordered your book today, I can’t wait for it to come in! Thanks for sharing your home!

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  291. Great explanations of what you did and instructions for the rest of us with rooms with interesting arrangements. My living room is the only access to the garage and powder room with an angled fireplace to the right of the hallway to the garage and powder room … so strange for furniture placement. I think I love your living room because it is a destination! You gave me a new idea to consider the room when it is dark outside, and I look forward to seeing how you cozy up your windows. I love that you think through all angles of your space and share with us and allow us to offer feedback (you are both brave and gracious to be willing to hear strangers discuss your work!).

  292. I love the bookcases. We recently built our dream home. It is log sided inside and out and I am not in a hurry to decorate. Being on a limited budget and not sure what I really want is the reason. That is why I love your blog. I am reading, thinking, and learning on techniques and ideas.

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    Your motto of “everyday on display” has changed my life!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Merry Christmas!

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  304. Hi! I am really interested in the rug and how beautiful it looks. Do you think it would go with dark grey sofa and medium blue-grey with cream accents chair? My fireplace is white with marble slab center. This room is so difficult due to the soaring 80somerhing foot ceilings! I have yet to have it painted- it’s builder beige and prior owner never had it pained 16yrs ago so it needs paint fiercely! Thank you!

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    I’m really enjoying watching the transformation of your new home. You’re such an inspiration and even more so now that we’ve just closed on our retirement “forever” home! Thank you!

  321. love the colors of this room. Asked Santa or your book this year hope I get get. love the rug!

  322. Love your ideas and watching you create rooms in your new home. It takes some thinking to settle into a home and make it your own. May your familys Christmas in your new home be full of love,peace and joy.

  323. I love how you can make a home seem so cozy and warm! And now that you know how well the HGTV home paint colors blend with your furniture, you will have lots of ideas for decorating. I like the idea of having the paint chips for your house on a ring. Boy would that make shopping for your house easier and safer.

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    Such a beautiful room and home!

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    Real Pretty….!!!

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    This is beautiful! I’m in the middle of a complete remodel, so this gift card would be a huge blessing!

  331. Katie Alosi says:

    I enjoyed your book so much! I have learned to love the house I have from you and your wonderful outlook. My frustrations have turned into dreams. I am excited about the giveaway and really appreciate Home Depot and you for sharing it!!

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    Your room is warm, cozy, and inviting. I especially like the sofa table pushed up to the window. Love Home Depot and their Behr paint!

  337. I love what you’ve done with your living room. Such simple changes along with the gorgeous new rug. The way you walk through your thought process and the changes you made is so inspiring and creative. Enjoy!

  338. The room looks great! We have been meaning to paint our interior for three years now… the previous owners put up some cheap paint over their darker colors and if you hit something up against the walls it comes off! HA! One of these days!

  339. The room is cozy and inviting. Thank you for the inspiration.

  340. Kimberly C says:

    The gift card would be so helpful to buy supplies to fix a ceiling issue in my living, kitchen and bathroom as well!! Your room looks great and very inviting!

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    Love your decorating style. It’s very classy. I enjoy reading your blog and I’m “inspired” by your choices. Keep up the good work. God bless.

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    Your living room is gracious and welcoming. Love the rug, it’s pretty enough to sleep on! Love your book, also, I’ve had it for about two weeks; I think it is my all time favorite decorating book! Can’t wait to see the progress on the rest of your house.

  344. I enjoy all the tips and your thoughts about decorating. I look forward to each blog.

  345. Melissa, I love the way you re-arranged the furniture in your room! It seems much more open and inviteing. The new rug is perfect and really anchors the room. I love all of your furniture choices and your Christmas decor is beautiful. I purchased your new book The Inspired room from Amazon Dec 8th and it just arrived today. I’ve already read it from cover to cover. It’s a beautifully written book and the cover is gorgeous! It’s well-written and I just love it! I’m sure I will read it many more times and it looks great in my living room cabinet!

  346. Love Home Depot and love your decorating! What a great giveaway.

  347. Kaye Walsh says:

    What an impact the rug has made to your room! It made it cozier, welcoming and a great color to give the room the needed punch of drama . I love it!

  348. Melissa, I always feel as if I’m visiting a good friend’s home when I visit your blog, such a treat! The new rug is beautiful.
    I don’t think I use enough color in my decorating so you are inspiring me to make a change. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  349. Thanks for the chance to win!

  350. WOW Melissa! You have such a touch…….I would love to sit in that room and visit with you! Merry Christmas!

  351. Your white stockings are beautiful! We have all different styles/colors and I really like the pulled-together look of one color. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  352. Thank for sharing your home and your ideas with us. I always love looking at your website and books. Your home is so beautiful but looks comfortable. I just moved into a new apartment and had to buy all new furniture, rugs, lamps, still in progress of buying things. Your site has given me ideas.

  353. What an inviting room! The blue and white rug is breathtaking!

  354. Your living room looks great-so inviting during the daytime with the sunshine and lovely view and equally inviting at night with a feeling of coziness. I’m enjoying seeing the changes you are making to your new home to make it “yours”.

  355. Diane Mayes says:

    Love the colors and peacefulness of this room. So glad I discovered your site! Simple but tasteful Christmas decor.

  356. Christina Pearson says:

    I don’t always have time to read every single word of your posting ;-( but I love the photos! Keep up the inspiring ideas!

  357. I love the new arrangement to consider the view and the fireplace. It makes one welcomed into the room with the opened walkway!

  358. Everything looks just beautiful!

  359. You’ve done an amazing job making your living room look beautiful by adding just simple touches and making it very welcoming and comfortable. You prove over and over you don’t need a huge budget to have a lovely home.

  360. Beautiful rug and the price blew me away!!

  361. Kathy Owens says:

    I love the room, especially the new rug! I have bought 2 copies of your new book to give as Christmas presents. Now, I just need one for myself!

  362. Love how things are coming together! Great inspiration!

  363. I love this room and that view!!! WOW! It did end up so cozy and you’ve done great for not painting or redoing anything right now.
    We’re just now finishing the first remodel in our home, only 4 more rooms to go. :)

  364. Absolutely love that view!

  365. I am so insanely jealous of your windows and view! Love the living room layout.

  366. Thanks for sharing your LR! It is very pretty! I love your books. They (like you) are very inspiring!

  367. Elizabeth Carter says:

    Just a wee bit of constructive criticism…I think this arrangement makes your couch look a bit dinky with that massive rug. I think the previous arrangement with the couch facing the fireplace (and the table behind it)..both being on the rug or at least slightly on it, would make that rug more appropriate in size. Totally not being negative but my mother is an interior designer and she always gives me these tidbits of knowledge (especially not putting a couch against a wall and/or window). Just a friendly suggestion… I know if I had that view I certainly wouldn’t want my back to it. :) Lookin good though!

  368. colleen marsh says:

    Looks great! Love your explanation in choosing the rug. Makes sense! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

  369. Can you curate some finds for my small historical home?

  370. Thank you so much for the tour! Can’t wait to see the evolution…blessings and Merry Christmas!

  371. New living room is beautiful, as usual you make it all seem so effortless. Merry Merry

  372. I always look forward to your posts. I just love your style and you inspire me. Merry Christmas!

  373. I really love how you pulled everything together!

  374. I love your living room. You make it sound so easy to put a room together with what you have. Enjoy hearing your thought process as to where you think the furniture would work best for your family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  375. Very pretty room, and your view is beautiful!!

  376. Sara Valnes says:

    Love your blog. Been wanting to repaint our livingroom since we moved in almost two years ago :)

  377. Deborah Doebereiner says:


  378. Terry Parker says:

    I love what you’ve done with your space, and the rug really caught my eye — I’ve been on the hunt for a rug for our living room that won’t break the bank and allow me to change/replace it when I want.

  379. LaNelle Schaffhauser says:

    Wow! The room came together just fabulously with the new rug love the color choice….enjoy! Many blessings….

  380. I like the rug and how it pulls together all other elements in the room,,,

  381. I love your blog as your design ideas are very approachable and easier to transition into my own space.

  382. This looks really nice. What a great giveaway too

  383. The new layout looks awesome! It looks like a great use of the space and definitely takes advantage of the great view!! Enjoy the Christmas & New Year season!

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