10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

1) Clean the Kitchen

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

2) Tidy Up the Front Porch

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

3) Do a simple DIY project

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

4) Add some texture

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

5) Organize a drawer

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

6) Get a new plant

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

7) Set the table

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

8) Declutter your tools

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

9) Paint something

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

10) Add some hooks!

10 Little Ways to Refresh Your Home

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  1. Hi Melissa – All of these things are so ‘do-able’ and really do give your home a fresh pickup. I wanted to let you know that I recently bought and read your wonderful book and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is very inspirational and motivating. Love the ‘yes I can’ attitude it gave me!
    Have a Lovely Day,
    Pieced Pastimes

    • Apparently, I had a senior moment when I posted my comment. My book compliment was intended for ‘The Nester’ and I somehow managed to mix up your blog with hers. You both have beautiful blogs and wonderful decor ideas, so I am assuming that is the reason for my mistake. Sorry for the mixup.
      Pieced Pastimes

  2. Cool! It doesn’t take much to do just one of these projects a week …

    So … why do we keep putting these life-savers off?


  3. Will you please come over and organize my tools? For some reason it is the one place that I just can’t bring myself to tackle. Ugh! It looks so nice and tidy at your place!

  4. Oh so pretty, everything looks amazing and great tips.

  5. Ann Downie says

    Would love to know the name of the white and grey paint used in the “paint something”.

  6. Great tips. Love the interior door painted grey.

  7. All of these are wonderful ideas. You’ve inspired me to clean out some drawers today. :)

  8. I love how you always keep it nice ,neat , simple ,and REALISTIC ! I enjoy your blog because you do not shy away from revealing some of your clutter before you’re putting a project together or it happened because you were enjoying with your family. Your blog makes me feel that I do not need to go high end to attain the classy look !

  9. What great tips! I’m pinning! Have a great week.

  10. De-cluttering a drawer always makes me feel better about my house. It’s a simple thing, and doesn’t take much time. Love the look of pretty drawer organizers!

    Your home always inspires me to “freshen” mine :)

  11. jo wyrosdick says

    I enjoy your blog very much. What is the “silver” trim around the bathroom sink and mirror. Is it tile? I am redoing a bathroom and that may be something I can put between the wall mirror and counter top.

  12. I will do some of these today. Funny how when I have a clean kitchen my house instantly feels 80% better.

  13. I love your gray painted front door. I painted my interior and exterior a gorgeous turquoise color, but want to tone down the indoor side of it. May have to try gray as it and turquoise are abundant shades in my home. Your home is beautiful!

  14. Just joining the conversation and browsing through your site. I love this particular post on 10 ways to refresh your home. So me! Love this site.

  15. Great tips it is amazing how just cleaning and painting can work wonders!
    Happy Day

  16. When I saw your painted door I fell in love! We recently added a small entry way and dining room onto our home. I walked into Sherwin Williams, didn’t even look at paint colors and asked for a quart of Kendall Charcoal to be mixed. I painted my new doors and they are gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration!

  17. leigh smith says

    Or somehow just get Melissa to come over…. what’s your pleasure? Coffee, steak?…

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