Color Inspiration: Decorating with Pink

Color Inspiration: Decorating with Pink
My Domaine

As I’m starting to decide how this home is going to come together, I’ve thought a bit about color and how my existing palette (the furnishings we already have) might evolve to suit this house. I love all the colors I already have, but I think every house has its own hues that seem to best enhance the mood and ambience. It is fun to explore what those might be for this house!

While I don’t generally decorate with pink, a pinkish coral tone has always been one of my favorites. At this moment I don’t have any plans for bringing in pink here, but that doesn’t mean it won’t pop in. Pink tulips, peonies and other bits of pink are always welcome in my home! My husband isn’t a fan of pink, but all in moderation, right?

My decorating considerations are still evolving, but I do know of one new unexpected color (not pink!) that will be making its appearance in my home for one of the very first times! I love decorating so I think it is fun to grow and evolve my style by paying attention to what inspires me in every season.

I can’t wait to share more about my new color palette, but since it’s February 1st and I cannot wait for the romantic holiday just around the corner, I thought it would be fun today to explore some PINK decorating inspiration!

Enjoy, and happy February!

Color Inspiration: Decorating with Pink
Nick Olsen via Domino

Color Inspiration: Decorating with PinkPhoto by Nuevo Estilo / via SF Girl By Bay

Color Inspiration: Decorating with Pink
Dorothée LaFontaine for L’ Appartement Living / via SF Girl By Bay

Color Inspiration: Decorating with Pink


Color Inspiration: Decorating with Pink
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  1. pink is brave! just a touch, please …

    too much is too sweet … kinda like bubble gum!


  2. The pretty pink home décor pictures floating around the web are lovely to look at. But in all seriousness would those ideas and images really make it into a family living room? I don’t think so ….

  3. I absolutely adore a pinkish coral, too. Someday, some where, I will use it in my home decor (need to make a few big changes though to provide the proper canvas for it). In the meantime… I have a few pieces of clothing in that color and I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear those items. (Technically I’m a winter… but that blush of color is the exception to all those cool colors/tones.
    CAN’T WAIT to see what you have up your sleeve.

    Have a blessed day, my friend!

  4. Not really a “blue” person though shades of turquoise work for me and not a “pink” person either though shades of coral toward the orange side work and, in fact, I went through a period of a controlled Native American/desert Southwest turquoise/coral mix back in the late 80’s and the 90’s. It’s fun to look at pix, irritating to shop (my beloved yellow greens are nowhere to be found these days though yellow itself is easier) and satisfying to consider what I’ve done in my little home and how I’ve tied it all together and how it makes me smile every day (though not completely finished). Of course, it’s not the color that makes the first and third pix so perfect! A Jack or Lily or a Mei Mei, Gus or Claire – perfect finishing touch for any room.

  5. One house we had we painted the main family areas a very pale shade of pink instead of white. It actually was really pretty and brought the light to life instead of being stark like white. I really liked it. And it was not feminine believe it or not :)

  6. While I’m not generally a pink person, I’ve been loving a monochromatic room, or black and white, with pink accents. The pop of color is perfect.

  7. Wouldn’t think of pink either, but I love these pictures! Hmm, maybe I’ll romanucuze my bedroom a little this Spring…

  8. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    Pink! My grandmother built a lovely home back in the 1950’s and she selected pink appliances for her kitchen. Her backsplash was beautiful used brick and she had a pink cook top, oven, sink and refrigerator. As a child, I thought it was wonderful. The pink and the brick were a winning combination.

    Her bedroom was lavender, white and green, another lovely combination of colors. All very feminine, like my grandmother.

  9. The touches of soft pink add a lovely mood to these spaces. Love it!

  10. I’d forgotten how much I do like pink. My sis and I shared a pink candy striped bathroom when we were teenagers complete with pink toilet and tub. Thanks mom!

  11. Pink is the most favorite color of every little girl! In their mind everything has to be pink, they just can’t get enough. Personally, I love the pink dining room with the view. It’s so charming.

  12. I love the pink trend, and I am not normally a pink person. We recently put a pink rug in our living room, and I think it totally makes the space. (pictures toward the bottom of the page: I don’t think it feels childish at all.

  13. Kind if like when you decide to pick a white something or other, and remember there are a thousand ‘whites.’ Pink runs the gamut!

  14. Pink hasn’t been seen in our home since our girls have grown up, but I love that chair! How fun.

    I am bring more blue into my home, mostly through navy and I am loving it!

  15. I’m a lover of blush, gold, and white as a mix. But my husband is a hater of all things pink. But maybe someday if we have room for me to have my own office that can be a reality :)

  16. OH no!…..please don’t!

  17. I love that sweet pink desk chair! We are renovating our guest bath and adding a few touches of pale pink!

  18. I read your policy page and you give permission to pin. I do not find anywhere pin this lovely pink post or any other post. Am I missing something?

  19. Love pink so much! this post made my day..

  20. Leslie Wallace says

    Pink in all kinds of shades has always been my favorite color but other than a touch here and there I haven’t dared to use it in a big way in my home. So this Christmas I got brave and decided to do a traditional holiday decor and instead of barn red I used rose along with ivory and green and I liked it so much I have kept up the curtains which are in a rose on ivory windowpane fabric as they really add some warmth to an otherwise neutral decor. This year I was surprised and happy to see the color pink appearing in home style ideas including wall paints Rosy Outlook by SW is a favorite. Thank you for this post! (-:

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