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{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor
Cove Interiors / BGD Architects / via House of Turquoise

My new house is definitely asking for plants. It’s not going to be a jungle, but definitely plants are going to be a thing here. Ever since I lived in my English Tudor I’ve been in love with elements of British Colonial style. One thing I always notice about that look is the addition of plants into the decor, especially the tropical vibe of palm trees and big leafy fronds in vases and other plants. I just love the greenery and we seem to have the right light for it here.

When I was really little, my mom had a palm tree that moved with us in our car from the midwest to the northwest. He lived with us for years. Incidentally, his name was Peter. Peter Palm. I have never named a plant but don’t be surprised if I start doing that. I can sense it’s going to be a thing in this house, plants with names. That is what you do when you no longer have little kids or puppies to name.

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in DecorSouthern Living

I actually had several tropical palm trees at my old house over the years. I killed every one of them. I actually got one for our bathroom just before we moved, but sadly, I had to leave him behind in the panic trying to get out of the house before the new owners arrived. Good thing I hadn’t named him, or I’d be mourning him even more than I do.

In other plant news, my fiddle leaf fig seems to be happy as a clam right now. Much to my surprise it is still alive and thriving so I think I’m getting the right touch or at least it seems to be in the right environment. So if indeed my days as a plant killer are over, as I hope they are, as soon as my walls are painted I’m heading the the garden store to fill up a cart with plants of all kinds. Remember my tale of the fiddle leaf fig fail?

Enjoy the inspiration for greenery and plants in decor today!

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor
Atlanta Homes Mag / Alissa Portman

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor
 Queensland Homes  – Bayden Goddard, BGD Architects

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor
The Design Files / Melbourne Home of Alex Kennedy

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor
House Beautiful

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor
Ballard Designs

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor
An Urban Cottage

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor
Studio McGee

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor
Atlanta Homes Mag / Alissa Portman

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor

{Inspired By} Greenery & Plants in Decor
Atlanta Homes Mag / Alissa Portman

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  1. Cathy

    I”m glad that houseplants have become fashionable again. They’re good for indoor air quality. Unfortunately, they don’t do well in our house. It has something to do with our energy-efficient windows. We put them into our house when we built it in 1993 and really like them in every other way. They certainly help the house to stay warm on cold, sunny Canadian days and help to keep the heat out in the summer. I wonder if there are new energy-efficient windows that also allow plants to grow.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hmm we have those windows too, but we try to open the windows often and have a humidifier running at times so maybe that helps?

  2. Tracie

    British Colonial is my favorite style, and thankfully my husband has a degree in horticulture. He grew up with a grapefruit tree in the house that began as seed planted by an older sibling. That tree even moved to our first home. Now we have an orange tree, orchids, and African violets. Both of us want a Bird of Paradise. That’s another plant I see frequently while looking at British Colonial homes. I don’t think we’ll name it though ;-)

  3. Bubu

    I love this idea too — and have a crazy number of plants in my house. Also have started forsythia and lilac clippings from my garden in the springtime — so lovely to have some early bloomers in the house. But always nervous because we have a cat, and I’ve heard a lot of houseplants are toxic for plants. Does anyone know if palms or fig leaf trees are safe for cats? thanks!

  4. sandyc

    Bubu, a lot of what I read suggests that most if not all palms are toxic to cats and I find mixed reviews on fiddleleaf figs. I have three cats so very few plants except catnip/cat grass because one kitty even tries to eat the faux grass. You can go on line to check (just type in the question “Are palms toxic to cats?) and , you’ll get a lot of responses but I only go to professional sites such as ASPCA and other animal organizations/vet offices and even then one site may say different than another. Whatever you do, I wouldn’t take anyone’s “I’ve heard …” In my case, what few plants I do have are high up where the kitties can’t go and I keep an eye out for new types of faux plants that look real. Not quite the same thing but at least I have some green in my house. My dream is to have a little French herb garden set up on my screened patio/catio and I did find a list of herbs safe for kitties.

    Melissa, you’re so totally right about greenery in a room or space. Every room I’ve ever seen was improved by the addition of something green (witness your pix above). And the most beautiful of kitchens will turn me off because of the lack of something live and green. I imagine one could say the lack of greenery/plants in a house is toxic to the human spirit.

  5. Shelagh Hughes

    Hello ladies,
    Great post, Melissa & very helpful tips, ladies! Forgive my ignorance, I have questions about how you maintain indoor plants & if they’re very messy… for example, if you water them, is it messy or do you take them outside every time? I love the idea of indoor plants & the benefits of them but have been unsure because I wasn’t sure about upkeep & mess… We have 5- soon to be 6 sweet kiddos & I try to keep it tidy as best I can. I saw some pretty fake plants at IKEA recently, but held out, thinking I definitely wanted to go with real plants. Ant tips ladies? We are in Ohio if that makes a difference!
    Blessings :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Some of mine get watered right where they are (i have them set on a saucer or a tray to protect floor from any overflow leaks!). Smaller plants go into the sink or shower for watering and I let them drip dry for awhile before putting them back!

  6. Adrienne

    This makes me feel way better about my plants, some of them are getting pretty leggy, but I see that some of the plants in these photos look leggy too. :) Also, I really want a fiddle-leaf fig, but don’t have a place to put it right now. Can’t wait until I do, those are gorgeous!

  7. Bella Vici

    Amazing! My eye went right to the greenery in every single shot! As amazing as the design is in each room, the plants helped to tie it all together. Think I need to do some shopping :)

  8. Kathleen

    OH I just love that Southern Living room #2pic you posted. That has repeatedly been an inspire pic for my small space home. Greenery is perfection. I move my furniture constantly…seeing this pic makes me think it’s time to move it again.
    Smiles, K

  9. Sarah Linden

    Oh my gosh, my love-hate relationship with the Fiddle Leaf. I have two–the larger one ebbs and flows. Such a picky plant that goes yellow or brown-edged in the blink of an eye. My smaller one is thriving, though! And it cost $15 at IKEA (compared to $125 for the ever-dying larger one, hah!). Go figure.

    I noticed your first image (by Cove Interiors) floating around Pinterest the other day. Still swooning over the coastal chic home, and that palm is lovely!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yeah, I’ve been terrified to buy any more expensive ones for fear of what might happen. So far I’ve only bought them from Ikea or Home Depot. I see some gorgeous ones at garden centers that I’ve been so tempted by, but they seem too expensive for something that I might kill :).

  10. Rebecca Turner

    I really LOVED this post because British Colonial style is my fave, and I happen to be in a “green” mood. I went to Lowe’s earlier this week for ferns, and while I was there I saw some beautiful palms, but I didn’t buy one. I came home and realized that I had the PERFECT spot for one! I was planning to go back for it today…and when I saw your post this morning, I took as a little wink from God. It’s only in the past few years that I have learned to recognize His love in the little things. BTW: that first picture is so you!

  11. Breann

    I really want a fiddle leaf fig but am terrified I’ll immediately kill it! Maybe someday I’ll just bite the bullet but for now the pretty pictures of other peoples plants are enough.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I’ve been buying plants from Home Depot and they have a year guarantee, that makes me feel better! :)

  12. Serene Spaces Living

    Great greenery inspiration! Some have a lot of plants, some have only a couple, but for the spaces they are taking up they fit perfectly and accent them properly.

  13. Rajrang | Ethnic Home Decor

    Oh my gosh! This is such a beautiful green home. The enchanting chandeliers, big round mirror, floral designer cushions and the green plants makes is a perfect luxury space for living. Moreover, every little detail adds an elegance to your stunning green home. Thanks a lot for inspiring us Melissa!

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