{Inspired By} Clawfoot Tubs

{Inspired By} Clawfoot Tubs

Oh clawfoot tubs, how I love you.

{Inspired By} Clawfoot TubsHouse & Home

{Inspired By} Clawfoot TubsHouse Beautiful

{Inspired By} Clawfoot TubsHouse & Home | Sarah Richardson Design

{Inspired By} Clawfoot TubsCountry Living

{Inspired By} Clawfoot TubsCreative Homebody

{Inspired By} Clawfoot TubsThis Old House

{Inspired By} Clawfoot TubsHouse Beautiful

Which one is your favorite?

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PS. I had trouble finding the original source for the first photo. If you know of it, please let me know!


  1. Ah…clawfoot tubs. So pretty to look at. So slow to fill. I grew up in a century house that had one, along with eight people who needed to be somewhere every morning. The water ran continuously from 3AM and there was never any time to relax in the bubbles. There is a reason that homes were updated and people moved away from having clawfoot tubs. LOL! Be careful what you wish for!

    • Well, I would definitely still want my shower! We have a big huge tub at my house and I know what you mean about how long they take to fill and how little time one has to enjoy a tub of bubbles! But it is a wonderful experience when I do take the time to indulge so having a clawfoot tub would be a real luxury for me!

  2. Wow all those bathrooms look heavenly! I want one of those tubs!


  3. Some lovely designs here! Built-in shelves are always a plus.

  4. OH OH I AGREE!!!

  5. I love the black and white bathroom! My mother and step-father owned a victorian home with a claw foot tub. They ended up giving the master bedroom and that bathroom to my brother. He loved it! Sounds strange but the house was laid out funky and they wanted to be downstairs.

  6. My favorite? The one sitting in my master bath log home. Found in a cow pasture, cleaned it up, refinished and installed. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. I have actually pinned a couple of these…oh the love! Hoping to put a claw foot tub in our new home…
    Thanks for the inspiration

  8. Oh, love the black & white one with the subway tile. A little more modern. However, I’m a stretch out in a bubble bath kinda girl and these just wouldn’t allow that. SO pretty to look at though!

  9. Ya gotta love claw foot tubs. I sure wish I had one. I much prefer the tub at an angle or out from the wall as opposed to up against a wall. It makes for more of a show piece that way. But all these bathrooms look great :-)

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