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Bathroom Vanities

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Bathrooms, Decorating Inspiration

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 Bathroom Vanities
White Vanity

Hey, there, friend! Remember my indecision over what to do with my mint and pink bathroom? I know a few of you have asked me if we plan to work on our bathroom this year. I really realllly hope to! Funds are probably my biggest limitation with that project (grrr) but there are lots of other functional and design considerations I need to solve, too. I’m hopeful, though!

Sometimes not having the funds or the answers to every question is a blessing in disguise as it slows your roll a bit. Maybe slowing your roll sounds like a bummer, but it really isn’t.  It is, but it isn’t :).

A limited budget gives you an opportunity to think creatively about what already you have, but also stirs you to consider what is possible within limits. As frustrating as it can be to not have a simple solution to a design dilemma (I love when solutions are easy!), it’s creatively more interesting to have to stretch your mind in new ways.

So all that to say, I’m not in any hurry to make mistakes with this room so taking my time on it is probably a good thing :). But I do LOVE to consider my options! One thing that helps me in the process is to start to picture what I want the space to feel like and how the design will fit into the overall direction of my home. From there I can start piecing it all together.

I have not had the fun of totally redesigning a bathroom in YEARS, so I’m ready to start dreaming!

Today I am sharing a round up of vanities I love!

Anyone else thinking of a bathroom remodel this year?

Bathroom VanitiesWood Vanity

Bathroom VanitiesReclaimed Wood Vanities

Bathroom VanitiesWhite Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom VanitiesWhite Vanity

Bathroom VanitiesWood Vanity

Bathroom VanitiesGray Vanity

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities
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  1. Sandy

    Bathrooms are one of those items because of expense that often do get put on the back burner. My bathrooms are all very 80’s with lots of gold. When we moved in the best I could do was remove all the wild wallpaper and tone them down. The fixtures and cabinets were in condition so there was no justifying the replacing. Funny, but lately I have seen lots of gold and mirrors AND wallpaper in photos. I am about to come back in style I think?!

  2. Sharon

    We did our master bathroom last year after living in the house only a few months because our shower was leaking into the basement. I think having a sense of what you want makes all the difference. We’ve lived in the completed bathroom for almost a year now and I have to say I would only change one thing. White grout! Ugh! It looks awful after a year of use. Our floors are Carrara marble and our shower is a combination of arabesque on the floor and subway tile on the walls. The floor grout is impossible to keep white- even though we sealed it. Anyhoo, I know this post wasn’t specifically about that but I thought I’d throw that in while you are dreaming! Love that Pottery barn natural wood vanity with the caning. Swoon!

    • Helen

      A Question for Sharon? Do you know if the thinset installed under the tile was white in colour? If it was gray, then perhaps that is what is causing the dirty looking grout. My husband was told by a tile specialist that if we want our white grout to stay white, than its important to install White thinset under the tiles that are being installed. We are currently renovating our bathroom and we plan to use white grout. I hope we won’t regret this decision. Apparently Gray thinset, if applied under the tiles, can seep into white grout and cause discoloring.

      • mrsben

        @Sharon & Helen: Re the ‘white thinset’; having renovated four bathrooms within the past year ‘n half and though the majority of tile was in off-white(s) with coordinated grout; I was told the same by the installer. So far, so good …. touch wood! ☺


    • Judie

      Sharon, I totally agree with what you said about the white grout, my contractor used white thinset, didn’t make any difference. He tried to talk me out of using white grout, he was right! It never looks clean, I scrub, bleach,clean……I should have use gray, it looks gray most of the time anyway. This bathroom is not high traffic, used by 2 , no kids,no pets.

  3. Mandy M.

    We are gearing up for a bathroom remodel within the next couple of weeks. The vanity has been chosen but I’m still working on flooring, tile, and a countertop. One of my requests for the contractor is to use the least amount of grout possible and where it has to be used…no white! I have spent far too much time over the years scrubbing grout with a toothbrush and bleach. No fun! The bathroom in our first house was black and green tile and was in such good shape that it didn’t make sense to tear it out, plus we were only there for four years. We ended up working with it as best we could… white walls and black accessories helped.

  4. Shelly F

    I am in the middle of a redo of my bathroom. There was a very 70’s blue bathtub insert, toilet and sink in the room. We’d already laid wood-look tile (which is beautiful!) so I’ve had a difficult time figuring out what tile would go great in the alcove area above the new while (not acrylic) tub. I think I’ve found it, but would love to send pics to you on the vanity (I would like to keep since it’s a built in; alcove too) so I have some direction on where to go with a counter top color. If you are open to taking a look let me know. I would love your advice.

  5. Patty Heben

    In the first pic, where did the wallpaper come from and what paint color/ Company ?

  6. Linda

    We are buying a house that has 3 out-dated bathrooms, so the timing of this blog has my attention. Have you ever replaced a sink/cabinet combo with a pedestal sink? Any regrets with the lack of storage?

  7. Starr

    To everyone commenting on grout: I would suggest you look into epoxy grout. I would not use any other. It does not stain as it is not porous.

  8. mrsben

    There are definitely some beautiful bathroom vanities on the market today. That said; having renovated four bathrooms recently a lesson I learned that if you have a custom built unit with a structurally sound frame that accommodates the space, you may wish to consider replacing it doors ‘n drawer fronts, counter top, sink, faucet(s), hardware and paint it yourself. I chose to do this for a powder room vanity (engineered quartz counter top/under mount sink/ European hinges/soft-closing hardware etc.) and was totally pleased with the end result. -Brenda-
    Footnote: You’ll be amazed how cheaper it is than having one built from scratch and with the money saved you can always apply it elsewhere.

  9. Carrie

    I am about to buy a new vanity for my bathroom. I love how these look, but do you have any suggestions about how to handle unsightly plumbing that comes up through the floor as opposed to through the wall? Moving the plumbing is not an option, so I am looking for creative ways to hide the pipes. Thanks!

  10. Jeanne

    These pictures are beautiful, but unfortunately unrealistic for the colonial home smallish bathrooms in my area. I want to redo mine and would love to get rid of tub in theory for big nice shower but actually I like to take a bath. There is little we can do with cool vanities in small space. Has anyone tackled this?

  11. sandyc

    What a timely post, Melissa. After thinking about both baths for over a year and, as always, thinking outside the box, my bathrooms now have faux but fully working vanities in the exact size I planned for each. A major thank you goes to my brother from Missouri who chose to use his two weeks of take-it-before-the-end-of-February vacation to come to Arizona and paint my kitchen cabinets a dreamy white and install my new vanities.

    A malfunctioning paint sprayer resulted in painted cabinets that could use one more coat and need new hardware installed and the aforementioned faux vanities. Vanity countertops arrived from the store shortly after I ordered them and the vanity cabinets were supposed to be delivered on 02/12 (my bro arrived on 02/11). With no delivery and no notice, I called the delivery service and then the store and two and a half days of dock scanning revealed no trace of the vanities although the delivery service said they had been delivered in Phoenix on 02/01. Ended up having to cancel the order, get a refund and order all over again for delivery in the middle of March. Not good at all. I’m planning to have my floors done finally later this year and on his last visit, my brother had detached the master vanity from the wall so it would be easy to move. Didn’t have time to do the same in the guest bath which had a very complicated and large custom vanity that ended in an angled wall but he did it this time. Being very creative, he realized that I had a 36″ vanity cabinet and a 30″ vanity cabinet, the two sizes I needed, so he added legs to raise them to the appropriate height, placed my countertops, adjusted plumbing and installed faucets so I have two working vanities. When I have the floors done, hopefully in September, he will be back to finish the job properly.

    The big thing is that I knew from the beginning that I wanted that sort of spa-style vanity in 30″ for the guest bath and, in the end, I chose the same style for the master. The best decision I made was to go with footed vanities that looked like pieces of furniture. That’s what’s so great about the vanities you showed, even the last grey one which has the kick plate. I think that was the best decision for my awkward spaces (a 72″ niche off the master bedroom and the awkward and too large angled wall vanity in the guest bath) – they both look so airy and open – and I think that’s an excellent idea for your mint/pink bathroom too. Also a super way to keep the vintage feel without the disadvantages, particularly if you remove that wall between the vanity and the toilet. I’ll be so excited to see what you choose to do.

    By the way, what gives again? My previous last post from you was on 02/14 and I missed a couple since then that I would really have liked to respond to but didn’t find them until several days later when I went to your website to look. Your system acknowledges that I’m registered so I don’t know why it doesn’t include me in the group.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      That’s too bad about all of the issues with your vanities! Sheesh, it’s so frustrating when projects don’t go according to plan. I love the footed vanity idea, too. I think it will make such a difference. Our current vanity is so short. I’m only 5’2, so you know it’s short if I’m complaining about it haha. I will be so happy when we can redo the whole room! It will be so fun to have it all spiffed up someday.

      I’m so sorry about the issues with the emails, I’m going to ask my coding person to solve the issues by next week so we’ll be back in business. I don’t want anyone to be left out! :)

  12. Jeanne

    Melissa, I just searched your blog for bathroom information. I am facing a remodel and overwhelmed. I want classic and timeless and white. The struggle is what sort of floor. I am thinking white hex. And what sort of tile. I am thinking subway for tub shower. How do these different white elements blend and is this something I need to worry about. Like White’s with different undertones and finally is all this too much white? Also would like a white vanity. I am afraid I will get sick of wood. Any answers from your experience. I am slooowww to pull the trigger but I have to get some traction. The bathroom is falling apart piece by vintage piece. Thank you!

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