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Cottage Style Bathrooms & A Blog Makeover

by | Feb 6, 2013 | Bathrooms, Cottage, Decorating Inspiration | 37 comments

Theme Builder Layout BHG cottage bathrooms

We just gave our tiny powder room another little makeover. And I mean LITTLE makeover, as in paint and accessories. Not the usual “blogger makeover” that probably involves power tools. At one time I planned to totally redo with with new tile and pedestal sink and all, but it ended up just not being in the budget at the time. And, it still isn’t in the budget. Wah wah wah. 

Soooooo, we are not getting a new sink.

Not getting a new faucet.

Not getting new lights (for awhile any way).

Not putting up a wood ceiling. At least yet, right?

I waited four years for my new more charming kitchen, I can wait a bit longer for more charming bathrooms.

But, because I do like to make the best of what we’ve got, we did repaint the powder room a few weeks ago and have put up a few new accessories. It looks cute and fresh and cottagey and ready for guests. It really doesn’t take much to update a bathroom, even if you can’t change all the tile and sinks and faucets! Sometimes a few simple changes are enough.

Paint and accessories really can do wonders, as you know, and they can be quite affordable if you shop for accessories at second hand shops. I’ve been enjoying a local flea market lately and finding some cute things!

I’ll show you how my own little powder room update turned out (with the before and afters of its two makeovers since we’ve lived here!) as soon as my new bathroom rug comes, which should be this week!

Theme Builder Layout

 Modern cottage bathroom

Theme Builder Layout Dresser turned cottage bathroom vanity

Theme Builder LayoutCharming tile, marble counter, subway tile and sea green glass knobs. LOVE! via BHG

Do you love cottage style bathrooms as much as I do?
I really LOVE a charming bathroom.

PS. Speaking of design blogs and room makeovers, if you are on The Inspired Room site today (not reading via email,) you might notice some changes in process! Forgive me if links don’t work, pages are crazy looking, fonts are wonky or sidebars are upside down or scrambled up or whatever else might be wrong. We’ll be tidying up and making this site much easier to navigate and of course, pretty for spring! Because you know, it’s time for my annual spring cleaning of the blog! I’ll do a post soon with more information on how to navigate and find what you are looking for!


  1. Theme Builder Layout

    Obsessed with the second bathroom. The blog is looking good!!!

  2. Theme Builder Layout

    I love your blog’s new look! So fresh and pretty!!

  3. Theme Builder Layout

    We just finished a complete gut job, hubby DIY makeover of our main bathroom. It went from 1960 atrocity to cottagey, most-beautiful-bathroom-ever! (I don’t think I’m at all prejudiced!) I even considered starting a blog so that I could show its amazingness to the world! It was SOOOOO worth our 19-year wait!

  4. Theme Builder Layout

    oooo LOVE the new look!

    That first bathroom is making me drool.

  5. Theme Builder Layout

    The new look is great, Melissa! I like that the title of your blog is bigger and easier to see when you open the page. Easy to navigate, nice and clean!

  6. Theme Builder Layout

    I love the tile in that first pic! Timeless. I’m a new follower to your blog, so I can’t make any comparisons but it’s looking good!

  7. Theme Builder Layout

    I love the second bathroom, that mirror is something. I like your bathroom, I think it is very pretty I love the color of that cabinet. Love the new look for the blog.


  8. Theme Builder Layout

    I love the first bathroom. I love the sink!
    BTW, I love your changes to the blog!

  9. Theme Builder Layout

    Love the new look, as Julia says it’s “fresh and pretty”.
    Now you seem to have a problem with the faucets in the bathrooms… is it because they’re “old” and falling apart rusting kind of “old”, or is it that you just want to change them up because you’re sick and tired of looking at them?
    If you want to just change the look, you can spray paint them! I have seen some gorgeous spray painted faucets on the internet with complete, easy to follow tutorials. I think that’s what I will be doing to mine because I can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on brand new faucets when they were just bought over 2 years ago by the past owner. (so basically they’re brand new!)

  10. Theme Builder Layout

    oh i am LOVING these cottage bathrooms … cool colors, wonderful paned cupboards, chippy mirrors … these photos are great mid-winter pick-me-ups … ah … the promise of something new and fresh!

  11. Theme Builder Layout

    I completely understand! There are so many things I want to do to my master bathroom, but it’s not in the budget right now. I’m considering painting it, adding a few pieces of trim here and there, and calling it “done for now.”

  12. Theme Builder Layout

    love the font and look of your new website. glad you kept with your style in doing so ! you can tell a lot about the blogger just from the front page. :) cant wait to see your bathroom this week….since basically I have to copy whatever you do. :)

  13. Theme Builder Layout

    The website design looks great! I really like it and don’t see any glitches. :) LOVE everything cottage, especially that pretty cabinet with the green glass knobs. Fun! Can’t wait to see your bathroom makeover. :)

  14. Theme Builder Layout

    I love the cottage look! BHG’s New Cottage Look magazine grabbed my eye in the Home Depot the other day and OH, such pretty spaces!! Your new website design is looking great! I can’t wait to see what changes you make in your bathroom.

  15. Theme Builder Layout

    I love bathroom…they are so fun to decorate….

  16. Theme Builder Layout

    I love these bathroom pictures! We’re almost done with our kid’s bathroom remodel. We took out everything but the toilet and shower. My husband built the cabinetry, did the floor tile, and last night finished the subway tile on the walls. We also added a new light, mirror, shower curtain, all that. I can NOT wait to have the kids out of our bathroom!

    My inspiration bathroom was one I saw at Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island. It was black and white and so vintage-y.

  17. Theme Builder Layout

    Blog is looking good – much cleaner and brighter. Have voted for you.
    (I’m the one on FB with an OES that looks similar to Jack!)

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Thanks Fiona! :-)

  18. Theme Builder Layout

    I just love that modern cottage bathroom! Looking forward to seeing your own bathroom update this week. :)

  19. Theme Builder Layout

    I love these bathrooms~esp the gorgeous green glass knobs on that vanity!!

  20. Theme Builder Layout

    I LOVE those green knobs on the white cabinets, towards the end. Such a cute touch!!

  21. Theme Builder Layout

    I totally know what you mean….I will take what updating I can get. :)

  22. Theme Builder Layout

    So, we just tore down half our house and put in my dream kitchen… oh yes and two new bathrooms one off the new master. I tried to conserve (money) on the expenses in both bathrooms to allow the kitchen to be dreamlike.. Although I am definitely getting compliments on my kitchen, everyone is going crazy over the master bathroom…. go figure. A word of advice… if you want to feel good about the changes to your beautiful kitchen.. don’t make your bathroom upgrade look too good!

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Oh my gosh, that is so funny! I’ve definitely had experiences like that! Sometimes it is the simplest updates people go crazy over.

  23. Theme Builder Layout

    Love cottage bathrooms, always enjoy the freshness they evoke. All of the above images are wonderful, looking forward to your re-do too.

  24. Theme Builder Layout

    I never tire of seeing dressers turned into vanities. I love all the photos.

  25. Theme Builder Layout

    I will wait patiently for your bathroom update befores and afters. Speaking of spring cleaning, I like your blog changes. I had just recently examined your header very carefully so I know exactly what changed. Nice job!

  26. Theme Builder Layout

    I love the new design. Very springy and fresh!

  27. Theme Builder Layout

    I think you’ve just inspired me to start gathering bath ideas. Could a cottage bath pin board be far away? I think not!

    (While I would love a larger bath, I’m excited at the prospect of making big change quickly in a small room. If I can do it for less, even better.)

    I’m liking the new style. Seems like there’s more margin – and we can all use more margin in our lives. And, I like the black / dark grey font. (The faded light blue fonts which are so popular these days can be tough on the ol’ eyes. Or perhaps I just read too many blogs :) )

  28. Theme Builder Layout

    I love cottage bathrooms! I also love classic 1920-style bathrooms. The photos you featured above are all great bathrooms, and I encourage people to think out of the basic box and create cuter bathrooms. We built a 1920-style Craftsman bungalow, and I was so excited to install built-in medicine cabinets, which were standard in the ’20s. Fortunately I know a lot more about design now than I did 7 years ago when we were building our custom house, and if I knew better at the time, I would have made different choices for the vanity in our master bath. Now my mind is racing to give it more character to fit the style of the house.

  29. Theme Builder Layout

    i love a great cottage bathroom….just added a new shower curtain to one of our bathrooms.

    LOVE the new blog look….it seems “cleaner” and easier to navigate….

  30. Theme Builder Layout

    Great post Melissa! I like all bathroom designs. The subway tiles and the marble countertop add a traditional feel to a place, but their look certainly never gets old. Nice job! Keep up the good work!

  31. Theme Builder Layout

    Such beautiful cottage bathroom inspiration! Love these ideas!

  32. Theme Builder Layout

    hi Melissa
    Love your bathrooms, can you tell me where the top sink is from.
    Many thanks

    • Theme Builder Layout

      could you please tell me where you purchased the 4-legged sink. I cannot find it anywhere, but love it! Thank you

  33. Theme Builder Layout

    love the first bath – where do you find the blue cabinet in the top photo


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