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{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage Ideas

by | Jan 3, 2013 | Bathrooms, Organization | 18 comments

Theme Builder LayoutFreestanding storage via BHG

Don’t you just love a well-organized bathroom with functional and pretty storage galore? I sure do! As I’m thinking over my own house, trying to decide which home improvement projects I want to commit to this year, I keep wondering about whether to include my master bathroom.

Honestly, I’m not much of an advance project planner. Usually I do things on a whim. But I really want to be extra intentional about my time and money in 2013, and I know how easy it is to have one whim lead to another and pretty soon, you’ve gone out on a lot of whims. {grin…. whims, get it? Limb? Oh, I crack myself up sometimes.}

My master bathroom is not particularly pretty as it is, and it isn’t especially functional either. It could use a little makeover. AND, the toilet doesn’t work, so there is that.  It has been broken for a couple of years. Eh hem. But, it isn’t the worst bathroom ever, though, so I’m thinking maybe I might allow myself a little bit of a functional storage makeover with a bit of pretty thrown in (and completely avoid a total remodel, which I’d like to do someday but it really isn’t necessary right now).

We’ll see. I’m still working on my home goals for this year, so no promises of projects yet!

Enjoy this round up of pretty and functional ideas!
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Theme Builder LayoutLoving these flower baskets for storage (which I already have, YAY!)
via Our Fifth House

Theme Builder Layoututilizing space above the toilet via BHG

Theme Builder LayoutNarrow storage in bathroom with baskets via BHG

Theme Builder LayoutTrays to organize bathroom supplies via BHG

Theme Builder LayoutUse an old dresser minus the drawers for linen storage,
love this idea! via Cameras & Chaos

Theme Builder Layoutsalvaged doors create closed storage via BHG

Theme Builder LayoutOrganize your cabinet doors with these clever stick on containers!
Want to try these! via Stick on Pods

Theme Builder LayoutUse freestanding furniture for storage in a bathroom  via BHG

Theme Builder LayoutRepurpose drawer as wall shelf via BHG

Theme Builder Layoutbuild a storage ladder via HGTV and the amazing Ana White

Theme Builder LayoutLazy susan for neat and tidy bathroom storage via BHG

Theme Builder LayoutUtilize space between wall studs for more storage or display via BHG

Theme Builder LayoutStorage towers for organizing in bathroom via BHG

Theme Builder Layout

Do you have a bathroom storage or organization project in mind for your home this year?


  1. Theme Builder Layout

    What a beautiful collection of bathroom organization ideas. Thank you for compiling these, I pinned this post. ~Alexis on behalf of everyone at A Moment with Mom

  2. Theme Builder Layout

    The ladder from hgtv is my favorite :)

  3. Theme Builder Layout

    Love the ideas you have gathered here. Since there are a few old dressers hanging around, the idea of repurposing them is very appealing. In fact, my gears are turning about the possibility of creating a pantry with the one in the basement right now. Hope that your new year is shaping up very nicely, Melissa!

  4. Theme Builder Layout

    What great bathroom storage ideas! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Have a very Happy New Year!

  5. Theme Builder Layout

    I can’t pick out one itme that you used as my favorites. I loved then all, and just wish I could make over my bathroom to look as nice as yours!!!

  6. Theme Builder Layout

    I love all these ideas! We have a small bathroom in need of organization!

  7. Theme Builder Layout

    I LOVE these pictures! I really want to organize the insides of my cabinets and drawers this year, and I’m thinking of using pretty trays like you featured here. My bathrooms are both very tiny so there are a lot of good solutions in that regard, too. Happy New Year!

  8. Theme Builder Layout

    what a fabulous POST full of creative ideas…..i LOVE it …you, inspiring woman!


  9. Theme Builder Layout

    First, I LOVE all of the bathroom photos. And I had to comment because we have almost the exact same new year’s resolution- mine too is all about living more intentionally, with my time, energy, money. Happy New Year!

  10. Theme Builder Layout

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that ladder! You can never have too many of them. Makes me want to dig out the green one I have and find a new home for it. One problem though … most bathrooms don’t have room for all these extra shelves, stands, chairs {and ladders …}


  11. Theme Builder Layout

    Great storage ideas. Love this freestanding with patina.

  12. Theme Builder Layout

    That ladder by Ana White has me intrigued. We need something exactly like that…wonder if I could talk my husband into it? :)

  13. Theme Builder Layout

    <3 those are great ideas that I totally need to utilize! I want that top bathroom!!

  14. Theme Builder Layout

    great post! makes me motivated to organize organize and organize! those salvage doors for the cabinets are gorgeous. [design and law]

  15. Theme Builder Layout

    Fantastic ideas! Iam working on organizing my home and think this will be very inspiring for my bathroom. :)

  16. Theme Builder Layout

    Happy New Year Melissa! I love these bathroom storage ideas. I have a tiny bathroom with a white cd tower from IKEA. I would love to find some baskets to hide small of the small, less glamorous items on the shelves. I just created an over-sized bright collage for the space which really perks up the room. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  17. Theme Builder Layout

    these are really great ideas. My favorite is the drawer for a shelf with the eye hook/dowel for towels. I might use this. thanks

  18. Theme Builder Layout

    I’m constantly working on reorganizing spaces. We have a very small house so it’s lots of deep cleaning, decluttering, getting rid of stuff and reorganizing.


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