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Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, clean + simple, Organization, pretty + practical, small houses

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Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas

I like happy drawers! Opening a drawer filled with chaos does not make me happy. :)

Trust me, not every drawer in my house makes me happy right now. But it’s good to have big dreams, though, right? One drawer at a time.

One thing I know about myself now (that I didn’t always know) is that if I am going to succeed or complete a project, I have to keep it simple.

Sometimes it’s fun or helpful to go buy a few specific organizers or containers for a project. But I’ve also found that if I just look around the house, I can often find something I already have that will work.

My goal is to make a drawer feel tidier and prettier than it was, not make it Pinterest perfect. Really, anything that can “corral” things will often do the job, such as a box lid, a bowl, a teacup, a tray, a sandwich bag, a basket.

As long as the end result is a somewhat tidy drawer and I feel happier when I open it, I count that as a success!

Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas

One way I like to organize drawers is with shallow bowls, trays, baskets, or dividers. I realized the other day I do this in almost every shallow drawer in my house!

Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas
Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas

Sock Drawer Organizer

Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas

Similar pattern canisters with wood lids / Similar bamboo drawer organizers

Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas
Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas

Label Maker

Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas
Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas
Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas
Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas
Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas

Glass canisters

Do you have a drawer you could make a “happy drawer” this week?

If you make one, I’d love to see it! Post an Instagram story photo and tag me @theinspiredroom so I can see!

Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas
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Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas

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Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas

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  1. JenB

    In deep drawers and cabinets I often use shoe boxes. And you can cover them with pretty paper or just keep it simple and use as-is!

  2. Francesca Gunn

    You label the drawers, too? Wow! I need to step up my game.

  3. Lynn Bontrager

    I LOVE that you have used things that you already have instead of going out and buying pricey organizers. Often times what we need we already have but aren’t seeing it in a new light. Thanks!

  4. romeogirl

    Wonderful idea for little bowls! They are so cute.

  5. Ann C

    I started buying antique little bowls or dishes for jewelry. I like pretty things. I also like chocolates! And one of my favorites comes in clear plastic boxes. Some with little dividers. I save them and always can find a use for them.
    And you are absolutely right, when I open an organized drawer I smile.

  6. Dana Sata

    How do you keep the containers/bowls, etc., from moving around when you open and close the drawers?

  7. Corinna - TheBohoAbode

    You’ve just reminded me that I recently found my label maker that had been “missing” since last summer. Going to put labelling all the things back on my to-do list!

  8. Ila Jeanne

    Melissa- Hi,
    You always make the simple way of organizing and beautiful one! I enjoy your example of photos to get the ideas! Makes sense!!!
    Thank you again ?

  9. Barbara at Mantel and Table

    Great ideas Melissa! Going to bookmark this page so I can come back here for more inspiration each time I organize something! ;) Plus I see we shop at the same stores – love those 365 products!

  10. Anita

    These ideas are amazing! I love the sock organizer, they always get lost in my drawer. Well, everything gets lost in my drawer to be honest… which is so frustrating sometimes! When I need something immediately and I end up searching for it for half an hour. So I will definitely try some of these ideas, thanks for sharing them.

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