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Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, My Master Bathroom, My Seattle House

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Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)

While I am patiently waiting to be able to show you my finished kitchen (insert my sarcastic face) I thought maybe we’d just ignore the unfinished projects for a bit and talk about a room in my house that I haven’t even started on yet. Since a couple of you asked to see it after I mentioned my pink tub recently, let’s take a look, shall we?

Would I design a bathroom in my house intentionally in mint green and pink? No. No, I wouldn’t. I don’t have anything against those colors or even against a funky vintage bathroom, they can be very cool. But all together, this room just isn’t working for me. At least it was nice and clean when we bought the house (for a minute). I was grateful it was well cared for.

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)

Here’s my pink tub. The combo of walls and tile colors kind of remind me of those bottles of multi-colored Tums. Upset tummies are not really the picture I want to have in my mind when I head into my bathroom. Don’t be mad if you LOVE this combo or if you always wanted a bathroom like this.

I have actually kept a quite a few vintage bathrooms in my other homes! I LOVE vintage. Growing up I had one kind of like this, too, but it had yellow and black tile. I thought it it was cute. It was like a bumble bee bathroom.

In our English Tudor we had several cool vintage bathrooms that we preserved, too. I even have some (not so great quality, but still) photos of two of them to prove that I’m not anti-vintage bathrooms. We didn’t rip these out or paint the tile or do anything to destroy their character.

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)

This 1930s bathroom room in our big house had horrific wallpaper when we moved in, so we stripped it and painted the walls. After a ton of cleaning, new vintage-inspired faucets and lights and a cool built-in old looking medicine cabinet, the rest stayed as is.

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)bathroom in my English Tudor years ago

This 1930s mint bathroom had black velvet wallpaper (!) when we moved in. It looked like something you might have found in Elvis’s estate, it was so dark and weird. But again in this bathroom, we stripped the wallpaper and gave it a good cleaning. That was pretty much it. We kept the green tile. You can’t see it but it had black soapstone counters on the vanity and a bamboo window shade. I loved the green and black combo with the natural wood blinds.

But this time I’m just not sure (yet?) what to do with a green and pink bathroom. I know people are into pink now, and that pink clawfoot tub in “pink post” was pretty cute, but I’m just not feeling this. All I’ve done to update our bathroom since I took these before photos was to put in a shower curtain, a bamboo shade I had leftover from my old house and a black doorknob. But I still don’t love it.

The tile in these old bathrooms aren’t at all like the tile in new bathrooms. You can’t just pop the tiles off. They are there to stay. That is one of the reasons it’s nice to keep the original tile.

But even if I could deal with the tile and add some accessories, there are many things I don’t love about it.

The vanity is SO SHORT (and I’m only 5’2) and the drawers are super tiny and inefficient. The grout drives me crazy and a few of the floor tiles are not actually attached any more (I’m thinking they must have replaced those at some point).

The mirrors that cover the entire wall around the vanity are not original (sorry I didn’t take a picture of those yet). They are huge and semi-broken, I’m afraid I’d hurt myself if I tried to remove them myself, but I could give it a try.

The grout is super thick in some places and hard to keep clean. The grout lines have been painted over with some sort of grout renew.

The tub is cast iron so it’s not going anywhere without a fight. I don’t really even mind the tub, other than the color. Cast iron tubs are great!

The toilet is a Kohler and looks newer so that’s a plus.

Long term I do wish we could redo the bathroom and make it into more of a small master suite layout. We have another bathroom downstairs that our son uses, so if we put in a main floor guest bath this mint bathroom could become a private master bathroom. But making even a small master suite with our particular layout isn’t as easy as I wish it was.

Awhile back I got a bid to gut the bathroom but leave it in place and just add a new door in the hallway. But the bid came in at $45,000, so for me that’s definitely a no-go for such a small bathroom!

I know I could resurface the tub and tile if I wanted to.

Or I could redo parts of the room and keep other parts (such as the vanity, the floor, the tub, etc).

I could just leave the tile and tub as is and add accessories.

But do I want to do any of those ideas?

HELP! What would you do?

To offer a little inspiration, below are some cute bathrooms followed by a list of simple ideas for updating a vintage bathroom. 

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)Meet Me In Philadelphia

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)Meet Me In Philadelphia

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)Oh Happy Day

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)
Meet Me In Philadelphia

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)Forbes

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)
Apartment Therapy

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)
The above two photos may not actually be vintage bathrooms, I’m not sure. But they could be inspiration for how to update a vintage bathroom without losing all the charm. Taking out a tub and installing a shower, for instance. BHG

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)

The above photo is actually a kitchen, but it reminds me very much of what my vintage green tiled bathroom felt like in my Tudor. I love how the black and white, dark brown and wood tones, silver, and even the eucalyptus make this space feel vintagey, rustic and classy.

Here are some simple ideas for updating or accessorizing a vintage bathroom:

play up the good

Embrace the vintage style and make it feel intentional and personal with accessories. Have fun with blinds, rugs, art and accessories.

tone down the bad

Look for a creative way to tone down what you don’t like. Place a rug over the floor tiles. Use a tile paint to cover up the colors you don’t like, or put the design focus elsewhere. Install some eye-catching wallpaper or a cute shower curtain to distract from features you don’t like.

keep it classy

Adding some black accents can add some seriousness and class to a otherwise more cotton candy color scheme. Try anchoring the room with some black picture frames, a tray, a black door, or hardware.

freshen up with paint

Try simplifying the color scheme with fresh white walls, towels, rugs or a shower curtain.

add warmth with texture

Add some natural textures (blinds, baskets, rattan, stools, cabinets, frames, etc) to warm up a bathroom covered in tile.

bring in a new sink/vanity

The vanity is one of the biggest style setters in a bathroom. A new vanity or sink could make a world of difference in the look and function of your bathroom, even if you keep everything else in the bathroom.

update the fixtures

What are some other updates that could transform the space? Think about lighting, faucets, hooks, mirror, and medicine cabinets.

resurface the tub

I’ve had companies resurface old tubs many times in our old houses. It was always worth it, but it didn’t last forever and you did have to baby your tub to keep the finish nice. But if your bathroom has a dingy old tub or sink or ugly tile, it can probably get a shiny new surface that will make it so much easier to clean, too.

So…what do you think I should do with my vintage pink and green bathroom? HALP!

PS. You can scroll through the images below to shop for some bathroom accessories!

Vintage Bathrooms (My Mint & Pink Bathroom)


  1. Tara G.

    I wonder if you could hang some sort of window treatment over the divider which would hide more pink? Or strip it & stain a wood tone? The short vanity would annoy me, too, so that’d be at the top of my list to replace. And then the floor. I think the rest could be hidden/masked.

  2. Cathy

    Wow! That’s a tough decision! This bathroom looks pristine – something I’m not used to seeing in bathrooms of this age.
    That pink and black one reminds me of the bathroom in our first home!
    I think I would replace the vanity and resurface the tub and remaining tile.

    • Debora Brown

      I agree! Not too expensive and would make a huge impact.

  3. Monica

    Our house has only one. Athriom- and it is original to the 1952 house. Mine has sage green tile woth burvandy accent tile. I actually like the colors but still am looking for a way to update it. I did deglaze the run white (it was white originally) – hard to do much now since we only have the one bathroom- other than go on a long vacation while work is done. In any case I am looking forward to see how you handle this one!

    Also- I am a longtime reader and really wish you would just show the kitchen already!! Honestly, and this is said with love- I feel like we are being strung along. I would rather see the kitchen in progress or as it is than wait and wait for whatever it is you are waiting to complete! :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I have shown it in progress. I’m thinking you’re not reading my updates :). Did you see the post last week where I showed what the final piece is and explained the delay? I’m not stringing anyone along intentionally, I’m living in and featuring my realty here :). I don’t have a TV construction crew here who gets everything done in an hour for our viewing pleasure.

  4. Barb Hughes

    Ugh… knowing the cost of upgrading would have kept me from buying this set of bathrooms. They are cute in vintage homes, but by the 50s they were becoming passe’. I like the idea of DIY pulling out the elements, laying new big tiles for the floor / shower / walls. (i.e. bathroom redos on TV shows that I am thinking of, but not naming them.) Pretty sure the tearout is something you could do. I’d replace the sinks with higher sinks too. I just… ugh, not for me… I have enough simple projects to keep me busy a long time.

  5. Laura Reimer

    So fun this morning! I was transported back to my grandma’s little black and pink tile bathroom – miniature rose and heart shaped soaps and embroidered towels with lace. All of it. You will do something wonderful with that mint and pink bathroom, I have confidence! We will all be wishing for one before it’s over. Have a blessed day <3 Yiu started mine off with a smile.

  6. Lisa Stevens

    Melissa, if you’re not loving the pink tub , you could just have it resurfaced in a white finish which would tone everything down and, as you know, is an inexpensive option. Then, ACCESORIZE!! Just like we ladies do. Beautiful light fixtures, art, textiles, etc. I think it could be a very romantic retro bathroom that would make you smile. ?

  7. karen

    Lily Pulitzer…embrace those colors and that adorable charm that you cannot achieve in a new bath.

  8. Lisa

    I love those vintage bathrooms! I find the bathrooms with the black accent tile to be really striking. Can you paint the pink tiles black and the tub white? Would it be possible to remove the glass wall to open up the room? Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  9. Sharon

    I think you should replace the vanity- white with a marble top and the floor- maybe a marble basket weave. Then reglaze the tub white. Paint the room and then find a shower curtain to pull together the pink and green. That room feels like it should be fun like a Lily Pullitzer print.

  10. Amy

    How about resurfacing anything pink? That would probably be the most cost effective option. I liked the black and mint photo you showed, so maybe have the tub “Bath Fitter” painted white, and have the pink edging tiles done in black. That would look sharp, and it would be easy to find cute accents for those colors. You could find an amazing fabric to pull it all together and make a simple roman shade with it.

    • Kathleen K

      I was going to say exactly the same thing! It isn’t the green that is a problem, nor the pink. It is the two together, and since there is more green and less pink, I’d eliminate the pink. (Plus it looks like the pink tile & pink tub aren’t the same pink!) For me to say keep a green bathroom is HUGE. I have absolutely no green in our house. At all. Except for a couple of houseplants that I’m trying to murder. (My green thumb is limited strictly to outdoor plants.)

      • Jess

        I agree, cover up the pink and keep the green! And I would add that you could replace the vanity, and updating that would probably really improve the feel and function of the room. also, there are some really cute modern botanical prints out there that incorporate the green (and pink) that would probably help it look more intentional in the meantime.

        • Julie

          Yes, I agree too! I love the mint tiles in the first link pictures you show, if you reglazed the pink in a bright white, it would make the room even brighter and fresh-looking. And replace the vanity – tiny non-functional drawers are a deal breaker for me.

    • Anna

      That’s my vote too – glaze the tub white and paint the pink trim in black. Much more cost effective and will completely change the look!

    • Kris

      I agree with Anna, Jess, Kathleen and Amy – you picked so many black on green pictures so clearly you are drawn to that combo ;) Thank you for always having blogs that are little little vicarious getaways for me!

    • stacey avelar

      I agree, all the pink needs to go. My MIL had a tub that color, I always thought of it as “flesh” toned, not a good look. A new white surface for the tub and black accents where the pink is would go a long way towards making this bathroom spiffy again. I would leave the frosted glass partition, otherwise you have to take up the floor. I think it’s kind of cute…could you do some lettering and or a design on it? Take out the big mirror and the vanity….would an old dresser retrofitted with a sink be fun? A framed mirror and shelves and/or scones on either side of it? And some plants to bring in some green accents, some vintage botanicals and a cute light fixture. White towels with a green stripe and a white rug with a green border. I love it already!

      • Debby

        I can see Stacey’s ideas because they sound so much like Melissa’s taste! Bye-bye everything pink–back to black with the green tile! Love the idea of stenciling something fun on the glass partition. Vintage botanical prints–right up Melissa’s alley. Maybe add some small unframed glass shelves (which look green from the side and would reflect the green tile). I love this whole concept except the rug. I don’t like rugs in bathrooms. Too dangerous. But a green and white bath mat for bathtime only would be perfect. Good luck, Melissa. I hope refinishing the tub and painting over the pink tile would fit in the budget now, and the rest you can do gradually. Good luck!

  11. Theresa

    So, you asked…here goes! Replace the vanity with a vintage chest. New lighting. Replace mirror – you have great taste as to finish and style of lights and mirror. Resurface tub and paint the pink tile only (you could use black or stick with green). Put a pretty rug on the floor and add personality with plants and accessories, I think it could be adorable! You’d save so much money, time, sweat equity!

    • Terri

      I love Theresa’s ideas.

    • Dawn

      Love Theresa’s suggestions: cost effective to resurface the tub & it doesn’t have to be forever. Quite a few folks have suggested painting the pink tile only – would make a huge visual change. Rug on the floor will draw the eye away from the floor tile. Remove the mirrors on the wall & vanity – we removed a L-O-O-N-G low vanity in our tiny (only) bath and put in a vintage medicine cabinet, lovely dark wood small vanity/sink, and a narrow ledge around the wall – gave us plenty of storage and the new paint, lighting, and art really defined the room. We kept the vintage green tile around the cast iron tub and it’s lovely.

  12. Cynthia

    Maybe you could carefully remove the pink tiles? Then replace them with white or another color? Same with the tub or just have it resurfaced? Change out the vanity for one with double sinks… It seems long enough and since you’ll disrupt the tile on that dividing wall, repair w fresh Sheetrock, eliminating the glass section while you’re at it? That would be a great spot to hang a picture on both sides of the wall. New hanging mirrors and light fixtures too! It’s in such great shape overall, it seems a shame to pull everything apart!

  13. Alice

    I feel your pain! I have the exact same tub, along with matching pink sink and pink wall mounted toilet. My vanity is equally short, and I am 5’10! My tile is pink, with white in the tub with a pink diamond pattern. I think you’re u could paint (not great, but possible) the pink trim tiles and it would kill the Easter effect.

  14. Laura

    Resurface the tub, paint the pink tile and replace the vanity and countertop. Replace mirror and paint walls a cool white. The Mint green tile is in right now!

  15. MEM

    I’m thinking along the lines with Amy. I would have the tub reglazed to white as well as any pink tiles. I would work with the mint and think of it more as “sea glass green”. A new white vanity and your favorite accessories to pull everything together. Can you get glass shower doors for the tub?

  16. Pamela

    What about a tub liner that fits over the top of it? (Or keep the shower curtain shut! lol) Paint the pink tiles the same gray as the three accent tiles and replace the sink/vanity.

  17. Cheryl

    I will be following your bathroom plans with great interest! We recently moved from the farmhouse (where we lived for 35 years!) with ONE bathroom to a house with two full and one half bath. We feel as if we’re living in the lap of luxury! :)

    I am NOT complaining (because why would I complain about 2.5 baths?!), but they all have colored tiles. The main bathroom is okay with a pleasant shade of green. But the half bath is Pepto Bismol pink (the walls, the counter, the sink, the toilet) and the master bath is yellow. My challenge is trying to make those colors work with my colonial decor. Eek!

    • Victoria

      I love the idea of the yellow, if it’s the right yellow and right bath shape. Check out Kirstie Allsopp’s home Meadowgate and Burgh Island (UK) setting for an Agatha Christie novel. Both have lovely yellow Art Deco baths.
      I don’t know about fitting them with colonial, they can be made to work with Tudor pretty well. Lots of green plants, ferns etc, with bamboo accessories like blinds. Check out bath interior photos from Raffles hotel in Singapore. Many of the baths are claw foot and marble but some have what look like original tiles similar to those in pics above and fit well in the colonial hotel.

  18. Kathy

    I would reglaze all pink surfaces white. That change will give you many more options.

  19. Sally Bauman

    I had that pink tub once…you put pink up to it, it looked beige and if you put beige up to it it looked pink! Hardest color to work with and so we got rid of it and put in an all in one acrylic tub & wall in its place…yes might be boring & utilitarian but it worked for us at the time with a young family….I do love the tiles though but not sure on the color…Good luck, I will be watching how you handle this one!

  20. sandyc

    $45,000 seems ridiculous to redo a bathroom when you’re not changing the footprint except for adding a door.

    If it were mine, the first thing I’d do is ditch the pink. The tub appears a shade of blush compared to the tile trim but since pink isn’t my thing, I’d refinish it and I would paint over the pink tile and live with the green tile for a while even though it’s not at all my shade of green – perhaps black for the pink. That Forbes bathroom really appeals to me – closer to my shade of green – but Meet Me in Philadelphia could be an acceptable second.

    Second, the vintage vanity is just that – vintage and charming but totally impractical – so I would definitely change that out but that could be a DIY or great handyman project, I’d think, and maybe I would choose something slightly vintage but new to replace it. The House Beautiful vanity is a tad too fussy on the bottom but there are other options.

    Third, I’d think about a vintage sheet vinyl for the floor (over the tile) or a vintage vinyl cloth (see

    From there, I’d do finishing touches like a pretty window treatment and other accessories, then smile with delight and satisfaction while mentally banking my extra bucks from the $45,000 quote for the new guest bath downstairs.

    Good luck and have fun with it.

  21. Anne

    If you are truly interested in re-doing the bathroom, I would figure out different “portions” of same (replace vanity only, all the way up to complete gutting) and then I would definitely get a few more bids. Construction is expensive where I live (resort area) but $45K still seems inordinately high to me, even if the walls are plaster and you are having to tear out tile and re-drywall, etc. But maybe I’m just out of touch.

    Other possibilities: we had an 70’s gold tub in a bathroom we wanted to do a <$3K contractor remodel in. I didn't know about Bathfitter then but would definitely investigate it now. Because we wanted to keep the glass sliding shower doors (which are frosted, and I know that's not high style right now, but they are simple and we like them), we had the contractor simply tub-paint (I think it's an epoxy paint) the OUTSIDE of the tub up to the shower doors, and we keep the doors closed. It's held up beautifully for almost 10 years under rental use and when you walk in the bathroom, you see a white tub.

    I would also consider replacing the vanity and tile-painting only the pink accent tile (maybe paint it black? navy blue? whatever your taste) and then do some great window treatments, etc. You could splurge on some kind of antique leaded glass piece/pieces (I personally wouldn't care for stained glass, but maybe you can find the right thing) to give some character to that panel between vanity and toilet. You could make it really neat.

    Actually, Melissa, I have no doubt you WILL make it really neat, whatever you choose to do! :)

  22. Linda

    Some things you could do: (1) paint the pink tile white. I know I have seen Pinterest photos of how to do this. You could paint it white. You could get one of those Bathfitter type covers in white over the tub if you wanted to change that color. You could leave the floor or change out that tile for the white hexagon tiles with black accents and then decorate similar to the other photos you listed. Lilly Pulitzer prints are a good idea as long as you can handle those bright wild prints but that doesn’t seen to be your style based on your usual posts.

  23. LB

    I kinda love it! In a world of so much waste I say run with it!
    Maybe beef up the partition wall between the vanity and toilet into a half wall? Would be interested to know if the tile continues under the vanity?? If it does the options are endless for a cool vanity. Keep the bones of good quality workmanship that is so hard to find these days! Good luck and enjoy the challenge :) So much fun having a house to play with!!

  24. Heather Stevens

    My vote would be to have the pink tub and pink tiles repainted/resurfaced to a white. I then would bring in some touches of black and bring it home old school with a touch of wicker/rattan, a vintage Persian rug and green plants. It’s really a great bathroom!! Embrace what you love about it…you can’t go wrong!

  25. Pat

    Keep it….it is a gem of a bathroom. And the cast iron tub? You’re so right……they retain heat for a long time, so I would leave it. I would custom/rebuild the vanity: change out the doors, drawer facings, hardware and add more storage in the space where a stool would go.

  26. Linda P

    These days we are not used to “little”. Whatever you do to this bathroom, it will still be small.
    I think you have said there is not a way to make it bigger; is there a way to make it “feel” more roomy?
    If anybody can figure it out, you can!

  27. Ginger

    Have the tub resurfaced in white, painted the pink tiles black and have the counter top/sink replaced. Maybe even the floor tiles with black and white tiles. It would be stunning!

  28. Saralee Etter

    I do like the Lily Pulitzer idea — take the pink and green and run with it, put bright swirly colorful Lily Pulitzer patterned wallpaper on the walls to make it seem like the pink and green was an intentional style choice. Or if Lily is too bright and would make your eyeballs fall out, there might be plenty of pretty Liberty of London style prints that would work.
    Although your style usually tends towards cool and streamlined, this bathroom could go cozy cottage much more easily, I think.
    The short counter is a big problem, IMHO, and that needs to change first. So maybe a new counter and sink and mirror, while you wait for the right time to switch out the pink and green. :)

  29. Rose

    Good Morning Melissa
    Your bathroom is in such great shape – just the grout is perfect.
    I would just work with what you have.
    Maybe get a new sink, new hardware for the cabinets and mirror.
    If you have lights get new ones or a pretty chandelier.
    You can find beautiful shower curtains and towels – I think its beautiful.
    Good luck.
    Much love,

  30. Gina

    Except for the pink, I kinda like it! I would get the pink trim replaced, maybe to white, since black would be soooo obvious.. The vanity – can that be re-worked? Maybe remove the drawers and just have straight shelves that you use baskets in? Or, if that’s where my dollars could go, replace it entirely. I would buy a pretty white shower curtain and hide the pink, but perfect, tub. And a simple rug underneath to break up some of the green floor. I picture baskets in here, maybe a live plant or two.

  31. Pat M.

    I agree with many of the previous comments about covering up in some manner all of the pink and leaving the green. A new vanity is a must for convenience and comfort but other than that and a new floor, I’m sure you can make it beautiful and looking like it was meant to be that way.
    I lived in a rental house that had one bathroom and it had burgundy tiles with black tile trim. Oh, and it was a windowless bathroom – talk about dark and dreary. It took me a long time to once again appreciate anything even close to the color burgundy. Your green is at least workable – but I agree that the pink has got to go!

  32. Barbara

    I think the bathroom is cute. It doesn’t quite go with the feeling of the rest of the house and I can see why you feel torn. An extra long white shower curtain and big white bath mat will help hide the tub and floor and quiet down the room. Then find a piece of art that has the pinks and greens of the bathroom along with the blues and grays from the rest of the house. Then you can accessorize with towels and decorative items that are more your style. I love Lily Pulitzer but that doesn’t seem like you.

  33. Gail W.

    Echoing some prior posts –
    If u notice, all your inspiration photos are ONE color, plus black and white. Your problem is two COLORS.

    So I’d see if a local tub reglazing co can paint the pink tiles black.
    Get a white acrylic liner for the tub. ( u don’t want to reglaze the tub. It never holds up well. The tiles are only decorative so repaintimg them should be fine )
    Then only rip out and re-do the vanity area, sticking to black and white. Black or white counter with white sink and white toilet.
    White cabinets if counter is black. But could do black or white cabs if counter is white.
    That should do it. But you want to AVOID full demo. While $45k seems high, all those tiles are set in mud. It is a HUGE demo to pull it all out !
    So I’d stick to a black, white, mint palette. Could look VERY sharp. :)

  34. Barb

    I think you need to just focus on white. I would not bring another color in, such as black. I’d go fresh and clean with white fluffy rugs, white window treatments, maybe shutters? Soft baskets. Less would be more in such a colorful bathroom. I wouldn’t go farmhouse style though, seems like too much with so much tile.

  35. Rebecca

    I love this bathroom! What about painting the pink tile black and hanging a crisp white shower curtain to cover the tub?

  36. Linda Frihart

    Retain the tub and all the tile. $45,000 can make other dreamy things happen for you. The tub is a gem and think there is a new product to deal with tile grout. Do you need the knee hole in the vanity? How about pull out trays like my built-in pantry with one door. Want them in all of my cabinets. Same goes for left side of sink. Think of all the things you don’t want on a vanity. Mirror gets removed, paint walls something funky and love.

    You are so creative that I’m sure you could pick wonderful new fixtures and replace the water/sewer lines and smile as you go shopping to spend the leftovers from $45,000. My mother-in-law had all lavender tile, fixtures, My DH detested any color that hinted at purple. Love your books and blog. Thank You.

  37. Linda Frihart

    How about the palest hint of pink paint? This has been fun conversation.

  38. Susan

    So, I’d get the tub done in white and do a black and white tile on the floor and a new vanity/mirror. If it is possible to refinish the pink tile white, I’d do that too.

  39. Shari Schempp

    If it were me, I would paint the pink tiles black, and leave the green and resurface the tub white. Take down the huge mirror and replace the vanity and fixtures. I think you could end up with something resembling the bathroom from Forbes in your post if you went that route. Just my thoughts, but I’m sure whatever you do it will look great!

  40. amy

    Normally I would go with neutrals, but in this case… I am with Karen – embrace the color scheme and go Lily Pulitzer on it. Line or alter the tub to be white. Take out the vanity & mirror (and maybe the wall divider by the toilet) … the sink is too low, not functional – a great mirror, light fixture and white vanity will make the place instantly better. If you want to tone down some of the minty goodness, consider adding navy in the mix. Lily has a recent pattern of large leaf fronds (pink and green) with a navy background. Something like that for the shower curtain would add a wow factor.

  41. Kate Asay

    Refinish the tub and the the pink tile to be white, keeping the green tile. Paint the walls white.

  42. Anne

    I agree with removing the pink and leaving the green. I had a good experience taping off and painting some accent tiles white with Rustoleum Tub & Tile epoxy paint, even in a shower. It’s pretty durable; we don’t have to baby it. I also used barnwood-looking vinyl planks over the floor tile and caulked the edge where it met the tub/wall. They may not be forever fixes, but they’d give your eyes peace until you’re ready to remodel.

  43. Debbie Brewer

    I would replace the vanity and bring in a professional glazer and have the tub and tile re-glazed. We have done this in several homes and it has always held up well.

  44. Callie Peevers

    I think Shari Schempp and I are on the same page. My suggestions would be to have the tub reglazed in white, paint all the pink trim tiles black. I would see if a good carpenter could give you some deeper drawers and/or fill in the space for a vanity chair with some custom storage that would take care of items the other drawers don’t accommodate. Later if time and money allow you could replace the counter at a better height. Some nice black accessories, maybe the towel bar and picture frames. Paint the trim around the privacy glass black and frame out the mirror in black. Then a couple of nice black and white mats and you will be rocking it as always! Love your home and your posts. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  45. Peggy

    Lots of good suggestions here. I will say that, like you, we’ve reglazed two tubs in two houses and they looked good for a while. But you’re right, you have to baby them and in spite of that, it doesn’t last forever. We finally broke down and removed our cast iron (and reglazed) tub and put in a glass shower and are so happy we did. But one thing always leads to another in renovations, doesn’t it? If you replace the tub and/or vanity you are going to get into tile issues… I wonder if you replaced the vanity and floor tile only, at least for the time being, if you would be happier with the color combo. It would cut way back on all the green. And then you could paint and add your personal touches. Anyway, I’ve loved every single thing you’ve ever done in your houses, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Your posts have always encouraged me to “love the home I have” in spite of budget and space limitations. Thanks for modeling that!

  46. Jeni Gallagher

    I completely understand the frustration. I am the proud owner of a 1960s lavender bathroom. Yes, you read that correctly. Lavender tub, commode, sink, wall tile and even some fabulous speckled lavender with white/offwhite 1″ mosaic floor tile. It’s the reason we bought this house. I love it! Except having lived in it for 4 years, I’m finally coming to terms with the future need to remodel it due to an awkward layout. Those who don’t have this type of tile will not understand that you simply cannot pop the tiles out and replace them. The material they are made from crumbles either from age or simply construction. The grout lines are so tiny it’s near impossible to get a grout saw small enough – not even a Dremmel has a bit tiny enough. We had a contractor remove our wall of mirrors surrounding the sink area and drywall it for us. Still looking for a replacement vanity – it’s the one thing I won’t be sorry to see go (an ugly marbled yellow/gold laminate). I have Google’d and explored the internet for all options but have yet to come to a sayisfactory conclusion. Plus, because I have loved the uniqueness so much it makes me so sad to think of remodeling it. Who else out there can say they have an original lavender 1960s bathtub and toilet combo? Isn’t that silly?
    I have no answers. I quite simply feel your pain. Solidarity, so to speak. Keep the posts coming. Your emails always make me smile.

  47. Adrienne

    I’m mostly just reiterating what others have said, but I think what makes it so strange is the combination of green and pink, if it were either one you could tone it with black and make it look like your inspiration pics much more easily. Can you paint/stain tile? I have no idea but if you could paint/recolor somehow just the pink accent tiles to black that would really change the tone much closer to the pics you showed. then you could switch out lighting and add accessories to make a huge difference for much less than $45,000! (That is crazy, BTW, I’ve never remodeled anything so I have no idea what these sorts of things cost!) I have definitely heard of people painting tubs, but with very mixed reviews. So I don’t know, i’m not great at DIY stuff so I would be afraid to tackle that myself. The next thing I think would make a huge impact is of course the vanity. I don’t know what the cost of changing out the vanity would be, but updating those things would make sure a huge difference!

    Good luck! I know you’ll think of something amazing!

  48. Yvonne

    I really like the mint tile just not the pink parts. Personally I would want to take out that divider between the toilette and vanity, take out the vanity and tiles around it, then have would some white resilient flooring put in ( just did that and was around $600 which can be done over existing flooring), then new vanity mirror and sconces. I bet you could do the demo on your own since honestly it’s not that much tile around the vanity. You can do it! :-)

  49. Betty in Arlington

    I love it! Tht’s what I grew up with! So, when we sold DM and DD’s home (2013) after they died, our realtor and decorator decided we only upgrade the tub with a refinishing! Then she coordinated the paint with the gray bathroom and pink shower room. They were stunning! So gorgeous. House sold for $15,000 over asking price!

  50. Ann Becker

    I would resurface the pink tube and all the pink tile Try to match the green tile ok not he pink and resurface the tune white. Take out that door/ divider between the toilet, find a vintage dresser that would serve well as a vanity and storage and paint it white. Add a vintage looking medicine cabinet in white. The rest I would do asweet window treatment along with complimentary color for rug and towels. It would be very sweet.

  51. Beth

    I would glaze the tub white and paint the pink trim black.

  52. liz

    I could live with the green but not that pink! argh. I’d resurface the tub and the pink tiles – you have a great eye and would work magic once that part was done. why why why did anyone ever think that looked good?
    the mysteries in old houses!

  53. shala

    Like everyone I would leave the green tile. How about replacing the pink tile? It looks like it’s all bullnose. I think replacing the floor tile with hexagonal white with black accents would look good and you could then take out the pink trim that frames the bottom part of the walls and add new trim there.

    I have an original cast iron tub in my home, I love it. I have had it refinished twice in 20 years. The finish needs to be cleaned with non abrasive cleaner, I use a spray from 365 brand and a micro-fiber cloth and that works well for us.

    I’m sure what ever you decide will be perfect.

  54. Amy

    Honestly, if it was me, I would take out the vanity, paint the walls white, and bring in a white new vanity, find a shower curtain that has greenery and flowers that pick up the pink. I’d live with it. I really would. I’d fix the part I couldn’t “live with”- your vanity, and mirrors and embrace the rest.

  55. Jen O

    I have to agree with Peggy (a few comments above me) about the tub re-glazing–it’s only a short term fix IMO. I also agree that the vanity alcove is tight and should be opened up with new sink etc. But working with existing tile is a huge problem. Probably in the end it would all have to come out or you are dealing with a hodge podge of surfaces: new wall behind the new vanity, wounded flooring where the opened divider once stood, among other things. It’s all just a bandaid: at some point this tilework will have to come out if you want the new vanity etc. The quote you got for a bathroom demo and door is crazy. Clearly the contractor didn’t want the job. Go find a real contractor who isn’t a princess and get them to make this happen. Your big expense should be in what fixtures and tiling you choose, and not the gut, new plumbing, electrical and new door.

  56. Pamela Bailey

    I say GUT IT! I just don’t think the room has enough going for it. The color combo is just not workable. And all that tile on floor reminds me of the hydrotherapy rooms in old psychiatric asylums!
    You are so incredibly inventive and visionary that I think you will create something very lovely. Especially with the great light source of the window.

  57. SusanB

    There are a number of ways you could go with this, most of which have been proposed already. You could go with what’s there and play up the pink, either with a fun wallpaper or painting pink and white stripes on the walls (maybe with gray and green pinstripes). The problem that keeps niggling at me is those three gray tiles in the floor … somehow, you have to work that gray in–or replace those three tiles with something that goes with everything else. Given your penchant for gray and white, I think the most logical way to go is to resurface the pink to white, resurface or cover the tub (or very carefully remove it and replace it with a new shower base with a seat, designed to replace a tub), repair loose tiles (if they’re randomly spaced, maybe with gray or white, or even patterned, but if all together, just fasten them back down). Depending on how thick the base is (I’m guessing it’s thick concrete, based on what you said, it might be worth putting down new subfloor and retiling, maybe with a gray and white basketweave). The vanity is too low and not functional, so I’d go ahead and carefully replace that, maybe with a salvaged old dresser painted gray. I am not a fan of refinished tubs … it shows, and it’s still paint and will wear out. A Bathfitter tub might be a reasonable option until or if you decide to gut the whole thing; you’ll still have the cast iron under it to hold the heat. As for the thick grout, get yourself a hand-held grinder, grind it out and replace it. Alternatively to all of the above, gather some fit friends, provide hammers, mallets and pry bars and let them do the demo for pizza and beer. Definitely get more estimates to then redo the room; $45K sounds awfully high, and doing your own demo on that thick mud should save a fair amount. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  58. Lisa McCracken

    I am in no way able to compete with anyone above in giving my opinion, but I love the look of the picture above from Apartment Therapy where it has white trim above the green tile. Is there any way that could be done? Also, it seems like a lot of people say you can re-face the pink tile and maybe you could do that in black? Would love to see what you come up with!

  59. Lori

    Oh man, it kills me to think you’d destroy this bathroom. To me, it’s the perfect fun colored vintage bathroom. And my boyfriend’s favorite color is pink, no lie. He’d love it too.

    My opinion is that if you can’t figure out how to love the bathroom without destroying it, sell the house to someone who’d appreciate it! The folks over at Retro Renovation would probably see this post and cry.

    • Jody

      I suggest asking Retro Renovators for advice. While those readers may not echo your hesitancy about some aspects of vintage bathrooms, they do tend to have great ideas that don’t involve taking it down to the studs. also if you’re not sure, wait wait wait! You can’t get it back once it’s gone. And in my opinion it’s the unique, the things that don’t fit, the problems we solve– all that leads to great unique and personal design. Good luck!

  60. Anne Berry

    We had a pink and grey combo in a previous house that my son “got” to use! If this was me, I would keep the mint green and eliminate the pink where possible. The pink tile is mostly outlining the green, so you could try painting the pink with Black or White for a different look. Green and white is so fresh to me. I’d replace the vanity/sink first and eventually change the tub to a shower. The pink tub can be hidden with a shower curtain until funds are available. The floor can be covered with a cute rug. I think this bathroom has lots of possibilities!

  61. Alissa

    Go super girly! (sorry husband) If the tile is in good condition and if you like the pink at all…I would go with it! Change out any silver towel racks or such for white, paint the walls white. Go vintage/floral and pink for the shower curtain. Maybe replace the doors on the vanity, and add a little makeup stool under the open side (if it is tall enough). Chandelier perhaps. And I can’s decide…but it might be neat to add a stencil on that glass wall divider. Add a frame around the mirror…candles on the tub, and fresh flowers of course! And then enjoy it. (:

  62. Sandy

    I would start with a new vanity and mirror that I loved with the current situation or if gutted it. The picture with the boards in Apartment Therapy made me wonder if you could do some kind of chair railing mount on top with the pink tiles and a floor cover for the pink tiles. Then you would be only dealing with the green. I agree with someone who said earlier it definitely doesn’t go with farmhouse, but the changes I mentioned would be a quick fix until you could save for a gut.
    I have no clue, but wonder if you could cover the tile with beadboard?

  63. Mikael

    My vote is to lose the pink by resurfacing the tub and painting the pink tile. I would also change out the vanity and mirrors since that is a day to day annoyance. It will also update the look. If it is in the budget after that maybe the floor. Then work your magic by styling it out as only you can do! I love your first two inspiration photos and I think you could easily achieve that! Good luck!

  64. Bernie

    I’d leave the green tile, and paint the pnk whatever accent color (or white or black that you want). Other than replacing the vanity & sink, I’d work with what I had. You’re a clever girl, you’ll figure it out…..and then tell us how you did it!

  65. Elaine

    All the suggestions above are wonderful! To save dollars, I would also go with painting the edging tiles black, and keep the green. Resurface the bath in white and use the original white handbasin but set it in a stand alone vanity unit. If you don’t like any of the tile, I would look to covering up the tiles with beadboard painted white, with a blue colour above. Just resurface the ones round the bath in white, when you use the shower. Then you can leave them untouched for anyone who may come into the home after you.
    Whatever you do, it will look wonderful Melissia, well done for all your great work so far.

  66. Bernie

    PS Be thankful you’re dealing with something vintage. I have 4″ BROWN tiles, and brown grout for flooring, and a tub surround with almond fixtures. I’m dealing with the 80’s yucka yucka yucka!

  67. Sandy

    I would resurface the tub in white and also paint the pink tiles white. Replace the vanity and sink. I guess that’s what Bernie just said!

  68. June

    Replace the vanity with something wood tone or white. Remove divider. Resurface pink tiles and tub in white if you don’t wish to replace. Pull together with great mirror, white window shutters, maybe beautiful wallpaper or subtle stencil paint treatment. Then live in and love it. Great house. Fun to see gradual updates.Thanks for sharing!


    Honestly this is a really hard one Melissa, taking out the vanity will leave a footprint of an area not tiled so that might open up a can or worms in of itself. I would get more bids, that is extremely high for a small bathroom. I think it should be more in the 12-15,000 range. I am not sure I would spend any money on it other than possibly resurfacing the tub and the pink in the room and then you could have a green and white base, I would add blues and greens and crisp whites in the room, mostly white though. Lily Pulitzer has made a fortune on this color combo, and I think of preppy whenever I see green and pinks. For now, I think white is your friend.

  70. Christie

    Keep it! It has so much character. ? Kind of like McMenamins?

    I like seeing the original bathroom, which reminds me … could you please show your pre-remodeled kitchen and how you made it pretty before the updates? I would love seeing your ideas for living with a kitchen you don’t love. It would be a fun post while we wait to see the finished remodel.

  71. Robbie Zeller

    This is your sweet spot! I have been encouraged multiple times by your example to work with what you have. I believe you and your sweet girls could go on a little Anthropologie shopping trip for darling accessories and the whole situation would be improved. Don’t forget the plants.

  72. Kristin

    A neighbor of ours with yellow and black tile in their bathroom just had it covered with beadboard. You wouldn’t know there was any tile underneath unless you were told. They also had inserts placed over their color tiled shower stall and bath tub.

    Part of me really doesn’t like the “covering up” of a problem, but it also depends on your plan for the house. Are you going to be there for a really long time? Just a few years? Those are important factors when determining how much you want to invest in a house.

  73. Judy

    Hi Melissa, green and pink, what a combo, how did that become so stylish? I love vintage, but green and pink is not me either. I would definitely resurface the tub to white (cast iron tubs are great) if you plan on keeping it. I like that shower idea you pictured above alot! The other pink trim I would do white as well. Green and white might be OK if you feel comfortable with it. Otherwise, I would remove the tile altogether along with updating the vanity and lighting and etc.. Then add your style of vintage. I like the flooring in the picture with the shower above. As an aside, would you talk about your experience with the tub resurfacing. We have the same tub as you (1950), but white. The finish is worn to nothing. Was like this when we bought the house 10 months ago. It’s the only tub we have so I want to keep it. I have made inquiries to have it resurfaced, but am hesitant to have it done, just because of the unknown (will it last, is it worth it, will it be a good investment,,,etc) Thanks so much! Judy

  74. Margie

    The tub looks as though it’s a different shade of pink, than the tile. I’d refinish the tub white, replace the vanity and mirror, and remove the half wall. The remaining time could be very cute!

    • Margie

      Oops! Tile

  75. Jenni

    I won’t repeat others’ suggestions, only I empathize with you. We have a pink and gray bathroom (gray tile, pink tub and sink) and then a mint bathroom that’s even smaller than yours. The owners replaced the stall shower with a goldish-tan acrylic shower along with a matching sink. I am not a fan of it but it’s easier to work with as a neutral than pink is. The walls were painted a peachy color, and I finally realized that I could paint them and the dark brown cabinets and that alone would make a huge difference. I am glad to hear others say that mint is coming back – I think it is myself, in fact we are planning on painting our front door a similar color very soon!

  76. Becky Bixler

    I did not read all of the suggestion so I might be repeating one. I would introduce a good gray or even several shades of gray.

  77. Valentina

    Whenever I look at my bathroom and think about what I could change in it, I think about you, because it is a weird house. I live in Italy in a three-story house, which was meant as a house where in the 30’s would live the grandmother on one floor, the husband and wife on the second and the great grandmother on the third!! So it is all about bathrooms on the stairs, stairs, stairs, stairs everywhere, no entries, everything like a great big, palace like house, meant for NO privacy at all and members of one family everywhere. But NOW, in 2017, obviously I have one floor and a cousin of the cousin of a cousin has the other. So, the lovely bathroom that stays on the stairs is a bit impractical… God, it is so difficult to live there and obviously I cannot do what I wish because… you know, the stairs belong to Everybody, etc… Augh!! Now I wanna cry… All of this just to say that when I’ll have MY house I dream of doing all the wonderful things and ideas you suggest, but for now… sigh… !!

  78. shannon

    This room has some great potential.The tub should be refinished white, the pink trim tiles should be painted black to give the mint tile a more modern vintage vibe. Add a new vintage looking black and white tile floor, a new taller vanity, and a bamboo shade. It would be beautiful and blend well with the classic style of your home. Best of all it won’t look like Willy Wonka threw up.

  79. Julie

    Do you remember what color the walls in the English Tudor blue bath were? They look a pale tan. I have the same bathroom. Thanks

  80. Kari

    When my Dad renovate their home, he insisted on keeping the retro pink tile. It actually looks pretty great!

  81. mary

    I had the identical pink cast iron tub. We went with a local firm similar to Bath Fitters and had it enclosed in white. The bonus is that it holds the heat beautifully for a nice long soak. Then years later it still looks fine.

  82. Lily

    What a lovely pristine vintage bathroom! With your talent I’m sure you could accessorize the heck out of it and it would be beautiful!

  83. Nan V.

    If this room was mine, the first thing I would do is get two more quotes. $45K is nuts! I’ve gotten crazy quotes like that in the past, and it was just a contractor that didn’t really want to do that kind of work. I found someone who did a great job for 1/3 of that. If I had to prioritize the work, functionality would come first, which means replacing the vanity. You absolutely need more counter height and storage space. No matter what I did, the pink would have to go. Green is fine, pink is fine, but the two together is more than I could live with. I would like the room to look brighter and more open, so I would tear out the short wall between the vanity and toilet, and replace the tub with a glass shower, and replace the floor with white tile.

  84. Caitlin

    Not only do you want to like this bathroom, but you want to make it look intentional with the rest of your house, which is very white/grey/blue. So you definitely shouldn’t leave any pink or green in here. If I were you, I would tear out and replace the mirror/vanity/wall divider with a prettier and more functional vanitiy/mirror combo, upgrade the lighting, have the tub and wall tile re-glazed in white, and then replace the floor tile with a smaller hex or honeycomb tile in white to break up all the squares. Then accessorize in your normal greys/blues/neutrals! I think this tile looks fabulous and classic in white!

  85. Jenna

    Yes to all of the people who said to just try to get rid of the pink.. I love the mint with the white in the inspiration pics and overall it seems that any one colour can be tolerable with white. It the combo of pink and mint is what makes it a bit much! Nice white bath fitter style tub retrofit plus painting the pink tiles white, get a bigger vanity you love and then maybe a great vintage style mirror like the one in the kitchen inspiration.. this will be a fun change to see when it happens, can’t wait to see what you do!!

  86. Lisa Alderson

    My favorite pics of the bathrooms you showed were the ones that had the black outlining the pink or green.
    1. Paint the pink edging tile a glossy black.
    2. Hang a gorgeous wallpaper that has mint, black and a third (to be determined ) color.
    3. Hide the tub with a pretty shower curtain.
    4. Bring in pretty accessories

  87. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    If you could replace the vanity and keep the rest of the tile and the tub intact, I would opt for that until you do a total gut job to get what you really want. Get the vanity you will want long term, and accessorize the heck out of it to embrace the pink and green until you are ready to spend the money on a total redo. That way you have not spent money on anything you are going to change out later long term. It does look like it’s all in pretty amazing condition.

  88. Erna Martin

    Hi Melissa! Loved your books. I stopped reading other comments after awhile so forgive me if someone else already made this suggestion. If you choose to keep the wall that hides the toilet, you might consider changing the frosted glass to a a nice leaded glass design. It could really serve to be a beautiful focal point, especially if you decide to use a vintage dresser for your vanity.

  89. Meg

    Lots of suggestions – oh my! My absolute first (thrifty) thoughts are these:
    1. Any loose tiles and poor caulking should be replaced for safety/sanitizing sake.
    2. Replace the low sink, perhaps with a pedestal sink.
    3. Black and white toile for a touch at the window and as an outside shower curtain.
    4. Black accessories
    5. Plenty of wonderful white!
    Now you just go do what your heart says!

  90. Catherine

    I had a bathroom just like this…Blue floor. Aqua bath. Gold, grey and turquoise bath tiles. Fake marble countertops. LOL. Yes.
    This is what I finally did, and it’s beautiful.
    Reglaze the bath tiles and the tub in white (it looks amazing) $1,000
    Change the toilet to a new, white, dual-flush $200
    Get a 60-in white vanity from Costco, with marble countertop $1,500 + install $500
    Keep the tile floor (it is beautiful, really, the only saving fixture)
    Enlarge the window – now 60-in tall $800
    Paint walls warm dark gray $300
    Total cost, installed: under $5,000

  91. Rebecca Turner

    Hi Melissa! I’ve learned the hard way not to ADD to elements that you really don’t like. I once chose wallpaper to “match” our (at-the-time) terra-cotta colored carpet, which was not my choice, but brand new. Unfortunate, to say the least, and long since changed.

    If I were you I would try to determine which element it is that you dislike the most and eradicate that element. I suspect it’s the pink since you’ve confessed that you hate “swine.” I actually love pink because my parents put in a pink bathroom in the early sixties when I was just three years old and I just LOVED taking a bath in that pink tub! Lol! If I were pleasing myself, I’d probably go with it and add pink pineapple wallpaper (have you seen it?) to bring in a British Colonial vibe. But since we’re talking about you, maybe you could add green leafy wallpaper up top to give the room more of a jungle/Island look, which would feel organic. Green goes with everything! I hope you find a resolution that suits. And one that doesn’t cost a fortune! (We updated both of our bathrooms and did as much of the work ourselves as possible, but spent nowhere near the amount of your quote.)

  92. AnneS

    I think I would get some more estimates. 45 sounds really high. If your main objection is the tile, then maybe just look for someone who works with tile. If you and your family can do some of the work yourselves it would save you a lot of money. My neighbors redid their bathroom and they carried their enamel tub like that out themselves. (He is pretty strong.) Normally, the re-modelers around here tell you its impossible to get out, but that isn’t true. Its just heavy and awkward. Some people cut them up first, some kind of special saw. My cousin saved a lot on her kitchen remodel because she and her husband tore out the old cabinets themselves and tiled the floor themselves. They did a really good job.

    But, if you don’t want to tear it out, I would cut the separating wall next to the toilet in half, no glass, or make it total bead board. Put in a new vanity, same size as old but higher. i noticed the tub in the “House Beautiful” picture was tiled over. Maybe you could do tile over the pink tub? and the periwinkle blue flowers look nice against the green in the “Meet Me in Philadelphia” picture. Maybe you could incorporate that color somehow, paint the wall periwinkle blue? Also, i saw a “This old house show” where they used this new paint that paints over tile. All they did was wash the tile, and paint it with this paint. The finish had a matte look to it. They said that was all you had to do.

    Or, you could call Chip and Joanna Gaines and work out a deal for free advertising on your site.

  93. Sherry

    Since you cannot remodel yet, I think what I would do is at least knock down the little divider that separates the vanity and toilet. It is a huge block. You also can paint the tile or at least replace the countertop if you can afford it. And you could do one of those things where they cover your tub.
    I would then pick lovely art work that would pick up the colors but kind of defuse the glaring pink and green. I would also pick a pattern for the window and tub for window treatment and shower curtain. Or you could just go with white towels perhaps with your initials embroidered on them with plain white curtain and shower curtain. Be sure to post your temporary solution ok? Can’t wait.

  94. Arli

    Seems like everyone has the same ideas as me! Get rid of that useless divider and get yourself a functional vanity. Try to save some of the green tiles to use for the new floor when the wall comes down. Then, depending on budget, either buy/make a floor to ceiling shower curtain to cover the pink tub, or reglaze it in white. You can then see how the pink tiles look to decide if you want to paint over them.

  95. Danna Walters

    I don’t know if any one suggested it, but I wonder if it’s possible to apply beadboard panels over the tile with adhesive? Obviously not in the tub/shower, but right up to the inside edge where a shower curtain would hang? Don’t even know if it’s possible, but the green floor wouldn’t be so bad. You always figure it out! Can’t wait to see all the other changes in the pipeline! Painted brick, the basement, etc! :)

  96. Ellen

    $45,000 IS a lot, but unfortunately probably not unrealistic for a major redo. Bathrooms are expensive! What about replacing the floors with a white tile/black inset like in some of those photos and use touches of black with accessories, frames, etc. You could possibly DIY although removing the existing floor might be tough.I like the combo of black with the pastels in the photos you shared.

  97. Becky

    When I saw your bathroom, it made me think of a retailer in the UK — Cath Kidston. Perhaps bringing in an accessory or two would offer some additional colors to play with. Something like this, perhaps:

    I know florals might not be your thing (in general, they’re not mine), but if you embrace the colors, they might grow on you. (Thats the theory I’m working on with an few of the fixed elements in my house).

    Also, I think the vintage-y nature of the bathroom is cool; my home is relatively new, and though I love it in so many ways, it does miss a bit of the soul that older homes have.

  98. Victoria

    What a great bathroom to start with! I think you can love it with a few changes. I personally would get rid of the old vanity since it is not functional for you. The white with all the pastel tiles just don’t look balanced to me, maybe painting the walls a lighter mint/aqua that will compliment the tile, leaving bright white for accents (new vanity, frame around window, mirror etc.) Even painting the privacy wall in the mint but trim around the glass in bright white might make quite the difference. Have you seen this tile decals? They can add in some black contrast to add more dimension to the very pastel tiles, you could probably place a design every 5-6 tiles right below the border for interest.

  99. Cheryl Morning

    I would replace the floor with a porcelain or concrete patterned tile in gray and white. I would replace the counter with marble or marble looking quartz. I would replace the mirror with a vintage looking framed mirror. A pretty framed quote on glass with a white frame that looks like a window would be hung over the toilet. I would do a frilly white shower curtain and pewter accessories.

    I had a vintage pink bathroom in my 1970s Tudor house. We said goodbye to all of it and joyously brought in an updated but timeless replacement. It is now one of my most favorite places to relax!! (Which I need every now and then with 7 kids. Ha ha.)

    I hope you find a way to make this bathroom a place that brings you joy. ?

  100. Bee Bower

    Our mid-fifties house has a pink and teal bathroom which I initially thought we would remodel, but we have instead embraced it and come to love it. We found a shower curtain with teal and pink in it, and painted the walls a pale minty-teal. Everyone who visits our house comments on our colorful bathroom, and since it is original to the house, it will always match the style of the house instead of eventually being an obvious circa-2017 remodel. Check out and for some encouragement and inspiration to keep your beautiful, unique, and high quality bathroom!

  101. Wendy

    Love the green tiles not so much the pink, they would have to go.I would take out the tub and put in a shower. We took out our tub and don’t miss it at all.Some pretty lights and accessories would look great.

  102. Jo Jo

    I’d resurface the tub in white and also have the tiling tiles “painted” ( I’ve read it can be done and it looks like New and is durable!) in white and maybe paint the border tile in your favorite accent color that you’d like to repeat in in assesories. As far as the floor, if it’s a small sized bathroom as you say, replace the floor in a marble tile or full slab marble. It wouldn’t cost much because the area is small. I I think it would look higher end and lovely. Vintage faucets and mirror twouod br great. If you could fond a small dresser that you could retrofit a sink would be cool and perhaps you could reuse the soapstone countertop? Paintbthe wood piece white OR in the accent color.

  103. Virginia

    Living in Florida for 27 years, so I LUV the pink and green. But not for everyone, I can relate. Remove the wall if you can. If you change out the vanity, I don’t know what it would do to the tiles should you keep the tiles you have. Once that happens, it can explode into a total renovation. Get more quotes. We had a “bumble bee” bathroom in our 1950s bungalow (not in good condition) and went over those tiles. I chose to do white subway with black lines but it is now our guest bathroom. Anyone for the banana leaf print (fabric or wallpaper)? I saw a lovely white shower curtain that did a monogram in pink/green fabric online. Just got my “beachy” magazine and it embraced the mint green for a bedroom. Whatever you do, I know it will be awesome. All you do is so beautiful.

    • Victoria

      I’ll join you in the banana leaf print!

  104. Centsational Girl

    I might paint the border pink parts white as an easy fix and resurface the tub in white so the bathroom feels mint & white like the Meet Me in Philadelphia inspiration. Replacing the vanity might be a good option too since it’s so low like you said. Can’t wait to read about your decision!

  105. Pamela

    Wow! A lot of answers! We’ve had 4 pink tiled ’50s baths and I presently have 2. I’ve tried many different things. Your particular combo of colors is tough. Mine are all pink including fixtures and tile or pink fixtures with white tile. What bothers me from your photos is the pink stripe between the the green and white. I finally painted all our pink-tiled bath walls the SAME pink as the tile when I realized it was the contrast of white wall against pink tile that bothered me most. It has made me VERY happy. The hardest part was finding the right color pink paint (there is a touch of brown in the pink Koehler fixtures that isn’t always in the pink tile) but I found it in Martha’s Stewart’s guest house bathroom. I had it made at Lowes but it was too watery so I had Ben Moore color match it and it turned out perfect. I’ve even touched up holes in the tiles from the shower enclosure that we removed and they’re barely noticed now. For your particular color combo one commenter mentioned embracing Lilly Pulitzer fabrics and that was brilliant! Paint the walls to match the pink tile & maybe the stripe goes away and then skirt the entire vanity with Lilly fabric skirt shirted on a rod and make a matching shower curtain. Thick, Fluffy mint rugs, pink and mint towels and some art and call it an adorable day.

  106. Meg

    Since you don’t like it at all – just plan to remodel it to your taste (I had TWO pink and green bathrooms). It is so much cheaper to hire someone to gut the bathroom and install all of the items you choose and purchase yourself. In my part of the country (Chicago area). I paid the contractor $6,500. I purchased all of the materials I needed (some online including a bathtub at Amazon). You’ll be so happy with the end result.

  107. Stephanie

    If it was me, I would embrace the mint for now and focus a remodel on the vanity area. While also adding accessories to bring a modern touch to the vintage. Add something from Rifle Paper Co. in there! ??

  108. Eileen

    Oh boy! You do have your work cut out for you! If it was just pink or just green it would be doable but this is just too much! If there are other things as well that you don’t like about it you should just end the madness and just gut it! I must say I can’t wait to see what you do with this one!

  109. Barbara

    Another color option would be to switch the pink for a darker shade of green. I think that would make it easier to get a “beach” feeling.

  110. Sonya

    While you are working with what you have, I suggest that you embrace the scheme rather than fight it but do so in a minor way … a white or neutral shower curtain that is edged with a pink and green ribbons, similar for the window treatment, towels in the white or neutral color to match the curtain. If the colour of the room is not flattering when you look in the mirror, check if you could choose light bulbs in a different tone to see if they might help.

  111. Karen Ball

    I think you could benefit from adding texture in the form of baskets and also some type of natural fiber (jute, sisal, etc.) runner. No one has commented on the diffused type of light coming into the space. Is the window frosted to match the glass in the divider? Even if privacy is an issue, I would want a clear window to the outside. You could add a shade that goes top-down if necessary, but getting unfiltered light in there would help. Also, adding black accessories and accents to cut the sweetness, including some small amount of black on a white shower curtain. Keep the tub, even if you have it painted or retrofitted white. What a gift to have a tub that keeps your bath water hot! I would try spending a few hundred dollars on the accessories to see if it can get you to a bearable level of visual acceptance and live with it for a while as you formulate your final plan. Please update your readers as you make even small changes! We enjoy watching you work.

  112. Lee-Anne

    Just like the bee-themed yellow and black bath you mentioned, I often try to find a nature theme I like when faced with colors I can’t easily change. Whenever it’s green with a color, I think botanicals–like a garden oasis!

    I think the pink will actually look better if there is more of it. I would paint all the elements that are white–walls, ceiling, divider, and vanity–the same color as the pink tile (possibly a lighter shade).

    Knowing how you love bamboo/natural window shades, I would use one to bring a “woody” element into the botanical theme. I would also add a natural material floor mat (breaks up the green floor) and natural/wood containers on the vanity. Another nice wood item would be a stool for under the vanity, maybe a pink leg-dipped one?

    I would bring in flowers through the shower curtain and a window film on the divider glass (or splurge on stained glass); roses, peonies, or dogwoods all have lovely pinks, greens, and woody stems that could tie the colors together. I’d also get an interesting light fixture, maybe even splurging on something botanical-themed like this one:

    Good luck! I look forward to seeing how you adapt this bathroom to your tastes.

  113. Margaret

    We bought a 50’s house that had a pink bathroom. The previous owners had covered the wall tile with a plaid wallpaper. It wasn’t obvious that the tile was under it. It didn’t look bad and certainly broke up the pink. We took off the wallpaper and covered the pink floor tile with stick-on vinyl tile after using self-leveling compound. The new owners liked pink.

  114. sue

    Hi Melissa! I am currently re-doing my master bath (i.e.- its big!) to sell my house as I am building another. The Home Depot near me allows you the use of a certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (like with the letters! – AKBD – or something) for free if you use their materials. We found beautiful glossy faux carrara marble to re-do shower and floors; chrome fixtures, semi frameless shower door; white sinks and gorgeous white quartz counters (a la Sarah Richardson!) for $6,444. I have had to spend around $1,000 more on incidentals. Im very happy with the price!!

  115. Hope

    You are unhappy with the bathroom.
    Get two-three estimates on a remodel.
    Enjoy your renovated bath.

  116. Jess

    I think the pink and green is amazing. White ruffled shower curtain, lace hand towels, gold hardware throughout…keep it very girly and vintage. Higher vanity for practical purposes. I love the character and it makes me happy!

  117. Kirsti

    Could you resurface the tub and paint the pink tile (I think there are options for painting tiles?) leaving the mint color? Possibly redoing the floor since you said some tiles had some loose? It wouldn’t help the grout situation at all, but would tone down the color scheme!

  118. Evy Williams-Burr

    Also, change all the border tile to black.

  119. Jen

    Ok. So, I may be the only one that thinks this but…I say gut it. I wouldn’t spend 45k, but you could DIY that bathroom probably on your own (with a strong helper). You will need a dumpster for all that tile. Someone may be interested in the tub posted on Craigslist and you say “you move”. A nice pedestal sink is not too expensive, you could hang and do the drywall (the green board waterproof kind) yourselves (it’s really pretty easy) halfway down and do shiplap on the bottom half to save on drywall costs/work. I would do a new tile floor and try to find a salvaged tub (maybe a claw foot?) they can be found at re-house stores around here for about $800 (not sure about where you are). Keep the toilet. Then add your mirror and decor items and it’s all set. I think the person who gave you that bid was crazy. I wouldn’t even guess half of that price for that bathroom based on ones I have done. You could just DIY challenge yourself and take your time. The other crazy idea I had was maybe you could get a big sponsor since your blog is read by so many people and have a company like Lowes or Home Depot do some of the work for free or at a discount in exchange for PR?! If you don’t love it I say don’t force yourself to live with it. I also am of the mindset that doing things half-way is worse that just leaving it be, besides I think once you start changing a few things in that bathroom, the dominoes will start to fall. Good luck. Not matter what you decide I am sure it will be the right decision for you.

  120. Sheila

    Given the direction you’re taking with the rest of the house, I suspect you will want to do a full gut on this at some point. In the meantime, find a fabulous pink, green and white pattern and have fun with it. This image is floor tile ( ) that would be adorable in there but I’m sure you can hunt down a patterned fabric or wallpaper or area rug to serve the same purpose while you save up for the big job.

  121. Janet

    Since you already have lots of blue, how about bringing in a shade of blue that will go with the mint green and add lots of textured neutrals and white? I can see a room like that fitting in with what you already have. Once the pink is gone – sounds like that’s the resounding feedback here – it can be brought into line with the rest of the house.
    I’m guessing if it doesn’t look like it belongs to the rest of your home, you won’t be very satisfied with it until you address the issues more permanently with serious remodeling $$$. If you’re like me, it’s got to look really good and like it’s in harmony with your taste to keep you from continuing to fuss with it even after it’s “done.”
    We’re rooting for you, Melissa!

  122. Anne B

    Oh that pink tub, yikes! I agree with Lisa Steven’s, if you re-glaze the tub white that could really tone down the pink. Although I think changing all the pink to white would be the best option. I think the mint is workable. I think you could do wonders with it and make it quiet coastal. I can’t wait to see its future:-)

  123. Carole

    I live in a 70s ranch with one of the awful blue bathrooms I have ever seen.

    That said, it is all a matter of personal preference, and I know a lot of people want the spa style, white bath these days, but were it me….I would retain the tile in this room, and have the tub refinished (or replaced) in white, and maybe have the pink tiles refinished in white as well.

    If the room fits the house, I’m one of those who feels it should retain it’s look, whenever possible. That said, if you’re not a fan of green (which I am, living in Oregon – lol), you have to do what you feel is best for you.

    • Carole

      In looking back over the photo, I’d maybe change out the floor tile. Leave the walls, change the floor, refinish the tub and other pink elements. It’s a lovely vintage space.

  124. Marilyn Craighead

    I can’t even imagine paying big bucks to have that room renovated… oh my!But I totally understand the
    what to do with a room that’s not to your tastes…. Our vintage tub in our 1930’s home was a flesh tone… I never felt like it was clean enough. So when we renovated our bath we gutted everything but the tub, it was reglazed in white, what a difference it made!With bead board, new sink/cabinet lighting etc. It was a perfect look for the era of the home. So even if reglazing must be done time to time…….. it’s worth it. Enjoying your renovation adventure so much! The kitchen is amazing!

  125. Ellen

    I love the green and pink. I would reface the vanity and build in another cabinet where there is none (unless that is where you put the dirty clothes hamper), remove the glass wall that gives the toilet privacy (with a bath this small I do not see multiple using at one time). Or if you want separation – some sort of shelving that is not solid. Embrace the green and pink with towels, rugs, shower curtain and valance. Go with vintage look –
    a new mirror, lighting and accessories.

  126. Christine

    Also, we received a quote to redo our 1968 bathroom of similar size and it was in the $40k range also. We’re in Minnesota and this quote did come from a design/build firm with an established reputation that does exceptional work. So it sounds like a lot of money, but probably close to on point if they are doing custom cabinetry and adding another doorway and depending on your chosen finishes.

  127. Diane

    Hi – Do you have shipping links for any of these mirrors in this article? Thank you, Diane

  128. Erin

    I have that identical tub!!! Same color, same design, EXACT! Our bathroom has floor tile, wall tile, sink, and toilet all in the matching color (peach? salmon? not quite pink…).

  129. Jeannette

    What an awesome bathroom! I would def paint the pink trim black and the tub white. I love the wall between the toilet and vanity. I would keep the wall if you put in a new vanity. I hope the floor tile is intact so you don’t have to replace that. What an ugly job. Been there done that! Good luck 🍀 and thanks for all your hard work putting on your blog.

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