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Thinking In Pink

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Color, Decorating Inspiration

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Thinking In PinkPink Decorating. House Beautiful

About a week ago I really started to get spring fever. I love cozy winters and falls, but by this point I’m over it. Anyone else? Spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 20 (the calendar says) so I guess I’m just getting antsy for some sunshine.

In my dreams we’d head off to a warm climate, but to prolong our winter-vibes we enjoyed a random snow storm here in Seattle yesterday. It was lovely, though. Truly. It is so rare that we get snow (I was getting jealous of my family in Portland who had tons of snow this winter!) that I actually loved staying in my jammies all morning and drinking coffee in bed as the snow fell outside. It felt peaceful and quiet.

But still. I’m ready to walk outside at will and not freeze or fall flat on my face on an unexpected patch of ice! :)

Thinking In PinkHouse & Home

Until the snow melts and some pretty flowers start poking up from the ground to assure me spring is on its way, I’m just getting into pre-spring nesting mode around the house :). I still need things to be cozy (because snow) but I can’t help but start thinking in shades of PINK. Pink reminds me of new babies and romance and the earliest spring blossoms on the cherry trees.

I don’t usually have much pink at my house (well, unless you count our pink bathtub or a pink bouquet from time to time) but I do love to see a touch of it in a room. Even if you don’t have pink at your house, I hope a little pink will inspire you for spring, too.

Thinking In Pink

Thinking In Pink

Thinking In Pink

The Inspired Room Kitchen Details

Thinking In Pink
The cutest bath tub I ever did see from The Cast Iron Bath Company

Thinking In Pink
House Beautiful

Thinking In Pink

Thinking In Pink

The Inspired Room

Thinking In Pink
The Stables

Thinking In PinkHouse Beautiful

Thinking In Pink
Frederic Ducout

Does pink feel like spring to you, too? Which room in this post is your favorite? 

Thinking In Pink

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  1. Marta

    I love pink and I have pink details all over my room and I love it. It makes me feel really cosy because pink is a warm-toned colour and because it reminds me of my childhood haha

  2. Tami

    Yes, pink does make me think of spring! The first two rooms (kitchen and bedroom) are my favorites. I love that the pink in those rooms is not overpowering but still makes a statement. I also like the Lonny dining room.

  3. Stephanie

    I’m not sure if I could pull off the pink headboard in my house (the man would be vehemently against it) but it’s so pretty and I love the blue comforter contrasting it.

  4. Barb

    It’s so ironic that you wrote this today. I have an all white bedroom that needed one more thing in the room and I bought a blush colored chair! It’s from the Nate Berkus line at target and I got it on sale. It looks perfect in the room! I do love touches of pink!!

  5. Kay

    That last bedroom is my favorite. The pink is warmer than some of the others, + all that black (cupboard + lamp) ramps down the ‘sweet’. I was shopping for a door basket with faux flowers on etsy the other day + found a perfect one with pink geraniums, @ $104. Yikes.

  6. sandyc

    I like my pink on the peachy side so the two Lonny rooms speak to me and the House Beautiful bedroom with the pink settee at the foot of the bed and the creamy white ship lap walls is dreamy. And there’s nothing wrong with flowers in any shade of pink and/or any other of nature’s wonderful colors. Hurry Spring and when you come, please plan to stay for a good while everywhere.

  7. Missy

    I “pinked” my bedroom at the beginning of February just to lighten things up – so fun! I simply changed the quilt, when I changed our sheets and added some tulips.

  8. Diana

    I’m all in on the blush pink trend! I love adding it in pillow, blankets, and flowers. It adds such a sweet feminine touch to any room. I love so many of the photos you chose!

  9. Jo Jo

    I love, love, LOVE that blush pink footed bathtub! Romantic and cozy. I, too, am longing for spring and thought I might start turning our home over to Spring decor…but slowly. I’ll begin with arranging the beautiful ( faux) lavender sprays that were just delivered yesterday. I’ll be switching out my clear vase on our sofa table that currently is holding some evergreen and glitterly berry sprays ( from Pier 1) and replacing with the Lavendar in a large pitcher that I use as a vaseb. It’s not pink, but the soft hues of Lavendar whispers Spring (and Summer) to me! Plus it’s getting up to 65 degrees here today! ?

  10. Nadia Kaplan

    Beautiful pink shades. Lovely details and inspiration.


    I actually have been looking at pink for a couple of weeks too!! We are so insync sometimes. My blog post today is all about how to add another color accent in your home. For me it will be pink this year. I have some new fabric swatches coming my way and am excited about adding just a touch of pink to my home. I pinned away and added to my PINK pinboard!!! Hope your day is pinkalicious!!

  12. Tina

    Melissa, thanks for this blushing inspiration! I don’t use pink as much as I would like as we have four sons but I like to sneak it in here and there… Thanks again for helping me see the variety of ways I can incorporate it into my decor! So looking forward to your full kitchen reveal–patiently waiting ;-)

  13. franki

    I know….how did this happen….again…who would have thought – pink! *sigh* franki

  14. Sharon

    Pink definitely makes me think of spring. Just this morning I pulled out my mom’s pink vase for a few daisies from the grocery store. It looks very cheerful on the kitchen table.

    I have a lot of pink in my house, mostly accents in my office, but our 1950’s bungalow still has the original pink bathroom. It gets lots of reactions from visitors – not all positive ones – but I really love it.

    My favorite rooms are the first one, the kitchen with the pink roses, and the House Beautiful bedroom with the pink figured quilt at the bottom. All the rooms are lovely, though.

  15. M

    We are moving into a house with a pink bathroom! The tile and tub are pink. Would love to see yours. I’m painting everything else white and living with it as long as I can. We are also remodeling the kitchen and would love to see yours! I’m interested in seeing the different knobs you used.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I really want to redo my bathroom right away but I too am thinking I need to live with it as long as I can. I need to show it! I will. It’s got mint green tile with pink trim and a pink tub. UGH! The mix is a bit much for my taste. I know vintage bathrooms can be cute (we had a mint green one with black trim in one of our previous houses and a yellow one with rusty trim and I left the tile as is!). :)

  16. L

    The pink bath tub! Love it!

  17. Judy

    I think pink this time of year also Melissa. I start to hope for Spring and usually buy tulips for that cheery hit of color. I have some on my table now! They help me get through the rest of the winter. My favorite pics above are House Beautiful, the the first one and the third one.

  18. Patrice

    I do love this new shade of blush pink. I would have never thought it possible, but it looks so good with gray, white, and even the right shade of blue.

  19. Norma | The House that Will

    Here in Ireland, we follow the ancient Celtic calendar that says spring starts on February 1st because it’s halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. The festival associated with it is called Imbolc.

  20. Heather Gaume

    While not generally a fan of wallpaper, I love everything about that beautiful dining room. I am ready to plant pansies even though the ground is still frozen on our mountainside. I vote Imbolc!

  21. Pat M.

    I’m not a big fan of pink, but love the blush pink of The Stables room. So relaxing…..

  22. Karen

    The pink claw-foot tub is beautiful. The dark wainscotting creates balance. I also love the last bedroom with all of its feminine loveliness. I don’t find the pink to be overwhelming in any of the rooms, but those two are my favorites.

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