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Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Color, Decorating Inspiration

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Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
Southern Living

Do you love rooms decorated with red? I don’t know if it is as commonly used as I remember it “back in the day” … or is it? I’m not sure I always trust Instagram or blogs to show a true cross section of what people like…. so I’d love to hear what color schemes you use in your home!!

This weekend I went to an open house that had a cheery shade of red as their accent color. I was reminded of how much I love it! Rooms decorated with red can be cheerful and summery, or extra warm and cozy, depending on the shade and how it’s used!

Speaking of going to open houses, that is my idea of weekend fun. I mean, come on, getting to waltz into charming homes I’ve previously only been able to drive by slowly (and peer through the windows)? The best! Anyone else?

Enjoy the inspiration rooms decorated with red! Which one is your favorite?

Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
Better Homes and Gardens
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
Better Homes and Gardens
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
House and Home
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
House and Home
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
Serena & Lily (click for sources)
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
House & Home
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
Better Homes and Gardens
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
Better Homes and Gardens
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
House and Home – Designed by Sarah Richardson
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
House and Home
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
House & Home
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
House & Home

Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red
Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red

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  1. Francesca Gunn

    These rooms are pretty but personally I like using pops of red little front porch, the patio furniture, flowers.

  2. Gail

    I have a grey and blue base, but accent with different colors in different seasons. Red at Christmas. I do use red outside for my flowers though. It works well with my brick color, mixed with white and blue/purple, and a little yellow.

  3. Connie

    I love red and have pops of it throughout my home along with blue.. I like color!

  4. Susan

    All the rooms in my home have red, white and blue. I love red and have used it in my home since I received a red bentwood rocker for my 21st Birthday. I just turned 68! I also love my blue and white pottery and use that throughout my home. It’s a happy place and always makes me smile!
    I love your ideas and your home is lovely.

  5. renee

    I’m not a red person – at all. I love neutrals, accented with blues/greens/aqua.

  6. Ann Sielaff

    I love the red! It’s so fresh and inspiring. I have never even considered it as an accent color, actually. But my family has a foreign exchange student coming to live with us this year, and I’m going to use it in her bedroom! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Louise

    I have a red dining room which is probably so passé. It’s a gorgeous room that becomes even more beautiful at the holidays with white-light wrapped fresh greenery draped over the built-in china cabinets and woven in the chandelier. I love it, but have considered painting it a different color. My kids won’t let me! I’ve read that red stimulates the appetite, which may explain why everything tastes so wonderful in there.

    • Sue

      Oh, your dining room sounds lovely. Are the cabinets and/or table and chairs red?

  8. Pat M.

    I’m not a red person, I prefer cool and more neutral colors inside, but I do have a red front door on my small gray ranch style house w/black shutters and I plant red geraniums nearby – pretty classic stuff. My mother, rest her soul, always said that every home and every wardrobe should have a “splash” of red somewhere. I always think of that when I’m purchasing red flowers to plant in the Spring. She would approve.

  9. Laura

    I agree, red does feel very “out” these days, but I used it in my living room color scheme, and I love how rich and plush it makes the room feel! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful inspiration photos!

  10. Anne

    Love the red bath

  11. Jody Donaldson

    I love the warmth that reds bring to a room. I especially am fond of the beautiful handmade red and navy rugs that sadly now seem unstylish. I will never part with these heirloom pieces. The opening photo today shows an excellent and tasteful way to use these lovely, richly colored rugs and pair them with light, neutral paint. I loved the elegant wood pieces in this photo too – wood tones seems to come to life in presence of warm, deep colors

    • Debbie Weil

      Exactly my sentiments.

  12. Missy Robinson

    We have lots of red in our home. In the summer, I try to lean toward nautical and then deepen it through the fall and winter. Even our patio is accented with red flowers, red lanterns and American flags.

  13. Barbara Livdahl

    Maybe because I grew up with red in the kitchen, or because it is my favorite color, I’ve must have red in our home! It is a year around accent in the living room and kitchen. I even have a “Red” Pinterest board! Oh, and I must always drive a red car.

  14. Deanna Rabe

    I love using red in my decor!

  15. Monica

    I have red Persian rugs in my home – similar in color to the one in your first picture. Some of them are over 100 years old. I think that’s the very definition of classic. All this grey and pastel (remember Chevron! ha!) will be gone in a few years and I will still love my red/burgundy classic rugs!

  16. Melinda Yu

    I love how red can compliment gray or navy blue or tans or whites etc… it’s such a versatile color. I am thinking how I can add it.

  17. Deborah Nisson

    Love red and have it in most rooms. Can you tell me the source of the mirror (or wreath) over the bed in the Serena Lily bedroom?

  18. Dawn

    I adore every single image in this post. I will probably always have touches of red in our home. So pretty and happy. All through the dreary grey phase, our home has remained warm and welcoming. I’ll be bookmarking this post!

  19. Lori

    I’ve been thinking my red needed replacing, but I have not been inspired by what is out there. Thanks for the reminder to stay true to my first love and to use red in a refreshed way.

  20. Sheri

    I also love red! But, after 12+ years of looking at a brick red wall and red sofas it’s definitely getting old and dated. My front door is also painted red and I told my husband that this year we’re repainting it a different color! I’m thinking Tiffany turquoise! Sometime in the future the wall in my living room is getting repainted, although I haven’t decided on a color, and I’m seriously thinking about going towards a more sleek modern furniture style. But I still love red and I will more than likely incorporate the color into my room somehow!!!

  21. Pam

    I am not a fan anymore of red. I used it as a pop of color two houses ago

  22. franki

    I just painted a “chippy white” iron rocker…enamel red!! I luv it! How can you not be happy or smile seeing the above rooms….I have “something” red in every room. Luv red/ black/cream!! franki

  23. Sharon K

    I have lived in 11 homes over the past 38 years of marriage … and the 1st thing that must happen upon move-in is to paint the front door RED!! I always have red throughout my homes. I have red rugs, red drapes and lots of red in paintings and such to complete the look. Red just makes me happy!

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