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Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Smiling Sponges + Soap Dispensers

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration

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Don't Worry, Be Happy! Smiling Sponges + Soap Dispensers

Don’t worry, be happy! I ordered this happy little sponge in my delivery of groceries this week. Now I find myself singing that Don’t Worry song or listening to it as I’m doing dishes and cleaning the sink. Maybe it’s because it makes me happy to have a smiling sponge looking up at me, but partly because “don’t worry” has been a good reminder that there are some things we CAN do during this crisis. Rather than just sit around worrying, that is.

What good does worrying do, anyway? Doing what we can to protect our family (as the gatekeepers of our home) and just finding more joy in the every day routines of life will be far more beneficial to us than worry.

A smiling sponge in the kitchen doesn’t solve much, but it sure lightens the mood. It makes everyone smile. That’s worth something.

When I was ordering my smiling sponge I also decided to get new soap dispensers for our bathrooms and kitchen. Washing our hands is one of the beneficial things we can do, so I thought these automatic soap dispensers would help cut down on the times hands need touch the dispensers throughout the day (I fill them with my custom scented toxin-free foaming soap, instead of the soap that came with them).


I use Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate to clean my whole house. It’s economical, safe and really effective! I love it! You just use one capful in a spray bottle of water so it’s less than $1 per bottle! You can grab the cleaner with my referral link here.

***Grab Thieves household Cleaner and/or the Thieves Scrub with my referral link here.***

Get the smiling sponge here.

PSA: You won’t want to buy Thieves on Amazon, it isn’t allowed to be sold there so it may be compromised and not the real deal

Want to get this song stuck in your head today? Click here or below to watch the video. :)

Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers. Let’s stick together. We’ll get through this.

What’s going on in your home and community right now?

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  1. Jenifer

    That’s just what I needed to hear today. Thanks!

    • Kathy

      I’m an introvert so being home is not a hardship. I know people are scared, but I believe God will bring something good from it. I’m going to get creative today and make something. Hang in there everyone.

      • Susan Elliott

        Thankyou for all you share !! 🙂

    • Michelle

      Thanks for the cheer to our email boxes!

      • Rose

        I forgot not only how much that song made me smile, but also funny and surprising to see Robin Williams in the vid. Thank you for such a sweet and happy tune to carry me and all of us through this weirdness

    • Cynthia

      Thank you, thank you for this! Be well!

  2. Kerry Fountain

    Everyone in my home is healthy !! My community is coping – schools closed, restaurant dining rooms closed (drive thru and take out still open). Much like many other places. So far I’m doing ok and able to work from home for the most part – the isolation is an adjustment. Husband drives a dump truck and thankfully has work (wet weather has prevented work for most of the winter). Taking the time to purge and pray.

    • LeAnne Stevens

      Thanks for the smile! And thanks for sharing your playlists! I love them both. I have taken to walking a few miles in the morning with my dog and I appreciate the new tunes!

  3. Kay Taylor

    I love that you are finding joy in the little things! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Chris

    After opening today’s newspaper, this gave me the pick me up that is needed to persevere and maintain a positive attitude! Thank you Melissa for the joy in your words. Despite everyone being asked to be apart, the world will get through this “together.” One day at a time…

  5. Cyndi

    A smiley face would sure be a welcome site! Stay well!

  6. Linda

    Doing well and Don’t worry be happy🤗 will be with me all day, thks for sharing

  7. Donna

    Thanks for your post! It made me smile! :-)

  8. Deb P

    A smile is ALWAYS welcome!

  9. Pat M.

    I have a supply of these sponges always on hand. Cleanest sponge ever!! Don’t know how I ever did without them.

    • Jo Jo

      Love those smiling sponges! 😍.

      Our area is mandated to practice social distancing, schools closed for now, restusrsnts closed except for take-out it delivery and no sporting events happening, theatres closed.

      We have hunkered down and nit panicking at all. God is in control and Jesus is in His throne. 🙏❤️👍😍

  10. kathryn

    Love that the simple things can lift us up! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Rachelle

    I love getting my daily email from “The Inspired Room!” The sponge is adorable. Little things are so important. 😊

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hey Rachelle! Excited to let you know that you are the winner of the smiling sponge! :) Thanks for entering and following along! I will email you now to grab your mailing address!

  12. Ann C

    I am retired so I am doing projects I haven’t found time to do because I prefer being out visiting friends. But now that I’m staying home I don’t have any excuses. I also discovered that I can take an afternoon drive. I choose roads in my area that I’ve never been down. A great adventure! Doesn’t take long to make me ready for home again. Spending time in prayer also for our entire world’s people.

  13. Linda Grubbs

    As so many have said.. we’ll need to trust in the Lord. I must say that your posts very often lift me up… whether it’s your calming words or sweet photos/antics of the fabulous JACK!!…and his sweet shy sister Lily. I also could not help but smile at your happy sponge!

  14. Carolyn L Maves

    Thank you for being a positive voice during this difficult time. Be safe and well.

  15. Rachel

    I look forward to your posts everyday. I like the bit of joy and hope they bring without ignoring difficult times. I live in Utah so I’m just glad this morning didn’t start with an earthquake like yesterday.

  16. Deb Wostmann

    Yes, we are the gatekeepers of our home and thank you for the reminder. I’m new to your blog and am so enjoying your thoughts. Keep well.

  17. Denise

    I agree with all the things above- I hadn’t thought of taking a drive just to explore tho! Great idea for cabin fever. It’s rainy today, sunshine will come and soon flowers will be poking up. Blessings to you all.

  18. Amanda

    Love your blog. Thank you for being so bright and happy.

  19. jo

    I know I don’t have a vote but… I would choose Rachel from Utah (for the smiling sponge) whose words of “glad this morning didn’t start with an earthquake like yesterday”. This is a clear reminder we need to think of our blessings and be thankful.

  20. Andie Ellis

    I am an extrovert that now is making an indoor list each morning, finishing a knitting project and early spring cleaning!

  21. Carole Cuneo

    Thank you for being a positive voice amid all this craziness. We all need to be thankful for all we have.
    Love the happy little sponge. I will have to look for them.

  22. Deb

    Perfect post … thank you 😊

  23. Gina

    Love this! I have seen those smiling sponges….think I need to purchase some. Keep smiling!!😁

  24. Jill Jones

    I LOVE the happy sponge. It put a smile on my face immediately! Thanks for the lift :)

  25. Peggy

    I’m joining the “put the Christmas lights back up” gang. Last Christmas we pointed our LED light into the trees in our backyard instead of the house–magical esp when it rains. P.s. I’m glad your daughter moved back home.

  26. Sonia

    I keep seeing the meme about an introvert training their whole lives for this. While this works for me I know it doesn’t work for so many others. Like my kids who are working from home or the one who is working in a hospital. Trying to find the happy in the small normal things. We are all in this together.

  27. Shawn Bartz

    I JUST opened am Amazon box containing your Dwelling Journal to go with the book I gifted my stepmother with several months ago. This will be her Mother’s Day gift :) I sure would LOVE a smiley sponge to brighten up our kitchen. God bless and I pray that your family stays healthy and safe. I have two sisters-in-law in Olympia, one of which is in “lockdown” at her apartment complex because of symptoms she’s been experiencing. :~(

  28. Paige

    We are trying to be productive and enjoy home time amid disappointments like missing prom. My 18 yr old daughter and I are doing a movie marathon of all the versions of Pride and Prejudice. Usually we start with the Keira Knightly one and follow w the Colin Firth version. Last night we added the Bollywood version, Bride and Prejudice. Lol And there’s more…

  29. Debbie

    I am a retired teacher so I am enjoying all the memes and comments on social media about parents struggling to homeschool their kids. If nothing else I hope this time will bring on a new appreciation for teachers, health care workers, truck drivers, grocery store employees and everyone else who is out there trying to make our lives the best they can be right now. I will say all the woodwork in my house has never been this clean since my house was new!!

  30. Nancy Lou

    I know this is already a popular note, but worth repeating: Tough times don’t last; tough people do! Especially those who maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor in the midst of it all.
    I keep a clean house, but I’m not sure I’m a big fan of Clorox being my new “air freshener”! :)

  31. Annette

    Thank you for your wonderful newsletter. Our family and town are doing well. Staying home. Right now as I write this, I can see the azaleas bursting open in my neighbor’s front yard. Just lovely. And the sound of someone playing a piano next door. People are riding bikes, going for walks and runs in the neighborhood. We have lots to be grateful for.b It is true that the little things bring the most pleasure.

  32. Nicole

    I work retail where we supply supplies to the oil/gas industry and farmers in our community. This time of year is always busy with the farmers getting ready to plant. So I am still able to work outside of my home. But I can only imagine to all that are working/staying at home how clean their homes must be! Except those with kiddos at home. Thank you Melissa for such a beautiful/uplifting blog!!

  33. Beth

    I had a yellow smiling sponge and would love a white one

  34. Samantha

    I love the smiling sponge. We are reading good books and baking and getting outside into nature

  35. Julie

    I have this song stuck in my head often….it’s been my cellphone ringtone for about 6 months! People always smile when they hear it and sometimes, I just want to let it play and delay answering the call!

    I’m doing some deep cleaning and am going to continue to go through drawers and closets. I’m going to make a big pile for donation!

    I’ve read that fresh air and sunshine are great for helping overcome any virus, so I’m also going to focus on walking my two Sheltie pups and will spend time outside seeing what’s coming up in the garden if this Indiana weather cooperates!

    Thank you for sharing and for all of your great ideas!

  36. Lynn

    Thanks for all the helpful ways to enjoy being home and bringing joy while we are spending more time in our homes. Love the smiley face sponge😊

  37. +Peace to all+

    Love the smiling sponge! I received one as gift a few years ago; it was yellow…love the new white version.

    I totally agree with the count your blessings sentiment…we are not at war & under attack, we can go outside & enjoy fresh air, we can open our windows & enjoy the sunshine, we can play games, read a book or listen to music. I am so blessed to be with family now; we are trying to remember to appreciate the little things in this season of isolation.

  38. Kathy

    Thanks for the positive today! I am now singing dont worry be happy in my head!

  39. Debra

    Smiling sponge makes me happy❤️

  40. Lee

    Where is the striped towel from?

  41. Susan

    You are so nice to think of others. Glad we have Instagram at this stressful time!

  42. LindaSonia

    Love the smiling Mr. Sponge!! thanks for lifting the mood! :-)

  43. Pamela

    Love the smiling sponge!!!!!

  44. Susan W.

    Cute sponge! Trying to keep a positive attitude really helps in this situation. I’m grateful I like my house and I like to be in it, so as long as I have what I need to be comfortable, I’m content.

  45. Sheri Nelson

    Thanks for making my day with the video! I’m still purging and getting caught up on things I need to finish around the house. For me I’m a caregiver for Seniors so I have to be healthy and when I’m not at work I’m under self imposed isolation! Being a homebody comes very natural for me so I don’t have issues with staying home. And home is the place that makes me happy!

  46. Pam M

    My favorite quote from this week…”You can’t quarantine joy!!”

  47. Liz Birkeland

    Thank you for helping us see the good – I love the bunny pitcher, the smiley-faced sponge, and your smiley-faced doggies! What a lovely infusion of joy!

  48. Jackie

    A much needed smile today! We have sold our house and moved into a tiny apartment! Having a small delay in looking for a house in the town we will be moving to.

  49. Gennie

    I have been using this gift of extra time with the family to set up our new home and to simply just be still

  50. Christine

    What a cute sponge! I love stuff like that. We need all the cute cheeriness we can get.

  51. Sara

    I’m an introvert, like Kathy, so it doesn’t bother me to be home, but I do worry about my children and my husband… I may just have to find a smiling sponge in case I don’t win this one… Adorable!! :)

  52. Cindy

    Oh thank you for this! You are a bright spot in this uncertain world. We all need to remember that there can’t be a rainbow without a storm. You are helping us all see the eventual rainbow.

  53. Courtney

    Thanks you we need smiles and soap 😘💚 stay well!

  54. Eileen

    I love the idea of a happy sponge, just silly and fun, something we all need. Thanks.

  55. Cullen Libby

    A smiling sponge? Totally brilliant! As one who is not a big fan of doing dishes, I think this is a great idea. And finding joy in the little things right now is so important! Thank you for sharing!

  56. Sally

    It’s the little thanks! Thanks for the reminder ☺️

  57. Ramona Schlauch

    Melissa Michaels, it appears that you use the Thieves foaming handsoap in the soap dispenser. Is it possible to dilute the Thieves houseold cleaner for the soap dispenser?

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