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My Best Secret for Making Cleaning Spark Joy

by | Jun 26, 2019 | clean + simple, Decorating Inspiration, Essential Oils, My Kitchen, My Seattle House

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My Best Secret for Making Cleaning Spark Joy

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Does cleaning your house spark joy? It does for me! Well, mostly it does :). One of my best secrets for keeping my house clean has always been making the experience of cleaning as enjoyable as possible. If you dread the whole process, you’re likely going to want to avoid it. Am I right?

I always recommend incorporating more of your senses into everything you want to enjoy and savor. It makes such a big difference!

To set the right mood for housecleaning, I put on my “cleaning clothes” and always wear sturdy house shoes (I never have been able to clean as efficiently in dress clothes, and definitely am not as productive when I wear socks or slippers. I learned the “wear shoes” secret from Flylady! It really works for me. Do what works for you!).

My Best Secret for Making Cleaning Spark Joy

When it’s dark outside, I turn on my little lamps to make the house feel warm, cozy and inviting (which makes dirty dishes and laundry feel even more unwelcome in my home!).

If it’s morning, I start my pot of coffee as I’m getting ready to clean (love love love the fresh aroma filling the air!). Then I pour the coffee, add my foamed Oatmilk and sprinkle cinnamon on top (if you watch my Instagram stories you know I like to sprinkle cinnamon in the shape of a heart on top of the foam because WHY NOT show yourself some love, especially as you clean….LOL!).

Whenever possible I play cheerful music or listen to an interesting podcast. My go-to cleaning music lately has been Vance Joy, and one podcast I’ve been enjoying is called The Road Back to You (about the Enneagram!). I shared my Happy Homebody Playlist here!

As you know I’m all about the cozy scents in fall and winter, and the citrus or floral scents in spring and fall. So of course I LOVE to incorporate seasonal scents into my cleaning rituals, too.

My Best Secret for Making Cleaning Spark Joy

Even though I no longer buy the scented cleaning products I used get every season (I stay away from toxic products for health reasons, even the ones I thought were natural aren’t) I recently I discovered the best thing in the history of cleaning. I can easily customize the scent of my favorite cleaner according to my whims or for the seasons by simply adding drops of essential oils!

Oh my goodness, you guys, I LOVE doing this now!!! I know it’s such a little thing but dreaming up my very own seasonal scents and enjoying them makes cleaning SPARK SO MUCH MORE JOY than ever before!

Why I Got Rid of the Scented Products I Used to Use (click HERE)

My Best Secret for Making Cleaning Spark Joy

Here is my current favorite seasonal scent combination:

Lemon Myrtle + Geranium

I just add several drops of each oil to one capful of Thieves household cleaner in a 16 oz glass spray bottle. Easy peasy! (please note that I only use this brand of oils to ensure the purity of what I’m breathing in!).

I made a new bottle of cleaner last week and added 2 drops lemon myrtle, 5ish drops bergamot, and 8ish drops peppermint to one capful or thieves and fill the rest with water. Yummy!

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about cleaning just so I can get out my pretty bottle and smell the wonderful scent I mixed up, ha! What may have seemed like a dreaded chore before, is actually an experience I can look forward to.

Young Living oils are the only brand I recommend because they are the highest quality, safe and so amazing for sleep, emotions, immune support, digestion, focus, non-toxic cleaning and so much more. You can learn more about why I love them and grab yours here! You’ll want to get it through that link for the best price and time avoid buying counterfeit products.

Happy Cleaning!

My Best Secret for Making Cleaning Spark Joy

What are your most inspiring cleaning rituals?

My Best Secret for Making Cleaning Spark Joy
My Best Secret for Making Cleaning Spark Joy
My Best Secret for Making Cleaning Spark Joy
My Best Secret for Making Cleaning Spark Joy
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  1. Margo

    There is nothing better than the smell of fresh brewed coffee. It is a gift from the Gods!

  2. Jo Jo

    I love to clean and tidy up
    our home and I do a bit daily so as it doesn’t become overwhelming. Rat red my do U need to deep clean anymore because if this!

    I like to clean and organize/re-organize at the same time and also declutter. I always have a bag or box handy while doing this so I can put aside items I want to sell or donate or toss.

    Since being a very busy, yet retired person living in a newly built home, I find that this way of cleaning works great for our current lifestyle. 👍😊

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I do best with that daily method, too! PS It’s so great that you are a busy yet retired person, I love hearing from you Jo Jo! :)

  3. Susanne C

    Had my dad live with us for his last 4 years; he had advanced emphysema and was on oxygen. What I quickly learned was that if cleaners, shampoos etc. that were scented would be pulled into the oxygen machine and he would then breathe that air. So with a few changes, unscented products like TSP for cleaning floors and walls, vinegar and water for his bathroom etc. really helped. Because your air circulates throughout your home, those scents can be uncomfortable for people on oxygen. He passed many years ago, but I continue to use vinegar and water to clean vinyl floors etc. – even our yorkie used to love licking floors and so it was necessary!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, it’s SO important to be intentional about what we bring into our home and what we use on our bodies. Heathy or not, what we breathe in will impact us!

      I think we are just barely starting to learn about the true dangers of toxic products on our health. I just read a study about the connection between cleaners and asthma in babies!

      If I see the word “fragrance” on a label I don’t bring it into my home. Even if a label says “natural” or “plant-based” I steer clear as that word doesn’t mean much. I’m very cautious about the products we bring into our home, if in doubt I research the standards of the brand and the ingredients first to be certain I feel OK about it.

      The only scents I use or recommend are the purest essential oils (I linked to the brand I know has the highest purity standards for their farms, seeds, plants and bottling, I wouldn’t buy bottles of oils anywhere else as they can be compromised).

      I haven’t seen TSP for years, I would definitely check on it before using. It’s my understanding that TSP may be or contain harsh chemicals! I remember using it years ago, perhaps you are referring to something different!

      And yes, it is SO important for our pets!! You are so right, they are running around licking floors and laying on them!

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