Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

There could be toxic chemicals in your cleaning and beauty products.
Here are the plant-based products I trust!
Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

For more info on the amazing plant-based products and essential oils our family trusts, click here!

Studies have shown that the average household contains approximately 62 known toxic chemicals due to products we bring into our home! That’s at least 62 toxins we don’t need in our home or in our bodies. As a result of those toxins, people can and do get sick. It’s horrible, but true. Fortunately we don’t have to bring those types of products in our home.

We don’t have to use scented chemicals that will make us sick. We don’t have to be fooled by pretty labels or even statements that mislead us to believe something is natural when it isn’t.

In spite of many things I did to stay well, I am actually one of those people who got sick (you can read my health story here). Fortunately I’m OK now, but I had symptoms of toxic chemical overload including hypothyroidism (I have Hashimoto’s).

Watching my health deteriorate started me on a quest to find a better way. Once I started learning how to research what was actually in the products we had in our home, I was in shock. Don’t take my word for it, you can find out more on research toxic chemicals in your home here.

There are known carcinogens, allergens, endocrine and hormone disrupters listed as ingredients in commonly used household and personal care products. They are cleverly marketed to us and even labeled natural for our family when they aren’t safe at all.

If those pretty products lining your shelves are filled with ingredients that are potentially or even known to be harmful for your family, they aren’t worth it. Trust me on that.

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

Natural Plant-Based Products

I began looking for products that were plant-based, truly natural and DIY alternatives to the products that used to be in my cabinets. I refused to continue to invest in products that were not good for our family.

That led our family to research, discover and then get a wholesale membership with Young Living.

We’ve trusted their products for our family for over five years now. We get a monthly wellness box with household products (their plant-based Thieves household cleaner is awesome and all I use now for cleaning everything from sinks, to stove tops and counters, to bathroom, to upholstery, rugs and spot cleaning!) and personal care supplies.

I no longer buy junk from the store. I  get my plant-based products shipped right to me. It’s a huge time-saver and I love all of the products, so it’s a win win for me!

I LOVE Young Living’s dedication to wellness through extensive research and responsible farming practices. I love buying products that not only clean our home, but that are an investment in the WELLNESS of our family.

From immune system to emotional and hormonal support to sleep and wellness, our home has changed dramatically since finding Young Living.

We FEEL so much better now that we are no longer adding toxic sludge to our home or bodies. Our home smells amazing, better than ever, but it smells CLEAN like nature intended. No toxic scents.

Best of all, it’s not just about how the products smell. We enjoy incredible health benefits from pure therapeutic grade essential oils and products for skincare, cleaning and health. I am confident that you’ll love Young Living and their products, too.

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

I trust Young Living because of their commitment and faithfulness to product purity and quality. Young Living has been the world’s leader in the industry for over 25 years, so their experience with essential oil products is the best out there. To offer the most pure and natural products to your family, they use responsible farming practices on 50 year organic soil. Their “seed to seal promise” of quality assures that their products are created with care.

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

To get the wholesale membership and the products you’ll need to make healthy changes in your home, I recommend you start with a Premium Starter Kit. It will give you everything you need to get started and on the right path (including a packet of Thieves cleaner).

You can click here to order, or all of the details are listed below.

It not only gives you a GREAT selection of products to begin with, but you’ll have access to any wholesale products you are interested in going forward. There’s no fees, tricks or gimmicks, I promise! Just great products people LOVE and use regularly.

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

I highly recommend starting with a kit with 12 essential oils! You’ll get a diffuser, your oils, and other goodies including a free packet of the Thieves Household Cleaner to make TWO full bottles of my favorite natural all-purpose cleaner.

(Or, instead, you can grab a Thieves Starter Kit which offers a variety of incredible household Thieves products including bottles of Thieves household cleaner concentrate! Scroll down to see what it includes)

The premium kit has all of the essentials you need to begin to turn to natural and effective support for your day to day needs. No more impulse buying based on a sale, scent or pretty label and inadvertently bringing home toxic harmful chemicals! You’ll save money but best of all, you’ll be investing in wellness! You’ll feel so much better better knowing your home is a healthier place.

At 50% off what these products would cost individually and wholesale prices going forward, too, the starter kit is the most economical and efficient way to ditch the chemicals and change your home for good.

Natural Plant-Based Products Change How You Live

I promise this kit will change everything about how you live. Your home will smell amazing, not to worry, but you will learn how to scent it naturally. You will never look at or smell products the same way again. In fact, you’ll never want to smell a toxic chemical again once you know what truly clean smells like.

It’s not just about the products, we truly want you to feel well! Our community is here to make sure you feel empowered and equipped to make life changes for the better and pull together to support each other on the journey.

What type of products do you need the most? Email me at pureandlovelyco@gmail.com if I can help you get started with the right kit or products.

In fact, I’ll PERSONALLY send you $25 cash back on your Premium Starter kit order placed with my member number once you receive your kit. Just email me after you order to tell me you saw it in this post on natural products. This deal cannot be combined with any other offers and is for new members who use my referral link, only).

Ready to change your life for good?

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness


To grab your kit, follow the step by step instructions below. You will start with this link HERE and then select MEMBER.

*Make sure the number 3731456 appears in both the “Sponsor ID” and the “Enroller” fields (autopopulated or you can fill them in). You’ll see THE INSPIRED ROOM, LLC confirmed as your sponsor and enroller. That way you’ll become a part of my private wellness community called The Dwell Well Collective, too!

NOTE: A “member” is just like signing up to order from Amazon or Costco except it is FREE!!! There’s never any fee to be a wholesale member.

You NOT need to do this as a business or earn commissions (referral bonuses and commissions are a perk available ALL Young Living members who chose to refer people, but it is NEVER required).

Becoming a member is simply a way to have access to shop at Young Living with the best prices and benefits! There are no strings attached, never any membership fees, no required auto shipments, no obligations, and no selling.

You can change your country with the toggle bar if you are not in the U.S.


Once you have clicked my referral link and chosen MEMBER, click the box with the kit you want. The 12 oils are the same in each essential oils kit, each comes with a diffuser of your choice. (you also have the option of a Thieves kit or a NingXia kit if you prefer).

Each country might vary in what they offer.

All of Young Living’s diffusers are high quality, so you can’t go wrong! The brand new Desert Mist is a beautiful option with a candle flicker setting, so cozy! The Dewdrop is another great one to start with–simple to use and easy to travel with. In the US and some other markets, you’ll have the option of the Rainstone which is made from a gorgeous rare clay and is a negative ionizer (SO good for sleep and health) and has a remote. The Aria is beautiful wood and glass, has a remote and even plays music. Fancy! :)

If you want to sign up for Essential Rewards, you’ll see a box to check with an Essential Rewards option that will say:

Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards order and sign me up for an (optional) Essential Rewards subscription box.

What is the Essential Rewards option?

Essential Rewards is the OPTIONAL monthly wellness subscription box I LOVE to receive every month because it’s how I replaced our previous toxic household products with wonderful quality plant-based options.

I have ordered an Essential Rewards wellness box for the past three years. I use it to order our regular household needs like soaps and detergents, skin care and body, personal care items like toothpaste, supplements, makeup, baby and pet care, etc. They are AMAZING products and Essential Rewards is the best way to order monthly.

With Essential Rewards YOU will get to choose what is in your box starting next month (the contents of the box is ALWAYS your choice going forward). There is just a 50 PV, about $50, minimum monthly order after this month and you can cancel at any time.

If you choose Essential Rewards today, your FIRST Essential Rewards order is your Starter Kit (so keep in mind there’s no extra charge if you aren’t ordering any more this month). A benefit of signing up with Essential Rewards with your kit now is you will get another FREE OIL with it (it varies each month) and you will start earning POINTS BACK on this order.

Then after you get your starter kit, you will just log in and select new items you want in your next month’s Essential Rewards box. It’s fun to decide what to put in your box! We do unboxings in our group and everyone LOVES IT! I’ll send you instructions for how to set up your next order and ideas for your boxes, so don’t worry.

If you would like to order more products THIS month with your Starter Kit, you can! You’ll have the option to add products WITH your Essential Rewards program in Step 2. Otherwise, just skip down to Step 3.

You may also qualify for other freebies depending on how much you order, Young Living will likely alert you to any deal you are close to qualifying for.

So if you want to add a Lantern Diffuser or any other item you’ve had your eye on, you can do so by checking the ER box and then adding those extra items via the instructions in STEP 2.

If Essential Rewards (E.R.) sounds good to you, just check the box to confirm and follow the instructions! It’s super easy to cancel later if you decide it’s not for you.

Note: if you don’t want to start your Essential Rewards subscription program, no problem!  Simply select your starter kit and then just scroll to step 3 below to continue enrollment and hit NEXT and follow the prompts.


Note that you do NOT need to add any other Essential Rewards products this time unless you want to. You can set up next month’s box after you get your starter kit, so feel free to skip this step and go on to Step 3, complete enrollment.

If you are opting into Essential Rewards with your Starter Kit AND would like any additionalproducts (like the lantern diffuser or another product or oil) in this box, you’ll do so in this step.

You may qualify for even more freebies by adding additional items, your Starter kit counts at 100PV for the free oil and then there are more freebies at the 190PV level, the 300PV level and the 400PV level, too!

When you are ready, just confirm your order.


If you opted to NOT enroll in Essential Rewards, you can order additional products in Step 3 without Essential Rewards. Use the Add Products button if you’d like to add anything to your cart (or go back to step 2 if you want to receive Essential Rewards points for your order).

You can elect to sign up with no social security number, but it’s totally secure to add it in. This simply allows you to receive bonuses in case you have friends who sign up with your member number. There is NO selling or business required.

Save your login and PIN information in a safe place for future orders or accessing account info.

You’re all set!!! Best decision EVER!

Then watch your email for your welcome letter from me and The Dwell Well Collective with the next steps and invite to our fun Tribe!

If you’re not yet following Pure & Lovely on Instagram or Facebook, follow me there for lots of oils and wellness inspiration! You can also follow Dwell Well Collective on Instagram for inspiration from our members.

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

When you order your starter kit, I invite you to my optional private Facebook group called Dwell Well Collective. I’d love to have you join us, we’re having a blast learning together, supporting each other and getting healthier, too. I love to offer giveaways and offer my team happy mail from time to time, too.

The other great thing about the starter kits, besides the wholesale prices on the products in the kit and any you want going forward is there is no further obligation, you won’t receive an auto shipment and there are no fees.

These products are truly life-changing and the incredible community you’ll become a part of will support you every step of the way.

As a member, you’ll also gain access to wholesale prices on other great products (I love the orange blossom botanical face wash and you only need a teeny drip so it lasts a long time, ART facial products, lip balms, NingXia Red antioxidant drink is amazing, lavender lotion, and so much more).


Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

Besides the essential oil starter kit, Young Living offers the Thieves® Premium Starter Kit. You’ll find the list of products in the graphic above.

The Thieves premium starter kit is an amazing value on a set of Young Living’s popular household and personal products such as their proprietary blend Thieves® cleaners, hand purifiers, toothpaste and hand soaps. They all work so well and smell amazing. I use the Thieves Household cleaner for seriously EVERYTHING in my home. It’s a concentrate, so you only use a capful to make an entire spray bottle of cleaner (which amounts to under a dollar per spray bottle of cleaner!).

Click here to order the Thieves Premium Starter Kit

You can select this kit as an alternative or in addition to the essential oil starter kit, using the instructions above. There are no fees and no further obligations as a wholesale member. It’s easy to simply order the products you want any time.

If you still have questions or want other product recommendations, please feel free to reach out to me at pureandlovelyco {at} gmail {dot} com I’d be happy to walk you through the ordering process or answer questions.

Follow our wellness Instagram at Pure & Lovely and on Facebook at Pure & Lovely.