Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

There could be toxic chemicals in your cleaning and beauty products.
Here are the plant-based products I trust!

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

What if I told you that you could replace every single cleaning product in your home with just one all purpose solution that’s plant-based and free of harmful chemicals?

And what if I told you that each bottle would cost you less than $1?

A bottle of Thieves cleaner is a versatile, concentrated product that you can mix with water. A 14oz bottle costs $22, BUT it makes 29 (TWENTY-NINE) bottles of non-toxic cleaner! That comes out to about 75 cents per bottle of cleaner! HELLO, what a bargain! Far cheaper than the toxic stuff and way better for you and the people you love.

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

Studies have shown that the average household contains approximately 62 known toxic chemicals due to products we bring into our home! That’s at least 62 toxins we don’t need in our home or in our bodies. As a result of those toxins, people can and do get sick. It’s horrible, but true. We experienced it in our own home. My son had asthma. I have Hashimoto’s, an auto-immune thyroid disease.

Gratefully, we don’t have to bring those types of products in our home.
We can choose a better way.

To order the amazing plant-based products
and essential oils our family trusts, click here!

(You can read my health story here). Fortunately I’m OK now and my son no longer experiences symptoms. After years of using an inhaler, he’s well again. I want to keep it that way.

Watching my health deteriorate started me on a quest to find a way to stay well. My condition was triggered by toxic overload. Once I started learning how to research what was actually in the products we had in our home, I was in shock. Don’t take my word for it, you can find out more on research toxic chemicals in your home here.

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

There are known carcinogens, allergens, endocrine and hormone disrupters listed as ingredients in commonly used household and personal care products. They are cleverly marketed to us and even labeled natural for our family when they aren’t safe at all.

If those pretty products lining your shelves are filled with ingredients that are potentially or even known to be harmful for your family, they aren’t worth it. Trust me on that.

Natural Plant-Based Products

I began looking for products that were plant-based, truly natural and DIY alternatives to the products that used to be in my cabinets. I refused to continue to invest in products that were not good for our family.

That led our family to research, discover and then get a wholesale membership with Young Living.

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

To shop Young Living, just use this link to order whatever you’d like (no starter kit required!).

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

We’ve trusted their products for our family for over five years now. We get a monthly wellness box with household products (their plant-based Thieves household cleaner is awesome and all I use now for cleaning everything from sinks, to stove tops and counters, to bathroom, to upholstery, rugs and spot cleaning!) and personal care supplies.

I no longer buy junk from the store. I get my plant-based products shipped right to me. It’s a huge time-saver and I love all of the products, so it’s a win win for me!

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

I LOVE Young Living’s dedication to wellness through extensive research and responsible farming practices. I love buying products that not only clean our home, but that are an investment in the WELLNESS of our family.

From immune system to emotional and hormonal support to sleep and wellness, our home has changed dramatically since finding Young Living.

We FEEL so much better now that we are no longer adding toxic sludge to our home or bodies. Our home smells amazing, better than ever, but it smells CLEAN like nature intended. No toxic scents.

Best of all, it’s not just about how the products smell. We enjoy incredible health benefits from pure therapeutic grade essential oils and products for skincare, cleaning and health. I am confident that you’ll love Young Living and their products, too.

I trust Young Living because of their commitment and faithfulness to product purity and quality. Young Living has been the world’s leader in the industry for over 25 years, so their experience with essential oil products is the best out there. To offer the most pure and natural products to your family, they use responsible farming practices on 50 year organic soil. Their “seed to seal promise” of quality assures that their products are created with care.

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

To shop Young Living, just use this link to order whatever you’d like (no starter kit required!).

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Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

Natural Plant-Based Products Change How You Live

I promise that changing over to natural products and using essential oils will change everything about how you live. Your home will smell amazing, not to worry, but you will learn how to scent it naturally. You will never look at or smell products the same way again. In fact, you’ll never want to smell a toxic chemical again once you know what truly clean smells like!

It’s not just about the products, we truly want you to feel well! Our community is here to make sure you feel empowered and equipped to make life changes for the better and pull together to support each other on the journey.

Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

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These products are truly life-changing and the incredible community you’ll become a part of will support you every step of the way.


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Favorite Plant-Based Products for Cleaning and Wellness

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