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6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining, spring decorating

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

1. Add a rejuvenating mix of spring colors to your home via BHG

I can HARDLY WAIT for warmer weather. Yesterday it was so pretty (and even kind of warm!) outside, I opened the windows, mixed up some amazing spring scents for my home (I’ll link to my current favorite natural home scents below!) and walked around our yard to see what was there! After days and days of crazy windstorms and downpours here in Seattle, it was a much needed day to take a deep breath of spring air, refresh the house and just get outside to enjoy the vitamin D!

Since we have only lived in this house through fall and winter, spring and summer are going to be SO FUN because we have a wonderful new yard to explore and enjoy. I love our backyard, it was one of the selling points of our home. It’s a wonderful size and there are flowing trees, bulbs and blossoms! I’ll do a whole post on our yard soon to give you a little tour, but today I am inspired to just celebrate that spring is here (or at least on its way, right?).

This post offers six ways to celebrate the happy sights and scents of spring, what are your favorite things about spring?

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

2. Explore your garden, enjoy the blossoms or plant something new!
(see more of my secret garden in my old house, here)

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

3. Bring spring blooms inside to enjoy and inspire!  via BHG

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents
4. Fling open the doors and let the fresh air in! via BHG

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

5. Savor a delightful spring scent! (See my favorite natural home scent recipe here)

6 Ways to Celebrate Happy Spring Sights and Scents

6. Make a May day basket for your door! (see my spring basket post here)

Happy Spring, friends!

PS. Thank you SO much for the overwhelming kindness and responses to my new book and launch team post! You guys are THE BEST! xoxo

More fun ways to bring spring to your home: in the entry, and in the bedroom


  1. Kerry

    The essential oils made me smile!! I’m rather new to them myself, but I’m loving getting to know them – how they can change a room and make me feel better. Blessings all around.

  2. Corinne Fudge

    Those green chairs at the top <3 I can't live without them!

  3. Cathy

    That first scene looks heavenly!

  4. Nikki

    Love that basket on the door. I am going to find some flowers TODAY and put mine on my door tonight!

  5. Linda Stoll

    I’m flinging open windows and doors, right and left.

    Springtime’s coming and I’m cheering loud and long!


  6. Debbie

    YES so ready for Spring! I spent the morning buying blooms. Planning on a Peekaboo to it on Monday’s blog. I bought some already blooming deep purple crocus today for inside my home because they SMELL amazing!

  7. Jo Jo

    I just recently purchased a basket online for my front door and was going to get some silk flowers for it….then today I saw yours in this post! I love it! My basket is exactly the same ( as is the craftsman style door!). BUT now I will use REAL flowers…never thought to put jars filled with water in the basket. Thanks for the inspiration, Melissa!! ???

  8. liz

    I’m in the process of making a tulip wreath but perhaps I’ll go back to the store and just pick a variety of flowers to change out each month or so. I like having the fresh flowers all over my house, using small vases.

    One challenge to having wreaths on the doors in springtime is birds start nesting in them. I’ve had to knock on my door before opening it so that the bird can fly away. Otherwise, be prepared for some bird chasing around your house! It’s happened to me twice.

    I have a covered porch in the back and I would love to screen it so I can enjoy it through more seasons. I just have to work out some drainage issues. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your outside shots to get some inspiration.

  9. Joanne Taggart

    Hi Melissa! I’m a little behind the times but I just read your spring basket post from 2015 and I really loved it. I have the best basket for doing the same think. It had never occurred to me to put little jars in the bottom and fill with fresh flowers. Sometimes I wonder what takes me so long to catch on! Thanks for the wonderful idea! I’m so excited to try it. Thank you!

  10. Samantha

    Love the idea of the basket on the front door!! Must put something together for that soon :)

  11. Corinna - A Designer At Home

    I cannot wait for warm weather to finally settle in! This week was gorgeous. But of course there’s a winter storm here this weekend

  12. Serene Spaces Living

    The hanging basket is a great idea. I’ll have to let the wife know about that one, she loves decorating, she is crafty but I have not seen her use nature in her decorations yet.
    On a side note,I love the hallway with the bench, plants, and clock as well.

  13. Carolyn

    Loving all the pictures above and am more than ready for spring! Can’t wait to try the DIY
    home spray scent.

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