Simply Inspired Holidays: Opening Your Home

I have always had so much fun opening my home for holiday parties. In my 4700 square foot house back in Portland, we had parties for over 100 people and there was plenty of room for everyone. We set up serving tables in many rooms and seating areas everywhere. In my little houses, we just squished together a bit more.

It’s not the size or shape of your house (or whatever else stands in your way) that will make your party a success, but the warmth you offer by opening your door.

Do you ever wish you were the ‘type of person’ who felt confident hosting little holiday get-togethers?

I’m not always feeling like that type of person, but I do try to make an effort to do it anyway. And it’s always fun (once I make the commitment!).

Simply Inspired Holidays: Opening Your Homephoto from our Thanksgiving tablescape last year

Do you ever let insecurities or imperfection prevent you from extending hospitality and hosting friends?

Sometimes I just get out of the habit of hospitality. I get tired or busy or distracted by other things. I often have a long list of fears and 101 reasons to not invite people over, but when I press through and do it anyway, I’m always glad I did.

I encourage you this season to worry less about making mistakes or imperfection or what anyone else will think, and open up your home for even one small get-together of friends or neighbors!

Practice makes it even easier to say yes the next time.

Are you hosting any holiday parties this year?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a favorite hosting tip and few of my suggestions for being better prepared for holiday events in your home.

Simply Inspired Holidays: Opening Your Home

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  1. Megan @ Adventure & Home

    I’m definitely guilty of having the fear of opening up my home. Lately, a slow renovation has been the culprit. While I have no hope (or at least very little hope) of finishing everything on that to do list before the time to host holiday parties comes around, I am hoping to host some things in the Spring. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this fear. I’m definitely going to plan something for the spring now!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      It is hard when there are legitimate things going on in some seasons that just seem to distract from the ease of opening the door and letting people in. But I remind myself that no one else cares if the house isn’t perfect and what matters is that I welcomed people in! I’m with you, I can’t wait for planning fun things in my house next year, too!

  2. Sara

    It is scary to open your home sometimes. Last year we invited my husband’s entire workplace to Thanksgiving (80ish people). One couple accepted and it was a lovely day getting to know them and sharing the day with them.

  3. Rosalind Casey

    I seem to do better giving large parties or showers….when it comes to small dinner parties, not so good! Zero confidence in my cooking skills!! Oh I always feel like everything will turn out awful!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Me too! I’m always SO nervous in serving a sit down dinner. Cooking is not my skill either :). I think it’s OK to know our limitations and strengths and use them to shape how we entertain in a way that inspires us to do it! :)

  4. Jo Jo

    We are called to be hospitable regardless of our abodes and finances. It could be as simple as picking up a bucket of chicken for 6 or as elaborate as a sit-down dinner for 12. What I’ve learned is that it’s important to just love on people and know that it will always be appreciated and more than likely needed. We don’t “entertain”, but more just include people (old friends, new friends, young & old) in our life and our everyday doings. Often it includes a meal, but many times it’s just a cup of tea/coffee and muffins. I’ve learned not to be fearful of things not being “perfect” (because, let’s face it…they never are! haha) and look for opportunitys to just show others God’s love.

  5. Carmen Gomez (Lilly)

    Hi Melissa,
    I was scrolling through my Facebook and saw your link, and I just new it was for me :-) I’m feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming holidays. I’m hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner party this year in our home but we are also in the middle of a half kitchen makeover/reno if you can call it that. We just got new appliances, and cabinets for one side of our kitchen. The other side I already did some minor tweaks in the “for now phase” at the beginning of this year. So everything is in a bit of disorder so you can imagine why I’m feeling overwhelmed/excited but still more overwhelmed than excited. Not only that but I just found out my sister and nephew that I haven’t seen in almost a year wont be making it like we had planned. So I’m bummed out too. They moved to Minnesota last December and we live in Connecticut. I’m trying to keep positive but it’s so hard and I kind of just want to call things off but I don’t. You know what I mean? I wish I had a magical wand that I could just sway back and forth, while chanting a little bibidi-babidi-buu and bam the house is done, my sister and nephew could just be here and everything would be fine. But I can’t so, I’m going to try use your challenge as a muse to just get cracking, stop feeling blue and try to look forward to the event. Thank you for always being an inspiration.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      You’ve got this! I’m glad you feel inspired to get cracking, even when you feel overwhelmed by the upcoming holidays. I’m right here with you, cheering you on!

  6. Eliza

    Last year i invited our lovely neighbours over. It was a great success but people didn’t leave. It was getting towards dinner time and I had nothing to offer them. I’m an introvert too so really lost the gracious hostess vibe. I’m so upset with myself but sadly feel i can’t host again.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Awwww. I have felt that way before, too! I bet since your guests really enjoyed your time they didn’t mind at all that you didn’t have dinner for them.

  7. Inalco

    Inspiring ideas!


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