Shiplap Kitchen: Planked Walls Behind Sink & Stove

Shiplap Kitchen: Planked Walls Behind Sink & StoveHardiplank Shiplap Kitchen

Greetings! Since my galley kitchen was revealed, I’ve received lots of questions on various details in the room that I am excited to finally answer. I’m so pleased with the positive response to the design, I’m really glad you guys liked it, too! Down the road I’ll do a before & after post and a kitchen design post with my overall tips, but for now I think I’ll go through a few of the specific design elements I’ve had questions on.

I have had lots of questions on what we used for our “shiplap” walls and ceiling, so I thought this design element would be a good place to start. We actually didn’t set out to do a shiplap kitchen! We were originally thinking about tile and looked at samples of every imaginable option from white to colors to various shapes and patterns. We spent hours scouring design centers and tile warehouses. While many were absolutely beautiful, none of them felt right for us.

Part of the vibe I wanted for our the kitchen was that it would feel cozy from chunky texture in various materials. With a small kitchen, I had to get the biggest bang for the buck as I could from the few materials we would have in the space.

Incorporating more than two hard surfaces (tile walls or floors and quartz) would have felt too cold and one-dimensional for the feel I was going for. Too many contrasting patterns and colors on the surfaces would have been too dizzying and limited design-wise in a small space (for my taste).

Shiplap Kitchen: Planked Walls Behind Sink & StoveHardiplank Shiplap Kitchen Walls

Once we made the decision that tile was going to work best on our floors (the specifics of which I’ll talk more about in a flooring future post), and we already had decided on quartz for our countertops, we knew didn’t want to put tile on the walls, too.

After the flooring and counter decisions were made, I knew I wanted to mix in “warm” materials (in our case, we used painted planks, brass metal fixtures and wood accessories/rugs, etc) that would add enough texture and warmth to make the space interesting and welcoming, without overwhelming it with too much contrasting patterns and colors. We also wanted the freedom to have completely different looks in this space throughout the year, so neutrals felt the most flexible.

Shiplap Kitchen: Planked Walls Behind Sink & Stove

Since we were not closing up any of the openings or window locations and there were quite doorways and windows in this little room, I wanted to find a wall material that would make tie together the other elements and still offer the texture I was looking for. With such little wall space actually available, we also needed to consider what impact that material would have on the room as a whole.

Eventually we concluded that this kitchen was well-suited for “shiplap” walls. And by shiplap, I mean planked walls (mine are not true shiplap, but we’ll go with that term). Horizontal shiplap is perfect for unifying and visually joining together various openings. Your eye just naturally follows the lines of the shiplap around the room, rather than stopping and starting.

So the painted planks help hold the entire room together visually speaking, while adding just enough interest to the backdrop.

Shiplap Kitchen: Planked Walls Behind Sink & Stove

Now I know the obvious question is, what material did we use for our “shiplap” walls? And how will it hold up behind a sink and behind the stove?

Our contractor installed smooth (totally smooth, not faux textured) Hardiplank (Hardieplank!) siding planks on our walls (nailed in and installed pretty close together horizontally). Our Hardiplanks were ordered from a lumber yard (they are SMOOTH and have NO text or logo visible, that’s all I know about them. Be sure to confirm with your source or contractor to verify you are ordering the product you expect and without a logo!! And if there is a logo, you might be able to turn them backwards, so ask about that!).

The walls underneath weren’t perfectly straight (old house troubles), but somehow they made it work. Any imperfection just gives it more character, right? The raw edges of the planks were covered with trim pieces or caulking. The planks were sprayed with a quality paint (Benjamin Moore Advance in the color Simply White).

It’s water and fire resistant because it’s basically concrete! It’s as tough as tile, but definitely gives the room the warm vibe of painted wood. They are easy to just wipe off, so they are no more trouble to keep clean than tile. Because we found a material that made sense, we didn’t feel the need to change around the stove or sink.

Shiplap Kitchen: Planked Walls Behind Sink & Stove

Part of the charm of this small kitchen was that the design elements would be simple and classic, and interesting but not flashy. So to unify the whole room and up the classic charm even more, we paneled our ceiling in tongue and groove cedar (v-groove style).

In contrast to the more smooth wall planks, the ceiling planks have all sorts of natural knots and gauges so it gives the room lots of character without feeling overwhelming.

Shiplap Kitchen: Planked Walls Behind Sink & Stove

With the ceiling and walls painted in the same shade of Benjamin Moore Simply White (it’s a nice warmer white), the planks could wrap the the character around the room without the distraction of too many obvious or contrasting design or paint color changes. The planks give the illusion of more height, too, when you are in the room.

I find the clean white backdrop to be really soothing and helps make the space feel more spacious than it is. Plus how much fun will it be to style this space differently in every season?

So, that’s the story of our planked walls and ceiling!

Find the full galley kitchen reveal post here and the kitchen source list post here.

Shiplap Kitchen: Planked Walls Behind Sink & Stove

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  1. Thanks for the details! Melissa your exquisite taste level is astonishing sometimes. Definitely an inspiration to me!

    • Oh thank you, Tiffany, so kind. XOXO

      • Diane Johnson says

        Melissa, you’re amazingly breathtaking kitchen so inspired us, we ordered hardiplank to shiplap our kitchen reno. After a backorder that set us back almost 3 weeks, it finally arrived. To our dismay, the planks are machine stamped with the “hardiplank” name clear across the 14′ board! We are in a quandary….please help! What size boards did you use, and did you have this issue, as well? Any advice to get results like you have achieved would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Blessings, and keep designing!

        • Oh dear! My are not stamped! My contractor ordered them so I am not sure what he ordered to get them without the stamp. I can’t imagine who would want that? So strange and what a disappointment for you! My are smooth hardiplank boards, perhaps call a lumberyard to ask if they have ideas?

          I’m so sad for you but I hope someone will be able to remedy it quickly. I’m glad you were inspired though! 💗

        • Hi Melissa,

          What width did you use for you Hardiplank boards. I’m just beginning to look for these and I notice there are a large selection of widths ranging from 5.25, 6.25, 7.25 to 8.25.


        • I’m almost certain you got the underlay for tile. Look at the website for the different types of Hardi products. The lumberyard did not understand what you wanted. It is very hard for the guys to see our vision sometimes! You want the type for exterior use, as in siding. When you say for interior they think you are applying tile over it. Hope this helps!

        • elizabeth ariola says

          did you ever figure out the STAMPED hardi-plank issue???

        • elizabeth ariola says

          YES! I almost did the same did you figure it out?

  2. What a brilliant choice for your wall covering! Shiplap warms up the room in a way no tile ever could. Using Hardiplank that’s easy to clean makes it perfect!

  3. So clean and fresh! I really appreciate the shiplap style and this gorgeous flooring.

  4. Catherine DeForest says

    Love the planked walls!! How does the cost compare to tile?

  5. Great kitchen, I was wondering if you used a flat paint on the ceiling (simply white)
    Thank you

  6. Question: I’m assuming Hardiplank is far more expensive than wood planking.
    Did you ever consider using the Hardi for just the lower boards, that need to be water or fire resistant, and switch to real wood for the remainder ? I would think if it’s all painted it might (?) not be discernible difference.

    • I considered if there was a way, but for our kitchen layout and size there just wasn’t a place to change materials. Mixing on one wall would be challenging unless they were the exact thickness.

      I don’t really think there was much of a cost difference over wood, our T & G cedar ceiling seemed to be comparable in cost. There are options for cheaper planks in the right application, but we wanted a thick board and quality product since it is our kitchen and it’s so small :).

  7. Doris Raab says

    I love your kitchen! It looks very welcoming.

  8. I’m glad you clarified that hardiboard is basically concrete. A very innovative use of that material. Trying to mix wood and hardiboard might be difficult because of varying thicknesses. i think it is usually overlapped on an exterior application but on your walls it is butted edge to edge. Great idea!

  9. I have been looking for the perfect “white” to paint my kitchen and cabinets…too many choices. Thanks for suggesting Benjamin More, “Simply White”. Your kitchen is warm and inviting. I just love it! I hope to achieve the same effect. Great job!

  10. I am absolutely in love with your kitchen! You did an amazing job, it feels spacious and open, despite the small footprint. Love, love, LOVE!!!

  11. Theresa Cox says

    Love everything about the design choices and color! those windows ❤️ Curious how the blank wall will hold up against the heat from the stove? What finish of paint did you use?

  12. I love your use of white in this space! You have such wonderful taste in style and design! Love the lichen and every element in it! I was sure your ship lap was real wood! Didn’t realize Hardy Plank came in a smooth, non- textured finish! Perfect, as you said, for easy clean- up! We had that material as our extetiorvsiding in our ladt house. It is a great material! Holds paint like nobody’s business and extremely durable. Great choice! Beautiful, Melissa!

  13. Suzanne Severns says

    Do you provide source for your kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs?
    Thank you so much for your help.

  14. What a gorgeous kitchen! I just love the wooden plank walls and neutral colors – I wish we had this kitchen! :)

  15. This is so pretty! We’ve been thinking about doing the same thing in our kitchen. I’m wondering what sheen of paint you used for your walls. Thanks so much!

  16. Amy alday says

    We just installed the same in our kitchen! Love them! What sheen of Advance paint did you use on your walls??

  17. Your kitchen is stunning! One question, did the contractor install the hardiplank directly to the studs or over drywall? Beginning to collect ideas for my own remodel and need to know how to budget. Thank so much for the amazing inspiration!

  18. Have you posted the layout of cabinets and drawers somewhere…

  19. Carla Morey says

    Love your kitchen! The one issue I have is a wine rack over the fridge.
    Heat from the fridge is bad for the wine.

  20. The Hardiplank shiplap is beautiful and a brilliant idea, Melissa! But more than that, what I love about all your explanations of your design process is that you consider every detail of the room: how it will be used, how all of the finishes will look together and with adjacent rooms, how it will make you feel (the mood), and how it will function in your everyday life. Too many people skip some or all of those steps and end up with rooms where something is not quite right and they can’t understand what went wrong. I think you outdid yourself on this kitchen remodel. Brava!

  21. It looks stunning! Would you mind sharing the width of each of the boards.


  22. I just love this kitchen! Very inspiring!

    I learned something new today, too. I’ve heard of Hardiboard for siding, and so assumed rightly that it is related to your planked walls, but didn’t realize they were a concrete product! That’s a great use for the kitchen!

  23. Your new kitchen is beautiful! I love the rustic touch it adds to your new kitchen, Melissa!

  24. This material seems to like the holy grail of kitchen materials. I love the impact that the “ship-lap” walls make, it is modern yet still cozy and rustic. A great alternative to have a plethora of kitchen home decor.

  25. Hi Melissa, I am just wrapping up a kitchen remodel and have chosen everything except the backsplash/wall material (we have windows and upper white cabinets to the ceiling on most walls, but need a durable material behind the cooktop and between the uppers and lowers in 3 locations). We’ve used hardiboard on the exterior of our house (to replace woodpecker-damaged wood siding) but would have never thought of it for an interior finish. I’m guessing it’s as heat and water resistant as tile, but what about the paint finish?

    • We used Benjamin Moore Advance and it’s been perfect so far and no signs of trouble. Paint could be touched up if necessary down the road, my painter wasn’t concerned. You could check with your painter what he’d recommend in your situation! I’ve had trouble with grout crumbling on tile behind sinks in past houses and we just fixed the grout as needed. I think of paint the same way, it’s an easy fix. But with three months of cleaning and cooking everyday (with messier people than myself in the kitchen!) it’s still easy to wipe off and I have no other issues to report!

  26. Oh how I wish I could make my house as beautiful as yours! I never know what goes together so I end up with a ton of things in different styles and waste so much money. You’re blessed with such talent!

  27. Hello Melissa,

    First off, your kitchen is beautiful! Also wanted to mention that my Aunt had a beach home right by your parent’s old beach home in Oregon. I recognized it from previous photos :). Could you tell me where you found the lotion dispenser in the photos from this post? It is very cute, and would go beautifully in my home too.
    Thank you! Colleen

  28. Melinda Young says

    It’s just so cute and charming!! I’d pull up a lil stool and gaze at the kitchen and out to that wonderful view!

  29. Your kitchen looks beyond amazing!! We have looked at hardiplank for our new home but hubby refuses to use it because it is so hard to cut and hang because of the weight. I love it though!

  30. I really appreciate your sharing of details. Would never have guessed hardiplanks. Great idea and looks perfect for the space.

  31. The first word came into my mind after seeing your kitchen is “Beautiful”. I really loved this. Perfect design and material. Thanks for sharing this I would also prefer shiplap kitchen now.

  32. We have an 1800’s log – post and beam house that I’ve been looking for the perfect kitchen design for and I think this might be the one. I love the cabinets, shiplap, and that sink.. I think I might have fallen in love in the first photo.

  33. Love your kitchen,its so tastefully done,is warm and bright.The kitchen taps are beautiful,almost antique.It was worth the wait,the circular window really brings it all together.Wonderful result.

  34. Hi Melissa
    We are nearing the end of our kitchen remodel after two years (hubby had a heart attack exactly one week after retiring which has been a long time recovering from) but we are just about ready for the walls. After seeing your post it was a done deal, also after being positively sure on subway tile. One question: we have 18″ from countertop and upper cabinets which will only fit about 2 planks. I noticed you have about 4 or 5 (can’t remember for sure). Did you cut your planks narrower than the size they come in? I can’t wait to start. Just need to finish a little electrical and then cover all the open spaces with drywall. Oh, and did you prime the drywall before planking? Thank you so much. Your kitchen is perfection!! Even all the accessories. I have several of them in shopping carts already.

  35. Hi! Melissa,

    I LOVE your kitchen & really want to do shiplap in my kitchen but my husband is nervous about wear. Are you finding that the shiplap is hard to clean or is wearing over time? Are you able to clean & wipe it off like tile?
    Any molding or water issues behind the sink?
    You did an amazing job. The circular window is on point!

    • Hi Sarah! The material is as tough and easy to wipe off as tile, so no worries at all about wear and tear. It’s not hard to clean, it easily wipes off and still looks perfect. It is cement board (Hardiplank) so it doesn’t mold or warp, and it’s water and fire resistant, too.

      Thanks so much for your kind comment!

  36. We are using hardi plank in our kitchen too and we also have a slide in gas range. Are you noticing any change from the heat of the burners and oven such as yellowing, paint bubbling, etc? I am so nervous about putting anything but tile behind our range. Thanks.

  37. I live just east of Seattle and I’m really considering installing the hardiplank in my kitchen instead of tile. Can you please tell me who your contractor was? I think it would be easier for me to just go through them and have them help with the installation. Thank you!

  38. Do you know how your contractor attached the hardie boards—adhesive or did he nail them? I can’t see any nail holes in yours. It looks perfect! Thank you so much for sharing so much information. It is truly a beautiful kitchen.

  39. Nicholas lazzarini says

    How much per sq ft were the hardiplank panels?

  40. Did you use the hardboard on the ceiling?

    • Hey,
      I love the look! Could you have used the Hardiplank for the ceiling? We plan to and I was curious for any advice?

  41. I can’t stop looking at this kitchen! May I ask how much space in your “walkway” – like from end of stove to end of sink? I know they say at least 3 but I’m wondering what you have as it looks perfect! Love, love, love everything you chose!

  42. Love the ship lap walls. I may try this in my laundry room. I was wonder if there is dry wall behind the ship lap or is it nailed to the studs? Thanks! Jen :-)

  43. Your kitchen is stunning. Is there any way you could get any more information regarding the Hardiplank you used for the shiplap look in your kitchen? From what I can find its outside siding for a home. Thanks

  44. Just sent my hubby this blog post to research this one…. as we may do the same in our new construction!!!

  45. Do you know the finish of paint on the planks? Satin or flat? Love this look!

  46. I love your kitchen and am adding Hardiplank to ours as we model after flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

    Is there drywall under the Hardiplank or is attached directly to studs? Any other tips on materials or installation of this product? My contractor hasn’t seen this done in a kitchen before.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  47. Our home flooded in Hurricane Harvey and I’d love to incorporate the Hardiplank backsplash you created in my kitchen. My contractor hadn’t done this in a kitchen before. Is the plank installed on top of drywall or directly onto the studs? Any other tips on the install you could share are much appreciated.

    • Hi Deb! I’m so sorry for the flood! The planks were installed directly over the plaster and into studs. I hope that helps. The boards are concrete so they are not quite as easy to install as wood, but it makes the walls super durable, fire and water resistant!

  48. Your kitchen is an inspiration! Beautiful. I’ve been looking into the Hardiegroove hardieboard. I can only find the V groove sold in Australia. Where in the US were you able to find it? I’m having trouble locating it. Any info would be really helpful. Thanks!!

  49. Hi! We are finishing the outside of a fireplace unit and I’d love to achieve the shiplap look you have in your kitchen w the Hardiplank. Could you tell me specifically what boards you ordered? How did you have the installed. When I call the company they seem very confused by my request! Love your beautiful kitchen :) thank you for sharing

  50. Michael Byrne says

    I love the kitchen. We are just starting demo and now I think we are going to do the ship lap. Can you tell me if you had the shiplap installed and painted prior to installing the cabinets (upper and lower)? Or did you install the cabinets and cut the shiplap around them? Also did you install the shiplap before installing the lowers? Thanks so much!!!

  51. Deanie Burge says

    Love Hardie board backsplash. Love everything you did. I live between Dallas and Fort Worth and I can’t find the hardi planks at any lumber store. Your kitchen an inspiration. Ours in the process and tile just won’t work in our kitchen. Help.

  52. Deanie Burge says

    Your kitchen is so awesome and inspiring. I also want to do the hardiplank. Is this the lap siding and does it lay flat when you butt it up to each piece. We are in the middle of renovation now so am trying to figure this out.

  53. Sydney Chaikin says

    Why when I call Hardie are they telling me it should not be used indoors? They aren’t explaining why though :-(

  54. Rachel Jones says

    Love your kitchen, can u share the name of the Daltile floor and color? Love love love it….

  55. Barb Vez says

    Did you “shiplap” every piece of wall? I have a small coffee bar off to the Side of my kitchen. It’s about 48 inches wide and fill the wall. It’s 40 inches high and I’m debating whether to shiplap above it or just paint. Paint with the mildly contrasting color of a pale green gray. Same with the small area around the Cellar door in the kitchen. Other areas too. I’m just afraid With paint here in there it might look choppy but with shiplap everywhere they will be some really small pieces. Your room is stunning.

  56. Jillian Murphy says


    Thank you so very much for your posting and for including all the details. You made it so easy.
    I appreciate your time and your design style.

    Your kitchen is awesome 1

  57. Hi Melissa, your kitchen is beautiful!. Can you please tell me what color the kitchen cabinets are?.

  58. Erin Huelsman says

    Hi! We are thinking of using HardiPlank in our kitchen also. I know it’s durable, but how has the paint held up on it? I suspect that I will be wiping behind my range top and my sink often. Will the paint start chipping?

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! I hope you’re still enjoying it!

  59. Melissa, It has been ~1 yr since you installed the shiplap backsplash. I intended to repurpose shiplap we have in our 1916 farmhouse for the backsplash but have concerns about cleaning it/maintaining it; paint wiping away, etc. Since it has been ~1 yr, have you experienced more wear and tear on the backsplash near your sink in the kitchen more than expected? Thank you

  60. Stephanie Bruning says

    We are looking to do your shiplap on the walls ideal in our kitchen. It looks beautiful! One question, do you have any trouble with splashing water behind the cracks? I know that the board itself is water and fire resistant, but what about the cracks? Thanks.

  61. I just love your kitchen so much! I have a question about the walls–particularly the backsplash above the stove. Does food/grease collect inside the grooves that form between the planks? If so, do you have a method for cleaning this out?

  62. Terri Bahan says

    Beautiful kitchen!! I just came across this post.
    Can you please give more information on the hardiplank!! What is the thickness of the boards? All I have been able to find it that they are 3/4″ to an inch thick! Can you contact the contractor that installed this and get more info?

  63. Sharla Snow says

    AMAZING!! I want to use this idea on my fireplace and backsplash. I need a non-combustible material for the fireplace, and this is fantastic! So excited to find this article.

  64. Hi- I LOVE your kitchen. I have a similar layout and would love to get rid of the upper cabinets and add circle window. Where did you put your plates and glasses. Mine are in those cabintes😒

  65. Hi Melissa, I called Harpi plank and they stayed that they do not manufacture any product that does not have the logo on it. Did your contractor cut the logo off? You stated that the boards were placed very close together. From the picture it looks like nickel gap but I’m pretty sure that’s not possible, right. Please let me know. Thanks – Suzeanne

  66. THANKYOU for sharing your beautiful kitchen. It has been my “inspiration” as I design my kitchen remodel! The question I have, is whether or not the contractor caulked between the hardiplank boards?

  67. Evelyn Myers says

    We are going to use this in our kitchen remodel and I cannot thank you enough for this idea! We painted our lower cabinets Navy Blue, added Quartz counters, but couldn’t decide on the backsplash. Thank you thank you! Here is the link to James Hardie, Hardieplank Lap Siding that we are going to use: Hardieplank Smooth, primed for paint.

    It comes in 5.25, 6.25, 7.25, 8.25, 9.25 and 12 inch widths.

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