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Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, Kylee

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Welcome to Kylee’s Seattle Townhouse tour!

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

Hi friends! I’m back! And so soon, can you believe it?! I’m determined to share here more and also determined to get more done on my townhouse. Since I recently updated you on my living room and new sofa (you can catch up on that post here if you missed it) I thought I would show you around our townhouse so you can see how it looks these days, plus update you on any future decor plans I have.

I didn’t do much “styling” so you get to experience it as it really is–a work in progress! I’ll also try to share some behind the scenes videos and photos on my Instagram stories over the next couple days so you can get a better feel of the layout and things I didn’t show on this post!

My home is ever evolving, as I’m sure most are. We have such a mix of things that have been handed down to us, along with a few things we have purchased on our own over time. It’s always a bit of a challenge to mix the old with the new and work with the style of the home we have, but I kind of like how everything isn’t always cookie cutter.

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

Our entry is pretty much the same as the last time I shared it with you, minus a few coats and shoes now that my sister has moved out. My staircase gallery wall is mostly IKEA frames and I think it’s due for some updating. I plan to trade out a couple frames for some thinner/sleeker ones and finally get around to adding some photos of our new pup Leo, considering it’s currently full of photos of Bella. Poor Leo, classic second child problem I suppose ;)

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

I don’t think I showed you much of this corner where my bookshelf lives in my last post. I’ve had the shelf since I was in middle school (!) and it’s gone through many paint changes. It has become a bit wobbly over the years, so I will probably need a new one at some point. The shelves could use a little styling and we should declutter it a bit, but I never can seem to let go of books. You never know when you want to reference something or reread an old favorite. I may work for the company that makes Kindles, but I’m still an advocate for good old fashioned page-flipping!

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

Keeping it real, this is probably one of my least favorite corners. It’s an awkward angled wall that makes arranging the room very difficult. I just recently borrowed those cute-as-a-button chairs from my mom until I can figure out what exactly I want in this room. I randomly put them here (facing the sofa) but decided I like how it takes attention away from the fireplace and TV. Because, UGH–that shiny black fireplace coupled with a big, black TV is just a sad, dark abyss and not something I want to call attention to. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a creative way to cover the hole but STILL have the TV for when we want it…any ideas?

It kind of reminds me of my mom’s old fireplace. Isn’t her makeover beautiful? It’s inspiring me…

The gold shelf is an IKEA hack. It’s this shelf, spray painted gold with marble contact paper on the top and bottom shelf. It was quite an upgrade and very affordable!

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

Just a reminder of what the other side of my living room looks like!

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

My kitchen is great and quite functional, but I’m not in love with the overall brown-ness or the shiny, black (impossible to keep clean) counters. I haven’t decided if we will change anything though because we know we don’t want to live here forever. What is here is great quality, so I’m not sure it’s worth the investment to change it. The last owners replaced the backsplash, which I’m happy about because it is a LOT better than what was there before!

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

We don’t have any space for a dining table, so my husband Lance and I often end up eating on the sofa (I know, I know), but lately we have been making it a goal to eat at the island together more often. Eating at “the island” sounds almost like a romantic dinner destination, doesn’t it?

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

I took this photo right before Courtney moved, so here was my coffee cart before she took her Nespresso with her. It still looks pretty much the same today, minus her coffee maker. I’m not bitter about it. But I may have to get a new one because I’m missing my easy push-of-a-button morning coffee! PSA: you can get organic and recyclable coffee pods! I switch between these pods or these pods.

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

Our master bedroom is currently in the middle of a transition. We recently upgraded to a king sized bed and mattress, which I can tell you more about in a future post (organic latex–we love it!). The bed takes up most of the room now, so we have very little room for nightstands. We need to be able to open the closet door on the left at least halfway, ha!

The navy nightstands (seen in this post) went to my sister’s, so we are using these little tables while we are waiting for our new nighstands to arrive. I just ordered them and they are the perfect size! There is also a new ceiling light just sitting in a box, waiting to be put up. We’ve never changed out a light fixture before, so any tips for not getting electrocuted are welcomed ;)

Once we get the nightstands, we will say goodbye to those lamps. I’m thinking a blue one would be nice bring the blue out in the rug or maybe a task light? Also, there’s a lot of gray going on, so I’m considering painting the walls, which sounds awful. Have I mentioned I hate painting? I do.

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

Sigh, Leo is just too much. Our dogs rule the house. Thus, the king-sized bed!

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

Sweet Bella, always looking for the coziest and safest hideaway.

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

He loves staring at himself in the mirror and basking in the diffuser.

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

A couple snapshots of our guest bathroom. That shower curtain is a recent find from Urban Outfitters. It looks like it’s sold out, but they do have some similar ones!

So, there you have it! Our little abode. I didn’t show the powder room (it still looks exactly as it did here). I also didn’t show the guest room or Courtney’s old room as they are both completely in transition since she moved out. I’ll update you on what we do with those spaces when there’s more to share, and show you more in my Instagram stories soon!

Until next time!

Find the townhouse sources by scrolling through the images below.

Our Seattle Townhouse Tour

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Our Seattle Townhouse Tour


  1. Dawn

    I love how you’re updating and amending areas as you go along. LOVE your duvet and agree there’s a lot of gray going on, but I also hate painting so would probably use colorful artwork, pillows, etc. to take attention away from the walls :) The rug is wonderful and I think new lamps & end tables are going to be a wonderful addition. Can’t wait to see more…

    • Kylee

      Thank you, Dawn! I *just* got the new nightstands and am so much happier with them :)

  2. Liz

    I remembering seeing a post where the TV was hidden by a old pull-down map. Perhaps you can do something similar, like a roman shade which would hide the empty spot behind the TV. I would splurge for new tile around the fireplace to get rid of the black hole feeling.

    For the kitchen, you could paint the island to get rid of the massive wood look. For the top cabinets, take some of the cabinet doors off to see if you like the open look. Painting the inside of the cabinet would brighten that area. If you decide to paint all of the cabinets, consider building up the top of the cabinets, again to hide the deep dark corner.

    • Kylee

      I love all those ideas! I’m definitely thinking about tackling the fireplace first :)

  3. Debbie - Mountain Mama

    Your townhouse is adorable….as are your sweet pups!! I love the new sofa, gorgeous! I have the same problem with my TV, I would love to hide it but haven’t come up with the perfect solution yet.

    • Kylee

      Thank you for the kind words, Debbie! I’ll keep you updated if I come up with a TV solution!

  4. Linda A. Smith

    VERY pretty!

    • Kylee

      Thank you, Linda!

  5. Judy

    Hi Kylee, I enjoyed the tour of your space and like the direction you are headed with it. I think that shelf makeover is genius! I am crushing on your shower curtain! It wasn’t listed anymore. Do know the name of it? I would like to search for it online. And also, would you share the paint color of your bathroom? Thanks so much!

    • Kylee

      I might still have the packaging on the shower curtain. I will look around and report back! I’ll check the garage for the paint, too :)

      • Judy

        Thank you!

  6. Maggie

    Your home is sooooo cute! Love the shower curtain and towels! Where did you find the black and white one? They are hard to locate!

  7. Lisa H.

    Thanks for the tour! Your guest bathroom is lovely and I am loving that shower curtain! And Leo, my goodness – what a cutie-pie, he looks like a stuffed animal!

  8. Jane Fawcett

    Love your townhome and your styling. I too have a lot of grey but offset it with a greyed blue, bright blue, and cream – that might help. Get an electrician to do your lights and don’t take the chance!!! What about chalk paintng your dresser in an off white with a bit of brown and clear wax. The chalk paint dries in an hour and you can paint in the same room with no fumes. Just remove the hardware and paint. Great for people and doggies.

  9. Janice Mariani

    Love your town home; it’s very lovely! I refaced my entire fireplace soon after moving into my condo and it wasn’t difficult. As for the TV, I don’t watch much and it is the last thing I think about, but I wouldn’t want it in such a prominent location even if I watched it a lot. Not knowing the particulars of the layout of your living room (walls, windows, etc.), I would make room for it where the bookcase is currently located (a low sitting piece perhaps on wheels so it can easily be moved into watching position-I’m not sure why you have the third chair) and square off the corner in the area above the fireplace and use it to display artwork/interesting objects.

    • Janice Mariani

      As for the kitchen, a simple and inexpensive start might be to paint/cover the island base in a lighter color that compliments your decor and change out the stools to some that are not black. I think those two simple changes would have a big impact on the “heaviness” of the area without spending a lot of money. If that doesn’t do enough, also changing the island countertop might do it.

      • Kylee

        Thanks for the ideas, Janice! I think starting with the island is a great idea :)

  10. Marjie

    Regarding your frustration with the kitchen island, yes, the brown-ness sort of grabs one, doesn’t it? Per an earlier comment, painting the bottom part of the island either white to go with the window trim and baseboard, or the same color as the walls, would lighten things up and take attention away from that part.
    Or maybe replace the island. I don’t know how big your kitchen is, or how you use the island for storage, but I would vote for a small table with chairs or stools that tuck under the table when not in use. Eating on the sofa? Nope. I would also rather eat at an island with no place for my knees than to eat on the sofa.

  11. Dawn

    You could paint the kitchen cupboards white. Shutters for the Tv and fire place, a million possibilites there! great doggies!

  12. Adrienne

    I loved seeing your home. You’re doing a great job with it and I can’t wait to see the changes you have planned. The plate with the blue border – gorgeous! Would you share the source or brand? I’m curious.

  13. Sue Stentz

    I want Bella and Leo to have their own Instagram account! Darling decorating and thank you for sharing!

    • Kylee

      Thank, Sue! Maybe one day they will have their own account, but for now they share one with my parents’ doodles so you can follow all 4 of the doggies there! @doodlesathome <3

  14. Linda Grubbs

    Thanks for the tour…love your place! And your pups. ?

  15. JoLynn

    I would paint the cabinets white. It would change the entire dynamic! I like how your house feels like a home and I LOVE your cute pups!

  16. Debby

    Hi Kylee! Your place is coming along so nicely! As for your kitchen dilemma–do you have Photoshop or have a friend who does? Import your kitchen photo and play around with different colors and textures on the island. More than paint, I would suggest applying either a brick veneer or “whitewashed” weathered wood planks in a color that is close to that of the backsplash. Don’t paint it white–even though your trim is white, it would be way too jarring on such a large piece. Repeating other colors is a good tactic–designers usually recommend repeating an accent color in three places in a room. And finally, have you considered changing the wall color? (I know, you hate painting.) But a soft color that matches whatever you do on the island would make a dramatic and cohesive change. Good luck to you! I look forward to seeing your progress.

  17. Cathy

    So LOVE everything! And…the DOGS :-) I’m enthralled with the giraffe hook – where did you find??

  18. Gillian

    Would it be possible to fit a gateleg/dropleaf table in he kitchen area where the coffee station is…you could just use half of the table? Might give you an option other than the island admit a place to eat

  19. Michelle

    Have you thought about a fireplace screen? You can get them pretty inexpensively and they work wonders for the aesthetic of a black hole.

  20. chau

    Hi Kylee,
    Your home is adorable. Yes, for the white cabinets & island. I did it in my small kitchen & wow, it made such a difference. I like Michelle suggestions of a unique fireplace screen or possibly, a gorgeous Asian screen to change the look when not using the fireplace. Debby has some great ideas about photoshop to get the colors you like.
    I love your doggies. What kind are they & did you get them from a local breeder? I’m in the market. All the best.

  21. AnneS

    I like the wood on the island in the kitchen, it has a nice pattern to it. I would rather change out the counter tops. Painting the walls is a good idea, you could add some brightness to the room, and maybe just painting the panels on the cabinets would help, and changing out the silver handles. The black stools could be painted a lighter color or maybe some colorful seat covers. A valance over the window would add some color.

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