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Fall Nesting: Make Your Table Pretty

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, putter + nest

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Fall Nesting: Make Your Table Pretty

Fall nesting doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Just do a little something every day to inspire yourself.

I love to find simple, everyday opportunities to make my home feel cozier and more fallish.

An easy place to get started is to make your table pretty.

It’s how you look at what you have and what you do with it every single day that changes everything. — Melissa Michaels (that’s ME!)

I picked up this pretty floral bouquet yesterday while I was at a local farmer’s market. I thought it was a perfect fall color palette to transition this room from summer to fall!

Fall Nesting: Make Your Table Pretty

Of course, a side-benefit of the bouquet is that I had to first clear some clutter and wipe the table off, too.

A bouquet can’t be set on a cluttered table, it just doesn’t inspire the right mood, you know?

Treating myself to a bouquet of flowers can motivate me to launch into a cleaning and decorating frenzy! As I wiped off the table to set the flowers in the middle, I suddenly was inspired to keep the momentum going. I proceeded to tidy up and change a few more things around the dining room and into the living room (I’ll share more in an upcoming post.)

I’d say I got my money’s worth with this bouquet!

Is it just me, or does a bouquet of flowers inspire you to clean, too?

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Fall Nesting: Make Your Table Pretty

Speaking of simple ways to get inspired for fall, I’m so excited to share that I’m bringing back the 31 Day Love Your Home Challenge with a “fall nesting” twist! More details to come on when the challenge will start and how you can participate!

Fall Nesting: Make Your Table Pretty


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  1. Kim

    Your dining room is so cozy and pretty. Love the fresh flowers and yes, flowers in my home brighten my day and give me that extra little oomph to do more!

  2. Brittany Romero

    I’m headed to Trader Joes this morning to pick up flowers, so this was the perfect post for me this morning! I agree, something about them makes me want to tidy up a little. :)

  3. Shari Schempp

    That is a beautiful bouquet! It would inspire me to clean, too! Anything new I get inspires me to clean. On Saturday I got some new fall wax melts for my warmer and before I put them away I cleaned out my whole cabinet that hold all my candles, waxed, warmers, wallflowers, and the like. ?

  4. HeatherB

    Yes! A bouquet has to be seen to be enjoyed and it can’t be seen if it is surrounded by clutter! A surefire way to get me to declutter the counters or table and give it all a good wipe is to bring in a bouquet of flowers :)

  5. Veronica Nightingale

    I love changing my table decorations around from time to time but flowers are a problem for me because of my very inquisitive cats! ???

  6. Jeannie Maschino

    Keeping my table clear of clutter is a constant challenge but I am inspired to clean it off and cut some zinnias from my garden to put in a mason jar.

  7. Isabel Z

    Bouquets of flowers around the house are such a nice touch. I should treat myself more frequently. And yes, to showcase them all the better, you need to be clutter free.

  8. Bonnie Boyd

    I love the ideas presented here! You successfully ‘married’ three styles of furniture; I am finally getting my three styles (Italian/Boho-wicker-macrame/Mid-century Modern) together in my ‘Library’. Your seating and picture are dreamy. Thank you.

  9. Paige

    Yes, you’re so right. Hubby bought me flowers a few weeks ago ( which was such a surprise because he’s not the bring home flowers type), and I put them on my kitchen island. They looked so lovely,and were such a mood lifter, that the kitchen just had so stay extra clean that whole week! But yes, when you take time to do a special touch around the house, it is so motivating in every way. I love the bouquet you brought home. So pretty! I also really like your art prints. I’m looking for something like them and it’s hard to find. Maybe a future post on that?

  10. Deanna Rabe

    Right now I’m still able to go out to the garden and cut hydrangea! Soon though I’ll need to buy flowers for the house! I love fresh flowers!

  11. Leslie W

    I love the look and fragrance fresh flowers bring to a home. Unfortunately I have a cat who likes to eat them so I’ve mostly had to use faux florals around my home. I have sometimes used a pretty glass terrarium to house indoor plants and flowers.
    I also like to freshen our dining room table at the start of a new season by changing out the place mats or table runner and putting a bowl of seasonal items in the middle of the table.

  12. Terry

    So pretty! I love fresh flowers.

  13. franki

    Yep…it’s the ole “bouquet begats” syndrome. franki

  14. Carolyn

    Love the rusty coral color of that zinnia…plays well with your artwork!

  15. Cindy

    The tone is set for the rest of the house when the table is uncluttered and there are flowers on it. Love your fall flowers!

  16. Lori Kursave

    I love fresh flowers all over my home. A small little posie tucked into the bath or a bouquet of flowers on the dining table or near my kitchen sink.

  17. Kim

    I do the exact same thing even when the bouquet is flowers cut from my yard. I can’t set a big jar of limelight hydrangeas on my dining room table without dusting and vacuuming the room first. You’re right. Flowers are a great motivator. I never thought about it that way. Happy fall!

  18. Mercedes

    So pretty!

  19. Zannah

    I will occasionally pick up flowers and it motivates me to make my surroundings prettier and more appealing. My mother often puts small vases of flowers from her garden in assorted rooms of her house and it always looks special.

  20. Patty

    Fresh flowers are a lovely treat and also soooooo enjoy their aroma! Extra perk! I agree that making one change can keep that momentum going.

  21. Rachel

    I love the clear vase – it doesn’t add visual clutter. I’m going to search for a clear vase. I don’t have one anymore and now I realize I miss it.

  22. Melanie Plumb

    Flowers definitely inspire me to beautify the rest of my house! I love getting colors of the season and having fresh decorations.

  23. Debra

    I love fresh flowers in my house, specifically my dining room. We have an antique radio in the corner that I love to decorate with seasonal items and a fresh bouquet!

  24. Diane

    I enjoy your ideas on gradually decorating for the changing seasons.

  25. Caroline

    Love the Fall flowers!

  26. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    What a beautiful bouquet! I loved this sentence… “ It’s how you look at what you have and what you do with it every single day that changes everything.” especially the what you have and what you do with it. I’ve been having a lot of fun finding new uses for things I already have in my fall decorating. That makes me feel so inspired! And I agree about the flowers!! ?

  27. Pam Rychener

    Beautiful flowers.

  28. Carol

    Flesh flowers always brighten up any room and just make me happy. Looks like I need to make a Trader Joe’s run, they always have a good selection. I also like to put a little jar of flowers in my bathroom, it’s a nice little surprise.

  29. Karen

    Love the flowers and I love a clean table. When I walk in the house from work I am more relaxed when the table and counters are clutter free.

  30. Pam

    Cutting a free bouquet of hosta leaves and Solomon seal from the yard, putting them in a rustic pottery vase really says fall to me. I usually use my hydrangeas and let them dry this time of year, but they did not flower this year.

  31. Harriet

    Fresh flowers are always the perfect touch and always the perfect gift.

  32. Lorrie

    Flowers definitely inspire me to tidy up the clutter. Just now my dining room table is full of school stuff to organize, and there are no flowers there. Soon, though!

  33. Beth P

    Very pretty. We’ve got tons of wild-blooming sunflowers around our house, so I’ve been bringing them in a lot for fresh bouquets. So nice, and free!

  34. Kathleen Heckman

    Making things beautiful always inspires me to clean. Still finding a few blooms outdoors to bring indoors.

  35. Alissa

    Great ideas! And, yes, a new bouquet of flowers does inspire me to clean.

  36. Chelcey

    Yes! I just picked up the sweetest little bouquet this morning with my little girl. We brought them home and put them on display. Not three minutes went by before I was cleaning with a smile!

  37. Lila

    Love the pink/salmon flowers. Perfect color to transition into more saturated fall colors like burnt orange.

  38. Maureen

    I am always interesting in tablescapes. I also love to have flowers around the house as I feel it helps in making things beautiful and in helping be happy. On a rainy day it brightens everything.

  39. Helene

    I really like the throw / cover you have on your dining room bench! Can you share where it’s from, or is it a family piece?

  40. Mary Stewart

    I use throws on my furniture to change the feel of my rooms each season. It is cheaper and faster than painting. I also change out the bedding around Halloween for heavier blankets etc This will take me through winter and into the spring when I do it all over again.

  41. Kathy

    A trip to the farmers market is always a good time! Finding lovely flowers makes it even better!

  42. Samantha

    A fresh bouquet of flowers always changes my mood and makes me want to tidy up so that the beautiful flowers can be seen and appreciated.

  43. jen

    I Love bouquets of fresh flowers also. They always seem to put a smile on my face!

  44. Lola

    My table is one of the most cluttered areas in my house. It does feel good to clear it off. And pretty flowers would be inspiring!

  45. Christine

    Flowers brighten up any place Even if you can’t have fresh flowers, artificial ones will do to dress up a table, fireplace mantel or any other surface. I love flowers.

  46. Tina

    Cannot wait for my book to get here!

  47. Susan

    Yes, love fresh flowers, they really do inspire me to tidy up and clean the rest of the room.

  48. Karina C.

    This inspire me to cut some zinnias from my garden and make a nice bouquet for my table :)

  49. Christine

    I love getting fresh flowers for a bouquet. They make me happy and definitely inspire me to clean up more. I noticed your different dining room rug. So pretty.

  50. Amanda

    Yes, it works exactly like that! I may go cut some branches off a bush out front.

  51. Joan Moore

    Life is short, enjoy the flowers! Fresh flowers always lift my spirits!

  52. Beth

    Pretty flowers, and I like the vase! Having a clean surface to place an arrangement of flowers is the perfect way to highlight them. I an enjoying some fresh-cut hydrangeas on my dining table.

  53. Kathy E.

    Bouquets of flowers definitely inspire me to clean and organize! Everything needs to focus on the pretty posies, not the clutter! Right now, my dining table is covered with blue prints, paint chips and carpet samples as my son is building a home and needs some help from Mom for choosing the details!

  54. Andrea S.

    I love the bouquet! Flowers make me ridiculously happy!

  55. Angela G.

    Trader Joe’s stores have great affordable bouquets. Easy to treat yourself weekly! It does make your home feel more special.

  56. Laurie

    I recently purchased a beautiful marble lazy-susan for our kitchen table, along with a homey little salt and pepper set. That simple addition really helps me keep the table cleared (most of the time!).

  57. fani k.

    So pretty!

  58. Kelly

    I really relate with you on this one… “Of course, a side-benefit of the bouquet is that I had to first clear some clutter and wipe the table off, too.” I bought sunflowers and had the same cleaning bonus!

  59. Sharon Campbell

    Ok- you’ve inspired me to put away my summery centerpiece!

  60. Pamela

    I love to change up my dining table and fresh flowers are a favorite! You can’t help but smile when you see a beautiful bouquet!

  61. Daphne

    Flowers always inspire me to, how can thay not???

  62. Vel Smith

    Your table is lovely! I’ve been married over 50 years and for most of those, I’ve included fresh flowers in my weekly shopping. I learned long ago that even a $5 bunch just lifted my spirit and added freshness to my home. So enjoy your blog!

  63. Jo Jo

    Yes, yes, YES, a fresh bouquet of flowers does inspire me to clean and tidy up! It’s a gift to me ( and my family) when the house is blessed with a bouquet. Lately, I’ve been cutting my own from mt drying hydrangea bushes..,so very beautiful and the colors of fall! Love putting them around the house, but particularly in my dining table! Your bouquet and table is GORGEOUS, Melissa! Love those beautiful rich colored blooms! ❤️??❤️

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