5 Ways To Have A Cozy Bedroom

5 Ways To Have A Cozy Bedroom

5 Ways To Have A Cozy BedroomHouse Beautiful

1) Wallpaper

5 Ways To Have A Cozy BedroomHouse Beautiful

2) A Warm Fireplace

5 Ways To Have A Cozy BedroomHouse Beautiful

3) Cozy Curtains

5 Ways To Have A Cozy BedroomCountry Living

4) Layered Bedding

5 Ways To Have A Cozy BedroomHouse Beautiful

5) Dark Walls

These bedrooms are all so cozy! What word would you use to describe your bedroom right now?

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  1. Simple, Ralph Lauren-esque on a budget.
    Big shout-out to HomeGoods for stocking all the yummy RL bedding!

  2. These are all gorgeous and cozy looking! I wouldn’t mind sleeping in any of them. I’ve always loved the idea of a little nook for the bed with curtains that can be closed off. We just redid our bedroom last year so one word to describe it is relaxing.

  3. 5 Yes’s to all of the above!! Great examples. The one thing you mentioned I have always wanted was a fireplace in my bedroom. When we go away I try to get a fireplace in the room we stay in, so cozy and restful especially during the cooler months, Happy Monday, Melissa!

  4. These are all fabulous examples of beautiful and inviting rooms.

  5. carol Jane says:

    I have 2 words for my bedroom. A mess.

  6. Karen on Bainbridge Island says:

    We like our bedroom. There is room for king sized bed, a rather large antique armoire, and large/tall dresser, a side table, a desk used as a side table, two chairs and a bookshelf. Its neither too big or too small. I dislike a too large bedroom because it seems cavernous and not cozy.

    All of the bedrooms you’ve shown are a great mix of style and comfort.

  7. We are all getting ready for fall, aren’t we? I love this time of year. We need to be cozy in the fall and winter.

  8. Love the curtain idea and the layered bed. Every time I try to layer bed it just looks disorganized. I might not be doing it right. Great post!
    Katie | http://www.cleanbriteonline.com/hardwoodfloors.html

  9. Restful. Relaxing. Dark. Cool temperature for snuggling!

  10. Love the tips for a cozy bedroom!

  11. My one must have is always 100% cotton bedlinen – a must-have luxury! and cozy? a feather mattress topper, which is completely OTT (over the top) but is so cozy! Sorry everyone, the essentials for a good sleep are the above and of course a decent mattress that suits you, rather than decor – although that counts too of course!

  12. Beautiful

  13. Thanks for an amazing post! Quite timely for me as I am working on our master bedroom now…thanks for getting the creative juices flowing!

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