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7 Reasons You Don’t Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Bedrooms, Decorating Inspiration

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Here are seven reasons you might not love your bedroom right now (and simple designer tips to fix it on a budget!). 

Do any of these describe the state of your room right now?

Your room doesn’t feel welcoming.

7 Reasons You Don't Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)

Think about how you would prepare a room for a guest. Or, what if YOU were a guest and walked into a charming little Bed & Breakfast for a weekend getaway?

What would or wouldn’t you want to see in that space?

Would you want to trip over piles of clutter on the floor or have to remove someone’s laundry from the bed?

Of course not.

What if we treated ourselves as well as we would treat a guest? How do we want to be treated when we are the guest?

Paying attention to those guest room details. Incorporating them will turn your room into a sanctuary you will love every day.

Your bedding isn’t interesting.

7 Reasons You Don't Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)
Source: Patterned heart sheets // See more of my bedroom here

One designer secret for creating a more interesting room is to mix in more layers and textures.

If you have a matching or coordinating bedding set or if it is all the same fabric, mixing things up by layering in one dramatically different and highly textured piece, like a chunky knit blanket or a cotton throw with fringe. Or add a unique textured pillow with large tassel trim!

Even just mixing in ONE different texture can make the whole room more interesting.

Watch us mix and match bedding to create several fresh looks in this video!

Your don’t have enough mood lighting.

7 Reasons You Don't Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)

Mood lighting is important in a bedroom. To enjoy being in your room, you’ll want to have dimmer switches and/or three-way switches on all lights.

New lamps can be expensive, so if the styles you love aren’t in the budget I recommend keeping your eye on discount home stores or even second hand stores.

If you find matching lamps that have a great shape or style, but you don’t love the color or pattern, you can likely spray paint them!

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Your pillows aren’t comfortable.

7 Reasons You Don't Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)
My Bedroom Makeover and Sources

When was the last time you updated your pillow covers or inserts? I like having pillows in a variety of firmness levels for maximum comfort. I prefer firmer inserts for my Euro-shams in the back of the bed to make reading and sipping hot drinks more comfortable. I use fluffy inserts in others I might curl up with. Maybe fresh new inserts or snazzy new covers are just the change you need to love your room a little more.

You aren’t separating stress from rest.

7 Reasons You Don't Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)
Pottery Barn (click for source)

Your bedroom should be a serene and restful escape from the world. But if you keep work, mail, bills, and to-do-lists in your room, it’s not going to be inviting.

Perhaps designate a new place to organize and store more stressful necessities, such as a pull-down secretary desk in the living room.

The air is stale and stuffy.

7 Reasons You Don't Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)
Sources: Wood Bead Chandelier // Striped Pom Tassel Curtains

A bedroom should feel and smell fresh and clean. If you haven’t cleaned or let the breeze blow through recently, the air in the room will feel dusty and stale. Definitely not what you want for your bedroom!

Dust your room from top to bottom. Vacuum the floors, under the bed, wipe down the surfaces, wash your bedding, open up the windows wide to let fresh air in.

Pro tip: Get an electronic housekeeper like THIS one … we use ours several times a week in our room keep our floors and under the bed free of dust! It travels easily over rugs and various floor surfaces. It’s been a great investment and good for our health. Read more about why we like it right here.

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You’re feeling bored with the same look.

7 Reasons You Don't Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)

Serena and Lily / Rattan Bed

Are you growing tired of “the same”? Have you had the same rug, same bedding, same curtains, same wall color, and the same accessories in the same exact places?

Refresh your bedroom without buying anything new by swapping art, furniture or accessories with another room. Even something as simple as switching nightstands to the opposite sides could make it feel like a whole new room!

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Do you love your bedroom? Why or why not?

7 Reasons You Don't Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)
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  1. Cheryl Tracy

    I Love my bedroom when it’s clean and clear of clutter! Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep that way; you’ve inspired me to do better!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, sometimes we just need a little inspiration! I’m happy to have helped! <3

  2. sandyc

    Cheryl, I’m with you. I too love my bedroom, but clean and clear of clutter is a big challenge with two white kitties who thinks of it as their bedroom (and their bed) and who shed a lot, and limited storage all over a small house plus Arizona dust that finds its way in even when all the windows are closed. But those occasions when I achieve clean and clutter clear are super nice and Melissa always comes to mind!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I’m glad you think of me!! :) I’m always glad to know you find inspiration here!! Thank you, Sandy!

  3. Tiffany

    I really love my bedroom. We bought a small fixer upper and I have enjoyed putting little touches of my style everywhere on a shoe-string budget. My walls are a pure white, my curtains are soft and cozy, and my bedding has a little pink in it. We removed the outdated closet doors and I hung sheer lace-y fabric instead. Put the dressers in the closet so my room is open, romantic, and clutter free.

  4. Pat M.

    I love my large master bedroom, but so do my two dogs. They seem to believe it’s their room and they just allow me to use it after dark. Its where they love to nap and, unfortunately, it’s location also provides a large window for them to see (from the bed of course) the front yard and much of the street, so it is like their entertainment center. Both dogs are old and will not be with me a lot longer, so I don’t have the heart to make them stay out of there. When they’re gone, I’ll be wishing they were back on the bed at their favorite lookout spots. I love my pups, so I’ll wait to refresh my room until then. Sigh …..

  5. Kim

    I love this! I have always given our bedroom more attention but still had never thought of treating it as a guest room! I’m excited to go home and make some small changes to make it even cozier. =)

  6. Kathy Menold

    I have had the same color scheme in our Master bedroom for many years but changing it would in love not only changing bedding but all my accessories as well as the paintings lamps and a large tapestry hanging above the bed. The color of the walls are neutral but the basic colors of bedding ect are various shades of purple and sage green. The curtains and carpet are neutral. We recently redid the master bath and it is gray and white with blue accents. Any ideas for the bedroom?

  7. Cheri

    This is all lovely, and I strive for a pretty bed look, but practically speaking, where do you put the pillows you sleep on at night? Do you put the shams on every morning, off each night? What if you have a king bed? I make my bed every day, have all the right pillows, texture, etc. but the reality is I have pillows that aren’t in shams, just pretty pillow cases.

  8. Rachel Perry

    When I met my husband, his bedroom was as blah as can be. He had 0 color – down to his white comforter. When I moved in, I purchased throw pillows, wall art, and a couple awesome table lamps… looked like an entirely different room :)

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