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Kitchen Redesign Tips

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration

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Kitchen Redesign Tips

I get lots of remodeling questions from readers, so today I thought I’d share a few tips for redesigning a kitchen!

1) Take your time!

Be inspired by photos, but don’t get too swept away with significant changes or decisions made on impulse. Sometimes those ideas work out or are easy to change, but even a coat of paint can turn into an unfortunate regret, depending on where and how you use it. 

2) Decide wisely.

Don’t be swayed by advice you find on the internet if it contradicts common sense or makes you worried about a classic choice. Design whims will come and go with fads and seasons, so make sure you do good research and choose elements you can live with. With that said, if you choose wisely you won’t have to be stuck with every design choice for 30 years.

3) Dark kitchens get dirty, too.

Your kitchen will get just as dirty no matter which color of cabinets or counters you choose. Hiding grime may or may not be your style. Don’t assume light is harder to clean than dark or vice versa. Both have their own advantages and challenges, depending on your home and the materials that are used.

4) Choose what you love.

Blend ideas that suit your house with what stirs your heart!

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Have you redesigned your kitchen recently?

What are some of your favorite tips?


  1. Deanna Rabe

    Those are great tips, Melissa!

  2. Kay

    Love your ideas and your Doodles!!

  3. Tamara MEEK

    We have the tiniest kitchen/dining room combination and want to update it. Do you have any ideas for making a tiny kitchen look larger?

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