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How to Decorate with Inspiration Rooms

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration

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How to Decorate with Inspiration Rooms

Hi friends! I’m out of town this week enjoying a little time away with my husband, so I’ve been mostly off the internet (besides some updates on my Insta stories!) but I wanted to pop in real quick to answer a question I received on my last post. 

I thought many of you might find this helpful as well so I’m answering it here:

 “Hi Melissa! :) I love this post. Have you ever written a post about how you draw inspiration from these photos and then practically apply it in your own house? On a budget? It would be fun to see how your brain works! :)”.

Yes! I have a whole series I call “takeaway tips”. I’ll share some of my favorites from the series below!

Speaking of favorite blog series, what types of blog content do you enjoy the most? What would you like to see more of this fall once I get back to my non-summer blogging schedule? Let me know in the comments!

How to Decorate with Inspiration Rooms

A Memorable Kitchen: 4 Takeaway Tips

Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Four Outdoor Rooms {Takeaway Tips}

How to Decorate with Inspiration Rooms
Inspiration photo from designer Sawyer Berson

5 Takeaway Tips from a Lovely Home {Sawyer Berson}

How to Decorate with Inspiration Rooms

6 Takeaway Tips: A Beautiful New England Home

How to Decorate with Inspiration Rooms
House Beautiful November 2017

5 Takeaway Tips: A Modest Cozy & Colorful House

5 Takeaway Tips {Southern Living Idea House}

17 Takeaway Tips from an HGTV Dream Home

Farmhouse Country Kitchen {5 Takeaway Tips}

How to Decorate with Inspiration Rooms

Find more decorating inspiration:

My bestselling book, The Inspired Room!

Your home isn’t a showplace—it’s a sanctuary. You’re invited to forget about the rules and discover inspired ways to personalize your spaces and express your style with texture, color, and your favorite treasures. Room by room, with full color photos, I’ll help you shape a home that is inspired by the people, beauty, and life you love.

“Melissa Michaels’ new book, The Inspired Room, is full of smart, practical advice and packed with inspiration to spare. The photos are gorgeous and accompanied by helpful tips and details, and the writing lifts you up and makes you excited to dive into home decor headfirst!” — Sherry Petersik, NY Times Bestselling Author of Young House Love

How to Decorate with Inspiration Rooms

My new book now available for preorder, But Where Do I Put the Couch? And Answers to 100 Other Home Decorating Questions!

This book (by me and Thistlewood!) is full of answers to decor questions sent in by YOU, our readers! :) Preorder now and you’ll be one of the first to receive it when it releases September 2019!

How to Decorate with Inspiration Rooms
How to Decorate with Inspiration Rooms


  1. Kerry Fountain

    Love the walk back through your older posts! Can’t wait for all the advice in the new book!

  2. Francesca Gunn

    I love reading all of the older comments on your posts. It makes me happy to see what catches other people’s fancy. I even go back to look at the photos if someone mentions something I did not catch the first ( or second) time I looked.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I enjoy the comments too!!! It’s so fun to hear what other people see and think.

  3. Katie

    I loved looking through these – thank you so much!! I sincerely appreciate the way that your blog encourages us to use what we have and really be content at home. Some of the blogs I’ve enjoyed over the years have changed to buy, buy, buy to make changes. I have young children and you have helped me so much to really enjoy making my house a home for my husband and children. In terms of a series for the fall, I think it would be fun to look at decorating dilemmas and how to solve them. Or how to create charm in a challenging space or something like that. I honestly love everything you do. Thank you Melissa!!!

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