Pretty Clutter & Organization {A Kitchen Progress Update!}

Pretty Clutter & Organization {A Kitchen Progress Update!}

So, it is about time I do another kitchen update, right? Eeesh. The end of summer/start of the school year is always a bit crazy around here for us (you too?) but I am ready to get back on track! It is definitely time for an update on the kitchen! I LOVE IT so far!!! Love love love.

Last I shared on this project, the grout and faucet were in and the range hood was being installed! I really love that the kitchen is fully functional now!

Although I should point out that fully functioning and FINISHED are NOT the same thing.


Pretty Clutter & Organization {A Kitchen Progress Update!}

While we have all that is necessary for cooking…we have our existing stove (no new range), a new range hood, a new sink and faucet, counters and tile, and a couple of new cabinets, there are some remaining details we need to finish.

Our cabinets won’t be painted until October (it killllllllssss me to have to wait that long, but it will be extra exciting when it happens, right?).

Sigh. You can see the kitchen inspiration board here if you can’t remember what my plans were for the cabinets, and here is a post with some of my kitchen inspiration pictures.

This week the new shaker style drawer fronts will be installed (the ones that arrived were incorrect). We are still thinking about how to adapt our freestanding island (I’ll post on the island next and show you what we are going to work with). We had to do some wall repair this week and next we will finish painting the walls and install our new gorgeous sconces!! Yahoo!

We are also working on finding hardware that will fit into our existing drawer and cabinet holes so we don’t have to fill and re-drill if at all possible. Unfortunately our builder picked a less than standard size for hardware so it is taking a little bit of research on the pulls to find just the right ones in the right size. I did find some unique knobs though and I’m pretty excited about that!

Mostly what we’ve been working on lately is organization. While organization might be pretty easy to figure out if you are designing a gourmet kitchen from scratch, reality is in a smaller scale remodel is you still have to figure out how to create function out of existing elements.

Pretty Clutter & Organization {A Kitchen Progress Update!}

Fortunately our two new banks of drawers will help immensely with our function. I happen to LOVE drawers. Lower cabinets are usually somewhat annoying to me because I really don’t like having to crouch down and stand on my head to see what is in them. Maybe it’s just me.

In in an ideal world, I would install drawers over lower cabinetry whenever possible. In this remodel, I was able to add in two brand new banks of drawers when I rearranged one section of my cabinetry, so that is super exciting for me! I prefer to use drawers for everything from plates to bowls to cups to spices. I had to keep the rest of my existing cabinetry so while we do have quite a few drawers, we still have a few cabinets that I am trying to organize.

I actually removed several upper cabinets in this project and I’m SO happy with how open it feels now when we are baking and cooking and working on our counters. The removal of the upper cabinets also creates plenty of light on the counters and that is a big plus too!

Pretty Clutter & Organization {A Kitchen Progress Update!}

Even though our cabinets aren’t yet painted we are still having fun finding the most efficient way to organize drawers and cabinets for our needs. We will have to pull everything out when it comes time to paint but I’m OK with that.

I found these bamboo silverware inserts at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago and they make my drawers look a little more fancy and organized.

Pretty Clutter & Organization {A Kitchen Progress Update!}

I also am happy with everyday items on display. I like to call it “pretty” clutter. By that I mean I don’t mind some things being out in the open, as long as it is pretty and functional. Let’s just say I’m not a minimalist who has to have clear counters and tables!

I love the creative energy of seeing (within moderation!) a real working kitchen with a toaster, knives, wooden spoons, coffee maker, pans and supplies out in the open! BUT if it is going to be out in the open, it has to be somewhat attractive or cute. Otherwise, off to a cabinet it goes.

I’m enjoying thinking through what we use all the time and finding a way (on a budget) to have it be both functional and attractive. I don’t really like to have a bunch of crafty decorations or a hodgepodge of random stuff around, but I do love love love love seeing some pretty dishes, glass jars, wire and natural baskets and pretty containers, so they will definitely be a part of my new kitchen organizational plan!

Pretty Clutter & Organization {A Kitchen Progress Update!}

And remember the little dish cabinet I found at HomeGoods? I also was able to find a home for it IN my kitchen after all! I had a different plan for that wall where it now sits, but I decided as long as I already had this cabinet, I might as well use it in the kitchen. Once I put the cabinet there, I realized I could also fit my white rattan chairs in the kitchen and THAT pretty much sealed the deal for me. I like it.

I’ll do a complete kitchen organizing post when my kitchen is all painted and done so you can see how I’m making the most of every drawer and cabinet as well as how we utilize our pantry. But at least for now you can see we are in fact making some progress, right? Hallelujah for progress. The end will come!

Sneak peek: If you follow me on Instagram (theinspiredroom), I posted a little pantry progress sneak peek awhile back!

Thanks for following along! If you are new here, you might also like to see my recent updates to my dining room and living room too!


  1. from what these photos show, you’ve done a fabulous job! I too have a working-but-not-quite-done kitchen. We remodeled starting in march when they demoed it to the studs, moved a wet bat/wall to make room for my bigger fridge, and gutted the whole room. The process has been hard! We had just bought the house and didn’t move in until it was mostly done, though, so that helps. We went with shaker style cabs as well, in a dove white with cocoa glaze. My entire backsplash and wall behind the range I did in a beautiful, old-looking thin brick. It’s turned out great. I need to post on it, but I’m waiting on the crown molding to be finished. We’ve had some problems with the finish on the crown being completely different shades than the rest of the cabs. We ordered Kraftmaid cabs which I love, and though i’m impatient to finish, they are working on the crown till they get it right! I’ll have to post some photos soon.
    Good luck with your drawer pulls! I can’t wait to see the finished look, and love your subway tile!

    • I would love to see that thin brick! I’ve been wanting to try something like that too! Good luck, I know how it goes! We have a few things we are still working on to get it right and it pays to be persistent! :-)

  2. It’s looking might good from your little “sneaky – peeky’s”. That gorgeous range hood deserves a post in itself!! I too looooooove drawers. They hold all the zillions of casserole dishes and baking pans around here – one of the smartest things we did in our kitchen. Can’t wait to see the rest of this – even if the cabinets aren’t painted until October! :)

  3. Hi, Melissa, I know you are so excited about your beautiful new kitchen! It’s all looking so great, love your choices so far. We are using several similar ideas in our kitchens and I’m thrilled with mine too. I’m on the home stretch, you’ll get there soon too. I know those cabinets are going to be beautiful all painted.

    Here’s to new and improved beautiful kitchens for both of us!!

  4. Where did you get those colorfull bowls from and the coffee bean glass canister?

  5. Wow! Melissa, I love what I see so far. I really love the oven, oven hood, and the hutch. I am looking forward to seeing pics of your fabulous kitchen when completed. It is going to look AMAZING.

    BTW, really like your coffee maker. What brand is it?

  6. Wow! I love absolutely everything about your kitchen. Using the existing range gives it an edgier, lived-in look that I like A LOT! Great tips about using drawers. And I had never thought of putting my silverware tray in the drawer horizontally before…

  7. Wow! Your kitchen is wonderful! I am finishing up a big remodel myself and it has been so worth it and fun. I have learned so much. I am anxious to see more photos.

  8. Looks so beautiful!!!! You have such neat touches….like the little beautiful cups by your “RollsRoyce” coffee machine!!! Beautiful! The white white white is so striking! Great job! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!!

  9. from what I see it looks lovely! Can’t wait for the final reveal!

  10. I love that range… just gorgeous!!! Everything is looking great, can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  11. It looks gorgeous so far Melissa. I am in love with your range hood…makes me want to redo my kitchen again.
    Can’t wait to see the cabinets.

  12. I am loving your tiled wall and that dish cabinet! What a great find.

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last shot with the cabinet and rattan chair ! Totally smitten with both of those pieces and jealous – in the best possible way ;-)

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but your kitchen looks fabulous even without the cabinets being painted. I know….. you ♥ white cabinets – I do, too. Just sayin, it all looks great as is.

    • Thank you :-) You know what? I totally agree on the wood cabinets! I actually like wood cabinets. Somehow the white counters and tile made it all work and I would be totally happy to leave them as is, but some of them are kind of in not as good of shape so I’m going to paint them just to have a fresh start. PS. only a few of them will be white, though…can you believe it? What is the world coming to when I am not painting my entire kitchen white?

  14. Great idea about using drawers rather than base cabinets. I will have to remember that when I (finally) get to update my kitchen!

  15. Love the look of your kitchen. We are slowly doing ours over and I had a question about your range hood. Are you venting that outside? If so, is the range hood on an exterior wall? If it is not, how are you venting it to the exterior without seeing the duct work?

    Thank you

    • Yep, it vents to the outside. That is an interior wall, but the duct work goes through the wall to the exterior. It was already there from our previous vent so we didn’t have to do that part to get a new hood.

      • Thanks. I am not sure if we have existing duct work venting to the outside where our current stove is. There is only a microwave with a range hood attached that doesn’t seem to vent anything. I will have to take a closer look. I think it would be a project to try to get duct work through an existing wall right now. Thanks for all your great design ideas and good luck finishing the kitchen.

        • Our previous vent was a microwave style too, I bet yours is vented somewhere outside if there is a working vent? Can you look outside or actually sometimes they vent up to the roof! Good luck :-)

  16. for the lower cabinets, it is possible to install sliding shelves. Not as nice as drawers, but still nice to have and you can retro fit! So as budget allows, you can change one cabinet at a time. Curious what you plan to do with your island. We have one that has a more furniture look, like it is on feet. But our sink and dishwasher are there, so we had to have toe kicks to hide the plumbing. We didn’t have the regular 3ish inches of space to have the toe kick recessed on the back side, so we painted it a couple of shades darker to give the illusion. here is one pic, there is another on my pinboard. I love the challenge of increasing function within a tight budget. You must be able to think outside of the box! Looking forward to seeing progress.

  17. Melissa,
    You’ve probably considered this, but I wanted to mention adding wooden drawers inside your cabinets. I did this in our kitchen and I love them. I made sure they built them with sides and back high enough so that things wouldn’t fall behind (and heavy duty sliders), and fitted them with various dividers myself — and they are SO much better — nothing stuck way in the back that I have to reach for. MUCH better than standing on my head, I’m just not so good at that anymore, ;-) They look great too. Your kitchen is beautiful. I love your tile and that you removed the upper cabinets for a more spacious feel. Keep having fun!


  18. My kitchen in Ukraine had a long counter with large- like 40+”- drawers on the bottom (6 total). I can’t begin to say how much I miss them! I think about them every time I have to squat down and dig to the back of a cabinet to get what I want.

  19. Melissa – Your kitchen is coming along very nicely. Your tile looks great!!


  20. Oh Melissa, I am so happy for you!! Everything looks so clean and sleek and classy with just a bit of whimsy. You have great taste, girl!!!!!

  21. I love the edges on your plates in the drawer. What brand are those.
    Kitchen loks fab. I love the tile and grout combo.

  22. It is looking gorgeous. Well done Melissa.

  23. Great makeover. Gotta ask. On the tiled wall, will there be any shelving put up or will you leave the wall just as it is now? Reason I ask, my contractor suggested the same idea months ago, to install tile on the wall in which my stove and bottom cabinets sit. I was a bit hesitant because I only have two upper cabinets in my kitchen and need additional upper shelving or cabinet space. He said installing upper cabinets above the stove would greatly reduce the line of site through the kitchen as you enter from the back door. Making the entrance seem as though you stepped into a cramped box. I do have a back wall where my fridge sits that upper cabinets could be installed though. But I do love the look of the subway tiles and the grey grout.


    • Yep we will only have tile, no cabinets or shelves on this wall. I love how open and uncluttered it feels. It actually makes my counters more useful because you really feel like using them to cook because you don’t feel cramped! It makes a nice focal point too! :-)

  24. Love the way your kitchen is turning out.. the subway tiles, the cupboard, all nicely organized.. looks really nice!

  25. I am new to your blog and I am really enjoying your kitchen story and all the great photos!wondering what color your cabinets are going to be! I look forward to all your updates, this is fun!

  26. Love the progress of your kitchen! Love the mason jars and subway tiles. Looks really nice :)

  27. The glimpse of your kitchen is so exciting! I like natural and purposeful kitchen decor too … coffee beans are a lovely thing!

  28. Love the feel of your “new” kitchen. So much inspiration. I’m such a big fan of white subway tile.
    Can’t wait to see more.
    Happy day

  29. love how it’s coming together, Melissa!

    I’ll have to go check out your kitchen inspiration boards!

  30. Hi Melissa! I just found your blog today through pinterest and I love it!! I have a question for you about your cabinets because I am currently renovating a 50’s kitchen on a budget. I would like to keep the original cabinets in place and add news one for more storage. Are you adding unfinished products and painting to match the rest? If so, where are you buying your cabinets? I don’t know where to get those from! Thanks!!

  31. Love your blog! Will you post pictures of your finished kitchen? And do you have any more photos of the beautiful farmhouse? Thanks!

    • Absolutely….still STILL waiting on a painter :-) But as soon as my kitchen is done you will definitely get to see how it turned out!!! Thanks for asking.

  32. I confess kitchen envy! What espresso maker would you recommend?

  33. So bright and cheery! Such a lot of thought put into this and I’m delighted that you have your apron-front sink!

  34. OK… I recently found your site while googling DIY ideas for updating my kitchen. Love it! I have very shallow lower cupboards that I want to replace with drawers that look like baskets. My thought is to find baskets that are the shallow 11″ depth of my inner lower cupboards, attach drawer glides to their base. Then attach a handle, line with coordinating material. Place the drawer glides onto the existing shelves. The inner shelves are one long board the length of entire cupboard space(70″) with four cupboard door opens of 16″ each. So I can’t attach drawer system that glides from sides. I’m thinking painted inner cupboards & using baskets would allow me to let the baskets stick out of shelves slightly & I might be able to get away with 12″ deep baskets large enough for dinner plates as well as the rest of my dishes. Do you have any thoughts on where I can find non traditional sizes of drawer glide kits, as well as best resource you’ve found for baskets. Also, if I’m painting over existing cupboard spaces & doors that have some finish on them… I thought Craft style chalk paint & wax sealant… What do think?

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