New Kitchen Wall Sconces {House Projects Update!}

New Kitchen Wall Sconces {House Projects Update!}

Wall Sconces for the Kitchen

Behold, these beautiful lights. Yesterday I had an idea. I wanted wall sconces on either side of my kitchen window, set into the subway tiled walls around the window. Fortunately we are still waiting to get our kitchen put back together again, so it wasn’t too late to get the wiring all ready for my new lights!

It took me about five minutes to find these perfect sconces online at Restoration Hardware and fall in love. At first I was searching around and found sconces I loved, but they were like $300-800 each. WHAT? I really wanted beautiful lights but not for $800 each. So when I found these gems I was really excited!

While they are not necessarily what I’d consider cheap lights, they are quite reasonable considering how much style and personality they will add! Sometimes in fixing up your house you can’t look at the price tag of each individual item but rather the budget as a whole. Then you can play around with options to end up with what you want most of all.

Evoking early-20th-century industrial lighting, our reproductions of vintage fixtures retain the classic lines and exposed hardware of the originals. Designed to showcase the warmth of Edison-style filament bulbs. –Restoration Hardware

I adore the mix of metals on the light and the character of the old fashioned light bulbs! They are of similar style to the new wall sconces on my stair wall (which I’ll show you in a separate post soon about my stairs), but they are unique and special so I’m excited they will have a prominent place in my kitchen.

I love replacing the builder’s standard lighting with quality fixtures, especially beautiful early 20th century reproduction lighting as it adds so much timeless character and personality. While I have to update slowly due to my budget constraints, it is an update worth waiting for.

New Kitchen Wall Sconces {House Projects Update!}

The only thing is that the addition of the lights would cause a little interference with the original plan I had for the wall above the new cabinet to the right of the sink.  My plan was for two open shelves there, and I hope to still do them, but I’ll have to adjust to make it work with the light, or just do one light on the left. Darn. So, sometimes my new great ideas mess up previous great ideas and I have to make a few modifications.

Nothing is ever easy or simple, but that is part of the fun, right? Yes?

I can’t wait until I have more progress pictures to show you but we are still waiting on a few details and items to arrive before any more work starts. So, basically my house is still torn apart. But I’m ok with that. Removing things I didn’t like and then living with it that way for awhile, even if it is undone, really helped me to visualize the potential in my house instead of being stuck on what was already there.

Do you ever fall in love with something for your home and have to change your original plans because of it? 


  1. I SO know what you are talking about. I think my entire kitchen remodel has been like that. I adore those lights, I thought about doing that but had the electrician already out to do the pendant light fixture. Good luck with the shelving, I think it will look great!

  2. Oh I love those! It’s so true…There are always things that pop up or change to keep us on our toes. Makes me really nervous considering we are building a house from scratch and have so many things to think of! Gah! Nerve-racking and fun all wrapped up into one! Can’t wait to see how they look in your finished space!

    • So true, I would love to build a house from scratch but I can imagine ending up with gray hair in the end. So many decisions it could drive me crazy! But how much fun it would be all at the same time!!! :-)

  3. I’m curious…will you be using the edison bulbs in these fixtures? I love the look of them but wondered whether they’d offer enough light to be useful or if they’re really just for decorative purposes. I don’t know anyone who’s tried them so I thought I’d ask. Good luck on your transformation!


    • I don’t actually need them for task lighting, I just want them for a little mood lighting. I have canned lighting on the ceiling (which I don’t love but it is already there) so we have plenty of light in the room. I’ve never used the Edison bulbs either but I’ll find out if I like it or not since it comes with one bulb! :-)

  4. Love, Love Restoration Hardware! It’s fun to see your kitchen remodel and I like photo with the text written on the wall where everything is going to go.

    • I’m glad you like my little text photo, it is hard to convey without a little diagram. Even so, it is hard to visualize in the state the kitchen is in now :-)

  5. what about just putting one to the left of the window and then still having your open shelves on the right?

    • Funny you should mention that, I was considering the same thing and it is totally still an option that might work best. So you might only see one instead of two in the final photo :-)

  6. Oh yes, every decision is like a domino effect, isn’t it? Love those sconces! I really like using sconces (the single kind – not those double or triple ones) everywhere. ..wish we had put them above the fireplace mantle. I have used the edison lightbulb in one area. They are fine for your mood light, but they are quite expensive…paid $10 per bulb at our local Lowes. You can find a clear normal shape and size bulb with the element that shows, and it is much less expensive (but of course nowhere near as unique in look.) I burn all my lights waaaaaaay too much to use a $10 bulb (plus I have a terrible knack of blowing bulbs when I turn them on….) Good luck as you continue on this house redo adventure!

    • I know, they are really expensive! We’ll see how long it lasts and how often I use them before I decide to invest in a lot of them :-) They do look cool though and might be worth it for these lights since they are strictly mood lighting.

  7. Change my plans ALL of the time! Story of my life! Love those sconces; such wonderful character. The filaments are such a fun addition!

  8. This is going to look very good when its done, i know that for sure!! With your talents and design skills, its going to look banging! Where are you planning to place the bulb though?

    • Lovely, lovely steampunk lamps! Mmm Mmm! Do have the pair and not just one….. you may come up with another idea for shelves elsewhere, or perhaps a long thin cupboard…. but these will look so good.

  9. All the time…..change and change again….I guess thats part of the fun….Love the lights!

  10. I constantly fall in love with different things and have to change our original plans… thus is renovating :) Those sconces are so neat, I love the industrial look Restoration Hardware has. They’re going to look great next to that giant window! Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen!

  11. Morgan H says

    I’m actually impressed with how affordable those are! We have been looking around Silverdale at all the big stores and haven’t found anytime we remotely liked. After looking at RH, we will have to try and narrow it down! When I think about remodeling budgets, I tend to focus on what will be replaced often. I wouldn’t spend $100 on a throw pillow because I know in a few months I will want different ones, where as the perfect sconce will be well wortht the extra cash!

  12. Hi, Melissa. As an avid remodeling enthusiast, I am also fond of having the end in mind when I am working on a DIY project. Seeing the diagram you made about the upcoming kitchen makeover is absolutely a superb move.

  13. …perfect…and i love the edison bulbs…blessings laney

  14. Very nice! I think I saw similar ones at Home Depot…. I know they have something similar in a pendant.
    Can you do 2, placing them right up against the window casing so that you only move the cabinet over as far as the width of the round collar where the sconce is attached to the wall?
    I love mood lighting… hubby doesn’t get why I have ceiling lights, sconces and table lamps. It’s called ‘mood’. :D
    Oh and I did build my house from scratch [I even cleared some of the land by hand!], and yes lots of decisions, and lo and behold, not only did I ‘miss’ on many things,. but I had a builder who took my plans as a mere SUGGESTION of what I wanted… *sigh*, so we’re going to be ‘tweaking’ things for many years to come.

  15. Love those fixtures! And yes…its like building an outfit around a pair of earings…I do it all the time!!

  16. Wow, those are lovely! I cannot wait for more progress posts and to see the reveal! :-) It’s gonna be great!

  17. I’ve been smitten with those light fixtures since I first spied them some time ago. My big worry is about those gorgeous bulbs. I strongly dislike ‘glare’ and I would be very afraid that they would be to glare-ey. Have you seen them in real life to know?

    • The type of lightbulb you use in these is up to you. I’ll let you know once I get them what I think! I prefer lights on dimmers for mood so that reduces most glare. I’ll update on the bulbs when I try them!

  18. they are going to be beautiful….I’m symmetrical, so I’d have to definitely go with both sconces. :)

    looking forward to seeing more of the updated kitchen as it comes together!

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