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Candlelight {Day 6: Loving Fall}

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, My Life

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Candlelight {Day 6: Loving Fall}Birch Votive Set // Hot Cider Candle //Punched Metal Lanterns // fall photos via my daughter Kylee’s Instagram

Candlelight {Day 6: Loving Fall}Hand blown glass lanterns via Mary & Martha

Over the weekend we had a wind and rain storm here in the Seattle area. I don’t mind storms, if I’m safe inside. But for part of it, we were riding across Puget Sound from Seattle on the ferry and I’ll admit I was a wee bit scared!

The waves were crashing up against the boat and over the lower deck where we were parked. The ferry was rocking and riding the waves and salt water was splashing on our car in the darkness. All I could think of was how I couldn’t wait to make it home to our safe and warm nest!

When we arrived home, it was pitch black outside and inside. Our power was out. We ran around lighting candles so we could see to find our way to our cozy beds for the night. It was so good to be home!

Lighting candles when it gets dark outside is a fall ritual I really love, even when it isn’t stormy out (but especially when it is!).

Candlelight {Day 6: Loving Fall}

Do you have a favorite fall candle? I posted here last year about one of my very favorites–Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon from Anthropologie!

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  1. Sara

    Where did you get the cabinet with the glass doors? I love it!

  2. Peggy

    Yikes – what a boat ride! But, back to candles..i like the Yankee Candle pumpkin it and just use in the fall–love it!

  3. Tricia

    It does always feel nice to safe in your own home during a storm. There is just something about Fall and candles that seem to go together. I love those birch votive set, so pretty.

  4. Loran Polder

    Oh, I just love the birch candles, the punched lanterns AND the blown glass lanterns. My mom would especially love those hand blown lanterns…hmmm…possible Christmas present? :-) I’ve never been on a ferry before, and that definitely sounds worrisome! Eeek!

  5. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    I’m so glad you were safe Melissa! What a scary experience.
    On the upside… there really is something fun about living by candlelight… but only for a short while!! :)
    Hope your week is off to an extraordinary start!

  6. Rosa

    The birch candel holders are lovely. I adore your settee. Are you able to share where you purchased?

  7. Shelley Beckes

    Sounds like one heck of a wild ride! I love the birch candles and the lanterns.

  8. Barb

    I love the wood wick candles. They make a crackling sound when they burn like a mini fireplace. They also burn evenly all the way to the bottom and never lose their scent. Biscotti is a yummy one. I do want to try that Anthropolgie candle though, those are two of my favorite scents.

  9. Mindy

    I LOVE candles and being a fellow PNW dweller they come in handy! One of my favorite scents is a cinnamon but have several lanterns and holders with unscented and even a couple battery operated. When we are without lights (which in the fall/winter happens frequently) too many scents gives me a headache : ) Your house always looks so cozy and the candlelight would just make it even better!

  10. Patricia

    I love candles. And I love those birch bark candles! I remember buying some for my Mom years (and years) ago for a give when I was a kid! I thought they were cool then, and I still think that!

  11. Joan

    Thanks for reminding me how comforting the glow of candles can be when autumn rolls in. Tonight is colder and the day has been grey. A good time to bring some visual warmth. You have even reminded me of a birch bark treasure that is tucked away. Thank you for your inspiring posts.

  12. Lorrie

    Candlelight is one of the best things about darkening days. It’s so comforting and romantic, even if one is alone.

  13. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    We had some friends and their two Bulldogs over for dinner last night, and I lit all the candles in the great room and it sure set the tone for a lovely fall inspired meal.

  14. Val Myers

    So glad you are safe! I love Trapp candles, especially Fireside Pumpkin & White Fir.

  15. rachel butler

    I love your candle in the tin. But the link isn’t working, is there another link?


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