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Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Welcome, welcome!

Come in, everyone! Today I’m so excited to joining in as a special guest for a Farmhouse Holiday Fall Dining Room tour. You can find all the tour participants linked below. The invitation was perfect timing to inspire me to set up my dining room for fall. I’m all about fall nesting right now (I just started my annual fall nesting series, you can catch up here).

So, come on in, friends! We’ve got room for you all to gather around the table. Well, obviously it’s kind of a small space, but as I said about our kitchen, we can all squeeze in real cozy-like.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday TourSources are listed at the bottom of this post or here

When it comes to decorating for the seasons or for a holiday, as you might already know I tend keep things pretty simple most of the time. Not because I don’t love an all-out festive table or room, not at all! I really do! I love the creativity, but simple just seems to work the best for me.

But isn’t that how decorating should be? Do whatever brings you joy.

Simple decor brings me joy for many reasons, but for one it’s because I like to change my home often. I enjoy the process of puttering around the house, evolving each space as I’m inspired through the season.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

If you are a regular around here, you know I started my evolution to fall in the kitchen with my new rug.

(Whenever I say that I started my evolution to fall in the kitchen it sounds to me like I said I started to FALL in my kitchen. Just to be clear, I didn’t start to fall in my kitchen. Hahahaha. Hahah. I crack myself up sometimes. Okay, haha.).

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

This is our first fall with our remodeled kitchen, so I couldn’t wait to get started with fall touches. My kitchen and dining room are small but connected spaces, so it made sense to me to make the “fall vibe” flow through both spaces.

You can see the whole fall kitchen and sources here and here.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

As the kitchen began to be more “fall-like,” I started to get more inspired with what I wanted the dining room to feel like. You can see how the two spaces connect visually and physically through this archway.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Adding a cozy layer in the dining room can start as simply as adding a tablecloth (from HomeGoods). So that’s what I did. Easy peasy, right?

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

A few weeks ago I really went wild and grabbed this woven pumpkin at HomeGoods. Ha! So unlike me to be ahead of the game!

This early in the season we don’t have many real pumpkins or pretty gourds available at the stores near me (at least anywhere I wanted to drive to!) so it was actually a good thing I brought that woven pumpkin home. Bonus, this guy won’t rot, so I’ll be able to use this “pumpkin” all season long. Super thrifty of me, if I do say so myself.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Other than adding my new pumpkin and tablecloth, I just set my table with what I already had. Sometimes when I’m going to shop in my own house, I will give myself a ten-minute limit to “decorate.” It’s a good motivator for me to just get going, and mix and match whatever I can find in a short period of time.

I often find that once the timer goes off, I’m quite content with small changes I made!

It doesn’t take much to get me in a fall mood.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

As I set the table, I decided to pair the same pretty blue and white dishes I used in spring, but added pretty plum napkins for a fall twist. The wood chargers warmed it all up nicely and they looked great with my new punkin’. You can find the sources all linked at the bottom of the page.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

But when I added the gold flatware, it all felt too disconnected so I set a little brass tabletop under the pumpkin. That made him feel a little fancier and elevated his presence as a unique centerpiece.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Then to bring warmth around the room, I brought out these pretty brass lanterns for the buffet.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

A few perennials in a basket (that I need to plant outside) brought in a pop of fall color.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Other than that, we’ve got some added cozy with fuzzy sweater pillows on the banquette, velvet pillows and a knit throw on a chair. Layering in textural details is my favorite way to decorate for fall.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

In fact, speaking of fuzzy fall textures, if you look real close …

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

We have a photo bomber.

But since he adds a nice cozy layer to the mix I think we’ll keep him.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Oh, and speaking of keeping it simple while gathering around the table, I’ve got a brand new book coming out October 3rd called Simple Gatherings! You can get the book and the amazing preorder freebies here.

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!

Enjoy the rest of the tour, be sure to find the tour links below and visit everyone. I know you’ll be really inspired!

All my room sources are linked at the bottom of the post! 

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Ella Claire | Craftberry Bush | Love Grows Wild | Shades of Blue Interiors

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

City Farmhouse | Dear Lillie | French Country Cottage | Miss Mustard Seed

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Liz Marie Blog | Rooms for Rent | Julie Blanner | Kindred Vintage

Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

My Sweet Savannah | The Inspired Room


Fall Dining Room: Farmhouse Holiday Tour

Simple Gatherings Book (preorder now and get all four of my books as e-books for FREE!) >> Amazon / Barnes and Noble

Blue and white pattern dishes

Wood charger

Dark purple napkins

Striped Banquette Bench

Wicker dining chairs (similar)

Chandelier – RH Teen // Similar Option (great price!)

Hammered gold flatware

Napkin Rings (gold and silver)

Tablecloth – HomeGoods

Rattan Pumpkin – HomeGoods – similar options one and two

Chalkboard and Dry Erase Place Cards (similar options) > dry erase, chalkboard

Gray ceramic lamps and lampshade

Jute rug

Glass door cabinet – RH Hampton Glass Casement in Taupe

Round white and rattan mirror

Gray velvet pillows

Linen parsons dining chairs (sources and roundup in this post)

Woven blinds


Brass lanterns – Mary and Martha

Hammered copper planter

Kitchen sources

My House Tour


  1. Justine

    Love the dining room! I may need to copy ! Can you tell me where you got the long narrow tray in the kitchen that holds the French Press? I have a very small kitchen and have been searching for a narrow tray like this to corral some item on my counter. The standard tray size just doesn’t work for me!

  2. Tracie

    Melissa, I love your cozy touches and you totally inspired me! The plum colored napkins are the perfect touch of color. I’m ready to shop my house first and then buy new napkins :-)

  3. Jen

    Beautiful Melissa!

  4. Sandy

    Looks fantastic! I love the subtle fall touches. I also love the curtains in your dining room. Thank you for providing the link. Did you change them out recently? I thought they were a navy floral. Either way, I love this look and I loved the navy floral too. Was it a seasonal switch or what inspired the change?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Sandy! Thank you. I just swapped them with curtains in another room during the summer. I loved the new look so it’s just stayed that way! But, I love the navy ones, too. They may come back for winter! We’ll see what happens :).

      • Sheila P.

        I was about to order these curtains, but after reading reviews and comments,it seems like the length was not very consistent – did you have trouble? I really love the pattern and price!

        • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

          You know, I didn’t really notice so they must have been fine. I actually lengthened mine because I wanted to hang them higher. So I bought an extra panel and just sewed on additional length! They are the coziest curtains. I would get them and just return if they aren’t right, or if you can you could just order extra panels, keep the ones that work and return the rest. Hassle, yes, but they are such cute curtains they are worth it :).

  5. Diane @ An Extraordinary Day

    Simple and elegant and inviting. You do that look so well, Melissa.
    Thanks for all the lovely inspiration.

  6. Debby

    What a welcoming table. I love the plum napkins with the blue and white china! (And what is that gorgeous salad plate at Luke’s place setting? Is it an antique?) I have some Spode Tower Blue china that my parents bought in England about 45 years ago. I don’t use it very much, but now, seeing your blue dishes with the plum napkins, I’m inspired! Love your photobomber most of all. :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank so much, Debby! I think plum is such a pretty fall color. The plate is from Anthropologie, it’s it lovely? I think it’s fun to mix and match, so enjoy those Spode dishes! Jack always steals the show, doesn’t he? <3

  7. franki

    Well…I NEED TO KNOW, too….did you ever say where you got that “antique” door BELL…I’m lusting….franki P.S. You DID fail to say what time we’re expected for dinner….hah!! fmp

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      HA! It’s an antique so I don’t know where we got it originally. But, I did see one at one time on etsy! So I’d do a search for Antique Brass Dinner Bells and see what you find. You never know! :)

  8. Maria

    This is so lovely — thank you for sharing with us! Texture is one of my favorite ways to bring Fall elements to my house this time of year, too. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :-)

  9. Rachel

    Melissa this is so so beautiful! I’m not usually a fan of purple but those plum napkins really make the table!! Love that woven pumpkin in the middle and all the pretty ‘collected’ details for each place setting!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you so much, Rachel. I’m not usually a purple girl either but something about a pretty plum or deep purple with a mix of textures and grays this time of year seems to work for me. I actually have a dark gray/plum bedroom…it’s so not my usual go to color for a wall either, but I am obsessed with the moody-coziness of it!

  10. Mia

    The shot of the dining room from the kitchen made me want to run over and visit (I’m thousands of miles away so don’t worry ;) I would never have thought to combine the plum and blue but it’s so fresh and pretty. Glad you mentioned to look close for the fuzzy texture or I would have missed him, and his expression just made me laugh.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hahah, thanks, Maria. :) And yes, it was unexpected but I’m really loving the combo, too. Thank you for your kind comment.

  11. Julie Blanner

    It’s all just so beautiful! What an incredible space to share with family and friends. Thanks for joining the tour!

  12. Kristen Whitby

    So pretty Melissa! I love the touches of brass and plum colors and I love your sweet photo bomber. So excited for your book!

  13. Anna Inglis

    Wow, this is so gorgeous! I like that you’ve kept it light, because let’s be honest – we all need a bit of brightness when it comes to this time of year, with just splashes of the vibrant plums and oranges of autumn in there! Fab

  14. Kristan

    I love the bells on the wall in the kitchen that leads to the dining room… didn’t list them, Did I miss it? Can you tell me where you found them?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Kristan! They are antique so I really don’t know where to get them, but maybe if you google brass antique dinner bells you’ll find something like them! :)

  15. Amanda Cleckler

    Love this, especially the table setting!

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