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Evolving the Kitchen for Fall

Come on in! We can all squeeze in my kitchen, right? Sure we can, just squish on in :). We’re all friends here.

This is my very first fall season in my kitchen. I’ve been SO looking forward to experiencing what it feels like in here this time of year.

Yes, I do ponder things like that. Perhaps more than I should.

Speaking of the start of the season, I don’t know what it is about the week of Labor Day, but it’s always a crazy week for our family. Skipping Monday sounds like such a great idea (who needs Mondays?) until you realize you also lost 24 hours somewhere, ha. I’ve had a zillion deadlines lately so I need allllll the hours I can get.

Evolving the Kitchen for Fall

Wall Light // Buffalo Check Towel // Black Knobs // Black Bar

My son headed back to school today so I definitely will be on a fall schedule now! That first morning back is always a bit of a shock to the system, isn’t it? No more sleeping in or lazy mornings. And I realized this morning that I should have gone grocery shopping so we have lunches on hand and easy to grab breakfasts in the house. Whoops!

Gratefully his school serves a welcome back lunch to students the first day. I think they must figure that mamas would need a grace day. :)

Evolving the Kitchen for Fall

Wood Tablet Holder (similar) // Copper French Press

Anyway, I am so glad you came by today, welcome to my kitchen!

If you are new around here or missed our kitchen remodel posts, you can catch up on all the details in the reveal here.

As I mentioned, this is our first fall in our kitchen so it will be very special to me!

I love fall.

And I love kitchens!

We actually began our remodel around the beginning of October last year and it was finished just after the start of the year. We were able to prepare our first meal in our oven on Christmas! Awww, memories. Light the corners of my mind. Misty water colored memories. (ANYONE KNOW WHAT THAT IS FROM? Dated myself, I’m sure. In all fairness, it was my parents’ music, not mine.).

Evolving the Kitchen for Fall

Brass Faucet // Water Faucet //  Farmhouse Sink // Runner // Wall Light // Refrigerator

Evolving the Kitchen for Fall

Black Knobs // Cutting Board

I thought lot about how this space would feel in ALL the seasons when I was designing my kitchen (because that’s just how I roll).

Evolving my home through each season brings me a lot of joy. You might have noticed that I’m not really into buying a lot of the latest seasonal accessories or crafty decor. It’s just not my thing, but it is for sure one fun way to add fall decor to your home.

We don’t have real pumpkins around here until mid-October, but there are lots of other ways I bring the season to my home.

Evolving the Kitchen for Fall

Evolving the Kitchen for FallCrock // Wood Spoons

Tomorrow I’ll share about the gorgeous wood spoons from Polders’ Old World Market (use code INSPIRED25 for 25% off sitewide!), and some of the other lovely things I collect to use year round or to enjoy in certain seasons.

Evolving the Kitchen for Fall

Evolving the Kitchen for Fall

Oh, I picked up a cozy new fall runner recently. You can find it here.

The colors are so pretty in person and the forgiving pattern is perfect for messy cooks :).

I just knew I’d have a lot of fun changing out runners in here for the seasons!

Evolving the Kitchen for Fall

Evolving the Kitchen for Fall

Shop my kitchen sources with the thumbnails and arrows below!

Evolving the Kitchen for Fall


See all my kitchen sources, FAQ and details here.

Shiplap Walls Behind Stove & Sink

Where we got the Dutch Doors

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How we choose our kitchen appliances

How we mixed and matched our kitchen hardware

Tomorrow we’ll still be in my kitchen (I mean, you can go home in between or just stay here, either way, ha!). I’ll be sharing more about things I love to collect for the kitchen and tips for bringing a warm fall ambience to yours! UPDATE: Check out part two of this kitchen post here

I’m just so excited to chat about all these fun nesting things :).

Be sure to catch up and follow all of the fall nesting posts here!


  1. Nan, Odessa, DE

    Tell me about the greens you have displayed in water in your kitchen, please.
    What are the branches? How long will they last in water?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      It’s eucalyptus and it will last quite a long time! You can even take it out of the water and it will dry and last even longer.

  2. Sallie

    Love the runner! So excited for fall decorating and cozifying!

  3. Deanna Rabe

    I have some of my limelight hydrangeas dried and sitting at my sink, and I’ve added a fall plate or two. That’s how I’ve added some fall decor into my kitchen so far. I love changing out accessories with the seasons!

    I think I may need a rug for my kitchen sink area….

  4. Marcia

    Barbara Streisand. Now I’m singing it. :)

  5. Pat M.

    The words to the song are from The Way We Were – one of my favorite movies that I’ve watched over and over. That was when Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand were young – and so was I. Sigh ….
    Your kitchen is so cute. There’s definitely something about a cozy kitchen, in my opinion, that lends itself to cooler temps and in my part of the country, snow and ice. Sometimes a big kitchen can be cold – in more ways than one. I love yours.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh, I am sure that is true! I love little kitchens, I know I will feel so snug and cozy in here as it gets cooler, too. Thank you so much, Pat!



    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha! Well, I think all seasons have wonderful things to enjoy in them. Thank you for your comment, Carolina! It is just so fun to know I have a friend in Argentina. Blessings to you, too :)!

  7. Debbie

    Love, love, love all the fall textures and materials you’ve added to your beautiful kitchen! Thanks so much for sharing this with us … SO much inspiration as always.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I love to share with you wonderful ladies that come to visit with me :). Thank you, Debbie! <3

  8. susan

    I just love your kitchen…. so much so that I am using it as HUGE inspiration for our new home at the beach!!! EEEK!!! Call me a copy cat – I love the sink – the plank walls, the counter, the pulls… faucet… LOVE IT ALL!! You are a gift and I love pinning all the things from your home! I can hardly wait to have my own kitchen to change through the seasons –

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Susan! I am just tickled that you are so inspired by my kitchen. I can only imagine how excited you must be to have a new beach house! I’m excited for you :).

  9. Miguel Lozano

    I love you brass faucets!

    And I can imagine how cozy your kitchen feels with just the pictures!

    Good job Melissa :)

  10. Jen B

    Oh my gosh, I fell in love at first sight with the new rug and immediate went to World Market online and ordered one for MY kitchen!

  11. Richella Parham

    What a great idea to change the runner for fall! You’re brilliant, Melissa.

    I was too young to watch “The Way We Were,” but I definitely listened to that theme song on the radio a bunch. “Memories light the corners of my mind. . . ”

    Thank YOU for lighting the corners of my mind with good ideas for transitioning to fall! :)

  12. Debbie - Mountain Mama

    I love those greens you have in the corner, they add such a nice touch. Of course I adore your kitchen….and your entire home. Every time I visit here it makes me want to go home and rip everything out and start all over again!!

  13. J McConaha

    Absolutely stellar kitchen! I too love shiplap and want to do my dining room. I noticed you too have curved doorways. Was it previously cased? Or did you find trim/casing somewhere? That’s what is holding us up from doing it. Any tips or direction would be appreciated!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you so much! The doorways were just regular cased openings, but we had our contractor give them a curve. The arches added more shape to the room, gave the illusion of a little more height, additional character and enhanced the cottage feel we were going for. I should do a post on how they did it sometimes, I’ll have to look for the photos! Basically they just cut above the door (without disrupting any load bearing beams!) and then shaped the top of the opening into an arch with bent wood trim pieces and covered it with drywall. They turned out great!

  14. Judy

    Oh I love the bells hanging in your kitchen! Where did you find them?

  15. Andrea

    I am just ready to do a mini remodel on my kitchen, so this post came just in time! Can you tell me the name of the white paint that you chose. It is beautiful!

  16. Justine

    Love,love,love the kitchen! Can you tell me where you found the long narrow tray that sits behind the Paris to Provence book? I cannot tell you how long I have been searching for a long narrow tray for my kitchen.

  17. Jill

    I love the big round cutting board that sort of looks like a peel. Is it available to purchase somewhere?

  18. Barbara C. Iaquinta

    Cannot find the “fall scents” you wrote about. help!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Sure it is here >

  19. Nat

    Barbara Streisand – “The Way We Were”. Haha. As soon as you started the lyrics, I could hear Barbara singing the song in my head. Love you kitchen. So warm and cozy for a white kitchen with your gorgeous wood accents and the copper.

  20. maria lourdes

    your kitchen looks so refreshing and cozy. love how you put the elements together to create harmony from the wooden spoons to the copper decor.

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