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How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

This Fall Nesting post is in partnership with Old World Kitchen

I adore a cozy collected kitchen. I just wouldn’t feel “at home” in a kitchen that was sterile, lifeless or completely uncluttered. That’s not to say I like overly cluttered or messy kitchens, I don’t. :) I like a clean look, but I also love being surrounded by treasured collections and special things that tell our story.

I don’t necessarily think of myself as a “collector” but I do have a few collections or cherished pieces. If you were to look at my kitchen, you might not even realize that I am surrounded by things that are “collected” or memorable to me.

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

Even though my kitchen is newly remodeled I consider it to be “collected” because in it I have special pieces I have gathered over time. They are things I love, use regularly and will enjoy for years (and even a lifetime). These “collectibles” are often the elements I use and decorate with, so they become a part of my style.

I feel a kitchen is a backdrop for the memories we make, so I love when the quality, craftsmanship, beauty or functionality of pieces in it enhance the experiences we will always remember.

My cherished pieces stay with me. They are brought with me from house to house so they have become a part of our family’s history. I am not likely to part with them!

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen
Kitchen Sources

While it isn’t “a collection”, my trusty 30 year old KitchenAid stand mixer is memorable. It has been sitting on my counter almost continually since my girls were little enough to ask to lick the beaters (CUE ALL THE TEARS!). It’s a little beat up, but it is still beautiful to me because of what it represents–a lifetime of baking and caring for the people I love.

I’ll keep that mixer as long as it still works! There is something so special about collecting and keeping things that will stand the test of time. They may not be on the latest trends list, but that’s OK. They will outlast them all and bring their stories along with them.

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

One of my favorite kitchen pieces is my collection of beautiful wood spoons. The day we moved into our very first home as a young married couple, I set a crock on my counter to hold my wood spoons. I just sensed those wood spoons would add so much coziness and comfort to our kitchen. And so they have, every day since!

At first I just had a few spoons, but you have to start a collection somewhere, right? My current crock is filled with the most gorgeous hand-carved wood utensils gathered and gifted to me over the years. They are not just beautiful to look at, we love to use them!

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

Many of the utensils in my collection came from an online friend I met years ago. Her family actually hand carves wood utensils (spoons, spatulas, and more!) right on their farm in Virginia. It has become their family business, Polder’s Old World Market (and Polder’s Old World Kitchen).

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

Each of their pieces is a work of exquisite art, signed and dated by the craftsperson. Their beauty and quality adds to the experience. You can’t help but enjoy something someone made with such care!

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

This set is from their Dreamware collection, the beauty of the smooth wood and the hand-carved details on each piece is really stunning. Plus I’m obsessed with that gorgeous vintage inspired rolling pin!

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

So take it from me, if you ever want to give someone you love an heirloom quality gift or start a collection for yourself, one of Polder’s hand carved spoons, the vintage inspired rolling pin, knives, spatulas or the entire Ultimate 10-piece Dreamware set would offer a lifetime of joy.

They are wonderful pieces to give, receive and collect because you know they will be treasured. Imagine what a memorable gift one of these would be for a wedding, a special anniversary, Christmas or housewarming?

And if you are in a hurry for a gift and don’t have time to wait for it to be custom made, you’ll find a growing collection of ready to ship items here.

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

Hand turned solid maple honey dipper

Best news for my buddies here today, the Polder’s are offering The Inspired Room readers a 25% off discount store wide on orders through 9/23! Just use the code INSPIRED25.

I definitely recommend placing holiday orders early, not only because of the discount but because many of their products sell out as they get closer to Christmas.

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

While my collection of wood spoons add so much warmth to my kitchen, my vintage copper pots add another gorgeous cozy patina! I’ve had them for years and would never part with them.

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

I don’t have a lot of copper pots (yet!), but it is fun to have a collection in process. :)

Polder’s Old World Kitchen is also always on the hunt for vintage copper pieces to add to their shop for their customers.

They have such beautiful collection of fine antique copper pieces, I swoon a little in my heart when I see them. Some of them are from the year 1850!

How to Create a Cozy Collected KitchenVintage copper

Polder’s will notify their email list when they add new copper pieces as they sell out quickly. Also they send out $25 product credit to all of their subscribers for Christmas, so it’s definitely worth being on their mailing list. You can sign up here.

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

And these cutters! Oh my goodness, how darling are these? I have a small collection of copper cookie cutters that I used to use to cut my kids’ toast into shapes! So many memories.

How to Create a Cozy Collected Kitchen

Do you have treasured collections or pieces in your kitchen?

  • Be sure to sign up for Polder’s Old World Kitchen’s email list here (they’ll send you a $25 product credit as it gets closer to the holidays).
  • Use INSPIRED25 on your order site wide for 25% off until September 23!
  • Follow Polder’s on Instagram and Facebook for gorgeous images of their craftsmanship and products.

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  1. Terri

    Taking 15 minutes this morning to ready myself to continue Hurricane Irma prep here in south Florida. I love, love, love reading your lovely blog and being inspired to make our house a home. After 37 years of marriage and multiple moves across the country, we’ve collected, downsized, upsized and downsized! ha! After three hot and humid days in the sun while moving all of our equipment, furniture, plants, and anything that is lose into the buildings, and installing our metal hurricane shutters on the windows, I’ve had a lot of time to think. It’s during these times of adversity and the unknown (tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.) that I believe we, as humans, can fully comprehend what is important in life. Family. Friendships. Pets. People. For me, all else is just a perk.

    • Amy

      Praying for your safety Terri! It looks to be devastating to poor Florida. I hope you will evacuate soon.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Praying for your safety, Terri! Thank you for visiting today, even thought it is such a stressful time. Let us know how you are when you have a chance? xo

  2. Loran | Old World Kitchen

    What a lovely post, Melissa. I adore your kitchen, and we are so honored that you have such a large, beautiful collection of our hand carved wooden spoons! Thank you for your kind words.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      You are welcome, Loran! I absolutely love every piece in my collection. They are beautiful and so special.

  3. Nancy Agneberg

    I have collected green depression glass for years and love the green canisters and spice jars and other utilitarian pieces I use daily. Set on my counter and open shelves against white subway tile and Christmas red walls in my twenty tiny kitchen, the look is bright and happy and cozy.

  4. April M Lee

    i have a wonderful collection of hand crank egg beaters hanging on my wall. they too have followed me from kitchen to kitchen, currently all the way to my new home in italy!

  5. Debbie - Mountain Mama

    Those wooden spoons are works of art!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. the uncommon pearl

    Thanks for this link and discount to the Polder’s Old World Kitchen. I’ve taken a sneak peek on my phone and can’t wait to check it out on a real computer screen. There items look beautiful and would look amazing in my Old World kitchen!

  7. Bernie

    Two of my favorite pieces are my mother’s and my mother in law’s wooden spoons. (one from each of them). They are among the very few things that I wanted to have after each of them passed away, within 7 months of each other. I think of them every time I use them….and I use them a lot!

  8. Karen

    Love those beautiful wooden spoons!! I have a collection of antique sterling silver spoons that always have a home in my kitchen. :)

  9. Debe

    I love love love the wood cutting boards and spoons!!! they look great in your space. My kitchen, however has medium brown oak cabinets and beige tile counters and backsplash. I do have oil rubbed bronzed hardware, and my fav accessory is a dark bronzed fruit bowl. Do you have any quick thoughts or ideas to dress up my kitchen??

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you! It’s wonderful that you have the wood already in your space! Perhaps adding white accessories and metal accents like you mentioned would be a nice mix and add additional dimension! I love the mix of white, wood and metal so there are lots of ways to accomplish that look. ♥️

  10. Sarah Ryan

    Hi! I saw that the flooring you used was from Daltile. Do you know what the model number was? I love them!! ?

  11. JoLynn

    Where did you find your tiny set of spoons? Perhaps wooden measuring spoons? I LOVE THEM!
    JoLynn Hobbs

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