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Even though I am so happy and content with our home, I’m still a dreamer and dream-house lover. You can’t get that house-lover out of me, it’s just part of who I am.

I don’t know if we’ll ever move, but isn’t it fun to dream a little bit? Even if you just come back to reality and go back to building your dreams right where you are, I think it’s fun to get inspired.

The thing is, I can never decide exactly what my ultimate dream house would be like. If I could picture the most perfect house, the ideal setting or exterior, what would that be? How could I even narrow it down to one house? If I was to head out and shop for the perfect home (if money or location wasn’t an issue, of course), what style would I even be looking for? Would I dare to build a house?

I think I’d likely fall in love with an old shingled cottage by the shore (I’m picturing Nantucket). But then again, maybe I’d want a modern farmhouse on a sprawling property? (Remember that time we almost bought an alpaca farm?)

Dream HouseLove the Home You Have (my NYT bestseller)

I can never pinpoint what the “perfect” house would be for me, I think it is something you just know when you see it. It’s the feeling of a property, not so much one style that would draw me in. That’s why I think it would be hard for me to build a house, I really am not sure that I could narrow down my options!

I love the house at the top of the post, I think that could be a winner if the back of the house was filled with big windows looking out at a gorgeous view. I’m not too picky haha. ;)

But I can say for sure I’d want lots of natural light, a pretty view and setting, but not too far from a charming town.

Dream House

I’d love to hear what your dream house setting and style would be!

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  1. laura

    Hi Melissa, I love the dream house you featured first! I get it. I sell real and buy real estate! laura

  2. Franki

    We’re on a lake with wonderful view…in a log cabin my husband and I built…from bottom up…including clearing the land…I’ve “tricked it out”…and yet…franki

  3. Sallie

    My fantasy home is a simple stone cottage on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland with a breathtaking view of the sea, a short walk to a forest (fantasy, remember), and a path that meanders down a cliffside to a pristine secluded beach full of seaglass, seashells, and powderlike sand. Anything less is simply reality. :)

  4. Francesca Gunn

    My dream would be for two houses on a large piece of property. The main house..three bedroom ranch, the second a small two bedroom place in the back. Between the two, a lovely patio with a fire pit and a vegetable garden. I just want a simple space for my adult children and their families to visit and even stay for extended times.

  5. michele

    i’ve been in that house … it’s lovely! if i remember correctly, the best part was out back … terraced patios overlooking a quiet lake, with a dock at the bottom of the hill with a kayak tied up. it was heavenly.

    • Nil

      It’s more than likely not the house. The picture shows the facade of the house, and on the right must be the garages. On the left of the house, you can clearly see there are other buildings set on a perpendicular street. This house, even though it could pass for a lake house, is more likely to simply be a house set at the intersection of two streets.

  6. Lois Babcock

    You described it perfectly. I too am a home gazer, always looking at new places, even knowing they can’t be mine. We moved recently, and for the year before, I kept a Pinterest file of home styles I would like. You’ve picked gorgeous places, and any one of them would be perfectly acceptable!

  7. Beth

    I am a dreamer too. After an afternoon of open houses, even ‘dream’ lottery homes, I always return to our humble home and smile. It can’t be beat. Full of potential ?

  8. Julie Smith

    My dream house is a low, long farmhouse with a wrap around porch. Kind of like some of the farmhouses you see in Texas. I would put it on our current property, 9.5 acres with views of the Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountains.

  9. Jo Jo

    I love the pic you shared of your potential dream house! Beautiful! My dream home would be grey shingled with white trim with pretty corbels, not too big a yard, but with lovely trees, in a charming town near the ocean with a beautiful,open concept interior and 2 guest bedrooms for when our grown children & their spouse(s) and future grand babies come to visit. Fortunately for me, my husband built that dream home for us 2 years ago when we relocated here! I feel so very blessed! ❤️?

  10. Ms. Maggie

    It is good maybe have two houses. One med and one small. It works for us. So much fun to travel to each one. One is fancy city. Our dream home. A modern craftsman. Lots of features of your big white house. Garden with fountain and pool. Close to lots of shopping. The other out in the woods with tall cedars. And on an island over a marina. Boating and canoe. With golf cart. Casual and honoring the midcentury. And the beach. And even wardrobe is different. Blessed.


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