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Our White Gate

You may have noticed this in my side patio makeover post, but we are no longer gateless in Seattle :).

As was the case with many of our side patio projects, the gate creation and installation was not without many hiccups and mishaps.

It literally had taken years (yes, years) to get this side patio done and the gate installed so at some point awhile back I decided to embrace the “better done than perfect” philosophy.

As much as I love design and the process of evolving spaces, I particularly enjoy spending time in “rooms” that feel “finished.” So even though I am likely to want to continue to improve this area and all of our spaces over time (because that’s fun for me!), it’s especially nice to focus on getting each room to a point where they feel complete “enough.”

Right now we are enjoying every moment we can out here!

Our White Gate

This is the view to our side patio when you look through our little gate window! Perfect or imperfect, I’d say a “finished” space feels peaceful and WONDERFUL!

There are other projects I want to improve or need to complete in this space, so stay tuned for a post on what those elements are! But in the meantime, you’ll find me sipping lemonade out here and enjoying it as it is all summer long!

If you missed the latest updates to the side yard, you can check out the makeover here!

See our other white gate (a double picket!) HERE.

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  1. Tina

    Did you have the gate made custom or did you purchase it somewhere?

  2. Deanna Rabe

    I noticed your gate in the post and rejoiced that is was done! What an ordeal!

    Looks great! Happy Graduation to Luke!


    Love it! We have a high school graduate too! xo laura in Colorado (formerly not a trophy wife)

  4. Nori

    There are lot of lovely details in your space!! but I wonder to know what do you do when an unexpected rain begins? This is my eternal question. Exteriors look beautiful in the pictures and good to be replicated, until I begin to think what to do with all these stuffs in a rainy day… and I decide to go simple and naked, which give me the feeling that beauty clashes with reality. I am sorry to say that some decorations seem to be done only for magazines.

  5. Bonnie Schantz

    I can only dream about a place so lovely. I live on a farm with blowing dirt, even though we have acres of grass to mow. It’s a constant battle to keep debris from the front door, leaves, sticks. It’s my pleasure to see your wonderful decor! I especially love the rugs.

  6. Maria M.

    This is so lovely! I noticed your gate and I LOVE it. :-) Such a cute photograph through the gate’s little “window.” ;-)

  7. Lori S H

    I love that little window on the gate! It just makes the entry so much more special.

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