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Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration, exteriors, My Backyard, My Seattle House, My Side Yard

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Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

This deck project is in partnership with Trex and Lowe’s 

Welcome to our backyard and the reveal of our brand new Trex deck! The day has finally arrived. It’s not every day that I get to share such a big project reveal, I’m so excited you’re here for the VIRTUAL DECK REVEAL PARTY (and thanks for offering to bring such delectable sounding snacks and treats, the winners of the Simple Gatherings book giveaway were emailed last night!).

I have a lot to show you, so get ready for lots of photos! Did you see the other posts on how we designed and shopped for the deck and the deck build process? You can go back and catch up anytime! If you’re hoping to have a deck built at your home you’ll find helpful information in those posts, too.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After
Just so you can visualize what it would feel like if you were actually at my house, this is where you would approach the deck if you walked out of the dutch door in our newly remodeled kitchen and headed down to the backyard.

If you’re new here, for point of reference our home is located in the city of Seattle in the beautiful Northwest. Our backyard faces the Puget Sound, so we get to see sunsets and a glimpse of the water as well as the Olympic Mountain range!

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

I’ll talk about this area more in a bit. But first let’s head down to the backyard!

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

I can hardly believe what an impact this deck has already had on our life! We absolutely LOVE being in our entire outdoor area now. The deck makes it all feel so inviting and comfortable.

Now to give some context of what the back of our home was like before the deck, let’s take a look back at what the backyard was like when we bought the house three years ago

Who doesn’t like to see a before and after?

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After


All we had was an ordinary old cracked patio. Bonus in the before shot, the house wasn’t even painted yet so it’s a double before and after!

And now ….

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After


I couldn’t be happier with how far we’ve come! So much better than it was.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After


Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After


We love being out here now. Somehow adding the new deck made our whole yard feel bigger, too!

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Our pups love the deck, too.

They think it is their new personal playground.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

The new deck offers us plenty of useful space for us humans, too, so we were able to create several functional areas with furnishings.

We’ve never had a large enough outdoor dining table, so first on our list was to establish an area for our family to gather to eat. Our two daughters are grown, but they live nearby (and our son is still at home finishing high school this next year), so we know this space will get a lot of use for family gatherings.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

With the large rectangular market umbrella, the table is shaded during the day making it an ideal spot for breakfast and lunch, too. The table comfortably seats our family of six, but this past holiday weekend we pulled up extra chairs for our extended family when they were here for the 4th and there was still plenty of room.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

The deck is really going to be an amazing place to host a large party, but it’s also set up to be comfy when it’s just the two of us.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Because my husband and I love sitting outside after dinner to watch the sunset and during the day to watch the birds, we now have a cozy seating area for two (near the patio heater to keep us warm on cool evenings!).

I really LOVE these new chairs! They not only look amazing but are also really comfortable! By turning them towards the backyard, we get to look out towards the great view. The rug helps define the space and gives a splash of color and fun pattern, too.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

On the other side of the deck, opposite of this area, we put a rounded sectional and area rug to create a larger conversation area. It all fits so nicely with the angled shape of the deck in that corner!

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

We still have plenty of room here to pull over more chairs as needed. It’s also a place where we can set our fire fountain, or even set up a table or add lounge chairs. The size and shape of our deck is so versatile, we know it will always be evolving to suit our needs!

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Most of the outdoor furnishings featured on the deck can be found through Lowe’s! So not only can you head to Lowe’s to design a Trex deck and make it a reality from concept to build, you can order new outdoor furniture and rugs so you can enjoy your completed deck, too. So convenient! You’ll find the specific source links at the end of the post.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

If you have been following along with this project, you might remember that this low deck was able to be installed over an old concrete patio. You can see how the deck connects to the side yard through the double gate with a new concrete patio and steps we put in a couple of years ago.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

I love the railings around the deck! I love how striking they are with our white brick home and how they echo the black and white design of our newly remodeled kitchen, too. Our railings are called Trex Enhance in Charcoal Black.

But I also think they really complement the landscaping and our northwest greenery around the property!

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

When we were designing the deck project, our intention was to add complementary railings on this side porch area since both are visually connected. I was thrilled that Trex offered a black railing that we could have installed on the concrete as well as the deck!

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

The railings turned out even better than I had hoped, I can’t stop going outside to walk up and down the steps to look at it all. It not only looks great, but it is great to finally have railings.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Now people can walk safely up and down the steps and I don’t have to fear that a dog or human will take a wrong turn and plummet off the porch.

So many little things you appreciate when you’ve waited a very long time for something!

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After
And for those of you who are regulars around here, you may have noticed we finally have our completed porch posts, too. Bless. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll soon have the gate we’ve been waiting for, but let’s talk about that another day.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After
We’ve been doing a lot of planting in this area, and it’s fun to see it growing already! We can’t wait until it’s really lush and fills in around our gates and deck, but when we look back where we started with this side porch, we can’t stop smiling at the transformation. You can’t even recognize it!

Take a look:

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After


Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After


Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

If you’re planning your own deck project, you may also want to add plants and furnish the space for maximum comfort so everyone will want to be outside as much as possible!

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After


Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Once you have the deck built, it’s the little details like seating, tables, rugs and umbrellas for comfort that will make your deck feel and function like another room of your home.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Our backyard faces the west, so we have bright afternoon sun. The patio umbrellas placed strategically around the deck keep the sun out of our yes and make the entire deck so much more comfortable on hot afternoons.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Of course, you don’t have furnish your deck or redo your whole backyard all at once if you don’t want to. We have many projects we’d like to do, so we are always saving some improvements for another year. We’ve been working on various parts of our outdoor spaces for nearly three years. Taking baby steps consistently will eventually get you where you want to go.



Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

I love when all the magical little lights come on!

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

I took a panoramic the other night during a sunset, so you could see more of the deck than I can ordinarily show with my camera.

The new deck has added so much to our life, it really changed how we live. It’s exceeded our expectations in every way!

Now you’ll know where to find me! I’ll be sitting out here every day because it’s become my office, my personal retreat, our family dining area, and so much more.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

I’ll be sharing more details on our deck, including more before and afters of our outdoor spaces and other details all summer. Thanks to Lowe’s and Trex for partnering on this project and to you for following along!

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You can get a little tour of the interior of our home here.

Catch up on some of the previous exterior project posts here.

Sources for many of the furnishings (provided by Lowe’s) are below.

Our New Trex Deck Reveal: Before & After

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

* * * * *
Begin planning your own Trex deck and schedule Lowe’s PSE (Project Specialist Exterior) Installation service here!
Decking and railing in this project was provided by Trex
Decking color: Saddle
Railings: Trex Enhance in Charcoal
Installation and furnishings provided by Lowe’s.
Catch up on this project: how we designed and shopped for the deck as well as read more about the deck build process.



  1. laura

    hi melissa, i love this. need to revisit the details on post and railing. Our Bernese Mountain dog chewed the entire lower rail of our deck when she was a puppy. I am not at Haven this year! Are you hosting a small mentor group like last years? I still keep in touch with Leslie! laura

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Laura! I’m not at Haven this year, either! But how cool that you still keep in touch with Leslie! <3 Hope you are well!


        Wow….. What a transformation of your backyard….. stunning is the word that comes to mind. You are a true talent. Enjoy your space with its incredible view!

        • Lauren

          What kind of bushes did you plant with those cute pink flowers!?!

  2. Barb V.

    Oh my! This is sure to be featured in some Seattle home magazine or newspaper if you let them know you have it. Absolutely fabulous. Your neighbors must be so thrilled too for what this does for the neighborhood, AND probably hoping for an invitation to drinks on the deck! ;) Great job and kudos to Lowe’s also.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you so much, Barb! I know I love it when neighbors improve their homes, I’ll definitely be inviting them over! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Amy

    It looks amazing!! I like how there are 3 ways to get on/off the deck which is so fnctional. The sunset views would have me outside for a “sunset celebration” every night it was clear! A practical question for you: Do you leave all the cushions outside all the time, or do you bring them in to protect from rain/dew/mold growth? I would need a separate room in the house to store all the cushions from the deck furniture, the side porch furniture and the furniture out in the yard! It does make for some comfy seating though!! I see the pups approve, too :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks, Amy! The three entrances to the deck definitely make it so functional, I love that. I leave them out all summer, unless there’s going to be a big rain storm. I have tarps I can throw over cushions, too, which is ugly but easier than hauling them all in and out :). But in the late fall and winter we put them in our shed. They basically take up half of the shed haha.

  4. Vee

    It looks beautiful, Melissa! My daughter had a Trex deck built with her new home. (She recently invested in one of the public companies believing that it is the way of the future.) My sister thought she was getting a Trex deck, but her husband went the traditional route. Mean trick! ? Anyway, you will enjoy the time spent in that lovely outdoor space.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha! Thank you, Vee! I will definitely enjoy it. I’m so so happy to have it done and ready to use this summer!

  5. Kerri

    Everything looks beautiful! Do you keep your cushions outside all the time or do you have a secret place to store them?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      We leave them out all summer as much as possible. We have a shed for long term storage, we can toss them in the basement short term if we’ll have a week of rain, but I prefer to use a tarp as ugly as it is for a brief overnight rain or a day or two because it’s just easier than lugging them in and out :).

  6. Jennifer C.

    Hi Melissa!
    I love the deck, the railings, the gate, the furniture….everything! I do have a question about the gate. It doesn’t appear to provide any kind of security in the sense that it looks like the dogs can just go around it. Is there a function or is it just for looks? Could you do something like that for the gate you need on the other side to keep the dogs in? Just curious. Thanks for always providing beautiful content!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Jennifer! The double gate actually does have a purpose besides being cute :). Once the holly fills in around it, the dogs won’t be able to go around it, so we can keep them in the side patio if we want to, or in the backyard. We’re already training them to not to go around it even now.

      We wanted to be able to divide the side patio from the back deck just for convenience in a variety of situations, so that when we are entertaining we have the option of securing young ones in the backyard if a mom wants them away from stairs, or to corral any pups who might be sneaking over to help themselves to the potluck table or the garden or anything like that.

      Our other gates will keep them from running out to the street!

  7. Joanne H

    OMG please can I be your neighbor the deck is beautiful low maintenance and dog safe no wood to hurt those paws. It is so inviting so if you look out your window or if Jack hears funny business it’s only me relaxing and enjoying the sunset ty for allowing me to indulge in a fantasy (not a stalker) HONEST maybe a little enjoy your space you earned it??☕️??

  8. Michele M

    WOW!!!! What an amazing transformation!

    Well done, Melissa and co!

  9. Lori Howard

    Hi Melissa! It’s funny to see everyone ask about where you stash the cushions and wonder how or if your neighbors get the remodel bug as you continue to upgrade your home….I was thinking the same things! Lol…The neighbors have to get a bit itchy for some change as I do and I’m looking at it all online via photos! Inspiring Indeed! After our paint job on the brick I hope to get to our back yard set up soon as well. Is that a Japanese maple tree in the corner? It’s huge! Lovely work on the yard! Great choice of color on the Trek decking too. I’ll keep this posting close to get some patio furniture…those chairs look extremely comfy..I’d be out too…with the pups of course!

  10. Patty Wisner

    Beautiful job Melissa. The deck and furniture look awesome. Can you tell me where you purchased those wing back chairs right outside of your kitchen? They are so cool

  11. Kay Holsted

    Scrumptious in every way!

  12. Tracie

    Melissa, this looks A-Mazing! I love all the photos because it’s so inspirational. It was worth the wait! Now I feel a bit inspired to do something with our boring deck that was built by the previous homeowner. It’s not welcoming at all — we prefer the cozy front porch. I guess it’s time to visit Lowes. :-)

  13. Michelle Holland

    So beautiful! Good things come to those who wait! Blessings to you and your family!

  14. Lynn W

    The Big Reveal was worth the wait!! Love all the new space to relax and dine. The outdoor furniture is quite nice and the new planting’s are beautiful too.
    Would love to come and hang out there ? Enjoy!

  15. Lisa D

    Your deck and furnishings are beautiful! And so is the view! What a huge blessing for your family ? question about all the pillows and cushions… do you have to remove everything when it rains?? Thx for sharing everything. It’s wonderful!!

  16. Deanna Rabe

    It’s Wonderful! I love that it connects with the side patio area, and that its low and ties into the yard. That view is amazing, and I know’ll your family will use this space for years to come, and Jack and Lily will too!

  17. Dawn

    Love, Love, Love! You have quite the large yard in the big city, lucky girl! I’m impressed at the flexibility of the space and how you’ve divided it into different zones – wonderful, Melissa!

  18. Molly

    I do not see a place on your website where you’ve posted your paint colors. Forgive me if I’ve missed it, but what is the color of your exterior? I am taking my house from a bright white to something a little less stark and am collecting color ideas. All info would be appreciated!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I definitely need to create a new paint colors page for this house! Our exterior white is Sherwin Williams Reserved White. Interior white is Benjamin Moore Simply White! I love them both.

  19. Cynthia Allen

    Amazing what a vision and love can do!

  20. Linda Grubbs

    Wow Melissa…what a gorgeous transformation. You nailed it! You have such a lovely view and an amazing place to “view” it from! A gorgeous deck with gorgeous decor…..Can’t believe how it has transformed your back yard. Just so, so nice! Love it!!

  21. Linda Grubbs

    Quick unrelated question:
    I haven’t heard any more about the rug you designed for Anne Selke. When can we expect to see the finished product? Excited!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I actually haven’t heard any updates either! I’m hoping they’ll be available soon, I’ll check on them and see what they say so I can report back :).

  22. Joan Moore

    Good things come to those who wait!
    Your outdoor deck is absolutely beautiful. I love all the furnishings, you did a wonderful job!!!. May you enjoy it for many years to come!!!

  23. Melinda

    It’s gorgeous! Just love it! All the hard work and planning paid off!! ❤️

  24. Susie

    So beautiful! Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and your family, friends and alone time out there :)
    How did you do the lighting around the perimeter wall? Did you have to hire an electrician?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      The awesome lights are an option with the deck! You’d want to check with your installer through Lowe’s on your particular situation but we didn’t need an electrician! We have lights in the posts and on the permitter of the deck.

  25. Erin

    Where are those cute small pink pits from??

  26. Dee

    Oh my! What a wonderfully executed use of space. Your small back yard look like it tripled in size. The elevated deck also heightened your view. The materials are classy and will age well! Well done !

  27. Carolyn

    Hi, Melissa,
    Love, love your side and back yard! The side yard is just a dream. I have searched your shop for the white side yard umbellas and cannot find them. They are just what I need to block my neighbors bedroom windows on my driveway side yard. Would you please give me your source for those? Thanks!

  28. Lori

    Congratulations! This is so beautiful. Love the picture of Jack looking dreamily at the sunset. May your family enjoy many happy gatherings in this beautiful outdoor space.

  29. Lynn Marie

    Your new outdoor space is BEAUTIFUL!

  30. Julie

    Gorgeous! Trying hard not to have deck envy. ?

  31. Pam


  32. Donna

    It’s so beautiful! Love every detail! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Julie Blanner

    So pretty! The porch is perfection, Melissa!

  34. Denise James

    Beautiful redo!

  35. Jan

    How do you keep your outdoor furniture and rugs nice in the damp and rainy NW weather? Everything looks so nice.

  36. Katrina

    Would you mind sharing the link to the two matching chairs with the garden stool between them .
    Your patio looks stunning!

  37. Corinna - TheBohoAbode

    We have a darling three seasons porch attached to our home and it’s been the last space touched because priorities fell elsewhere. Seeing how beautiful this space has come together and what impact it’s had on your life has filled me with inspiration to give it some attention sooner than later.

  38. Debbie - MountainMama

    I’m just checking out your deck, Melissa, and oh my gosh what a heavenly space to spend time!! It’s so private back there, you would never know you are in the city! Just gorgeous, great job!

  39. Kim B.

    It,s absolutely insane how much you have improved the beauty and usability of your side and back yards. The decks you have created and decorated are just gorgeous and look so functional too. So glad you finally have your gate! (Clicked over from that post.)

    What an absolutely gorgeous haven of a home you have created with time and effort.

  40. Rose

    What a beautiful vision you had. I love how you decorated your deck. So inviting.

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