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10 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring {on a Budget}

by | Mar 26, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, spring decorating

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10 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring {on a Budget}

While it’s always so fun to do the big projects, like remodel or get nice new furniture for your home, truly loving your home for the long haul is mostly about enjoying the little things that are free or budget friendly! This is the kind of stuff I do around my own home more than anything else to keep myself inspired and content right where I am.

Here are 10 easy and affordable ways to refresh your home for spring!

1) Bring a burst of spring to the entry.

Check out these ideas to add a little something new.

2) Decorate your mantel.

Use what you have! Say goodbye to winter and then gather up a stack of pretty books from around the house in colors you like, display a favorite spring-inspired collection, put a bouquet in a vase or frame a favorite family photo. Check out this post for inspiration.

3) Get into a springy mood and rearrange some shelves.

Sometimes simply moving things around a bit will get you inspired! Try a new arrangement on shelves or console tables. Here are some kitchen shelf ideas!

4) Set a pretty table.

You know, that table covered in clutter doesn’t inspire you, right? Clear off the table, wipe it down and make it pretty with simple spring table settings!

5) Shop at a flea market.

Go on a treasure hunt for an affordable second hand find. Bring it home, mix things up, rearrange, try things in a new place. Here is one of my favorite flea market finds!

6) Plant a 5 minute garden.

Working with plants is so therapeutic! Succulents and small plants make gardening easy, check out these five minute projects.

7) Line the inside of a door or a wall with inspiring art or postcards.

Do you have a dream vacation or a fond memory of one? Print out art and postcards to inspire you. Or maybe paper a wall with maps of your favorite places!

8) Freshen up the bedroom.

Add a new pattern or color to liven up your bedroom, here are some ideas.

9) Spray paint something.

Look around your garage or closets and find a fun accessory that just needs a little love. Candlesticks, small statues, even small toy animals! Spray paint them white, or gold! Here’s one of my little spray painted guys!

10) Clean out a drawer and make it pretty inside.

Because why be sad when you open a drawer? That’s a question I like to ask myself. :) If your drawers are sad, here’s how to make them happier.

What could you do to bring a little spring into your home this week?


  1. Tara @ Lehman lane

    Love all the entryway pics…such pretty rooms:) Great suggestions Melissa! There are a couple I haven’t gotten to yet, like cleaning out ugly drawers…I have a lot of those:)

  2. Seana Turner

    I’ve just finished doing some “refreshing” in my family room. My decorative accents were all red, and they were perfect for fall and winter. But I wanted something lighter, so I switched them out for a pale blue and neutrals. I’m thrilled with it. I can switch them back next fall.

  3. Kim.

    I’ve been cutting a few random spring blossoms from the garden for the mantel each week. Last week’s daffodils have given way to camellias, a hyacinth, and a single perfect red tulip. They had, color, cheer, and a sweet scent. Enjoying a lovely spring.

  4. Amy

    I like to buy a pot of planted/forced bulbs at the local big box store and put it in my kitchen window. Watching the bulbs develop and flower in bright spring colors makes me feel much better, even if the outside temps aren’t cracking 45 degrees most days. I try to find hyacinths that are just about ready to open – that way the scent of the opening flowers fills the entire house and reminds me every time I walk in the door that spring is on its way. A surefire mood lifter!!

  5. Melinda young

    Thanks for the spring inspiration! I loved the story about the owl! His “identity”, very cute!
    Spray paint! That’s what I will do with a few treasures to add some life to.
    Also, with things blooming, cutting a few sprigs for vases is free and pretty too!

  6. Cristina Festa

    I just cleaned my front window after all the buildup from the hellacious winter we had and it alone made a huge difference. I have two small kids so I always decorate for whatever holiday is upon us and we celebrate Easter. I have bunny garland up on my mantel and all my easter decor. I tend to go alittle crazy even the bathrooms have little bunnys’ on the sinks and just about every door has a wreath or some other easter bunny thing on it.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I LOVE bunnies!!! So cute! And yes, those windows get so yucky! It feels great to clean and refresh!

  7. Devon

    I couldn’t agree more that a simple bright colored accent piece or de-cluttering of a room makes a world of difference! I just ordered this beautiful multi bin organizer from Brookstone in white, and it has already brightened up my entryway and de-cluttered it from all the shoes and umbrellas. I also used a coupon to help with the price and shipping was free. If anyone else is interested in ordering you can get discounts on your order if you visit the Brookstone coupon page ( and use one of the current coupon codes. Just thought I’d share!

  8. Jo

    I have been washing all the windows in our home the last few days. After all, they are the eyes (soul) of the home, right? Now, I just need a bright , sunny spring day to enjoy the sparkle and extra light. I love spring! Thanks for the motivation to lighten up and freshen up, Melissa. :-)

  9. Ms Maggie

    Now that we are are looking outside more, clean the windows=good exercise too.

  10. Kari

    It’s so time for me to do a room refresh! I am so over my current decor, but I just can’t do a whole revamp right now!!!

  11. The Office Stylist

    I am so glad it’s Springtime! I love decorating and freshening up my home with flowers. These are great tips, by the way. I’m looking forward to some Spring cleaning.

  12. Kim

    Bought some fresh cut flowers from the best flower shop, lasted more than 3 weeks. Made me smile when the snow was flying AGAIN!

  13. Christina Rodriguez

    Such good ideas, Melissa! I wish my garden only took five minutes to plant! We cleaned up and got our vegetable garden ready for plants at the beginning of March and then it proceeded to rain all month! I just started planting this past weekend. I am adding a grape arbor this year and can’t wait for the fresh veggies!


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