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Spring Mantel

The sun has been out the past few days and it has been so pretty! We’ve had such great weather this winter. I know so many of you are still buried in snow and we barely even saw a flake all winter! The Pacific Northwest is the best kept secret, I think. While we do get rain here, we also have pretty mild weather year round which means we aren’t often buried in snow in the winter or suffering from heat waves in the summer! I can’t complain about that!

Everything just feels so much cheerier when the sun is out, doesn’t it? Last week I stopped in Trader Joe’s for a couple of things and I ended up filling my whole cart with flowers! I couldn’t resist. I got home and started puttering around the house, setting little bouquets here and there and now I’m convinced spring really must be around the corner. I’m pretty excited about getting outside and working on my yard again!

Happy Monday, friends. I hope you will get a little spring sunshine in your corner of the world, too!


  1. Ms. Maggie

    Our little sets of crocuses are up and out too and the cherry blossoms are all over. Spring is soon coming. I usually think that St. Patty’s Day is the best marker and I do think that we have had a not bad winter in the PNW- we have gone to warmer climes these past months and I still say home is the best place to be. We do have some good water and good food here. I have felt the spring cleaning fever too. Odd places are getting some attention and even thought about some new spring frocks too!

  2. Sheneela Akram

    We’re seeing signs of spring around here too (well, hello from Lahore), the Sun has been out and we even had a couple of days of heavy rain last week. Its so refreshing to open up windows to the scent of blossoms and wet soil. Nature changes moods in the loveliest way. :)

  3. Jenny@EvolutionofStyle

    I love this – so ready for spring here, it’s not even funny! Need to start adding touches in my own home to chase away the winter blahs…

  4. Liz @ Infuse With Liz

    The mantel looks marvelous- love the tulips! A breath of spring! I won’t even talk about the weather here in northern Michigan. I’m envious of any area that is warm and has signs of spring!

  5. Louise

    Just two comments: 1. blue and white china with something green in it is so appealing. 2. having a crew here again today to repair busted pipes from a frozen house while we were away–so “spring mantel” is tough to read. But I still retain enough of my sanity to love blue and white china with something green in it! Take that, winter.

  6. Deanna

    Love the mantel. Very pretty!

    We are really and truly ready for spring here in Lancaster County and we haven’t had the kind of winter the North East has seen. It will be 18 degrees here today!

    Spring is just around the corner!

  7. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Melissa… your mantel exudes spring! What is there about tulips that puts a smile on our faces?!
    We were below zero last night… but the sun is bright this morning and the birds are starting their spring songs. Officially 25 more days until Spring arrives. I do hope Mother Nature allows Spring to make a warm and graceful entrance this year. ;) I cannot wait to see her!!

    Enjoy your lovely sunshine!

  8. Molly

    Hi Melissa,
    Your mantle is lovely! I’m wanting to try my hand with some indoor plants, but I could use a little help! Maybe a future post could include detailed instructions with how you pull off pretty plants in pretty containers… with drainage and planting how-tos. For example, I’m very curious how you have your plants on your mantle and on the hearth planted. Are they in separate containers? And then just placed in the pretty pots? Do you pull them out to water every week? Or do you water them in place? Help! =) Thanks!

  9. Bonnie

    My daffodils are up and we are expecting snow again but thank you for the sunshine today

  10. teresa

    Spring is blooming everywhere here outside….thanks for reminding me to bring it inside…off to add some spring to my home…Happy Day

  11. Barbara (WA)

    We’ve really had quite the lovely winter here in the PNW! I was just at TJ’s as well but only bought wine, haha! That touch of pink on your mantel is perfect.

  12. Leslie

    The weather in Seattle has been great! Time for spring cleaning :)

  13. Irma

    All this talk of spring flowers is making me so wish I could find spring around the corner. But it has been the coldest February on record. We have 7 ft. snowbanks at the end of our driveway and on our front lawn. We live 20 minutes from Niagara Falls and they’re basically frozen over. But I do know there is hope and spring will eventually come even if it’s not till May. Al least the sun is shining today!

  14. Lisa

    Lovely mantel and Yeah for Spring. Can’t wait. :)

  15. Tara@LehmanLane

    I started my decorating for Spring on my fireplace mantels too:) I am definitely off to Trader Joe”s to pick up some of those tulips! Love those:)

  16. Mindy

    I absolutely love that mirror.

  17. Mindy W

    Just bought a potted hyacinth and viola at our local bulb farm. In discussing our mild weather the grower said she has had people asking for hanging baskets already…and we had 29 degrees this morning! Loving our weather but hanging baskets are a long way off haha. Spring fever perhaps :) Enjoy your flowers and have a great week.

  18. Debbie

    Hi from Australia, very much looking forward to autumn for me in the southern hemisphere. It’s been a long hot, dry summer, 34 Celsius tomorrow, somewhat cooler than the 39’s and 40’s we experience at the height of summer, but still autumn is very welcome. It’s lovely to watch the seasons change and to reflect it in your home, pretty mantel :)

  19. Fiona McKinna

    I love the fabric on the left hand chair. I am off to hunt for something similar.


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