Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

woke up this morning on this glorious day of the beginning of October to rain pounding on the roof. So what’s a girl to do but go into FULL FALL NESTING mode! I turned up the fireplace, put on my cozy sweater and fun scarf and started PUTTERING around the house! Happy as a clam.

After my coffee, of course.

In the midst of the puttering, I decided I would cozy up the entry. But by that point, the sun was out! YAY FALL! My favorite.

I started thinking about how all in the same day we can have sunshine, rain, be chilly and then warm.

So with Fall’s beauty in mind, I decided I would warm up the entry a bit, but still let it be cheerful, bright and happy.

Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

I looked around for what I already had and found this plaid runner from last year’s holiday dining table. Yes, it has snowflakes on it but let’s pretend it doesn’t. Humor me. You actually can’t really tell unless you ZOOM in like this. So let’s not do that again.

I loved adding the cozy layer to the entry dresser with the softness of the subtle plaid. And, I didn’t have to go buy something new. Bonus.

Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

Then I decided to nestle the dresser more into the corner of the staircase rather than where it was which was more centered on the wall. I instantly LOVED IT!

I was amazed how that simple change made the entry feel so much more cozy.

Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

Then I felt like I might as well cozy it up even more so I brought in a chair and an ombre pillow from my office (chair from World Market, vase, basket and pillow from Target awhile back, lamp is my DIY bottle lamp and the dresser was my flea market find!).

Ooooo, so cozy now! And how many times can I say the word COZY in one post?

Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

I ran to the market and got some pretty Fall flowers and pumpkins and squash.

I loved the pretty oranges, blues and greens all together on the dresser.

Neutrals are nice, calm and subtle, but pops of pretty colors can make me smile.

And, as the season evolves, the colors can too!

Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

Were you in Fall nesting mode today like I was?

 Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!

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Nesting: My Cheery Fall Entry!


  1. I love it Melissa! I LOVE the mix of the turquoise and bright orange! So cherry:) Happy Fall!
    Melissa Lewis recently’s messy hereMy Profile

  2. I love it Melissa! It is COZY! I love how small changes can have a huge impact on a space!

    I am writing a 31 days blog series about Loving The Season (of life) You’re In!
    Deanna recently posted..31 DaysMy Profile

  3. I love moving furniture … even just a little.

    Happy fall.

    Glenda Childers recently posted..New Title … Same GlendaMy Profile

  4. Absolutely, YES, this was a puttering day. Kitchen, office, living room spruced up and pared down, dust cloth flying, piles accumulating to sort through later. Simplifying, simplifying, simplifying right and left. A new appreciation for what I possess and love as objects find a different place to land. And an overwhelming urge to continue to get rid of what worked in past seasons but does nothing for me anymore …
    Linda recently posted..31 Days : : People 101My Profile

  5. It’s very cheerful! Love that lamp.
    Brenda Kula recently posted..My Quest To Live Cleaner & GreenerMy Profile

  6. How lovely, Melissa! We had a fog delay today (I’m a teacher) so I had a bit of extra time, but wish I could have puttered around longer! Maybe this weekend, because I want my entrance way to look as cozy as yours!
    Kristen recently posted..Get Ready for a Month of Freezer CookingMy Profile

  7. So cozy! ;) I love the colors. The brighter colors work great here in the south since it’s still warm, which is why I used blues, purples, greens and yellows on my fall porch. I’m a putter-er too and plan to have a full day of puttering tomorrow since today was filled with appointments and errands. I have no doubt something will get moved or organized tomorrow!
    Jennifer recently posted..Fall Front PorchMy Profile

  8. LOVE it! I love the orange pumpkins and turquoise lamp! I love your striped wall and love your floor! Love it all!

  9. So pretty, Melissa! I love seeing orange and turquoise together. It’s so striking.
    Jill recently posted..Our Fall Porch: The Playoff EditionMy Profile

  10. Oh, what a fun day! The changes look wonderful and “cozy”. (: If you hadn’t told us, I would have never known that was snowflakes on the runner. At first I thought it was a fresco type stencil. The colors are perfect.

  11. You did a wonderful fall update without looking like Halloween. It is so welcoming and fresh! I am also so impressed with how you arranged your wall going up the stairs. That is not easy to do, the height, variety of art, lighting and other objects is so perfect. We have designed our new home and will build it next year. I was going to install tiny nightlights built in to the stairs to the basement but your lighting is so much warmer! May I ask if they are on a regular switch or what? Do they act as full lighting or more like nightlights? Thanks for the info.

  12. Love the entryway – and that gallery wall up the stairs is divine!! Thanks for sharing!
    Cheryl recently posted..Sharing Some Comfort – Food that is!!My Profile

  13. Where is that chair and pillow from in your entry way?! Im in love!

    Your home….So gorgeous by the way!
    Jillian recently posted..HOORAY!My Profile

  14. Melissa–this is so lovely. I am loving your dresser paint and I am guessing you probably did this yourself :). Would you mind sharing your color combo? I have a dark yuck brown buffet needing a re-do and this inspired me :).

  15. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Your entry is beautiful. I appreciate its airy feel and warm Fall touches.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Have a beautiful week,
    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home recently posted..a simple early Fall table settingMy Profile

  16. I have the same chair. Great arrangement and love it all. So much fun seeing what you do each day…

  17. I’m with you…I love some pops of color — makes me happy, too. :) I love your chest with the chair next to it — very cozy and cute! Love how you add fall to your home. Beautiful as always!
    Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns} recently posted..A Simple Fall TableMy Profile

  18. I LOVE this corner! The palette is just perfect. Those orange flowers are the pinnacle of the vignette. Splendiferous.
    Julie S recently posted..Living Room RevealMy Profile

  19. Love that! Honestly, I didn’t even notice the snowflakes until you pointed them out. :)

    What color is that wall leading upstairs? And those sailboat pics – GORGEOUS!
    Victoria recently posted..Three PoetsMy Profile

  20. Melissa, you are always on top of your game. Just when I’m beginning to realize that it’s fall, you’re already one it. I did buy some beautifully colored and interesting gourds for my flower shop display. I placed them in a somewhat flat rectangular vase. It turned out nice I think.
    Mimi recently posted..Fascinating Floral Artistry in Yonkers, New YorkMy Profile

  21. The blues and reds are so pretty together! I love the chair there too. Such a cozy spot.
    Shannon [Our Home Notebook] recently posted..Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath TutorialMy Profile

  22. I love having access to drawers and storage right by the door, great place for the leashes, gloves and hats, car keys and ALL the clutter that is going to land there anyway.

  23. Rachele S. says:

    I absolutely love both the lamp shown in the above photo and your walls!!! I am a newbie to home decorating…could you please tell me where/how you got that lamp? :)

  24. Love this! I’m 100% jealous of your lamp. The way the blue and grey show off your orange and red touches is brilliant… lovely work!

  25. So COZY! I love it! Your color combo is stunning, and you’ve given me a new appreciation for striped walls! (My entry has striped wallpaper, and I’ve always disliked it – maybe I could learn to work with it…)
    Katie Grembowski recently posted..Twelve Weeks of Christmas!My Profile

  26. I love the orange with the turquoise. Looks so great. I so wish I had a place for an entry table!
    Cara recently posted..Comment on Gone Fishing Baby Shower by NikkiMy Profile

  27. Looks great Melissa. Love the chair. I’ve been looking at the same one at World Market. Do you find it to be comfortable?

    Kristi recently posted..Bathroom RevealMy Profile

  28. I love the floors! Do you know what type of wood they are? I know the point was the decor but it was the floors that caught my eye the most. Granted I may just be a bit obsessed with finding some awesome flooring for. Y own floors!

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