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Thrift Store Finds {New Vignette in the Entry!}

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, Entry, my house, Style Tips

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Thrift Store Finds {New Vignette in the Entry!}

Thrift Store Finds

For awhile I didn’t want to bring too many new pieces in to my house, I was trying to weed out things I didn’t want while fixing up our kitchen, adding the wood floors and painting to make our house feel more like “us.” And I didn’t want more “stuff” in the way. I prefer to clear out first and then see what I really want. I only want things I really like or have some meaning to us.

While I am obviously still evolving to where I want the house to be (nothing stays the same until I finally love it — and even then I may still tweak it!), I knew I wanted to add more of the vintage cottage vibe I love so much by actually adding in some older and vintage pieces. I really love a mix of the new and old, natural and painted pieces. I don’t want clutter. Just charming touches that mean something to us or set the right tone for our house.

Fortunately we have a pretty cool flea market near us, which is kind of shocking to me because I live on a random peninsula in the Puget Sound.  Cool or vintage stuff is hard to find. Until I discovered this place, which I will write more about soon. Remember when I got my green wire crate? That was from the same place.

Thrift Store Finds {New Vignette in the Entry!}

When my daughter and I found this adorable dresser last week, I knew it was just the right cottage mood to set the stage as you enter the house. We brought it in and right away transformed our whole main floor. Don’t you love when that happens? It was just perfect. It wasn’t too shabby, had a touch of class with the old metal hardware, a rounded front, and best part of all, I didn’t even have to paint it because it was already cute. Score.

No need to worry or feel sad if you are a natural wood lover, I am too — I love natural wood and have plenty of it in my house! But this piece IS adorable painted.

This new entry dresser tied in other painted pieces we have like our powder room vanity, our dining room table and our two white painted rattan chairs in the kitchen. Somehow having several places on the main floor with “white or nearly white” painted furniture seems to have established just the right cottage vibe without veering too far from my intended mix of styles. With the white planked walls on the other side of the entry, it feels very bright, light and pretty.

Thrift Store Finds {New Vignette in the Entry!}

We also found that AWESOME painting at the same thrift store. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it. The sea? A boat? PERFECTION. You know it is feast or famine when you shop at flea markets and thrift stores, but lately it’s been a feast for me. I’m on a roll! I found a couple of other cool things I’ll show you later. That blue planter was not from a thrift store, it was from Target — another favorite place to shop.

Thrift Store Finds {New Vignette in the Entry!}

And yeah, so I found that old water jug at the flea market too and turned it into a LAMP. A REAL WORKING LAMP. No biggie, right? Unless you are ME! I’m NOT a DIY Diva until suddenly I AM!

I was shocked that I could actually make a lamp — and it only took me about five minutes No actual electrical shocks occurred. I’ll show you how easy this was in my next post. I’m now addicted to lamp making. I can’t wait to make more!

Here is the follow up post with the details on How to Make a Lamp!…

So can you believe it? I made MY OWN LAMP!



  1. Barbara (WA)

    Right when I think you can’t possibly add/change/improve your beautiful home – voila!! What a wonderful addition to the entry and I am in love with your accessories. That lamp is fabulous, really! Looking forward to your posts about these new things. Dana at Flea Market Chics painted my little dresser and I am wondering if your new dresser is her handiwork.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks Barbara, I bet it was! I didn’t even ask who did it but I just love it! We’ve been in there a lot lately :-)

  2. Lisa

    I was going to say how much I loved that lamp! Nice job! I get excited when I come across the perfect find…

  3. Shawna @DakotaCreekChic

    The table is great and I absolutely LOVE the lamp!!! Can’t wait to see the how to.

  4. Nancy

    I love that painting! I never seem to come across any nice secondhand art work. Nice find! The lamp looks great! I made one out of a pretty green wine jug I found at a thrift store.

  5. Vee

    Oh, yes, I do believe it! I’m pretty convinced that you can do anything. And a sweet lamp it is, too!

  6. Veronica

    That is so cool. I love the painting. Who knew you could make a working lamp from a water jug. Very interesting.


  7. Graziela

    Love it all, that dresser is PERFECT for you space, it was meant to be!

  8. MarySue

    Absolutely loooove that lamp! I want one! Sooo, maybe you could start a little side business making lamps from cool vessels? It would satisfy your addiction, and benefit the rest of us at the same time! ;-)

  9. Crystal

    You decorate so simply but so elegantly!!! In the vast blogland, your blog inspires me the most because you do live up to your motto AUTHENTIC LIVING!!! Anyway, love the lamp!!! Great job! i have something similar but using antique blue ball jars. My husband and I go to Gatlinburg, TN for mini vacays as he has a timeshare there, and one little store there sells these ball jar lamp adapters that you can just hook a light bulb and put your own shade!!! It was a great find!!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      THANK YOU! What a sweet comment. I’m gonna keep that one when I’m having my doubts.

      I think I’ve heard of those ball jar lamp adapters, maybe I’ll give that a try too :-) now that I’m inspired to make more! :-)

  10. Eileen

    I bet I know which place it is! Actually, I’ve found a few local places recently that I’ve really liked–2 in Poulsbo and 1 in Bremerton. If it’s the one in Bremerton, I had an injury there a few weeks ago! I was looking at an old door that had been turned into an entry table with shelves and as I touched it, this big, heavy decorative letter U fell on my head. I seriously saw stars and thought I’d pass out. Amazingly, I didn’t bleed, but I got a huge ugly bruise and knot on my head. Thankfully no one but my 5 year-old son saw it happen. I don’t know why I should be embarrassed by things like that, but I was! Afterward, as I was telling the family about it, they were all coming up with things that the U could have stood for. Ugghh, Ugly, Ummmm, don’t touch that, Unfortunate….that type of thing. My husband said I should have tried to haggle a bit more on the thing I bought (NOT the shelf or the U!), and tell them I was injured, but like I said, I was embarrassed! (And maybe had brain damage which would have kept me from getting the best price anyway).

    But I’d still go back to the store. I’ll just be careful when I touch things and I’ll watch for falling letters!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oooo good advice! Yikes! I would be totally embarrassed too. Ha! Glad you survived to tell the tale. Your home is so lovely, by the way…what an amazing home and property WOW!!! Also, what places should I go in Poulsbo? Email me! I need more places to shop :-).

    • Rose L

      Please email me as well! Both Poulsbo and the Bremerton locations…my daughter is in Bremerton and is building a new home. She NEEDS some great places to shop in to fill up that gorgeous house of hers. Pretty please?!!

      I love the lamp!! and who knew a Duncan Phyfe repro could look so good? Love it painted!

  11. Shannon {Our Home Notebook}

    What great finds! They all look so perfect together. And that lamp. So much personality. I love it!

  12. Centsational Girl

    Oooh so pretty, can’t wait to read about the lamp!

  13. John Winston

    Wow! What a wonderful Idea, i really like this.

    Thanks for Sharing!

  14. susan maclean

    I love the colour blue of that glass – and as a lamp? A1+!!

  15. jeani

    Absolutely love, love, love the lamp! I’m heading to Texas’ most famous and largest flea market in Canton, Texas and the very best shop Laurie Anna’s on Friday to look for something similar. Love your ideas and inspiration!

  16. Cynthia

    This is so beautiful, what great finds and you did a great job on the whole vignette. Loving that bottle turned lamp the color is so pretty!


  17. Yvonne

    It is wonderful I love the colors they are so calm. Great job you go girl.

  18. Laurie

    So happy to find another local :-) love your blog!!! What peninsula? I am all the way in Bothell/Woodinville. This is truly beautiful, I have been pinning ideas on my entryway as mine seems so gloomy, its down a small hallway, to far away from the window and you know our sunshine :-)

  19. Maureen

    So pretty! I love the colors. And what a score finding not only a dresser, but that water jug. Gorgeous!

  20. Brenna@DomesticCharm

    I adore the stripes on the wall and dresser top! And that water jug is a fantastic find and even better lamp!

  21. Cheri' White

    I absolutely love this whole look. What great finds! A flea market just opened near my home, and this post makes me want to run over and find special hidden treasures like these. Great post!

  22. Ingo Schaer

    Very exciting! I love what you did with the water jug!

  23. Lisa

    I am in love with that dresser. Especially the handles. Is it a Taupey kind of color? Also a tutorial on your lamp would be great! I love your blog and look forward to reading it. :)

  24. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    Love, love, love it, Melissa!
    That painting is perfection against your stripes.
    And look at you and your bad, electrician self! :)

  25. Linda Bates

    Everything just pulls together perfectly Melissa! Your lamp looks amazing, the whole thing is just perfect! :) x

  26. Roeshel

    Beautiful finds and that lamp is fabulous! Great job, Melissa!

  27. Helene

    LOVE the lamp! And I hope you show us the how-to soon, I would really like to be able to do that!

  28. Sharon

    That dresser is perfect in that spot! What a great find.
    My first thought when I saw the picture was how lovely that lamp is. I really love it. Congratulations on making it!

  29. Brenda

    Beautiful! And the lamp….wow! What a clever idea! You did an amazing job all around! :)

  30. Karen on Bainbridge

    Wherever did you find that bottle? I love turning things into lamps…I am quite the lamp junky.

    I am about to embark on painting a number of pieces of furniture in my house using Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. I am anxious to get started. There is such a thing as too much “wood” in a room, so a little item of painted furniture in every room might be just what the doctor ordered.

    • Cynthia

      go for it Karen! I totally agree natural wood is a gorgeous thing [I just recently put a big chunk of it behind my stair’s handrail and love it] but so is paint :-) it can add a bit of the unexpected and of course a dash of whimsy and color
      I painted a [very] out of date dresser and couldn’t adore it more. I’m dubbing this the Painted Summer

  31. Catherine

    Oh, wow, I have been looking for a blue jug like that forever!! What a score! I love it as a lamp. Just gorgeous.

  32. Cynthia

    sweet little summer vignette. super great job on that lamp…I see you’re confidently embracing your blue side :-) I keep trying to broaden my horizons but the blue always pulls me back.

  33. Faith

    Isn’t it fun to make a lamp?! Feels like such an accomplishment. I’ve been making them for a while and now I see (and keep) too many objects that I think will make a great lamp, specifically glass bottles. My cigar box lamps are a fave with all the guys in my house. Really interesting colors and lovely art on the boxes. Love the new dresser – beautiful and functional. How great is that?!

  34. Julie

    Love that lamp! Good job!!

  35. Sherri

    That chest is perfect, and I can’t wait to read about the lamp! The whole thing is beautiful.

  36. Crabapple Cove

    This is another great post! I believe I have a bottle like this in my basement! Thank you for your inspiration!!!


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