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Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Nesting 2018, My Dining Room, My Living Room, My Seattle House

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We’ve been enjoying some amazing autumn sunshine and cooler temps here in Seattle! Sweater weather is my favorite! Outside many of the leaves are turning brilliant hues of orange and yellow and some are beginning to fall to the ground. There is a crispness in the air and I’m still loving every minute of fall nesting to create a warm and cozy home.

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy HomeThis post is in partnership with World Market

Copper String Lights / Brass Lantern / Pink Mercury Glass Votives / Wood Tealight Holder

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Ladder / Sackcloth & Ashes Blanket

For years I’ve talked about how I love for the evolution of a season inside my home to reflect the gradual pace of the changes I see outside. Even if the weather doesn’t exactly follow a predictable pattern, a slow evolution to fall with a warm and cozy home has always been a comforting nesting ritual for me.

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Sweater weather can literally mean I need to wear a sweater, but it also indicates a need for change in how I decorate my home. As it starts to feel chillier outside, I naturally want to bring even more more warmth inside.

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Sackcloth & Ashes Blanket

Blankets are one of my favorite fall accessories. My daughter Courtney and I stopped in World Market a week or so ago and fell in love with the beautiful eco-friendly blankets by Sackcloth & Ashes. HELLO, COZY!

Not only did I bring home a warm new blanket (and find a great gift idea for the holidays!), but I found out that when you buy a Sackcloth & Ashes blanket from World Market, they provide a second blanket to a shelter in California. I love that these blankets bring warmth to everyone who receives them. You can see more of their blankets and read the heartfelt story behind this generous concept here.

By the way, the Sackcloth & Ashes blanket also comes in a box that you can fill with items to donate to a local shelter, or to keep in your car to have items on hand to share with someone in need. So cool! I’ll share some suggestions for what you might want to put in the box at this end of this post!

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Jack just wanted to say hi.

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Blush Pink Blanket / White Tassel Stool (similar) / Macrame Basket / Wood Candleholders / Carved Wood Planter

In addition to curling up with furry pups, warm sweaters and cozy blankets, I crave the warmth of evening light this time of year.

It’s actually been getting dark here so much earlier that I find it’s time to turn on the lights before dinner! For mood lighting I’ve also been adding sparkly things all over the house. A few copper string lights, tea lights in mercury glass votive holders, and battery operated candles in lanterns can be a wonderful complement and contrast to all the soft cozy textures we bring in this time of year, too.

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Similar Wood Beaded Chandelier

My parents and nephew were here for the weekend so on Saturday night we set the table and enjoyed homemade soup for dinner! An inviting ambience, the laughter of friends and family, and the aroma of a good meal is another wonderful way to bring warmth to a chilly fall evening, if you ask me.

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Birch Branch Votive Centerpiece / Table Runner

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Battery-operated copper-wired string lights can be tucked in anywhere you want a little sparkle. Even one strand can bring an uplifting magical mood that can inspire you right through the upcoming holidays!

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Rattan Hurricane / Blue Bowl

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

White Fringe Pillow / Lumbar Pillow

Swapping out a few pillows or pillow covers is always a welcome and simple seasonal change. Neutral shades of black and white with lots of great texture can transition a space to fall and winter with minimal commitment. With neutrals as a base palette, you’ll feel the freedom to easily add in other hues whenever you crave a pop of warm sunshine or colorful flowers.

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Trading out smooth textures like ceramic pieces with warmer or rougher ones like wood can make a surprising difference in how warm a room feels, too. I replaced a shinier white planter that was previously sitting on my mantel with a chunky wood one. It was a simple swap, but the wood really does feel so much cozier!

A few favorite accessories can also set the stage for a warm and cozy ambience. I have always loved the character brass lanterns can bring to a home. I actually have a fun new twist for how I’ll use these, but for now I love new mood they brought to the mantel.

I’ve made a few other changes around the house recently, too, but I’ll save those to share on a another day. Slow fall evolutions are my favorite.

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

What are some other ways you can warm up your home for sweater weather?

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Don’t forget to check out the Sackcloth & Ashes blanket collection at World Market and help those in need, too.

Here are some suggestions for how to fill your Sackcloth & Ashes box:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • comb or small brush
  • lip balm
  • water bottle
  • socks
  • individually wrapped snacks (granola, apple sauce, cereal bar, crackers etc)
  • band aids


  1. JenB

    I love all your posts Melissa! My husband and I are planning to do a dining room setup similar to yours with a built in banquette along one wall and pushing the table over to that side to open up the rest of the room. I’m having difficulty committing to upholstery since so much eating and drinking happens there…how are you finding yours holding up?? I’m debating doing a leather or vinyl, but I’ve also gotten samples of some really pretty sunbrella fabrics. Thoughts?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Jen! Thank you so much! Ours has held up really well. Sometimes I will throw a blanket over ours just in case. I would think leather/vinyl or Sunbrella would be ideal for a banquette, though!

  2. Sherry

    I love that you love fall and these are such great ideas. I live in Ohio and in my brain I fight fall as long as possible since I prefer heat and sunshine. Until the leaves start to turn, which are late this year, I cannot bring myself to take down my summer lakescapes and seascapes and other things that are light and airy. LOL. But today my sassafras tree is showing a red leaf so I guess it is time. Out will come my fluffy throws, pillows, and pumpkins and fall leaves and pictures with more warmth. Such fun to change out with each season.

  3. Shelly

    Wow, your house looks so good. Very inviting, love those little lights. Hi Jack!

  4. Aina

    Cozy home goals :) I love the rattan shelving, it’s perfect to add more warmth to a room. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic, rattan furniture is very common in Madagascar where I’m from… :)

  5. Deirdre Jean Zimmerman

    I love the round mirror ….. along with everything else ! Can you tell me where you found it ??

  6. Holly

    I know this is unrelated to this post, but I love your leather ottoman and have been looking for something similar. Do you mind telling me where you found it? Thanks!!

  7. Ardith

    What modern bohemian bliss this is, Melissa. I love the transformation of these spaces so much. They could not be more welcoming, more soul-warming. Cheers, Ardith

  8. Jo Jo

    Love ALL your touches and glittery lights and lanterns! Right up my ally as well! Bring on Fall! , Bring on the COZY! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Darleen

    Melisa– what do you do with all your decorations when the Season is done? I don’t have the space to store it?

  10. ebru

    Hi Jack my first social crush since years.. have a great autumn&winter w your lovely family and heartwarming home ;) big hugs from İstanbul :)

  11. Emily

    I have been looking for the perfect floor lamp for our living room and the one you have in this post is exactly it!! I am so in love with it (and if we’re being honest, everything else in your house!). Any chance you could share where you got it?

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