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Simplifying to Get Ready for Christmas Decor

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration | 10 comments

Simplifying to Get Ready for Christmas Decor

As we’re just ‘wrapping up’ the last day of October, I thought it was a good day to wrap Christmas gifts and set up the tree. JUST KIDDING! I’m not ready for wrapping. I’m not ready for Christmas at all for that matter. Ha! This is an old photo.

But over the next month or so, many of us will be decorating the mantel or putting up the tree!Like I said, I’m actually not at all ready for any of it, yet. Are you?

For me fall nesting seems to gradually evolve into holiday simplifying and planning before it slowly evolves into holiday decorating. Sometimes I have a tree by Thanksgiving, but sometimes not.

Even though it will be a few weeks before I actually start Christmas decorating this year, I do try to at least start paring down unnecessary stuff and decorative elements.

I don’t like the house to feel too full of stuff right before Christmas, so simplifying spaces ahead of time helps make room for the festivity. It also helps me to think about how I could decorate for Christmas with what I already have! I love a simplified Christmas.

Here are four quick tips to prepare and simplify before Christmas:

1. Keep key statement pieces.

Put away small items. Keep season-less statement pieces like a large vase, a mirror, or an oversized clock.

Now when you’re ready to decorate for Christmas, you can easily add greenery in or around the statement pieces. Your home will still feel festive simply by incorporating a touch of greenery with items you already have.

2. Prepare your seasonal storage.

When you remove your everyday decor before Christmas, where will it go? I have a lidded basket and a dresser in my living room where I stash any extra items I won’t need for awhile, but will want to bring out again after the holidays.

3. Go on a whole-house decluttering and dusting spree.

What’s been sitting out or just gathering dust? What could be put away before the holidays? Run through the whole house and simplify all the things. Pick up the clutter spots and dust the surfaces. You house will feel much cleaner, lighter and more ready for Christmas.

4. Pare down the decorating bins.

If you have too many Christmas decor bins or items you haven’t even looked through in years, it’s a smart time to simplify and pare down! We did this last year! Clear out what you don’t use or love, and then give away or donate the rest. Now your remaining bins will be useful, neat, tidy and ready for you to enjoy a new season of Christmas cheer!

So, when do you start Christmas decorating?

If you are the plan-ahead to wrap-ahead type, you might enjoy our Free Printable Christmas gift round up from last year!

Simplifying to Get Ready for Christmas Decor

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You still have a few more days to enter this fun giveaway on the blog! I’m so enjoying your comments! Thanks y’all! You’re always the best readers ever. xoxo


  1. Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista

    This is a great tip! Thanks Melissa! I love the idea of giving our home and hearts a little space to breathe before the hustle of the holidays.

  2. Lucie

    Good morning – wondering where you purchased the black wicker chairs on your deck?

  3. Seana Turner

    I totally agree about the de-cluttering. It is very hard to decorate a cluttered space… very “unrewarding.” Put away some of the items you keep out, and clear the paper and items on your surfaces. This is a great investment of time in October and early November. Love this post:)

  4. Casey

    Hey :)! Wonderful post – thank you! I know that is older wrapping paper, but where did you find it? It’s so beautiful – all the patterns together, and can be tricky to find good wrapping paper.

  5. Jenny

    Ahhhhh…my heart melted a bit when I saw this tree….So lovely. Not in a rush for Christmas to get here, but oh so excited for it.

  6. Kendra

    Hi! Not sure that I am ready to reduce to a basket and a dresser, but I love the idea of going through things ahead of time and giving away what no longer fits. I also really like the idea of decorating around things that you have out most of the year. Thanks for the great inspirational ideas! Looking forward to simplifying! Who knows I may end of with lots less than I think! ??

  7. Kathy Cheek, Author ~ First Breath of Morning

    When Thanksgiving is early like it is this year, I wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating.

    When it is later, closer to the very end of the month, I will start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, unless I have out of town company coming, then I might do it right before Thanksgiving.

    I do like the suggestion of downsizing our Christmas bins and giving away those items we don’t use anymore instead of just having overly full bins every year! I have also found it helps to have a good place to put the non-season items while the Christmas decor is out. And, being able to organize all gift wrapping materials from paper to tissue to ribbons and so on. I use an old antique dresser in the spare room that is empty now that we are empty nesters.

    At the top of my Christmas shopping list is a brand new stocking for our brand new grandson!

    I look forward to your Christmas posts, the fall posts were great and I know Christmas will be even better!

  8. JoJo

    Great ideas on simplifying prior to the holidays. My home is currently decorated ( sparingly) for Fall and next week will be adding a few Thanksgiving things in as well. We bought a new gorgeous faux Christmas tree 2 years ago and we willput it up Thanksgiving evening and our visiting grown children & spouse will help decorate it the next day before they leave to go back home. The next day I will be putting away Fall decor and putting out my Christmas accessories, throw pillows, wreaths, some table top vignettes, etc. to ready the house for Christmas festivities and their teturn visit on Christmas Eve. We have really pared down a lot when we moved and built this new house. I like our rooms to breath…but still with a few bits of seasonal decor. ???

  9. Pat M.

    I have a real difficult time getting into the Christmas spirit until about the 1st of December. I like to hang on to the Thanksgiving ambiance, so I take a week or so to prepare my mindset, then do my Christmas decorating. I live alone and my Christmases are spent at my son and/or daughter’s homes with grandchildren and extended family, so I can decorate for Christmas at whatever pace is right for me. For many years now, I’ve enjoyed the holiday chaos and merriment in their homes then return to my cozy nest where the Christmas decor is simple and the atmosphere calm. It’s absolutely the best of both worlds.

  10. Carolyn

    One year I pared down Christmas decorations well before Christmas. I felt so good about getting the stuff to the thrift store where others could find and make use of it!


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